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September 2011

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Brown says King James Version retains influence (Mercer Times, Sept. 30)

Ginty disagrees with Florida's primary date change (, Sept. 30)

Hagle: Pawlenty had good campaign, but couldn't connect (, Sept. 30)

Hagle: GOP might be 'shooting themselves in the foot' (Reuters, Sept. 30)

Hagle: It's getting late for Christie to enter race (ABC News, Sept. 30)

Experience of teacher from India at the UI leadership summit is recounted (The Hindu, Sept. 29)

Simplified system increases UI recycling (Daily Iowan, Sept. 29)

Gilbert's advocacy helped bring 'National Theatre Live' to Iowa (Daily Iowan, Sept. 29)

Bergus comments on the proliferation of political blogs (Daily Iowan, Sept. 29)

Souaiaia writes that Egyptian military is 'trickle-feeding' democracy (OpEd News, Sept. 29)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumna Solomon is reviewed (Jewish Daily Forward, Sept. 29)

UI law alumnus Harl rewrites the book on farm tax laws (Delta Farm Press, Sept. 28)

Weiner previews new Iowa cancer plan (Gazette, Sept. 28)

Richardson addresses questions about federal grant to organization that campaigned against Iowa justices (American Independent, Sept. 28)

Tippett is included in list of greatest Jewish athletes of all time (bleacher report, Sept. 28)

UI business alumnus Daake writes about bad customer service (Kankakee Daily Journal, Sept. 28)

UI will be data coordinating center for migraine study (Business Courier, Sept. 28)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Gonzalez wins award (Narrative, Sept. 28)

Asprey comments on the increasing role of physician assistants (Gazette, Sept. 28)

Barron explains benefits of out-of-state enrollment increase (Daily Iowan, Sept. 28)

Broker, UI alumnus Johnson is profiled (Des Moines Register, Sept. 28)

Tomkovicz explains reasons for mistrials (Press-Citizen, Sept. 28)

Barron and Hagle talk about the economic cost of involvement in foreign conflicts (Daily Iowan, Sept. 28)

Horowitz writes about 'The Afro-Semitic Experience' (PopMatters, Sept. 28)

Olshansky explains the dangers of the drug that killed Jackson (International Business Times, Sept. 28)

Frantz says lack of nursing faculty contributes to nursing shortage (Daily Iowan, Sept. 27)

UI fraternity members walk in high heels to speak out against sexual assault (Houston Chronicle/AP, Sept. 27)

Funderburg responds to revision of statistics on Iowa same-gender households (Gazette, Sept. 27)

UI distinguished alumnus Dorr is interviewed about his novel (Des Moines Register, Sept. 27)

Wiegand writes on UI Press book about libraries (American Libraries, Sept. 27)

Kaskie comments on aging population in academia (Press-Citizen, Sept. 27)

Schweizer studied death risk from nasal staph (Medscape, Sept. 27)

UI Writers' Workshop alumna Tierce, Rona Jaffe winner, is profiled (D Magazine, Sept. 27)

Ibarra writes about value of national testing (Des Moines Register, Sept. 26)

UI writing alumnus Dezen is profiled (Play by Play, Sept. 26)

Perlmutter writes on 'how to play left field' in job interviews (Chronicle, Sept. 26)

UI art student loses portfolio in Bruegger's fire (Gazette, Sept. 26)

UI doctors found new business to provide medical blueprints for setting fractures (Press-Citizen, Sept. 26)

Howes receives NASA early-career award (Sacramento Bee, Sept. 26)

Gronbeck says Iowa Senate race could reveal trends (Patch, Sept. 26)

Perlmutter sees growing trend in ghost-written social media content for politicians (Poynter, Sept. 26)

Bechara in 2005 suggested stock traders have 'functional psychopathy,' ahead of new study (Forbes, Sept. 26)

Hendrix is concerned about collapse of bee populations (Daily Iowan, Sept. 26)

Smith studied the unionization of child care workers (allvoices, Sept. 26)

Raptor Center coordinator Cancilla is profiled (Daily Iowan, Sept. 26)

Article cites Van Voorhis study of children conceived in vitro (New York Magazine, Sept. 25)

UI education alumnus Wagner is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Sept. 25)

Quiz tests knowledge of the Writers' Workshop (Blog for Iowa, Sept. 25)

Writers' Workshop student Percy is half of siblings who may be 'the next stars of American fiction' (Salon, Sept. 25)

Bauer comments on unusual legal move in insurance case (Des Moines Register, Sept. 25)

