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January 2011

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Basketball star Meschery studied poetry writing at the UI (Slam, Jan. 31)

Statistician Lenth estimates odds of couple born simultaneously (Press-Citizen, Jan. 31)

Roberts couple co-write brain trauma book (Press-Citizen, Jan. 31)

FEMA denies UIMA funding (Daily Iowan, Jan. 31)

Commentary: Football situation blown out of proportion (Daily Iowan, Jan. 31)

Pregnant inmates get top-notch care at UIHC (Gazette/KCRG, Jan. 30)

UI's Souaiaia writes about U.S. diplomacy challenges (Examiner, Jan. 30)

Onwuachi-Willig was impressive in Supreme Court interview (Des Moines Register, Jan. 30)

Vets will get preferential treatment in UI hiring (Press-Citizen, Jan. 30)

IWP alumni honor MLK in Nigeria (Next, Jan. 29)

Brain researcher Paulsen assesses electroshock therapy risks (New York Times, Jan. 28)

Communications scholar McLeod discusses music sampling (NPR, Jan. 28)

UI alumnus launches new social networking site (Press-Citizen, Jan. 28)

UI-developed play that starred Paul Newman is on collision course with Transformers (Filmstage, Jan. 28)

UI's Parker and Coelho become Quad City Symphony principals (Quad-City Times, Jan. 28)

Space Fence proposal reminds columnist of Van Allen's discovery with UI instruments (Business Journal, Jan. 28)

Rossi recommends muted admonition to China (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, Jan. 28)

Four of nine supreme court finalists have UI ties (Daily Iowan, Jan. 28)

Environmental engineer Nixon: road sustainability difficult to measure (Press-Citizen, Jan. 28)

Counselor Cochran comments on student emotional health (Daily Iowan, Jan. 28)

UI alumnus Homewood combines theater, outdoors (Daily Iowan, Jan. 28)

Glassblower worked 34 years for UI chemists (Daily Iowan, Jan. 28)

UI proposes ending three graduate programs (Press-Citizen, Jan. 27)

UI Hospitals considers major upgrades (Press-Citizen, Jan. 27)

UI alumnus could be first openly gay man on federal bench (New York Times, Jan. 27)

French journalist learns about America at the UI (Daily Iowan, Jan. 27)

UI alumna Catlett is focus of NYC art exhibition (artdaily, Jan. 27)

Talk Art is explained (Daily Iowan, Jan. 27)

Town selects book by UI alumnus Verghese for city-wide reading project (Oregonian, Jan. 27)

Johnson: pump has helped heart patients survive until transplant (Omaha World-Herald, Jan. 27)

Retention increases at the UI (Daily Iowan, Jan. 27)

UI's Horowitz writes about Bing Crosby recording (Pop Matters, Jan. 27)

Volunteering increases among UI students (Daily Iowan, Jan. 27)

UI alumna Schultz in 'Winter's Bone' is profiled (Kansas City Star, Jan. 26)

Law students successfully advocated sentence commutation for abused woman (Press-Citizen, Jan. 26)

Van Allen Belts were key to mutations producing the 'Fantasic Four' (Waterloo Courier, Jan. 26)

Christiansen touts UI's electric charging station (Press-Citizen, Jan. 26)

UI faculty look for sabbatical funding alternatives (Press-Citizen, Jan. 26)

Daily Iowan's SOTU coverage is cited (Washington Post, Jan. 26)

UI Fulbright TA Ben Romdhane discusses Tunisia revolution (Daily Iowan, Jan. 26)

UI experts oppose cut in smoking-cessation funding (Daily Iowan, Jan. 26)

UI alumna Jordan founded Children of Promise (Daily Iowan, Jan. 26)

UI Summer Writing Festival veteran finds publishing success (Amarillo Globe-News, Jan. 26)

Hemley describes Defunct magazine (Iowa Public Radio, Jan. 25)

Bills assesses high school drop-out rates (St. Petersburg Times, Jan. 25)

Sociologist Glass finds divorce more common in conservative states (Chicago Pride, Jan. 25)

Filmmaker Siahpour reflects on IWP experience (Payvand Iran News, Jan. 25)

Engineer Casavant discusses UI professional development activities (Radio Iowa, Jan. 25)

UI studied on-line state budget (Des Moines Register, Jan. 24)

