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June 2011

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UI MBA program offers free tuition for best Tweet (Bloomberg Businessweek, June 30)

Novel Iowa City is collaborative Tweet event for writers (Des Moines Register, June 30)

Lasansky's UI students shaped art programs throughout North America (Artvoice, June 30)

UIHC pediatrician Scholz is a triathlete (Daily Iowan, June 30)

UI faculty are concerned about the situation in Pakistan (Daily Iowan, June 30)

UI researchers studied obesity/infertility connections (168ora, June 30)

UI alumna Yiyun Li's stories are reviewed (Buchnews, June 30)

Iowa City Jazz Festival on UI Pentacrest is one of the nation's top jazz festivals (Press-Citizen, June 29)

Paik responds to drop in Iowa marriages, including same-gender (Gazette, June 29)

UIHC's Abramoff works to prevent diabetic retinopathy (KCRG, June 29)

UI alumnus Albrecht reconciles war experiences through art (Gazette, June 29)

UI research: without advancement opportunities, employee training may lead to departure (bnet, June 29)

UI contributes to new Sustainability Network (Gazette, June 27)

Chang comments on Writers' Workshop 75th anniversary (Poets & Writers, July/August)

Butler talks about the role of campuses in the future of wind energy (Daily Iowan, June 29)

Lasansky's importance will be highlighted at Museum of Fine Arts Houston (Art Daily, June 29)

Engineer Schnell develops flight-training software (Daily Iowan, June 29)

UI report on open-source libraries is recommended (Computerworld, June 29)

Hagle assesses GOP criticisms of Obama's Iowa speech (Daily Iowan, June 29)

Lynch comments on atrazine/cancer study (Gazette, June 28)

Belin Blank Honors Center student aces the ACT (Press-Citizen, June 28)

British sculptor's work is installed on UI campus (Press-Citizen, June 28)

Hagle comments on speculations about possible Palin candidacy (Reuters, June 28)

Porter's mortgage fraud research is cited in class action outlook (Economic Populist, June 28)

Hagle comments on Bachmann candidacy announcement (LA Times, June 28)

Covington assesses Obama's Iowa visit (National Journal, June 28)

UI Student Legal Services head Bal has become award-winning photographer (Daily Iowan, June 28)

Famed Indonesian poet was in residence at the UI International Writing Program (Okezone, June 28)

Wahls plans to continue advocacy work in wake of 'viral' speech (Mason City Globe-Gazette, June 27)

Bill may lead to national flood center at the UI (Press-Citizen, June 27)

Wallace research shows effect of calcium intake on kidney stones (eMax Health, June 27)

UI electrical engineering alumnus Fedde discusses encryption (GovInfo Security, June 27)

UI alumna Jones of Meredith Corporation is profiled (Des Moines Register, June 27)

'Entrance' filmmakers met at the UI (Star Pulse, June 27)

Best known British writing program is modeled on Iowa Writers' Workshop (Alaska Dispatch, June 27)

UI dentistry alumnus Shenkin attacks tooth decay the fun way (Morning Sentinel, June 27)

Hagle comments on Obama in-party challenger (Daily Iowan, June 27)

Nelson comments on Tea Party TV (Minnesota Post, June 27)

UIHC writing program Director Lewis encourages parent support of elementary school (Press-Citizen, June 26)

Burford's art captured circus life (New York Times, June 26)

UI Press Director McCoy writes about the future of books (Press-Citizen, June 26)

UI cinema/journalism student Chadderdon captures stories of children (Press-Citizen, June 26)

Clancy is UI Distinguished Alumnus (Tulsa World, June 26)

Kaskie comments on nursing home claims for reimbursement of legal fees (Gazette, June 26)

Hovenkamp comments on Google antitrust case (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 26)

Documentary about Miya Rodolfo-Sioson is recalled (Mercury News, June 26)

Writers' Workshop is where writers grow (Christian Science Monitor magazine, June 25)

UI supercomputer speeds up research (Press-Citizen, June 25)

UI increases programs for older Iowans (Press-Citizen, June 25)

Allergist Fasano comments on asthma deaths (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, June 25)

UI theater alumnus Corrado created play reading series (Seattle Times, June 25)

UIHC chaplain Kusner says Catholics are ready for female priests (Town Talk, June 25)

Commentary: Robinson's 'Gilead' will influence generations to come (Christian Science Monitor blog, June 25)

Upward Bound offers high schoolers a taste of college life (Press-Citizen, June 24)

UI officials learn from Missouri River, 2008 flooding (Gazette, June 24)

UI to receive $4.5 million for food safety research (CNBC, June 24)

Rapson releases new jazz album (Daily Iowan, June 23)

Music IC Festival debuts (Daily Iowan, June 23)

UI's early civil rights, equality record noted (Huffington Post, June 23)

UI study says women who have sex under age 16 are prone to divorce (Fox 8 Cleveland, June 23)

Rocklin discusses drop in binge drinking rate (Daily Iowan, June 23)

Lai, Miller comment on Afghanistan troop withdrawal (Daily Iowan, June 23)