Veterans Center plays key role at UI (Press-Citizen, Sept. 26)

10 reasons why it's great to be a Hawkeye (Sioux City Journal, Sept. 25)

UI study on high-school drinking is cited (Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Sept. 25)

Reagan broadcast UI football games (Dallas Morning News, Sept. 24)

Andreasen says more spending on mental illness would save money (Waikato Times, Sept. 24)

UI poetry alumnus Goldbarth receives lifetime achievement award (Emporia Gazette, Sept. 24)

Grammy winner Jarreau attended the UI (AllVoices, Sept. 24)

UI writing programs contributed to Iowa City's inclusion in top 10 towns for book lovers (Press-Citizen, Sept. 23)

UI business alumnus Haraldsen is profiled (Patch, Sept. 23)

Dance and writing are a pas de deux for UI alumna (Press-Citizen, Sept. 23)

UI pathology alumna Davey receives lifetime achievement award (Central Florida Medicine, Sept. 23)

UI Dance Marathon will support new hospital (KCRG, Sept. 23)

Johnson says obscene Santorum links in Google are result of lack of civility (Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 23)

Iowa Review creates translators' forum (Chronicle, Sept. 21)

earthwards editor Jenkins is interviewed (Daily Iowan, Sept. 22)

Alumnus Hextell writes about energy transfer in sports performance (Windsor Beacon, Sept. 21)

New book celebrates the career of printmaking alumnus Rush (Tucson Weekly, Sept. 22)

Creekmur discusses relevance of studying comics at UI (Press-Citizen, Sept. 22)

Greenwood's family thanks Hawkeye Nation for its support (Washington Post/AP, Sept. 21)

Fans may tour Carver-Hawkeye Friday (Gazette, Sept. 21)

LGBT students seek their own dorm floor (The Inquisitr, Sept. 21)

Hunter comments on the 'war on regulations' (Iowa Independent, Sept. 21)

Crocco discusses issues in teacher education (Chronicle, Sept. 20)

UI student Perry, an advocate for the homeless, is profiled (Des Moines Register, Sept. 20)

IWP's Merrill promotes cultural diplomacy (Press-Citizen, Sept. 20)

Baldus death-penalty research is cited in Troy Davis case (PBS Newshour, Sept. 20)

Rave reviews for novel by Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres continue to roll in (Forbes, Sept. 20)

Merrill's IWP travels were the source of his new book (Daily Iowan, Sept. 20)

Hovenkamp says 'competitive harm' is not an issue in Google antitrust investigation (Seattle Times, Sept. 20)

Horowitz writes about Glen Campbell (PopMatters, Sept. 20)

Kealey organized Guinness Record event for fire-prevention awareness (Press-Citizen, Sept. 19)

Gervais studies home ownership among young Americans (WOWT, Sept. 19)

Schweizer advocates research on infection risk of privacy curtains (Pediatric Supersite, Sept. 19)

Philbert projects legal implications of genetic profiling (Medscape Today News, Sept. 19)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Maksik doesn't shy away from the truth (Daily Iowan, Sept. 19)

UI study of MRSA is cited in story on antibiotic resistance (Huffington Post, Sept. 19)

Ashton Kutcher's amazing ascent (Des Moines Register, Sept. 19)

Writers' Workshop alumna Cisneros is interviewed (Orange County Register, Sept. 19)

Flatte writes about 'well-rounded life for electron spin' (Physics, Sept. 19)

UI's Bauer comments on debtor's contributions to church (Des Moines Register, Sept. 18)

NWP director Hemley's 'Do-Over!' is recommended (Columbia Daily Tribune, Sept. 18)

Increase in UI international students is good for local economy (Gazette, Sept. 20)

Sauder co-writes study of law-school rankings (National Law Journal, Sept. 19)

Hughes comments on Iowa hate-crimes law in wake of beating death (Mason City Globe-Gazette, Sept. 18)

UI alumnus Whyte gives Stihl stability (Hampton Roads Pilot, Sept. 18)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres is called 'stunning debut' (Times Union, Sept. 18)

College of Public Health will study fitness in Muscatine (Muscatine Journal, Sept. 17)

Covington comments on internal conflicts in Bachmann campaign (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Sept. 17)

Women of Iowa Archives will preserve 'hidden history' of Latinas (Muscatine Journal, Sept. 17)

Art student Barwick says reaction to her exhibition has been 'surreal' (Patch, Sept. 16)