Ponseti developed clubfoot treatment at UI (IRIN Global, Jan. 24)

Hagle says Bachmann visibility enhances candidacy (Hometown Source, Jan. 24)

Mason says assault case can be a 'lesson' (AP/Quad City Times, Jan. 24)

Mason warns of budget cut consequences (Iowa Independent, Jan. 24)

UI prepares for Dance Marathon (Daily Iowan, Jan. 24)

UI student Siddig characterizes Sudan's 'messy divorce' (Daily Iowan, Jan. 24)

UI hopes students may be able to study in Cuba (Daily Iowan, Jan. 24)

O'Doriso's mystery call may have been on Jobs' illness (The Australian, Jan. 24)

UI playwriting alumnus Task is profiled (Moscow Times, Jan. 23)

Ten reasons it's great to be a Hawkeye (Sioux City Journal, Jan. 23)

Poet Stafford attended the Writers' Workshop (Summit Daily, Jan. 22)

Navqi, 2010 IWP resident, wins $50,000 South Asian Literature Prize (Times of India, Jan. 23; Wall Street Journal, Jan. 22)
Companion piece from the US State Department:

Eye-disease researcher Tucker worries about stem cell ban (Des Moines Register, Jan. 22)

Legendary choreographer Lubovitch found his destiny at the UI (Kansas City Star, Jan. 22)

UI pre-med student Jogerst volunteers in Haiti (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, Jan. 22)

Urban planner Anthony says affordable housing is needed (Press Citizen, Jan. 22)

Covington assess Bachmann's Iowa prospects (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jan. 22)

UI business and law students learn etiquette (Gazette and Press-Citizen, Jan. 21)

Book store manager Shannon says e-books are slowly catching on (Press-Citizen, Jan. 21)

Law dean emeritus Hines writes on judicial impeachment (Des Moines Register, Jan. 20)

McGehee of UI Public Policy Center says video cameras improve teen driving safety (Kansas City Star, Jan. 20)

Perkins of international studies aims at Cuba (Capitol News, Jan. 20)

Lutgendorf featured at major literature festival in India (Times of India, Jan. 20)

New UI Press director McCoy is interviewed (Daily Iowan, Jan. 20)

Proposed tuition cap draws reactions (Daily Iowan, Jan. 20)

UI offers new study abroad program (Daily Iowan, Jan. 20)

Public Health dean Curry opposes anti-smoking campaign termination (Press-Citizen, Jan. 20)

International Programs dean Thomas explains why UI will join International Knowledge Center (Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 20)

UI alumnus conceived of World Triathlon (Daily Iowan, Jan. 20)

UIHC's Halfdanarson comments on prognosis of Apple's Jobs (Interia, Jan. 20, in Polish)

UI graduate student Sikanku studied journalism in Ghana (Modern Ghana, Jan. 19)

UI alumna textile designer Tick is profiled (New York Times, Jan. 19)

Gordon comments on health-insurance industry silence on repeal (Winnipeg Free Press, Jan. 19)

Story focuses on Oxford Project (West Branch Times, Jan. 19)

Management faculty member Schmidt assesses financial success factors (Zawya, January issue)

Writers' Workshop grad McAllister is profiled (Roxborough-Manayunk Patch, Jan. 19)

UI helps CDC fight battle against traffic accidents (First Reporter, Jan. 19)

Gastroenterologist Elliott explains immune-war 'detente' (Science News, Jan. 19)

Covington says Gingrich divorces could be baggage (American Independent, Jan. 18)

Ramey in UI College of Nursing studied cardiovascular disease among police (Science Blogs, Jan. 18)

UI students designed award-winning game app (eChannel Line, Jan. 18)

UIHC's Weinstein is among 'eight leaders in scoliosis surgery to know' (Orthopedic & Spine Review, Jan. 18)

Kendig says UI seeks grassroots support via Hawkeye Caucus (AP, Chicago Tribune, Jan. 18)

J-school director Perlmutter comments on power of information (New York Times, Jan. 18)

UI student government president responds to proposed cuts (Daily Iowan, Jan. 18)

UI law student Ryan proposes sexting-law changes (Daily Iowan, Jan. 18)

Shoot locale for film about UI World War II alumnus in question (Waterloo Courier, Jan. 18)

