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October 2011

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IWP resident Bloom writes about U.S. immigration (Daily Maverick, Oct. 31)

Stier comments on decrease in circumcision rate (Omaha World-Herald, Oct. 31)

Century-long DI archive is launched (Daily Iowan, Oct. 31)

Alumnus Tucker, a Secret Service pioneer, is profiled (Market Watch, Oct. 31)

Alumnus Jensen is profiled (Press-Citizen, Oct. 31)

UI chemist Garda fosters local dance opportunities (Daily Iowan, Oct. 31)

Alumnus Lindemann is interviewed about business career (Chicago Daily Herald, Oct. 31)

Souaiaia writes about Tunisia's historic election (OpEd News, Oct. 31)

IWP alumna poet Hartwig is profiled (Lubelski Kurier, Oct. 31)

UI Belin-Blank Center's Assouline comments on grade skipping (Arizona Republic, Oct. 31)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Cronin helped bring zombies and vampires back to the fore (Daily Beast, Oct. 30)

Hlebowitsh comments on closing the achievement gap (Gazette, Oct. 30)

Alumnus Wakai receives Congressional Gold Medal (Ventura County Star, Oct. 30)

Garcia Santos warns against comparing U.S./International test scores (Gazette, Oct. 30)

Hlebowitsh says 'schools inherit achievement gap' (Gazette, Oct. 30)

Garcia Santos shares insights on impact of poverty on learning (Gazette, Oct. 30)

Blaise was director of the IWP (Windsor Star, Oct. 29)

Opinion: UI is a job-creator (Blog for Iowa, Oct. 29)

Rocha: Iowa Latinos vote on policies rather than parties (Sioux City Journal, Oct. 28)

Whiting winner McCrae: 'poetry has become an essential part of my being' (Press-Citizen, Oct. 28)

Alumna Jerde is profiled (Gulf Coast Business Review, Oct. 28)

Hagle: Absentee votes mean GOP must work hard (Iowa Politics, Oct. 28)

Green says UI is 'all-in' with animal rescue (Press-Citizen, Oct. 28)

UI alumnus publishes 'Haunted Iowa City' (Gazette, Oct. 28)

UI studied economic consequences of three decades of easy money (ConsumerAffairs, Oct. 28)

Hagle comments on Terry campaign strategy of graphic abortion images (Daily Iowan, Oct. 28)

Hoogerwerf offers tips for Halloween safety (Quad City Times, Oct. 28)

UI expects word on federal flood-recovery funds soon (Press-Citizen, Oct. 27)

Wilson comments on UI hospitalists (Gazette, Oct. 27)

Writers' Workshop alumnus/faculty member Orner is profiled (New York Times, Oct. 27)

Regents OK UI Health Care Board of Advisors (Gazette, Oct. 27)

UI political science alumnus Carver is profiled (Des Moines Register, Oct. 27)

UIHC promotes genetic cancer screening (Daily Iowan, Oct. 27)

Feinstein weighs in on the fright/delight connection (Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 27)

Van Allen's discoveries on Explorer 1 are remembered (Space-Travel, Oct. 27)

Mason points to rising utility costs as part of cause for tuition hike (Daily Iowan, Oct. 26)

UI student athletes match school records for academic success (Gazette, Oct. 26)

Leicht comments on study showing '70s credit limits would have cut bankruptcies (Radio Iowa, Oct. 26)

Opinion advocates community support for new UI Museum of Art (Gazette, Oct. 26)

UIHC implants first 'perfect match' kidney since 1967 (Gazette, Oct. 26)

Romney leads in IEM (Independent, Oct. 26)

Fry will receive Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award (WLTX, Oct. 26)

UI's first black medical graduate practiced in now-lost SE Iowa town of Buxton (Journal Express, Oct. 26)

Medicate cuts could mean $5.3 million loss for UI Health Care (Gazette, Oct. 26)

Manak researchers identify protein keys to embryonic development (Futurity, Oct. 26)

Throckmorton explains how to eat healthier (Gazette, Oct. 26)

Political scientist Hagle says candidate's flat-tax promises are unrealistic (Iowa Politics, Oct. 26)