UI Libraries digitally transcribe Civil War diaries (Daily Iowan, June 23)

Doctoral student encourages storytelling through art (Daily Iowan, June 22)

Tomova uses national award to help youth with math (Daily Iowan, June 22)

UI alumnus launches social networking startup (GeekWire, June 21)

Hlebowitsh comments on Race to the Top school funding (American Independent, June 21)

Iowa Summer Rep focuses on families (Daily Iowan, June 21)

Doctoral students gather stories from southeast-Iowa City residents (Daily Iowan, June 21)

Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate discusses book, artists' life (NPR, June 20)

UI study suggests weight-loss surgery may affect fertility (New York Times, June 20)

Smith comments on antibiotic-resistant disease threat (The Atlantic, June 20)

UI looks at gameday changes near Kinnick (Press-Citizen, June 20)

UI senior is an emerging DJ (Daily Iowan, June 20)

Study links teen sex, divorce rate (Mid-Day, June 20)

Gurnett, Fischer studied Saturn's moon, Titan (DiscoveryNews, June 20)

Weight-loss surgery can reduce migraines, study shows (Philadelphia Inquirer, June 20)

UI Staff Council president profiled (Press-Citizen, June 19)

Girls raise money for UI Children's Hospital (KCRG, June 19)

UI helps organize Latino summit in Muscatine (Quad City Times, June 19)

Hagle comments on Romney's health care law (Washington Examiner, June 19)

Gardinier to compete in air race (Source Media Group, June 19)

Young discusses study of Missouri River flows (USA Today, June 19)

Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate's memoir reviewed (Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 18)

Iowa Writer's Workshop noted as first writing MFA program (Charlotte Observer, June 18)

Paik comments on role of fathers (Press-Citizen, June 18)

UI student wins Miss Iowa crown (Press-Citizen, June 18)

VanBeek notes change in sunscreen labeling (Radio Iowa, June 18)

Opinion: Stewart writes about students' rights to address lawmakers (Des Moines Register, June 17)

Koontz comments on charity tax status (WHBF, June 17)

UI Press book about literary scholars noted (Rosemount TownPages, June 17)

Women who lose virginity as teens more likely to divorce (San Francisco Chronicle, June 17)

Poet and UI alumnus returns to Iowa City (Daily Iowan, June 16)

UI revamps its orientation to focus on student experience (Press-Citizen, June 16)

UI study indicates weight loss surgery can curb migraine headaches (Times of India, June 16)

UI researchers study malaria vaccine options (Times of India, June 16)

Weight-loss surgery may reverse cause of infertility (WBRC, June 16)

UI student praises her sorority house mom (USA Today College, June 15)

Blaise and Mukherjee share literary journey (Globe and Mail, June 15)

Study examines link between teen sex and divorce (Huffington Post, June 15)

UI study says teen sex may lead to divorce (Jezebel, June 15)

UI student enjoys traditional Chinese opera (Xinhua, June 15)

UI MFA grad is unofficial poet laureate of Berkeley (Berkeley Daily Planet, June 15)

UI study looks at transfer of bacteria in raw meat (Radio Iowa June 15)

Libraries' Civil War project shows pros and cons of crowdsourcing (Chronicle, June 14)

Baldus remembered for research on race and the death penalty (New York Times, June 14)

Library book event named among great summer book festivals (O Magazine, June 14)

UI study examines link between teen sex and divorce rate (KCRG, June 14)

UI researchers study bacterium living on caffeine (Discover, June 14)

Hagle says Bachmann's N.H. announcement was 'good opportunity' (Washington Independent, June 14)

Study finds training could lead to turnover of employees (Radio Iowa, June 14)

UI law professor dies after battle with cancer (Gazette, June 14)

UI sorority director raises money for cancer research (Daily Iowan, June 13)

UI employee identifies remains following Joplin tornado (Source Media Group, June 13)

Weinberger comments on allergy predispositions (WGO, June 13)

Covington: Iowans take first-in-the-nation caucuses seriously (Kansas City Star, June 13)

Electronic records change the way UIHC operates (Press-Citizen, June 12)

UI scientists collaborate on conservation compliance project (Wallace's Farmer, June 12)

Damasio research at the UI linked brain damage to antisocial behavior (Chronicle, June 12)

UI theater student Jessica Pray is crowned Miss Iowa (Quad City Times, June 11)

Weber says flood prediction is tricky (Des Moines Register, June 10)

Gronbeck says staff resignations signal serious problems for Gingrich (Press-Citizen, June 10)

Leicht says leaders in shutdown states are playing high-stakes chicken (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, June 10)

UI alumnus Tilton was pioneer in Omnimax films (SignOnSanDiego, June 10)

Hagle says Gingrich has ignored Iowa (Iowa Independent, June 10)

Acclaimed UI writing alumna Patchett seeks new adventure: a bookstore (The Tennessean, June 10)

Opinion: Best not to take reunions--even for Writers' Workshop--too seriously (Press-Citizen, June 10)

Woman's horseback ride across Iowa raises funds for study of children's disease (IPR, June 10)

