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November 2011

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Hovenkamp says AT&T/T-Mobile merger may go to Plan B (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 30)

UI, UIHC prepares for cuts after Supercommittee failure (Daily Iowan, Nov. 30)

Gordon comments on NLRB vote unionizing rules (Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 30)

Alumnus Kryt writes about carbon-credit consequences in Honduras (In These Times, Nov. 30)

Weiner says new cancer treatment facility incorporates patient design ideas (Radio Iowa, Nov. 30)

Iowa Electronic Market is profiled (msnbc, Nov. 30)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Milch will bring Faulkner to HBO (New York Times, Nov. 30)

Field comments on study of radon/skin cancer connection (Reuters, Nov. 30)

UI brings black alumni to recount their experiences (Daily Iowan, Nov. 30)

Hagle says Perry may get a second look from caucus-goers (Dallas Morning News, Nov. 30)

Blumberg responds to Dr. Dove's unicorns (Scientific American, Nov. 29)

Hagle says new Cain allegations may be tipping point (Des Moines Register, Nov. 29)

Weston's Commons Law Project could be 'the most important legal initiative of our Anthropocene age' (CSR Wire, Nov. 29)

Cram responds to hip-implant study (MSN, Nov. 29)

Book about Iowa Writers' Workshop is featured (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nov. 29)

Stapleton and Larew comment on papilloma virus vaccine recommendations (Daily Iowan, Nov. 28)

UIHC's Barloon says heroin addiction is difficult to treat (Gazette, Nov. 28)

Alumnus Ramer crafted number-learning tool (Daily Iowan, Nov. 28)

Leicht identifies issues in GOP healthcare proposals (Daily Iowan, Nov. 28)

Reagan, who was a UIHC infectious diseases fellow, becomes Tennessee's chief medical officer (Tennessean, Nov. 28)

Spak comments on development of U.S. urban bike-friendly infrastructure (Bike Radar, Nov. 28)

Hagle describes Braun as a 'distraction candidate' to Democrats (Daily Iowan, Nov. 28)

Hagle stresses difference between board and commission memberships (Gazette, Nov. 27)

Perlmutter writes on 'pleasing the peers' (Chronicle, Nov. 27)

Writers' Workshop poetry alumnus Corral is profiled (Arizona Republic, Nov. 26)

Medicine alumnus Smith is crazy about birds (Daily Inter Lake, Nov. 26)

UI seeks public help in transcribing Iowa Civil War history (Gazette, Nov. 26)

Hagle comments on PAC-sponsored GOP caucus poll (Des Moines Register, Nov. 25)

McIlravy will be inducted into South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame (Argus Leader, Nov. 25)

Sinn describes research on using measles virus to fight cancer (Radio Iowa, Nov. 25)

UI distance learning gets high marks (Frum Forum, Nov. 25)

Finance alumnus Sherlock is profiled (Press-Citizen, Nov. 25)

Writers' Workshop alumna Manilla is interviewed (WOUB Public Media, Nov. 25)

UI study: weight loss could ease headaches (The West Australian, Nov. 25)

Blanket-making party benefits Children's Hospital patients (Radio Iowa, Nov. 24)

Kimmich-Javier comments on new Swedish masters program in photography (My News Desk, Nov. 24)

UI's Voxman was famous worldwide (Gazette, Nov. 23)

Foundation's Marshall writes in support of United Way (Press-Citizen, Nov. 23)

Public Policy Center's Hanley comments on bus usage (Gazette, Nov. 23)

Thompson studied outcomes for cancer survivors (Medical News Today, Nov. 23)

Alumnus Eicher writes about computer history (The Register, Nov. 23)

Team in Smith's lab was first to identify MRSA in livestock (Gizmodo, Nov. 23)

Russell says online stores are pushing midnight retail sales (Press-Citizen, Nov. 23)

Abram talks about the challenges of restaurant ownership (Gazette, Nov. 23)

Longtime UI music school director Voxman dies at 99 (Gazette, Nov. 23)

UI professor developed virtual model of Qumran (Fox News, Nov. 23)

Schneider takes a fresh look at life expectancy (Forbes, Nov. 23)

Hovenkamp comments on AT&T's quest for merger approval (Business Week, Nov. 23)

Alumnus Brody responds to passing of Hanno Hardt (Press-Citizen, Nov. 22)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Raab's 'Whore of Akron' is reviewed (Huffington Post, Nov. 22)