Anthony finds mortgage problems hit regardless of age, education, and race (Radio Iowa, Oct. 25)

Student Health's Beecher says more students seeking sexual-health services (Daily Iowan, Oct. 25)

Kitzmann explains why eye doctors suffer more musculoskeletal ailments (Medscape, Oct. 25)

Pharmacy faculty member Hoehns is interviewed (Medscape, Oct. 25)

Mangum visits Occupy Wall Street, finds optimism (International Business Times, Oct. 25)

UI music education alumna bonds with daughter through children's chorus (Arizona Republic, Oct. 25)

Caucuses are teaching, research tool for UI and other Iowa universities (Inside Higher Education, Oct. 25)

UI political market has successfully predicted each presidential election (Scoop, Oct. 25)

Increase in MRSA eye infections study draws comment from Allen (Medscape, Oct. 24)

Hagle compares Romney's campaign strategy to Nixon's (Kansas City Star, Oct. 24)

UI alumnus Makhene explains recession's effect in South Africa (BizCommunity, Oct. 24)

Hockenberry team studied payments to orthopedic surgeons from device makers (Medical News Today, Oct. 24)

UI gerontology study is cited (The Province, Oct. 24)

Haynes says alcohol consumption can lead to hypothermia (All Africa Global Media, Oct. 24)

Language and Cultural Services staff member Gressang is profiled (Daily Iowan, Oct. 24)

More than 650 ran in UI sorority's breast cancer awareness event (Patch, Oct. 23)

Alumna Cook is profiled about work with senior volunteer program (Press-Citizens, Oct. 23)

Alumnus Chittick is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Oct. 23)

Lillios comments on National Archeology Day (Press-Citizen, Oct. 23)

Breed, Lutheran chaplain at UIHC, is profiled (Gazette, Oct. 23)

Howes wins early career honor in physics and astronomy (Press-Citizen, Oct. 23)

UI student Rhatigan helps company make mark in proofreading world (Press-Citizen, Oct. 23)

Leverty comments on insurance demutualization trend (Des Moines Register, Oct. 22)

Hagle criticizes wording of stimulus-support questions (Des Moines Register, Oct. 22)

Murph says preventable diseases rise because of refused vaccinations (Gazette. Oct. 21)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Woodrell is featured (Pittsburgh Tribune, Oct. 23)

Wang finds that social isolation affects consumer choice (UPI, Oct. 22)

Jones and Stick Fly actors interview will be rebroadcast 2 p.m. Oct. 26 (KBBG, Oct. 22)

UI alumnus Sittenfeld interviews Writers' Workshop Director Chang (Salon, Oct. 22)

UI alumni co-founded Wisconsin reading series (Isthmus Daily, Oct. 21)

UI College of Education experts weigh in on Glass' education reform keynote (Gazette, Oct. 21)

Students from India find the UI accessible (Daily Iowan, Oct. 21)

UI seeks to create Health Care Board of Advisors (Press-Citizen, Oct. 21)

Kresowik cites advantages of IVF with only one embryo (Reuters, Oct. 21)

Study indicates UI's use of social media for medication adherence will spread (Information Week, Oct. 21)

UI grad student Butterfield is honored by Human Rights Commission (Press-Citizen, Oct. 20)

UI alumnus Hextell writes about shin splints from conditioning (, Oct. 19)

UI Hawkeye Poll shows Cain and Romney in the lead (NPR, Oct. 21)

Art Building West will re-open this spring (Daily Iowan, Oct. 21)

Polgreen comments on shortages of antimicrobials (MedPage, Oct. 21)

Homecoming features inflatable monster (Chicago Tribune/AP, Oct. 21)

Tippie's Durnev comments on market volatility as a response to political uncertainty (Toronto Star, Oct. 21)

UI's Hardt is remembered in Slovenia (dnevnik, Oct. 21)

Wing: Gadhafi's death could lead to months of unrest (Press-Citizen, Oct. 20)

Gould film confronts honor killings (Muscatine Journal, Oct. 20)

Hagle comments on realty firm's attempt to sway election (Des Moines Register, Oct. 20)

