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July 2011

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Basketball star Meschery studied poetry with Bell and Justice in Writers' Workshop (CollegeHoops, July 31)

Cohen writes about 'New Biology' initiative (Press-Citizen, July 31)

Hagle discusses Republican Straw Poll candidate choices (Quad-City Times, July 31)

UI athletics staff moves back into Carver-Hawkeye (Sioux City Journal, July 31)

Rastetter noted as UI graduate, donor (Chicago Tribune, July 31)

Gollnick comments on digital books (Des Moines Register, July 31)

UI Hospitals and Clinics adopt lean management practices (Gazette, July 31)

UI Press tree guide reviewed (Press-Citizen, July 30)

Incoming UI freshman makes mission trip to Haiti (Catholic News Agency, July 30)

Howley writes about Fitzgerald essay collection (Wall Street Journal, July 30)

UI researchers help make SIDS breakthrough (Gazette, July 29)

Study notes sizable drop in state higher-ed funding (Des Moines Register, July 29)

UI graduate founds dataBabies (Press-Citizen, July 29)

Summer of Solutions organization promotes sustainability (Press-Citizen, July 29)

Crocco reflects on Education Summit message (Press-Citizen, July 29)

UI researchers help make SIDS breakthrough (Press-Citizen, July 29)

Cohen reports on UI external funding (Radio Iowa, July 29)

Horowitz comments on band Journey's influence (Today, July 29)

Cohen comments on UI grant and contract funding (Press-Citizen, July 28)

UI institute inspires young entrepreneurs to compete for lemonade glory (Des Moines Register, July 28)

Essay collection to mark Workshop's anniversary (New York Observer, July 28)

Former Hawkeye Stanzi signs deal with Chiefs (National Football Post, July 28)

UI Theater's Loyce Arthur helps children learn about Carnivale (Press-Citizen, July 28)

Cook writes about disability rights movement (Gazette, July 28)

Whiteman describes consequences of debt deal failure (Des Moines Register, July 28)

UI researchers apply yoga to depression (Daily Iowan, July 28)

Hygienic Lab program teaches middle and high school teachers (Daily Iowan, July 28)

Hagle assesses Romney's VP shortlist (Iowa Independent, July 28)

Bal deals with students' rental problems (Daily Iowan, July 28)

Filmmaker Clarke is interviewed (Daily Iowan, July 28)

UI doctors help RAGBRAI riders (Press-Citizen, July 27)

Polumbaum researches her late father for book and website (Daily Harrison, July 27)

Multimedia adjunct Bergus is profiled (Press-Citizen, July 27)

American Cancer Society volunteers see hope in UI basic research (Daily Nonpareil, July 27)

Rural health specialist Grafft comments on rare electrocution deaths (KWQC, July 27)

Debt crisis pushes up GOP in Iowa Electronic Market (The Street, July 27)

Hagle comments on Bachmann surge in polls (Minnesota Independent, July 27)

Mason reviews faculty tracks (Press-Citizen, July 27)

UI to add four certificates this fall (Daily Iowan, July 27)

Weiner greets Armstrong on RAGBRAI (Des Moines Register, July 27)

Alumna Cheng makes 'Beautiful People' list (The Hill, July 27)

UI studies use of touch screens to improve social skills of autistic children (Wall Street Journal, July 26)

Hagle comments on Cain's campaign strategy (Daily Beast, July 26)

Gould advises on vacation planning (ABC News, July 26)

Covington comments on impact of Republican straw poll (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, July 26)

Presidential hopeful Braun speaks at UI (Quad-City Times, July 26)

UI assistance following Vinton storm noted (Cedar Valley Times, July 26)

UI Public Health study examines health insurance in rural areas (Des Moines Register, July 25)

UI researchers provide therapies for developmental disabilities (Forbes, July 26)

UI's Tomkovicz believes Roger Clemens can be tried again (Wall Street Journal, July 25)

Onwuachi-Willig's writing about Justice Thomas is cited (National Law Journal, July 25)

Perlmutter writes about bridging the generational tech gap (Chronicle, July 25)

UI's Cohen: programs help prisoners work creatively, think critically (Press-Citizen, July 24)

UI art alumna Schmitt is profiled (Pittsburgh Journal Star, July 24)

New Blaise short-story collection is reviewed (Albany Times Union, July 24)

Luxenburg writes about the danger of misinformation (Gazette, July 23)

