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May 2011

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Finance alumnus, former Vikings coach, Green still 'works his plan' (Del Mar Times, May 31)

Paris Review loses editor to UI Writers' Workshop (New York Observer, May 31)

UI poetry alumna Buffam is profiled (Canadian Press, May 31)

John Irving studied with Kurt Vonnegut at the Writers' Workshop (Milwaukee Journal, May 31)

Hagle comments on Romney's slow commitment to Iowa (American Independent, May 31)

Leicht says job outlook is bleak for blue-collar workers in their 40s and 50s (Philadelphia Inquirer, May 31)

Kraxberger says America's geographical education is lacking (Daily Press, May 31)

WiderNet hopes to expand education into Iowa prisons (Press-Citizen, May 30)

UI graduate students develop tools to track sustainability progress (Smart Meters, May 30)

UI graduate student hopes transmedia efforts go viral (Milwuakee Journal, May 29)

For Olin, children's new smiles are his blessings (Press-Citizen, May 29)

Playwrights Workshop alumnus Hunter is 'fresh new voice in American theater' (Idaho Statesman, May 29)

UI alumnus Cummer writes to keep kids engaged (Press-Citizen, May 28)

Iowa City Jazz Festival is part of Jazz Festival Big Ten (Jazz Police, May 28)

Business-competition win will bring UI salsa to grocery shelves (Press-Citizen, May 27)

UI alumnus Fleming writes about barriers to better health care (New American, May 27)

Tucker finds great promise in new stem-cell blindness treatments (Contact Lenses, May 27)

Climate scientist and Van Allen student Hansen questions coal mining (3News, May 27)

Trot across Iowa will benefit UI research (Sioux City Journal, May 26)

Schott assesses Johnson County's aging population (Press-Citizen, May 25)

UI program helps children with severe pediatric eating disorders (Health Canal, May 25)

UI Virtual Soldier puts physics into human modeling (Design News, May 25)

New books by UI alumni make 'Summer Reading List' (New York Press, May 25)

Raymond Carver is subject of a birthday profile (Legacy, May 25)

Torres' debut novel generates buzz as fall release (Publishers Weekly, May 25)

2012 political landscape is becoming clearer, Hagle says (American Independent, May 25)

Summers comments on research identifying bacteria that eat caffeine (MSNBC, May 24)

On walk across Iowa man will share Bill Sackter's mission (Press-Citizen, May 24)

Kutcher, who studied biomedical engineering at UI, now invests in tech (Washington Post, May 24)

Hagle says Gingrich can't be counted out of GOP race (Sacramento Bee, May 24)

Bar writes that lifestyle changes could stop 'tsunami' of diabetes cases (Des Moines Register, May 23)

Brochu comments on DNA evidence of crocodile migration (Washington Post, May 23)

Denburg: working together may help senior citizens make better decisions (Science News, May 23)

Hagle comments on Pawlenty's Iowa team (Hometown Source, May 23)

UI institute molds women into top candidates (Radio Iowa, May 23)

Leicht assesses the vanishing U.S. middle class (WHYY, May 23)

UI junior Rosman writes about the 'domino effect' of college opportunity (USA Today, May 23)

Hemley took UI students to National Writers Workshop in the Philippines (Philippine Star, May 23)

Hlebowitsh discusses economically integrated schools (Press-Citizen, May 23)

Kyomuhendo, first Ugandan female writer at the IWP, heads African Writers Trust (UgPluse, May 22)

Raymond will become law dean at University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 21)

Zietlow finds prior-restraint issues in proposed ban on farm video (Mason City Globe Gazette, May 21)

Fulbright physician returns to Vietnam from the UI with new ideas (Press-Citizen, May 21)

Discussion of family-planning investment cites UI cost-benefit analysis (Wisconsin State Journal, May 21)

UI alumnus Johnston writes about being 'engulfed' by Sedaris (Salon, May 21)

UI study is cited in debt-forgiveness discussion (AllVoices, May 21)

UI 'Solar System Superstar' alumnus Krimigis is profiled (Greek Reporter, May 21)

Mason comments on the recognition of young scientists (Press-Citizen, May 20)

Tippie College of Business strengthening statewide outreach (Des Moines Business Record, May 20)

IWP's Hirata from Indonesia publishes new novel completed at UI (Padang Ekspres, May 20)

Klaus responds to the expansion of the Literary Walk (Press-Citizen, May 19)

UI math alumna who became dress designer is profiled (Des Moines Register, May 19)

UI alumna Dajani expands horizons for Arabic children (Huffington Post, May 19)

UI alumnus Anderson founded Muscatine club to encourage creativity (Muscatine Journal, May 19)

UI study on nausea in pregnancy is cited (Die Welt, May 19)

Schnoor comments on risky fire retardants in baby products (WebMD, May 18)

UI students helped coach Northwest Junior High debate team to state title (Press-Citizen, May 18)

Debut novel by Writers' Workshop alumna North is introduced (io9, May 18)