Dubus III studied with Vonnegut and Yates at Writers' Workshop (Wuz, Nov. 22)

Alumna O'Connor's comment on writing classes is recalled (National Review, Nov. 21)

IEM still favors Romney (Des Moines Register, Nov. 21)

Memoir by Writers' Workshop alumnus Casey is reviewed (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 21)

UI/Daily Iowan alumna Migoya, now a Denver news editor, is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Nov. 20)

Lundell says farm injuries account for a quarter of occupational deaths in Iowa (Kearney Hub, Nov. 20)

UI alumna Logel is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Nov. 20)

Marti talks about her book about 'Judge' (Times Leader, Nov. 20)

Alumna Jackson helps drive ESPN motorsports broadcasts (Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Nov. 20)

Solow assesses GOP candidates' tax proposals (Des Moines Register, Nov. 20)

Former UI psychiatrist applies what he learned at the UI in Oklahoma (Oklahoman, Nov. 20)

What would be the effect of UI-studied mileage tax? (CNN, Nov. 19)

Whitaker describes growth of robotics competitions (Gazette, Nov. 19)

UI student Lawler responds to candidate economic plans (Des Moines Register, Nov. 19)

UI dental students get clinic experience while helping hundreds (KTIV, Nov. 19)

Barker says U.S. has lost money on Alaska (Economist, Nov. 19)

UI contract with Nike is examined (Press-Citizen, Nov. 18)

UI/Nebraska fans race to 'Black Friday' on Facebook (Gazette, Nov. 18)

Winokur advises vaccination update (Radio Iowa, Nov. 18)

Ethiopian physics alumnus Bililign receives Presidential Award for Excellence from Obama (News Dire, Nov. 18)

Occupy Iowa City brings concerns to UI campus (Press-Citizen, Nov. 18)

Larsen is honored among 'Women of Innovation' (Des Moines Register, Nov. 18)

Lai describes U.S. policy on Iran (Daily Iowan, Nov. 18)

UI studies flu through Twitter (BBC, Nov. 18)

Alumna Buening is profiled (Press-Citizen, Nov. 18)

Iowa Playwrights Workshop alumnus Hunter is profiled (Idaho Statesman, Nov. 18)

Schott assisted Spencer city planning (Daily Reporter, Nov. 18)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Nelson is interviewed (Acorn, Nov. 18)

UI student Nicol to teach hockey to Russian children (Waterloo Courier, Nov. 17)

Bio-engineering alumnus Hextell urges injury care to avoid future problems (Windsor Beacon, Nov. 17)

UI and Nebraska battle for Facebook supremacy (Iowa City Patch, Nov. 17)

Colleagues honor 'father of percussion' Tom Davis (Press-Citizen, Nov. 17)

Fisher advises against Iowa film-tax credit (Des Moines Register, Nov. 17)

Gleason assesses Cain tax proposal (Daily Iowan, Nov. 17)

Taylor responds to 'supercommittee' issues (Press-Citizen, Nov. 17)

Warren comments on international adoptions (Daily Iowan, Nov. 17)

Warner says UI can assist student borrowers (Kansas City infoZine, Nov. 17)

Pendergast study supports physical therapy access (Lansing State Journal, Nov. 17)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Casey is profiled (New York Times, Nov. 17)

Lundell addresses the dangers of farming (Omaha World-Herald, Nov. 17)

Hagle comments on tight GOP caucus race (Mason City Globe Gazette, Nov. 16)

UI endowment surges (Press-Citizen, Nov. 16)

UI Health Care experts recommend vaccines other than flu, too (Gazette, Nov. 16)

Hagle comments on plunge in Perry funds (Houston Chronicle, Nov. 16)

Film-maker Green began 'Three of a Kind' at the UI (Boise Weekly, Nov. 16)

Hagle comments on political considerations of Supreme Court retirements (Des Moines Register, Nov. 16)

Peterson says CBS can succeed with original reporting (Los Angeles Times, Nov. 16)

Writers' Workshop alumna Catton is 'rising star of New Zealand fiction' (Booksellers, Nov. 16)

Nelson points out accuracy of prediction markets (CNN, Nov. 16)

Hagle says it may be Newt's time (National Post, Nov. 16)

Writers' Workshop alumna Morris is interviewed (New Zealand Herald, Nov. 16)