Van Allen's opposition to manned space flight is recalled as shuttle era ends (Gazette, July 23)

Covington assesses the importance of the Iowa straw poll (Mason City Globe-Gazette, July 22)

UI Hospitals and Clinics has learned that service is a way of life (Physicians News, July 22)

Barkan report predicts instability in Uganda (Independent, July 22)

Hagle comments on popularity of noncandidate Perry in the GOP (Houston Chronicle, July 22)

UI stem-cell research provides hope of curing girl's blindness (Star News, July 22)

Katz says smoking relapse increases risk after heart attack (Reuters, July 22)

UI bucks grade-inflation trend (Daily Iowan, July 22)

Chang suggests that writers avoid quoting emails and iPods (New York Times, July 22)

Lubaroff continues to seek prostate-cancer vaccine (Daily Iowan, July 22)

Writers' Workshop encourages good writing rather than creating writers (Calcutta Telegraph, July 22)

Wing does not see sharia as a threat to American courts (Daily Iowan, July 22)

Hagle comments on Romney's low-key approach this time (LA Times, July 21)

Prairie Lights is 'lucky' to be in the home of the Writers' Workshop (PBS Newshour, July 21)

President Mason responds to Gartner criticism (Daily Iowan, July 21)

Cox writes that shared governance is crucial for academic freedom (Daily Iowan, July 21)

Hagle assesses Pawlenty's comeback strategy (Minnesota Independent , July 21)

Historian Kerber writes about gender inequalities in citizenship law (Dissent, July 20)

Hagle comments on the politics of Iowa's new fourth district (Des Moines Register, July 20)

UI artists help design 3D Oca structure (Daily Iowan, July 21)

Hagle says Vander Plaats 'Marriage Vow' has put spotlight on conservative issues (Iowa Independent, July 21)

Rocha comments on the peaceful immigrant transformation of West Liberty (Reuters, July 20)

Paintalicca artists came together at the UI (New York Times, July 20)

UIHC specialties are highly ranked (Daily Iowan, July 20)

Field says radon awareness should be increased (Tahoe Daily Tribune, July 20)

UI athletics officials address funding criticism (Daily Iowan, July 20)

Law professor Johnson says Murdoch 'can't have it both ways' (Kansas City InfoZine, July 20)

DI interviews Summer of the Arts director Barnes (Daily Iowan, July 20)

UI alumnus Clark assumes command of the Presidio (Monterey County Herald, July 20)

Headache specialist Recober comments on Bachmann migraines (Des Moines Register, July 20)

UI alumnus with nine national titles continues table tennis at age 104 (Tampa Bay Online, July 20)

Writers' Workshop, College of Education alumnus Elkadi is profiled (Daily Iowan, July 21)

Dobyns says UIHC emergency room has been busy with heat-related conditions (Press-Citizen, July 19)

UI student rides on Journey of Hope (Press-Citizen, July 19)

Writers' Workshop alumna Patchett is profiled (Muskogee Phoenix, July 19)

UI alumnus Oetken is confirmed as first openly gay federal judge (Bay Area Reporter, July 21)

Whitaker inspires youth interest in engineering (Daily Iowan, July 19)

Grammy-nominated doctoral student Shanley to direct CR Municipal Band (Gazette, July 19)

UI researchers use radar to study Alaskan glacier (Chicago Tribune, July 19)

UI law alumnus walks from Delaware to California (Des Moines Register, July 18)

IEM studies the predictive power of markets (MSNBC, July 18)

UI writers dominate writers' conference in California (Times-Herald, July 18)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Khalastchi 'reboots' in Iowa City (Press-Citizen, July 18)

Polgreen used Twitter to track swine flu (New Scientist, July 18)

UI faculty respond to Gartner criticism (Daily Iowan, July 18)

Open of IEM finds GOP congressional sweep probable (Press-Citizen, July 18)

Political scientist Rocha comments on Hispanic disenchantment with Obama (Gulf Today, July 18)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres writes about 'Dream Boy' message to gay youth (NPR, July 18)

Mentzer says Ugandan anti-homosexuality legislation is not a surprise (Daily Iowan, July 18)

UI junior Muller is finalist in national playwriting competition (Daily Iowan, July 18)

Baldus research on race and capital punishment is cited (Seattle Times, July 17)

Weather service pioneer at the UI is remembered (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, July 17)