Hualing Nieh Engle discusses IWP in return to China (China Times, May 17)

Butler is named UI provost (Press-Citizen, May 17)

UI research shows link between antioxidants and kidney stones (USNews & World Report, May 17)

Thirty UI faculty members will meet with state leaders (Press-Citizen, May 17)

Rouwenhorst says information is retained from fast-forwarded commercials (Gazette, May 17)

Covington says Johnson County is important for GOP candidates (Press-Citizen, May 17)

UI sculpture alumna Okore exhibits in London (Nigerian Compass, May 17)

UI Children's Hospital has some of nation's best specialty departments (Press-Citizen, May 17)

Belin-Blank student wins international science prize (Press-Citizen, May 17)

IWP's Namukusa is part of a growing legion of honored Ugandan female writers (Daily Monitor, May 17)

Hagle comments on Huckabee withdrawal from GOP presidential field (Iowa Independent, May 17)

Tucker describes stem-cell retina regeneration (Red Orbit, May 16)

Mueller comments on rural surgery-access study (CBS/AP, May 16)

IWP veteran describes translation struggles of Myanmar writers (Myanmar Times, May 16)

Belin-Blank advanced-placement index shows Bettendorf ranks high (Quad-City Times, May 16)

UI study showed students are still activists, but in different ways (Huffington Post, May 16)

Christiansen assesses UI dorm Goodwill project (Radio Iowa, May 16)

Hagle responds to Democratic questions about oil company tax breaks (Kansas City Star, Mary 16)

McCaffery advocates for cancer screening (Gazette, May 16)

Schott comments on West Liberty becoming 'minority, majority' (Radio Iowa, May 16)

'Biggest Loser' becomes UI degree winner (Press-Citizen, May 16)

UI alumna Mukherjee's new book is reviewed (California Literary Review, May 16)

UI seeks better Kinnick security (Chicago Tribune, May 16)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumnus Cronin is reviewed (Huntington News, May 15)

UI adds living-learning communities (Press-Citizen, May 15)

Cronin is interviewed about 'Passage' (Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 15)

Belin-Blank student is honored in and out of class (Press-Citizen, May 15)

Photos in UI Press book recall small-town America (Greensboro News & Record, May 15)

Logsdon takes Darwin on the road (Miller-McCune, May 15)

WRAC's Kroon focuses on women's safety (Des Moines Register, May 14)

Four members of Patel family in caps, gowns at UI (Press-Citizen, May 14)

Hagle assesses the flexibility of a legislative 'safe seat' (Press-Citizen, May 14)

UI engineering professor Stephens is living his dream (Press-Citizen, May 13)

'Juggling' by UI student from Nepal leads to MBA (Press-Citizen, May 13)

UI suspends two programs to increase Career Development Awards (Daily Iowan, May 13)

Writers' Workshop alumna Parssinen is interviewed (Columbia Daily Tribune, May 13)

UI drive directs items to Goodwill, not landfill (KCRG, May 12)

UI reachers collaborate on marriage/politics study (Globe and Mail, May 12)

UI Research Park soon to be 'shovel ready' (Press-Citizen, May 12)

REACH to test three-year program (Press-Citizen, May 12)

UI, Iowa City to collaborate on downtown study (Press-Citizen, May 12)

Recent UI grad opens ice cream shop (Beacon News, May 12)

UI researched viability of mileage-based tax (Inc., May 12)

Tolbert comments on Gingrich campaign (Daily Nonpareil, May 12)

Brochu comments on ancient crocodiles (BioScholar, May 12)

Rice comments on Career Development Awards (Press-Citizen, May 12)

Staff Council examines new election process (Press Citizen, May 12)

Facilities website offers construction alerts (Press Citizen, May 12)

Abel comments on mushroom growing season (Sioux City Journal, May 12)

UI senior connects music, environment (Daily Iowan, May 12)

UI student recovers from Lyme disease (Daily Iowan, May 12)

Drake named senior associate to Mason (Gazette, May 11)

Muriello to perform in 'HMS Pinafore' production (South Charlotte Weekly, May 11)

Talman cites impact of reduced National Institutes of Health funding (Chronicle, May 11)

UI study finds local employers screen for criminal records (Press-Citizen, May 11)

UI senior helps minority children think about college (Daily Iowan, May 11)

Student governments reflect on year's accomplishments (Daily Iowan, May 11)

Retired professor is expert on Moffit houses (Gazette, May 11)

Wilbur discusses medications and lifestyle change (WebMd, May 11)

Writers' Workshop alumna Brooks writes about teaching composition (Salon, May 10)

UI helps with Louisiana flood fight (KWQC-TV, May 10)

UI to confer nearly 5,000 degrees at commencement (KCRG-TV, May 10)

Hagle comments on federal earmarks (Des Moines Register, May 10)

Myers, Stead to get honorary doctorates (Press-Citizen, May 10)

Café participating in UI healthy choices program (Denison Bulletin and Review, May 10)