Souaiaia writes about Turkey's foreign-policy surge (Palestine Chronicle, Sept. 16)

UIHC revenues top $1 billion for the first time (Press-Citizen, Sept. 16)

Hagle comments on possible power shift in Iowa Senate (Des Moines Register, Sept. 16)

Stone researcher team wins vision grant (Washington Examiner/AP, Sept. 15)

Hendrix discusses bee-colony collapse (Gazette, Sept. 16)

Writers' Workshop alumna Edwards is interviewed (paperblog, Sept. 16)

Kutcher helps put UI projects into space (Daily Iowan, Sept. 16)

Rankings: UI provides opportunities for B students to excel (Huffington Post, Sept. 16)

Writing MFA rankings provoke controversy (Guardian, Sept. 16)

Haddy wraps up 41 years at the UI (Gazette, Sept. 16)

Hovenkamp: presidential intervention in AT&T case would be inappropriate (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 15)

UI nears flood-recovery milestone with Art Building West (Press-Citizen, Sept. 15)

UIHC Critical Bed Tower is moving forward (Press-Citizen, Sept. 15)

Brochu comments on new research on ancient crocs (Red Orbit, Sept. 15)

UI festival encourages kids to study science, technology, engineering and math (Press-Citizen, Sept. 15)

Workshop alumna Falkoff teaches writing workshop at College of Law (Thomson Reuters, Sept. 15)

Proximity to Writers' Workshop led sociology alumnus Smith into writing (Austin Chronicle, Sept. 16)

UIHC is ranked among 'most wired' hospitals (Daily Iowan, Sept. 15)

Hovenkamp is quoted as 'the dean of American antitrust law' (Infrastructurist, Sept. 15)

Teachers from India learn through College of Education collaboration (KWWL, Sept. 15)

Cai research finds minorities have less access to quality joint replacement (News Medical, Sept. 14)

Biomedical engineering alumnus Hextell advocates evaluation at sports season's end (Windsor Beacon, Sept. 13)

UI's Stewart discusses the importance of a handshake (NBC Today Show, Sept. 15)

UI rises in U.S.News rankings (Press-Citizen, Sept. 14)

UI medical alumnus Ault refutes Bachmann assertions about HPV vaccine (Des Moines Register, Sept. 14)

UI finance alumnus Mahoney becomes CEO of Boston Scientific (Bloomberg, Sept. 14)

Hagle doubts Palin will run (Guardian, Sept. 14)

Editorial praises 'good work' of UI Center for Aging (Press-Citizen, Sept. 14)

Mason says growing enrollment will help offset dwindling state support (Daily Iowan, Sept. 14)

Andreasen responds to Japan's plan to vacate 70,000 psychiatric beds (San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 14)

Hawkeye Marching Band Director Kastens loves the Big Ten (Daily Iowan, Sept. 14)

Essayist recalls experiences at UI summer writing program (The Millions, Sept. 14)

MFA student Barwick parodies Herky statues to make a point about commodification of the body (Press-Citizen, Sept 13)

Volunteers sew pillowcases for kids in UI cancer unit (Gazette, Sept. 13)

Research Park exhibits sculptures made from debris (Press-Citizen, Sept. 13)

Kerber asserts that academic attention should be given to the Constitution (Daily Iowan, Sept. 13)

Leicht says returning Americans face less income, more poverty (Gazette, Sept. 13)

UI political science grads enter a better job market (Daily Iowan, Sept. 13)

Former dance faculty member Allen lauds Hancher's educational impact (Press-Citizen, Sept. 12)

Poet Toledo's IWP residency 'marks him to be a chosen one' (Philippine Star, Sept. 12)

UI takes action to relieve aquifer (Daily Iowan, Sept. 12)

Wilkins, director of Deeded Body Program, is profiled (Daily Iowan, Sept. 12)

Rantanen explains value of secrecy in patent law (Patently O, Sept. 11)

IWP's Shah is quoted in 9/11 story (Des Moines Register, Sept. 11)

Political scientist Lai comments on the price we have paid for security (Gazette, Sept. 11)

UI grad student Shattuck describes being in the Pentagon on 9/11 (Gazette, Sept. 11)

Ghoneim reflects on anti-Muslim backlash (Gazette, Sept. 11)

UI bariatric surgery research and innovation are cited (Science News, Sept. 11 issue)

Lai describes how 9/11 shapes national discourse (Daily World, Sept. 10)

Durham comments on new 'Playboy Club' show (Detroit Free Press, Sept. 10)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumna Gyllenhaal is reviewed (Glen Galls Post-Star, Sept. 10)