Boyd says Occupy protests are mild compared to Vietnam era unrest (Daily Iowan, Oct. 20)

Eko says UI students are watching events in Libya (, Oct. 20)

Sophomore Builta races mopeds to help children with cancer (Daily Iowan, Oct. 20)

Welsh says effective CF medication may not be far off (Wall Street Journal, Oct. 20)

Hagle says economy makes business exec as president plausible (Des Moines Register, Oct. 19)

Polgreen explains tracking flu on Twitter (Mashable, Oct. 19)

Elkdale says addition of Wi-Fi should help Occupiers function (Daily Iowan, Oct. 19)

Hagle responds to Grassley's choice not to endorse (Mason City Globe-Gazette, Oct. 19)

Crocco explains effects of Paul's proposed Education Department elimination (Daily Iowan, Oct. 19)

Playwriting alumnus Adjmi is featured as one of 'New Voices in American Theatre' (Broadway World, Oct. 19)

Linebarger disputes proposals to restrict TV exposure for infants and toddlers (The Oregonian, Oct. 19)

Horowitz reviews Shelby Lynne (Pop Matters, Oct. 19)

Hagle assesses views of new polling laws (Daily Iowan, Oct. 18)

Alumnus Romesser is selected for seat at National Research Council (Market Watch, Oct. 18)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Fassler interviews Whitehead (Atlantic, Oct. 18)

EPA awards nearly $900,000 to UI for black carbon research (Gazette, Oct. 18)

UI homecoming adds 'recyclable boat' race (Daily Iowan, Oct. 18)

UI studied ATV accidents (News Medical, Oct. 18)

UI fans showed teamwork, too (Gazette, Oct. 18)

Ozarks residents mostly embrace Writers' Workshop alumnus Woodrell (Statesman, Oct. 18)

Bates addresses the drinking dilemma (Des Moines Register, Oct. 18)

Jordanian poet Shofani is at the IWP (Ammon News, Oct. 18)

Horowitz reviews Buddy Holly tribute (Pop Matters, Oct. 18)

Fisher sakes 'Who are the real job creators?' (Des Moines Register, Oct. 17)

Gould writes about 'Canons, Curricula, Numbers' (Inside Higher Ed, Oct. 17)

UI audiology alumna Scheele is profiled (Des Moines Register, Oct. 17)

Iowa Short Fiction Award winner by Boast is reviewed (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Oct. 17)

UI writing alumnus Abramson highlights superlative books of poetry (Huffington Post, Oct. 17)

UI pediatrics researchers wrote about Downs and sexuality (Jerusalem Post, Oct. 17)

Schmidt analyzes Branstad reading proposal (Daily Iowan, Oct. 17)

Hagle says Tea Party could have impact on caucuses (Patch, Oct. 17)

Kaaret can't resist the attraction of science (Press-Citizen, Oct. 17)

UI flood recovery will last at least until 2016 (Press-Citizen, Oct. 17)

Father becomes daughter's UI classmate (Daily Iowan, Oct. 17)

UI alumnus and former faculty member Aslan is profiled (THISDAY, Oct. 17)

Mason: UI projects add to local economy (Press-Citizen, Oct. 16)

Weinberger says clinicians often misidentify respiratory sounds in children (Pediatric Supersite, Oct. 16)

Cameron is interviewed about his play '14,' which premiered at the UI (Daily Camera, Oct. 16)

Global Village open house allow UI students to experience other cultures (Press-Citizen, Oct. 16) 

Hagle says caucus spats make funds race more critical (Des Moines Register, Oct. 15)

Hagle assesses increase in interest in Cain (Des Moines Register, Oct. 15)

UI teacher changed MacArthur winner's attitude toward scholarship (Courier-Post, Oct. 14)

Writers' Workshop's Robinson is interviewed (The Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 14)

UI research could help combat superbugs (Gazette, Oct. 14)

UI projects hope to spark sustainability interest (Daily Iowan, Oct. 14)

Pruess points out that data centers must understand weather (Des Moines Register, Oct. 14)

UI freshman Best is a top-notch step dancer (Daily Iowan, Oct. 14)