New database will detail UI faculty work (Press-Citizen, Nov. 15)

Fine says businesses should avoid 'bandwagon' effect with social media (WHO Radio, Nov. 15)

Alumna Beninga is profiled about teaching career (Press-Citizen, Nov. 15)

Article by music alumnus Stilwell wins national award (Gazette, Nov. 15)

Callaghan speaks to risks of hip impingement surgery (New York Times, Nov. 15)

Fisher comments on impact of state tax credits (Des Moines Register, Nov. 15)

UI students create songs with senior citizens (Daily Iowan, Nov. 15)

Souaiaia writes about new Qatari control over Aljazeera (OpEd News, Nov. 15)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Raab is interviewed (The Awl, Nov. 15)

Johnson, TV rising star on 'New Girl's,' attended UI (Access Hollywood, Nov. 15)

Gronbeck says candidates' books don't impact support (Daily Iowan, Nov. 15)

IWP alumnus Sharra is interviewed (Global Voices, Nov. 15)

Opinion: UI student government deserves kudos for pursuing safe transportation (Gazette, Nov. 15)

UI foreign student enrollment continues to increase (Press-Citizen, Nov. 14)

Hagle comments on parties' search for 'rising stars' (Gazette, Nov. 14)

Research VP Cohen will retire (Press-Citizen, Nov. 14)

Hagle: Gingrich benefits from anybody-but-Romney push (Des Moines Register, Nov. 14)

New State Hygienic Lab is a 'magnet' for students and professionals (Press-Citizen, Nov. 14)

Crossover composer Resnick, who studied at the UI, is interviewed (Oregon Music News, Nov. 14)

UI adds Spanish creative-writing curriculum (U.S.News, Nov. 14)

Hauserman recommends long-term perspective during tough work times (Marketwatch, Nov. 14)

UI celebrates International Education Week (Daily Iowan, Nov. 14)

King comments on growth of UI Chinese enrollment (Chronicle, Nov. 14)

Horowitz reviews Buddy Holly tribute (Pop Matters, Nov. 14)

UI experts weigh in on responses to witnessing abuse (The Gazette, Nov. 13)

Vonnegut biography is critiqued (LA Times, Nov. 13)

Denburg's UI team studied erosion of brain functions in aging (Chronicle, Nov. 13)

Music alumnus Demand is profiled (Coeur d'Alene Press, Nov. 13)

UI has highest regional four-year graduation rate (Omaha World-Herald, Nov. 13)

Activist alumna Lande is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Nov. 13)

College of Education's REACH Program cited in story on special tax deductions (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 12)

Writers' Workshop students help judge NPR writing contest (NPR, Nov. 12)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Williamson seek to blur distinction between literary fiction and science fiction (Austin Statesman, Nov. 12)

'Whore of Akron' by Writers' Workshop alumnus Raab is featured (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 12)

Hagle says Cain is winning among social conservatives (New York Daily News, Nov. 12)

Drumheller says the answer to 'what ate dinosaurs' is not so obvious (The Economist, Nov. 12)

UI Students pick through garbage to go green (KCRG, Nov. 11)

UI College Republicans leader Ginty says Gingrich is most likely to succeed (Huffington Post, Nov. 11)

Hagle comments on influx of Super PAC money (Des Moines Register, Nov. 11)

UI's Mezhir is fighting pancreatic cancer (KTVO, Nov. 11)

Robinson comments on call for cholesterol screening for kids (Des Moines Register, Nov. 11)

UI athletics seeks to head off xxx domains (KCRG, Nov. 11)

UI Voice Academy is referenced in Mariah Carey story (LA Times, Nov. 11)

Hagle's Iowa Senate election prediction is borne out (Marion Patch, Nov. 11)

UI Paintallica alumni make totemic structures with power tools (New York Times, Nov. 11)

Theater alumna Frederick lands another indie movie lead (Broadway World, Nov. 11)

UI student/veteran hopes rec therapy career will help soldiers (Press-Citizen, Nov. 11)

Writers' Workshop alumna Harjo is profiled (Taos News, Nov. 11)

Horowitz writes about pioneering country-rock artist (Pop Matters, Nov. 11)

Covington says Romney would be default GOP candidate (Boston Herald, Nov. 11)

UI student/Marine veteran Irish is profiled (Press-Citizen, Nov. 11)

Standish, UI lecturer in Italy, writes about the opportunities of tourism (Independent, Nov. 11)