UI research on stock performance is cited (Business Day, Sept. 9)

UI expertise will contribute to renewable energy project (Des Moines Register, Sept. 9)

President Mason participates in 9/11 event (Press-Citizen, Sept. 9)

Hovenkamp responds to new AT&T/T-Mobile antitrust suit (New York Times, Sept. 9)

Anthropologist Lillios writes about 9/11 'relic-making' (Gazette, Sept. 9)

Businessman credits assistance of UI Health Management and Policy program (Minnesota Post, Sept. 9)

UI researchers find high levels of PCBs in Indiana harbor (e! Science News, Sept. 9)

UI College of Education expert educates about suicide signals (Press-Citizen, Sept. 9)

UI College of Education, City High offer virtual reality training (Press-Citizen, Sept. 9)

Writers' Workshop alumnus and recent faculty member Orner wins 'Story of the Week' (Narrative, Sept. 9)

Doctor from India learns never to underestimate importance of Hawkeyes (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 9)

UI student vets discuss the effects of war after 9/11 (Daily Iowan, Sept. 9)

UI researchers found parasites regulate Crohn's disease (US News, Sept. 9)

9/11 increased interest in Islam at the UI (Daily Iowan, Sept. 9)

Hagle doubts the GOP will support Obama's jobs plan (Press-Citizen, Sept. 8)

Horowitz reviews Patti Smith (PopMatters, Sept. 8)

Barron explains UI diversity goals (WHO, Sept. 8)

UI is developing wind energy education program (North American Windpower, Sept. 8)

Nonfiction Writing Program Director Hemley is interviewed (Daily Iowan, Sept. 8)

Wolinsky identifies an effect of 9/11 (Live Science, Sept. 8)

Graham writes about challenges for molecular imaging (DOTmed News, Sept. 8)

Hollingworth: summit showcases Iowa's jewels to Indian visitors (Press-Citizen, Sept. 8)

Business faculty member Ohlmann is profiled (Press-Citizen, Sept. 7)

UI study on sun overexposure is cited in article on risks (State Press, Sept. 7)

Writers' Workshop alumna Tierce wins Rona Jaffe Award (The L Magazine, Sept. 7)

President Mason is appointed to Governor's Advisory Council (Daily Iowan, Sept. 7)

Hagle speculates on 2012 Latino vote (Daily Iowan, Sept. 7)

UI College of Education expert discusses teaching 9/11 (Daily Iowan, Sept. 7)

Dean Eckstein led UI medical school to national prominence (Houston Chronicle/AP, Sept. 7)

Steuber discusses difficulties in discussing infertility (U.S.News, Sept. 6)

Hagle says Bachmann seems to be fading in GOP race (Kansas City Star, Sept. 6)

Johnson writes about Carver governance model (Press-Citizen, Sept. 5)

Exhibit explores works of UI writing alumnus who shunned the spotlight (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sept. 5)

'We Wanted to Be Writers: Life, Love and Literature at the Iowa Writers' Workshop' is reviewed (Blogcritics, Sept. 3)

Glasson explains the history of Labor Day (KIMT, Sept. 5)

Alumna readjusts to 'normal' life after English Channel swim for UI cancer research (Quad-City Times, Sept. 5)

Writers' Workshop alumnus John Irving is interviewed (Boston Globe, Sept. 5)

UI Autism Center Co-director Wassink says fraudulent research has had impact on vaccinations (Omaha World-Herald, Sept. 3)

Marler says UI digital humans have practical uses (Press-Citizen, Sept. 3)

Mason comments on ouster of Nebraska from AAU (Lincoln Journal Star, Sept. 3)

Bloom comments on Postville suit settlement (Houston Chronicle, Sept. 2)

Memories of Hancher (Press-Citizen, Sept. 2)


Sherer of UI Labor Center assesses impact of recession on workers (Daily Iowan, Sept. 2)

IEM predicts elections by treating candidates as commodities (Need to Know, PBS, Sept. 2)

Wheaton writes about coming tenure battles (Press-Citizen, Sept. 2)

UI Flood Center releases new Iowa River maps (Patch, Sept. 1)

McQuistan comments on endodontics referral study (Medscape, Sept. 1)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres is reviewed (New York Times, Sept. 1)

UI to reveal flood inundation map (Press-Citizen, Sept. 1)

Writer Tayari Jones, a UI alumna, is profiled (Authorlink, Sept. issue)







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