UI alumnus Catich who studied with Wood became world-renowned artist (Press-Citizen, Oct. 13)

Mason notes that UI construction provides jobs (Gazette, Oct. 13)

New Rapson jazz CD is reviewed (Santa Barbara Independent, Oct. 13)

Solow says credit unions may add customers fleeing big banks (Daily Iowan, Oct. 13)

UI eye clinic was 'salvation' to family with rare disorder (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Oct. 13)

Dental hygiene alumna Baker writes about career dreams (Dentistry iQ, Oct. 13)

Pendergast led study showing direct access to physical therapists reduces costs (Digital Journal, Oct. 13)

UI writing alumnus Bunn portrays workers displaced by plant closing (Herald Palladium, Oct. 13)

Student veteran says UI provides support to all veterans, especially those injured (KGAN, Oct. 13)

UI study shows men increasingly seek smart women (Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 13)

Alumnus Saunders is added to Saskatchewan Plaza of Honor (Regina Leader-Post, Oct. 13)

UI sculpture alumna Okore is profiled (St. Louis American, Oct. 13)

Mason: Engle Award-winner McPherson brings us closer to 'shared humanity' (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

Leicht says development of a common Occupy Iowa narrative is difficult challenge (Des Moines Register, Oct. 12)

Mason intends to work more with legislators (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

Green comments on updating Kinnick security plans (Gazette, Oct. 12)

Jensen: 'I've never been as proud to be a University of Iowa employee.' (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

Hagle speculates on Grassley endorsement (Mason City Globe Gazette, Oct. 12)

Stromquist: Occupy movement has historical precedents (Des Moines Register, Oct. 12)

SCOPE's Miller is profiled (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

New UI group aims to share the joy of retail (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

UI tracks elementary-school foreign language offerings in Iowa (Des Moines Register, Oct. 12)

'Iowa Fight Song' ranks among Top 50 College Fight Songs (Bleacher Report, Oct. 12)

UI weighs interest in a gay fraternity (Press-Citizen, Oct. 11)

UI student Ginty is interviewed on oust-Obama efforts (Huffington Post, Oct. 11)

UI program will investigate the line between conflict and civility in politics (Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 11)

Romney leads in Iowa poll (Ology, Oct. 11)

Woodrell gained self-confidence at the Writers' Workshop (The Oregonian, Oct. 11)

UI College of Education's REACH Program helps students with intellectual disabilities (Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 25)

Paul Engle Day is celebrated with award to McPherson of Writers' Workshop (Press-Citizen, Oct. 10)

'Big 10 Icons' program features Gable (Gazette, Oct. 10)

IWP alumnus Molina is honored for contributions to Mexican literature (El Economista, Oct. 10)

UI Wellness Center is 2011 Facility of Merit winner (Athletic Business, Oct. 10)

IWP alumnus Zaleski helps celebrate the Year of Milosz in Poland (Radio Rekord, Oct. 10)

Gronbeck says Cain is 'kind of an interesting guy' in GOP race (Business Week, Oct. 10)

Ingram assesses Perry's deregulation push (Daily Iowan, Oct. 10)

Wilson urges investors to beware of audit fees (Reuters, Oct. 10)

Horowitz reviews Connie Smith (Pop Matters, Oct. 10)

Book by grad student Phillips looks at 'Arrested Development' philosophy (Daily Iowan, Oct. 10)

Hagle: Voters look to GOP candidates to address their anxieties (Fiscal Times, Oct. 10)

Wilson comments on auditor-client relationship (Reuters, Oct. 9)

Writers' Workshop alumna DeWitt explores unconditional love (Mountain Express, Oct. 9)

Recycling surges at the UI (Press-Citizen, Oct. 9)

Mason urges steps to keep foreign PhDs in the U.S. (Bloomberg News, Oct. 9)

Whiteman and Hagle: Is politics affecting consumer confidence? (Des Moines Register, Oct. 9)

McConkey leads free medical clinics for children in Jamaica (The Gleaner, Oct. 9)

Jazz singer Barber studied music and psychology at the UI (Jazz Police, Oct. 8)