UI business alumna Ohlendorf is profiled (Muscatine Journal, July 17)

Book by Writers' Workshop alumnus Dalton is featured (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 17)

UI student group focuses on medical innovations (Press-Citizen, July 16)

Field studies radon/lung cancer link (KCRG, July 16)

Whiteman carries 100-trillion-dollar bill to illustrate the consequences of default (Des Moines Register, July 16)

Gurnett describes the mysteries and sounds of Saturn (Plantetary Radio, July 15)

Hagle says McCotter's bluntness may shake up GOP campaign (Iowa Independent, July 15)

UI students from South Sudan welcome independence (Daily Iowan, July 15)

Hagle says Santorum is energetic speaker (The Independent, July 15)

Denberg: older people have trouble with complex decisions (Morningstar, July 15)

UI restores retirement benefits (Press-Citizen, July 15)

UI students line up for Harry (Press-Citizen, July 15)

Youth entrepreneurship campers create new ice cream flavor (Press-Citizen, July 15)

UI partners with Iowa community college (KITV-TV, July 15)

Hagle thinks Johnson missed his chance in Iowa (The Independent, July 15)

Tippie offers scholarship for application Tweet (Yahoo! Shine, July 14)

Law alumnus Wittmack climbs Everest, swims English Channel, bikes across Asia (, July 14)

Covington comments on faltering Gingrich campaign (Commentary, July 14)

Schafer discusses Tippie Tweet scholarship in live interview (MSNBC, July 13)

Hagle assesses political clout of Vander Plaats (Iowa Independent, July 14)

Iowa Book Festival aims for attendance of 5,000 (Daily Iowan, July 14)

Exhibition by in-demand printmaking alumnus Tillman is featured (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 14)

Covington comments on Gingrich decision to skip straw poll (Mason City Globe-Gazette, July 13)

UI researchers studied compliance problems of elderly customers (Bloomberg Businessweek, July 13)

UI research on salt deficiency is cited (Die Welt, July 13)

Political scientist Hagle assesses Santorum campaign strategy (Patch, July 13)

Alumna Barnes, director of Summer of the Arts, is profiled (Daily Iowan, July 13)

UI business alumna Salata becomes president of Oprah's network (Deadline Hollywood, July 13)

Bioswales project could improve quality of UI water source (Gazette, July 12)

Yue Li studied frequency of bed sores in nursing homes (Reuters, July 12)

UI Performing Arts Production Unit is assisting Coralville arts center (Press-Citizen, July 12)

Pulmonary physician Wilson comments on Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Des Moines Register, July 12)

Alumnus Harp's book on Writers' Workshop's Donald Justice is reviewed (Press-Citizen, July 12)

UI Summer Writing Festival is going strong after 25 years (Press-Citizen, July 12)

Communication studies alumnus/photographer Parrish is profiled (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, July 12)

Mahone assesses Twin Cities black-play-development project (Broadway World, July 12)

Novel by UI English alumnus Niehus is featured (Le Mars Daily Sentinel, July 12)

Alumna Hobson's hearing loss helps her advise patients (Des Moines Register, July 12)

Nursing faculty member Driessnack says Harry Potter books can be medical teaching tools (LA Times, July 8)

Retention advocate got his commitment to undergraduate education at the UI (The Australian, July 13)

UI scientist coined meteorological term in 1880 (Chicago Tribune, July 12)

UI alumna Satterlee dedicates her life to saving animals (Daily Iowan, July 12)

UI student Alcala recreates Warhol and Van Gogh on his face (Daily Mail, July 12)

'Good Morning America' reports Tippie Tweet scholarship competition (ABC, July 12)

Green sends UI police to help patrol Vinton in wake of storm (Gazette, July 11)

Dermatologist Ceilley gives sunburn advice (USA Today, July 11)

UIHC transplants artificial heart (Gazette, July 11)

Berry addresses slavery language in Family Leader pledge preamble (Des Moines Register, July 11)

UI alumnus founds company to provide alcohol breath tests (Press-Citizen, July 11)

UI Facilities Management is assessing Braille School damage (KCRG, July 11)

Kurth comments on Voyager data about Neptune (Sky & Telescope, July 11)

Regent President Miles notes UI flood in story about resignation (Gazette, July 11)

Biochemist Brenner explains UI's 'obesity initiative' (Radio Iowa, July 11)