Robinson says the Iowa Writers' Workshop expresses the place (Daily Iowan, June 10)

Pentella urges people to cooperate with E. coli outbreak prevention (Daily Iowan, June 10)

Writers' Workshop alumna Patchett is interviewed (Guardian, June 10)

UI graduate student Feinstein describes research on fearless woman (Scientific American, June 10)

Opinion: Writers' Workshop is still thriving (Press-Citizen, June 9)

McCue writes that nuclear power is too costly and risky (Des Moines Register, June 9)

English Channel swim will benefit UI cancer research (Press-Citizen, June 9)

UI writing alumnus Montgomery-Fate is profiled (Patch, June 9)

Clute bikes 800 miles to Writers' Workshop reunion to raise funds for ALS (Press-Citizen, June 9)

Writers' Workshop alumni Blaise and Mukherjee are profiled (Toronto Star, June 9)

Regents approve Butler as UI provost (Daily Iowan, June 9)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Grimes says Iowa City was ideal for writing (Daily Iowan, June 9)

UI program teaches teachers how to be tech-savvy (Quad-City Times, June 9)

Opinion: Students showed most maturity in statehouse encounter (Mason City Globe-Gazette, June 8)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Raab answers Lebron James questions (Washington Post, June 8)

Novel by UI alumna Jones is featured (Lansing City Pulse, June 8)

Regents hear that UIHC is performing well financially (Press-Citizen, June 8)

Dyken writes about complications of sleep apnea (Press-Citizen, June 8)

Writers' Workshop alumna Lynn is interviewed (Press-Citizen, June 8)

Hagle is interviewed about the Iowa caucuses (Patch, June 7)

McGehee talks about dangers of texting while driving (The Take Away, June 8)

UI student artist Baker is profiled (Daily Iowan, June 8)

Tradition trumps Twitter at the Iowa Writers' Workshop (CBS/AP, June 7)

UIHC works to improve patient satisfaction (Press-Citizen, June 7)

Cross-state ride for UI Alzheimer's research begins (Daily Iowan, June 7)

Adams finds that a chemical in apple peels reduces muscle wasting (Irish Examiner, June 7)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Desinger is profiled on the occasion of his debut novel (The Bee, June 7)

UI sends flood barriers to Sioux City (Gazette, June 6)

Nonfiction alumnus Montgomery-Fate's new book is featured (Chicago Daily Herald, June 6)

Alumni return for Writers' Workshop anniversary (Press-Citizen, June 6)

UI study is called a 'landmark' in pattern recognition research (New York Times, June 6)

UI alumna DeBoni is a 'Rising Star' lawyer (Chicago Tribune, June 6)

California poet laureate recounts messages from IWP excursion to Nepal (Huffington Post, June 6)

Butler is committed long-term in provost post (Daily Iowan, June 6)

Graber writes about the risks of doctors treating friends (Amednews, June 6)

UI math grad student hopes to skate for gold (Daily Iowan, June 6)

'Golden voice' UI alumnus McCoy is profiled (Daily Freeman-Journal, June 6)

Starner comments on shortage of donor organs (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, June 6)

Schoen describes the demographics of eugenics victims (News Observer, June 6)

Frantz writes about the need for more Iowa nurses (Des Moines Register, June 5)

UI class digs up history (Press-Citizen, June 5)

UI alumnus Lederman, a South Dakota legislator, is profiled (Jerusalem Post, June 5)

Fisher warned of tax incentives 'arms race' (Detroit News, June 5)

VanderVelde helps correct errors in Illinois emancipation records (State Journal-Register, June 4)

Hancher commissioned Kronos production (San Francisco Examiner, June 4)

Smith comments on new MRSA strain (Scientific American, June 4)

UI alumnus Connor is cast in new ABC comedy (Muscatine Journal, June 4)

Durham comments on the awkwardness of tween movies (New York Times, June 3)

Revered Botswana poet attended the IWP (The Voice, June 3)

Hagle finds Iowa establishment GOP's courting of Christie 'odd' (Iowa Independent, June 3)

Paik says Iowa trails national trend of nontraditional families (Gazette, June 3)

UI dieting research is cited (Delta Optimist, June 3)

Barrett of UI Center for the Book comments on emerging e-media (Mainichi Daily News, June 2)

'Iowa City, City of the Book' will arrive during Writers' Workshop 75th (Press-Citizen, June 2)

Mergenthaler comments on UI study of bad-earnings news (Spokane Journal, June 2)

UI Press Director McCoy is profiled (Press-Citizen, June 1)

Roy explains background of African statue (Riverhead Patch, June 1)

Adrain confirmed Cedar Valley mammoth-tooth find (West Branch Times, June 1)

UI 'Jeopardy!' champ competes against local students (Gazette, June 1)

King gives high marks to Iraqi students, despite language challenges (Chronicle, June 1)

Davidson seeks treatment to sneak across blood-brain barrier (Chemistry World, June 2011)

Gurnett studies lightning on Saturn moon (Nextme, June 1)







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