Funding to UI is one of the first FDA grants to educational institutions (Press-Citizen, Oct. 8)

Hagle gauges effect of Palin and Christie decisions not to run (Mason City Globe Gazette, Oct. 8)

Writers' Workshop alumna Gish Jen writes in response to Jobs' death (New York Times, Oct. 7)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumna Block is reviewed (PaperBlog, Oct. 7)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Denis Johnson is profiled (Guardian, Oct. 7)

Hagle explains early caucus date benefits and consequences (Patch, Oct. 7)

Bandleader McCloud, a UI alumnus, is profiled (Charleston Post Courier, Oct. 7)

Rynes wins award for human resources research (Compensation.BLR, Oct. 7)

Neff studied jail overcrowding (Daily Iowan, Oct. 7)

Hagle explains anti-Arab rhetoric of GOP caucus contenders (Daily Iowan, Oct. 7)

UI program furthers 'Dr. Nurse' trend (Daily Iowan, Oct. 7)

Hagle cautions that local politics can get caught up in national politics (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Oct. 7)

Oncologist Brown is concerned about recommendation to skip prostate cancer test (Des Moines Register, Oct. 7)

UI scientists found older drivers keep safer distance in traffic (Auto-Presse, Oct. 7)

Essay describes life as an IWP student (Ha'aretz, Oct. 7)

Story notes Carver taught Jones at Iowa Writers' Workshop (The Guardian, Oct. 7)

Imborek discusses debt, health care reform (New York Times, Oct. 6)

Hagle comments on how Perry can turn it around (Houston Chronicle, Oct. 6)

Andreasen: Creativity could be unconscious process (Toronto Globe and Mail, Oct. 6)

UI student part of Occupy Iowa City demonstration (Iowa Independent, Oct. 6)

Hagle: Palin decision means GOP field is likely set (Des Moines Register, Oct. 6)

McGurl to receive Capote Award from UI today (Press-Citizen, Oct. 6)

Journalism class avoids horse race coverage of politics (Press-Citizen, Oct. 6)

Writers' Workshop alumna Mukherjee is interviewed (Willamette Week, Oct. 5)

Hagle comments on improving Perry's campaign (Houston Chronicle, Oct. 5)

Mason says UI sees big return on research investment (Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct. 5)

Schnoor questions economics of biofuels (Des Moines Register, Oct. 5)

Art Building West ranked among world's best art school buildings (BBC, Oct. 4)

AAU president Rawlings is former UI president (Texas Tribune, Oct. 4)

Hanley: GPS can improve roads, more efficiently assess taxes (Forbes, Oct. 3)

UI's Crocco, Dunbar among leaders responding to Branstad 'blueprint' (Gazette, Oct. 3)

Law comments on cardiac deaths among young people (WTMA radio, Oct. 3)

Hagle comments on Bachmann's sputtering campaign (ThirdAge, Oct. 3)

Crocco drawn to College of Education's values (Press Citizen, Oct. 3)

Perlmutter says rowdy political rhetoric is nothing new (Des Moines Register, Oct. 3)

Alumna Frederick wants to help develop Iowa film industry (Gazette, Oct. 3)

Covington comments on Bachmann fundraising strategy (Minnesota Public Radio, Oct. 3)

Poet Laureate Levine studied with Berryman in the Writers' Workshop (Chronicle, Oct. 2)

Hagle says Bachmann has to get back to basics (Los Angeles Times, Oct. 2)

Woodard says poets must care about what they see (Muscatine Journal, Oct. 2)

Scot writer Strachan studying at IWP (Huffington Post, Oct. 2)

Atchison comments on new mental health services law (Gazette, Oct. 2)

UI studying gasoline mileage tax (Tampa Tribune, Oct. 2)

MBA alumnus Phillips leaves corporate job for ministry (Des Moines Register, Oct. 2)

Wahls signs book deal (New York Daily News, Oct. 2)

UI college men walk in heels for good cause (KCRG, Oct. 1)

Philippines 'writer for all seasons' attended the IWP (MENAFN, Oct. 1)

UI alum credits distance learning with his success as educational leader (Delta Sky Magazine, October edition)







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