Dentist Levy studies purified tap water (Washington Post, Jan. 17)

Poetry by Writers' Workshop grad Liening is featured (Minnesota Public Radio, Jan. 17)

UI alumnus Shaffer says reject 'new rules for writers' (Huffington Post, Jan. 17)

UI moves ahead on children's hospital (Daily Iowan, Jan. 17)

McCoy is new director of UI Press (Press Citizen, Jan. 17)

UIHC transplant that was 'meant to be' celebrates five years (Press-Citizen, Jan. 17)

UI and ISU compete in health campaign (Quad-City Times, Jan. 17)

Mueller says health care reform is 'complex' problem (Gazette, Jan. 16)

UI's Van Allen designed cosmic-ray instruments for satellite (Pasadena Star-News, Jan. 16)

International students settle, square dance into American life (Press-Citizen, Jan. 16)

Hagle comments on hobbled Iowa Supreme Court (Des Moines Register, Jan. 16)

Zavazava opposes restrictions on stem-cell research (Des Moines Register, Jan. 16)

UI ophthalmologists are interpreting record Lions Club screenings (Sioux City Journal, Jan. 16)

UI alumnus was electroencephalogram pioneer (Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jan. 15)

Bell explains 'Tiniest Baby Registry' (LifeSiteNews, Jan. 14)

Klaus, founder of UI Nonfiction Writing Program, is interviewed (The Millions, Jan. 14)

UI alumna combines writing, parenting and special-needs teaching (East Dubuque Register, Jan. 14)

Environmental scientist Field comments on radon risks (NRP, Jan. 14)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Kryt reports from Honduras (In These Times, Jan. 14)

Gynecologist Stockdate advocates cervical cancer awareness (Press-Citizen, Jan. 14)

UI psychology department plans for growth (Press-Citizen, Jan. 14)

Grant will enable UI to catalog Glenwood culture artifacts (Omaha World-Herald, Jan. 14)

Olshansky assesses the impact of human interaction on healing (ABC, Jan. 13)

Political scientist Covington foresees further loss of House seats (KCRG, Jan. 13)

UI grad student Yanes responds to 'Green Hornet' movie (USA Today, Jan. 13)

Obie Award winner directs script by UI Playwrights Workshop alumna (Broadway World, Jan. 13)

UI archeologists conduct Artifacts Road Show (Keokuk Gate City Daily, Jan. 13)

Twenty-six UI law alumni apply for Supreme Court (Press-Citizen, Jan. 13)

Political scientist Covington comments on Gingrich prospects (Miami Herald, Jan. 13)

UI research on fall injuries is cited (Press-Citizen, Jan. 13)

Porter comments on bankruptcy conditions (Tennessean, Jan. 13)

Audiologist Tyler responds to research on noise antidote (The Scientist, Jan. 12)

Emergency physician Buresh explains continuing shock of Haiti (Des Moines Register, Jan. 12)

UI urban planning study shows region has gained jobs (Press-Citizen, Jan. 12)

Adams is one of '45 Great Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeons to Know' (Orthopedic and Spine Review, Jan. 12)

Anthropologist Hill discusses poaching (SW Iowa News, Jan. 11)

Judge McGhee, NPR's Michele Norris to join UI MLK celebration (Press-Citizen, Jan. 11)

Ampuero comments on political aftermath of Chile mine drama (Latin America News Dispatch, Jan. 11)

Cancer biologist Hohl comments on funding for basic research (Opposing Views, Jan. 10)

New Minneapolis Fed chief is former UI faculty member (Wall Street Journal, Jan. 10)

Gordon comments on St. Louis zoning initiative (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jan. 10)

UI research showed value of gut instincts (National Geographic, Jan. 10)

UI study compared advance directives at nursing homes (McKnight's, Jan. 10)

UI study: Low-income women are more likely to suffer post-partum depression (NewsDay, Jan. 10)

Porter foreclosure research at the UI led to tough New Jersey court action (Daily Finance, Jan. 10)

Flannery O'Connor cartoons are published (Macon Telegraph, Jan. 10)

Robinson, Adams comment on Prozac's stroke-recovery effects (Medical News Today, Jan. 10)

Gail Godwin's journals from UI are reviewed (Asheville Citizen-Times, Jan. 10)