Hagle comments on debt-ceiling debate (Daily Iowan, July 11)

Lang lauds canine-assisted reading program (Daily Iowan, July 11)

Walk across Iowa for disability awareness was inspired by Bill's story (Daily Iowan, July 11)

Libraries' Bontrager branches out to jazzercise (Press-Citizen, July 10)

Perlmutter writes about faculty conflicts (Chronicle, July 10)

UI research on youth steroid use is cited (Houston Chronicle, July 10)

Psychiatrist Turvey examines the possible pitfalls of e-therapy (New York Times, July 9)

Hagle says tea party future rests on fiscal issues (Des Moines Register, July 9)

UI alumnus is doing ground-breaking neurobiological research (New Bern Sun Journal, July 9)

Psychiatrist Robinson comments on antidepressant debate (New York Times, July 9)

Baldus research is cited in death-penalty opinion (New York Times, July 8)

Hagle comments on Branstad's criticism of Huntsman strategy (Deseret News, July 8)

Winet's suggestion of a novel by Tweets becomes a reality (Press-Citizen, July 8)

Hagle addresses possibility of Palin as a 2012 spoiler (Iowa Independent , July 8)

Fry Fest will honor Scottish Highlanders (Daily Iowan, July 8)

Novel by Writers' Workshop alumna North is featured (San Francisco Weekly, July 8)

Tippie Tweet idea draws reviews (Daily Iowan, July 8)

Pakistani literary star Naqvi recalls UI 'hotspot of creative writing' (Daily News & Analysis, July 8)

Van Allen is recalled as Iowa space pioneer (Des Moines Register, July 7)

UI program connects researchers (Press-Citizen, July 7)

Iowa City Jazz Festival on UI campus is reviewed (Jazz Police, July 7)

Coryell comments on study of multiple antidepressants (Medscape, July 7)

Early IEM trading gives edge to Obama (Gazette, July 7)

Logsdon ranks theories about the evolution of sexual reproduction (Die Presse, July 7)

Gurnett responds to images of Saturn's lightning (Sydney Morning Herald, July 8)

Mason addresses the UI budget (Daily Iowan, July 7)

Hagle says pocketbook issues will determine GOP nominee (Reuters, July 7)

Anthony says incentives are needed for low-cost housing (Daily Iowan, July 7)

UI Press Director McCoy talks about the emergence of e-book rentals (Inside Higher Ed, July 7)

UIHC retiree recalls 45-year career (Daily Iowan, July 7)

UI lectures on Chinese culture led to chopsticks contest (China Daily, July 7)

Grant recognizes UI as top-tier cancer center (Press-Citizen, July 6)

Political scientist Lai talks about suicides as another casualty of war (Gazette, July 6)

Hagle thinks Palin is unlikely to run (Iowa Independent, July 6)

Perencevich investigation shows low funding for 'superbug' research (Gizmodo, July 6)

UI Press' 'Up a Country Lane' is recommended (Sioux City Journal, July 6)

Former Iowa Writers' Workshop faculty member Bell is profiled (Ziarul de Duminica, July 6)

MBA hopefuls could tweet their way to Tippie (Press-Citizen, July 5)

Urban planner Anthony comments on neighborhood diversity (Asheville Citizen-Times, July 5)

UI journalism alumnus Peterson is profiled (Des Moines Register, July 5)

Tolbert co-authored book on Iowa caucuses (Caspar Star-Tribune, July 5)

UI fine arts alumna Weis is profiled (Kitsap Sun, July 5)

UI law alumnus and racehorse owner Crawford is profiled (Thoroughbred Times, July 5)

Covington describes Bachmann's Iowa strategy (Daily Iowan, July 5)

Krajewski says 'traffic jam' of water continues flood threat (KMOX, July 5)

Perencevich rates research value of antibiotic-resistance deaths (Wired, July 5)

Center for the Book exhibition from war uniforms opens (Chicago Tribune, July 3)

Durham comments on 'too sexy, too soon' phenomenon (Times of India, July 3)

UI theater alumna Frederick is interviewed (Independent Critic, July 1)

UI nursing dean says demand grows for nurses with advanced degrees (Press-Citizen, July 1)

UI is ranked in 'Best Places to Work Academia' (The Scientist, July 1)

UI Press poetry book is reviewed (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 1)

Winet discusses UI virtual writing initiatives (Omaha World-Herald, July 1)







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