UI alumnus Thornton portrays disabled doctor on 'Private Practice' (WLS, Nov. 11)

Hagle says both parties can claim positives in Nov. 8 voting (Minnesota Independent, Nov. 11)

UI student/veteran Deyo is profiled (Press-Citizen, Nov. 11)

Class for student vets improves chances for success (Gazette, Nov. 11)

UI student, post-9/11 Guard volunteer wishes she could have done more (Des Moines Register, Nov. 11)

Four UI students answer call to serve their country (Press-Citizen, Nov. 11)

Hagle says Gingrich may do well in caucuses (Iowa Independent, Nov. 10)

Alumnus Hextell writes about the importances of proper biomechanics (Windsor Beacon, Nov. 10)

Hagle assesses the Mathis' victory in Iowa Senate race (Iowa Independent, Nov. 10)

Jones comes back from stroke to direct her final production at the UI (Daily Iowan, Nov. 10)

UI student Poppe is subject of Veterans Day tribute (New York Times, Nov. 10)

Studio arts alumnus Booth, Hollywood special-effects artist, is profiled (Daily Iowan, Nov. 10)

Music alumnus Estes returns to Iowa to raise funds for scholarships (Daily Iowan, Nov. 10)

Morphew comments on Penn State scandal (Businessweek, Nov. 10)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Butler wins Narrative competition (Narrative, Nov. 10)

Thomas encourages others to engage globally during International Education Week (Press-Citizen, Nov. 10)

Retiring theater director Jones feels blessed by UI career (Press-Citizen, Nov. 9)

UI endowment growth exceeds national average (Daily Iowan, Nov. 9)

Butler explains possible effects of new 'poverty' standard (Daily Iowan, Nov. 9)

Gingrich's stock jumps in IEM (Iowa Independent, Nov. 9)

UI is more gender balanced than national statistics (Daily Iowan, Nov. 9)

Halfdanarson emphasizes importance of early neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 9)

UI medical alumnus is honored after 14,000 deliveries (High Plains Leader & Times, Nov. 9)

UI creative-writing MFA recognizes Spanish is not a 'foreign language' (Fox News, Nov. 9)

UI REACH program serves many Chicago-area students (Chicago Tribune, Nov. 9)

Covington says Cain charges are difficult for social conservative to discount (Boston Herald, Nov. 8)

Actress Frederick will receive Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award (Highlight Hollywood, Nov. 8)

College of Education faculty, staff visit Muscatine to see how students learn (Muscatine Journal, Nov. 8)

UI takes advantage of loosened Cuba restrictions (Daily Iowan, Nov. 8)

Souaiaia writes about women in the new Tunisian Republic (OpEd News, Nov. 8)

Nelson assesses Romney economic plan (Daily Iowan, Nov. 8)

Sulentic comments on poll showing Americans favor small businesses (Daily Iowan, Nov. 8)

Hagle comments on perpetual losing candidates (msnbc, Nov. 8)

Liu says bullied Asian young people have few options (Spot Us, Nov. 8)

Covington says change in strategy raises questions about Cain (Boston Herald, Nov. 8)

Pentella of hygienic lab comments on 'germy surfaces' (KCRG, Nov. 7)

Paik study suggests factors that may lead to 'Kardashian marriages' (Des Moines Register, Nov. 7)

Opinion: Spanish creative-writing MFA will benefit the UI (Press-Citizen, Nov. 7)

Brochu comments on 'shieldcroc' claims (Discovery News, Nov. 7)

Hasan finds aspirin my reduce aneurysm ruptures (Medscape Today, Nov. 7)

Sanchez hails new hepatitis C drugs (Omaha World-Herald, Nov. 7)

Art alumna Wyrick is profiled (Gazette, Nov. 7)

Grad student Kelly studies the intersection of technology and culture (Daily Iowan, Nov. 7)

Hemley organizes Philippines sojourns for UI writing students (Philippine Star, Nov. 7)

Titze: Lion's roar is 'incredibly efficient instrument' (New York Times, Nov. 7)

UI alumna Suh creates new look for famed museum collection (Twin Cities Daily Planet, Nov. 6)

Pascarella says good teaching and diversity inspire students (Chronicle, Nov. 6)

Sculpture alumnus Jo is profiled (Statesman Journal, Nov. 5)

