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University of Iowa News Release


University of Iowa News Release

March 25, 2011

Incoming freshmen named UI Presidential Scholars for 2011
(Student name) of (hometown) has been named a University of Iowa Presidential Scholar for 2011. The award is the most prestigious honor given to first-year students planning to attend the University of Iowa. (Name) is the (son/daughter) of (parent names).
Recipients were selected from a field of more than 1,000 applicants from all over the world. Presidential Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school grade-point, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The Presidential Scholarship package is worth $52,000 over four years.
EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been named a Presidential Scholar. Students have until May 1, 2011 to accept this offer. Students are listed by state and hometown, name and parents' names. Iowa students are listed first.

Ames: Anna Frankl, daughter, Gerald and Amy Frankl; Chang Liu, daughter, Hailiang Liu and Jun Pan
Audubon: Jay Blomme, son, Robert and Linda Blomme
Cedar Rapids: Ben Castle, son, Tom and Jenny Castle; Allison Kindig, daughter, James and Angela Kindig
Coralville: Bob Chen, son, Bin Chen and Haihong Ma
Council Bluffs: Kaitlin Madsen, daughter, Kris and Kristi Madsen
Des Moines: Alysa Olson, daughter, Lew and Carol Olson; Samuel Roeder, son, Phil Roeder and Mary Tabor
Indianola: David Gorsche, son, David and Julie Gorsche
Johnston: Alexander Hjelmaas, son, Joel and Rachele Hjelmaas
Urbandale: Michael Reinsvold son, Patrick and Yvonne Reinsvold; Sarah Mayer, daughter, Kent and Rebecca Mayer
Waterloo: Sumita Subramani, daughter, Mani and Sujatha Subramani
West Des Moines: Sraavya Undurty, daughter, Bhaskar and Ann Undurty

Aurora: Mackenzie Hasley, daughter, Thomas and Nancy Hasley
Caledonia: Navid Bahmanyar, son, Sina Bahmanyar and Farzaneh Farhangi
Chicago: Kelly Buchanan, daughter, John and Joan Buchanan
Dunlap: Melinda Martin, daughter, Edwin and Gladys Martin
Lemont: Clare Rogers, daughter, Neil and Patricia Rogers
Riverside: Benjamin Mitchell, son, Frederick and Donna Mitchell

Leawood: Amy Li, daughter, Dong Li and Yue Fei

Hopkinton: Allison Toth, daughter, Michael and Roberta Toth

Byron: Timothy Salazar, son, Ronald Salazar and Juline Thomley
Saint Michael: Austin Yantes, daughter, David and LeAnn Yantes

Chesterfield: Bayley Flint, daughter, Jerry and Dayna Flint

Franklin Lakes: Mallory Weiss, daughter, Marc Weiss and Barbara Kennedy-Weiss

Elk Point: Jenna Donnelly, daughter, Chuck and Lori Donnelly

Monroe: Michael Turek, son, James and Susan Turek
Onalaska: Sarah Strack, daughter, James and Diedre Strack
Waukesha: Nikhila Albert, daughter, Gomathi Albert and Albert Fernando

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