Prozac shows promise in recovery from stroke (Reuters, Jan. 9)

Balakrishnan comments on UI study lauding corporate giving (Press-Citizen, Jan. 9)

UI faculty and staff comment on Iowa child DNR law (Press-Citizen, Jan. 9)

IWP writer's novel has become bestseller (Arab News, Jan. 9)

UI's Atchison writes about looming health care crisis (Des Moines Register, Jan. 8)

State Hygienic Laboratory finds flu incidence increasing (Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Jan. 8)

UI institute shows civic engagement (Press-Citizen, Jan. 8)

Book by Writers' Workshop grad Chris Adrian one of 2011's most anticipated (National Post, Jan. 7)

Writers' Workshop alumnus McAllister writes about football message boards (Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 7)

Egyptian writer was at the IWP (All Africa, Jan . 6)

Study by State Archeologist at UI revealed barn's history (Press-Citizen, Jan. 6)

Pharmacy adjunct Temple wins national award from pharmacists association (Medical News Today, Jan. 6)

UI Press author releases new archeology book about Peru (Andina, Jan. 6)

UI alumnus Nichols writes on his psychedelics research (Nature, Jan. 5)

Son of dance chair de la Pena found field of dreams at UI (Lacrosse Magazine, Jan. 5)

Pediatrician Bell comments on increasing 'preemie' survival rates (Washington Times, Jan. 5)

McLeod's film examines hip-hop and copyright laws (Chronicle, Jan. 5)

Playwright Hunter attended the UI (Broadway World, Jan. 5)

Author Godwin's diaries depict time at the UI (Narrative, Jan. 5)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Casey writes of mentors (Narrative, Jan. 5)

Book by Writers' Workshop grad is among 2010's best (Press-Citizen, Jan. 5)

Ernst studies impact of aspirin on the elderly (Radio Iowa, Jan. 5)

UI family and emergency practicioner Graber writes about commutation-for-organ-donation scheme (Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, Jan. 5)

Ryang of UI Center for Asian and Pacific Studies comments on the status of Koreans in Japan (Independent, Jan. 5)

UI financial aid director Warner welcomes simplification of paperwork (Press-Citizen, Jan. 5)

UI electrophysiologist Olshansky emphasizes discretion in defibrillator implantation (ABC, Jan. 5)

Environmental health scientist Thorne applauds eating bugs (Science, Jan. 4)

Moeller discusses New Year's resolutions (Iowa Public Radio, Jan. 4)

Economist Solow assesses football's 'Rooney Rule' (Atlanta Post, Jan. 4)

Mueller panel finds brights spots for rural health care (Columbia Daily Tribune, Jan. 4)

Porter responds to slowdown in bankruptcies (Salon/AP, Jan. 4)

Volk of UI Children's Hospital discusses 911 treatment requirements (Iowa Independent, Jan. 4)

UI science team celebrates Cassini Jupiter fly-by anniversary (Happy News, Jan. 4)

UI's Schnoor writes about Iowa climate change (Des Moines Register, Jan. 4)

House Republicans propose budget cuts to Regent universities (Iowa Independent, Jan. 4)

Green comments on new gun permit law (Radio Iowa, Jan. 4)

Dove comments on House GOP state budget proposal (Press-Citizen, Jan. 4)

UI grad calls second novel a process of discovery (Louisville Courier-Journal, Jan. 3)

Chee's book is one of 2011's 'most anticipated' (The Millions, Jan. 3)

UI study finds few Americans go abroad for health care (Southern California Public Radio, Jan. 3)

UI study examines medical tourism (Georgia Public Radio, Jan. 3)

Feinstein studied woman's lack of fear response (New York Times, Jan. 3)

UI investing in distance education, technology improving (Press-Citizen, Jan. 3)

Boehmke comments on PACs' ability to influence senators (, Jan. 3)

Krajewski: National Weather Service flood models for Iowa are outdated (Des Moines Register, Jan. 2)

Theater adjunct Aspengren publishes 'Blue Yonder' script (Press-Citizen, Jan. 1)

Three from UI among 10 to watch in 2011 (Press-Citizen, Jan. 1)

UI's Westefeld offers free suicide prevention workshops (Press-Citizen, Jan. 1)

Feinstein explains memory-emotion connection (New York Times, Jan. 1)







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