Legendary basketball player and coach Nelson will graduate from the UI this spring (NBC, Nov. 5)

Alumnus Walsh became higher-education leader in Ireland (Irish Times, Nov. 5)

Hagle responds to mutual contempt of Romney and Perry (Houston Chronicle, Nov. 5)

Engineer Aurand works on second generation of biofuels (Naukaw Polsche, Nov. 5)

Alumnus and investment CEO Rogers is profiled (Barron's, Nov. 5)

Alumnus Erwin gets movie deal with Marines vs. Romans fantasy (Des Moines Register, Nov. 5)

Van Allen thought manned missions were publicity 'space theater' (Des Moines Register, Nov. 4)

Hagle comments on caucus 'ground game' (Reuters, Nov. 4)

Boehmke says Cain benefits from general perception of the GOP field (ABC, Nov. 4)

Kuehn hopes dog research will uncover human glaucoma markers (Gazette, Nov. 4)

Anthology by alumna poet Gallagher was 'worth the wait' (Seattle Times, Nov. 4)

Hagle comments on Iowa special election drawing national attention (Patch, Nov. 4)

Thenuwara said slumping economy boosts two-year college enrollments (Daily Iowan, Nov. 4)

Drumheller tracks ancients crocs through bite marks (Smithsonian, Nov. 4)

Late UI religious scholar Bach is quoted (Victoria Advocate, Nov. 4)

Alumnus Bouril has recurring role in HBO series (Quad City Times, Nov. 4)

Writers' Workshop alumna Gish Jen is featured (China Daily, Nov. 4)

UI experts address possible arsenic contamination (Gazette, Nov. 4)

Titze finds shape of vocal chords is key to lion's roar (Salt Lake City Tribune, Nov. 3)

Hagle says Bachmann was hurt by major gaffes (Hometown Source, Nov. 3)

Covington: benefit of the doubt for Cain will fade (Washington Post, Nov. 3)

Murry's students campaign for bone marrow donation (Daily Iowan, Nov. 3)

Spak studied benefits of bicycle commuting (Medical News Today, Nov. 3)

Ahrens tested cystic fibrosis treatment (Medpage Today, Nov. 3)

IEM shows overlap of money and politics (Forbes, Nov. 3)

UI students help old business with new media (Gazette, Nov. 3)

Despite weak economy, UI students are netting jobs (Daily Iowan, Nov. 3)

Irish discusses the history of corn (Iowa Public Radio, Nov. 3)

UI engineering alumnus Musil is profiled (Iowa Farmer Today, Nov. 3)

Political science alumnus Osweiler is profiled (Ames Tribune, Nov. 3)

Whaley's book examines the history of the Catwoman character (Think Big, Nov. 3)

UI conference focuses on getting veterans into college, work (KCRG, Nov. 2)

Vonnegut was teaching at the UI when he became an 'overnight sensation' (New York Times, Nov. 2)

UI researchers find key to measles virus spread (Gazette, Nov. 2)

Alumnus Goodner: 'OWS is the third party' (Huffington Post, Nov. 2)

Hunsicker comments on FDA vote about kidney-disease treatment (Medpage Today, Nov. 2)

Latino enrollment grows at the UI (Daily Iowan, Nov. 2)

IWP's Merrill comments on U.S. cut in UNESCO support (Daily Iowan, Nov. 2)

11/1/91 memories are shared (Iowa Public Radio, Nov. 1)

Nov. 1, 1991: 'University of Iowa lost its innocence that day' (Press-Citizen, Nov. 1)

Green: UI is better prepared for violence in wake of shootings (Daily Iowan, Nov. 1)

Magnotta will use MRI at UI to study brain disorders (The Financial, Nov. 1)

Schott comments on secret economic-development planning (Gazette, Nov. 1)

Shah comments on website for Amblyopia self-diagnosis (Medscape, Nov. 1)

Joffrey's 1987 Hancher premiere became America's No. 1 'Nutcracker' (Broadway World, Nov. 1)

Streit found U.S. increase in dengue fever (Empowher, Nov. 1)

Hagle says Iowa caucus contest is wide open (Post-Bulletin, Nov. 1)

Ponseti's legacy at the UI inspires giving (New York Times, Nov. 1)

Former IWP director Blaise is profiled (National Post, Nov. 1)

Hagle: Lack of money may have forced Bachmann to change strategy (Concord Monitor, Nov. 1)







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