UI reaches out to aid veterans (Daily Iowan, May 10)

Swahili popularity increases at UI (Daily Iowan, May 10)

Hawkeye wrestlers speak to Mid-Prairie students (Press Citizen, May 10)

Tiempo-Torrevillas recollects Engle and Iowa Writers' Workshop (Negros Chronicle, May 10)

Livestock-related staph virus in Iowa daycare worker (Wired, May 9)

Hagle comments on small Huckabee campaign fines (Politico, May 9)

UI researcher says new bacteria discovery not a major concern (Radio Iowa, May 9)

Hagle discusses Gingrich presidential run announcement (Des Moines Register, May 9)

UI grad wrote First Lady's UNI speech (Radio Iowa, May 9)

Barriers sent protect against flooding in the south (Daily Iowan, May 9)

Poets faced fiction writers in Iowa Writers' Workshop softball game (Daily Iowan, May 9)

Segar comments on effects of meth during pregnancy (Omaha World Herald, May 9)

New Zealand writer to be in International Writing Program (Otago Daily Times, May 9)

UI's Kroon helps keep women safe (Press-Citizen, April 8)

Businesses prepare for UI graduation rush (Press Citizen, May 8)

Covington comments on Republican candidates (AFP, May 8)

Modern design considered for new Hancher (Des Moines Register, May 7)

Christiansen comments on energy cost savings at UI (Des Moines Register, May 7)

Tippie Build's Habitat for Humanity home dedicated (Press-Citizen, May 7)

Leukemia patient celebrates prom at UI Hospitals and Clinics (KCRG-TV, May 6)

UI sends flood barriers to Louisiana (Times-Picayune, May 6)

HESCO flood barriers shipped to Louisiana (Des Moines Register, May 6)

UI student reflects on 9/11 and Bin Laden's death (Time, May 6)

UI announces $500 million campaign for health care (Chicago Tribune, May 6)

UI Health Care campaign seeks $500 million (The Gazette, May 6

UI's Martin: banning fraternities not the answer to ending bad behavior (New York Times, May 6)

Students create fast-food delivery business (Daily Iowan, May 6)

Regent: Be proactive in dealing with cuts (Press Citizen May 5)

UI announces $10 million donation (Omaha World Herald, May 5)

UI pediatric care gets $10 million gift (Des Moines Register, May 5)

UI pediatric care gets $10 million gift (Press Citizen, May 5)

Iowa House to become Dance Marathon Living Learning Community (Daily Iowan, May 5)

Students bring in foreign doctors to learn Ponseti method (Daily Iowan, May 5)

Geriatric nursing initiative moves forward (Daily Iowan, May 5)

Feinstein explains woman's 'face blindness' (Daily Mail, May 5)

Steads donate $10 million to hospital and pediatrics (Gazette, May 4)

UI's AP Index gives schools high marks (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, May 4)

UI to transition to new staff classifications (Press Citizen, May 4)

UI steps up tracking of students abroad (Daily Iowan, May 4)

Third finalist for UI provost job to visit campus (KWQC-TV, May 4)

Rao cites benefits of prunes (Times Health, May 4)

UI's Mikelson takes care of troops on campus (Military Times Edge, May 3)

Cohen gives update on federal research funding (Gazette, May 3)

Santorum comments on families and the economy during UI visit (American Independent, May 3)

Santorum talks about religious faith at UI stop (Gazette/Source Media Group, May 3)

Kopelman comments on cost of autism care (Iowa Independent, May 3)

Maury explains importance of discovering receptor for Ebola and Marburg viruses (Daily News & Analysis India, May 3)

Hagle says glory will not last long for Obama (Des Moines Register, May 3)

Writers' Workshop alumna Sheba Karim is interviewed (Times of India, May 3)

Blaise says the Writers' Workshop 'gave me my life' (Press-Citizen, May 2)

UI Arab students hope for better relations between the U.S., Middle East (Press-Citizen, May 2)

Butler says wind energy can provide jobs (Daily Iowan, May 2)

UI stem cell group analysis is cited in response to court decision (Colorado Independent, May 2)

Internal audit asks for more attention to athletic recruiting (Daily Iowan, May 2)

UI anthropology team hopes to find more artifacts in Hickory Hill Park (Press-Citizen, May 2)

UI Habitat for Humanity benefits from Housing Challenge (Press-Citizen, May 1)

English Channel swim will benefit UI Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (Muscatine Journal, May 1)

Gunderson's findings about senior hunger were 'shocking' (, May 1)

Gronbeck comments on Trump candidacy (Mail & Guardian, May 1)

UI alumnus Wilder is a tough act to follow as 'Fronkensteen' (Gazette, May 1)

IWP delegation is impressed by young writers in Kathmandu (Republica, May 1)

UI alumnus Egglesfield stars with Kate Hudson in new film (Herald-News/Sun-Times, May 1)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Schwartz is interviewed about new book (Authorlink, May 2011)






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