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February 2011

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Bill would require convicted employees on leave to repay salaries (Des Moines Register, Feb. 28)

Hornbuckle researched methods to detect bisphenol A (Des Moines Register, Feb. 28)

UI study: cancer patients in happy relationship have higher white-cell counts (AOL Health, Feb. 28)

Former UI student wins documentary Oscar (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, Feb. 28)

UI dentist Levy studies fluoride (Daily Iowan, Feb. 28)

UI handicapped services secretary is profiled (Gazette, Feb. 28)

Veen, first UI ROTC leader, is profiled (Press-Citizen, Feb. 28)

Perlmutter writes on the 'rattle effect' (Chronicle, Feb. 27)

Pediatrician Lindgren promotes awareness of brain injuries (Des Moines Register, Feb. 27)

Hagle considers effect of Supreme Court appointments (Mason City Globe-Gazette/AP, Feb. 27)

Agrawal comments on legal education reforms (Chronicle, Feb. 27)

Christensen assesses improved doctor-patient relationships (MSNBC, Feb. 27)

UI neural imaging expert Magnotta collaborates on study of veterans (Sioux City Journal, Feb. 27)

Patient celebrates 25th anniversary of UI heart transplant (Gazette, Feb. 26)

UI pioneered stuttering research (Times Union, Feb. 26)

UI investigated possible child porn (Press-Citizen, Feb. 26)

IEM was model for Oscar market (which accurately predicted seven of eight winners) (MSNBC, Feb. 25)

UI trains students to survive violent incidents (Field & Stream, Feb. 25)

Mason: Budget cuts drive away top faculty (Daily Iowan, Feb. 25)

Onwuachi-Willig comments on Supreme Court process (Eastern Iowa News, Feb. 24)

Two UI alumni are appointed to Supreme Court (Eastern Iowa Government, Feb. 24)

Hale's book locates a talking chimp in the Windy City (Chicago Sun-Times, Feb. 24)

Hale started chimp novel while a student in Writers' Workshop (Denver Westword, Feb. 24)

Belin-Blank has made Advanced Placement available to all Iowa students (Des Moines Register, Feb. 24)

UI alumna's poetry will be featured on Keillor's NPR program (Geneva Republican, Feb. 24)

Eko says Cameroon could be next hot spot (Talking Points Memo, Feb. 24)

UI has one of America's 50 best hospitals (Becker's ASC Review, Feb. 24)

Astrophysicist Howes discusses space turbulence (Research & Development Magazine, Feb. 24)

UI TAs get pay raise, full tuition (Daily Iowan, Feb. 24)

'Django in Iowa' blog was written by Freiburg student at the UI (Fudder, Feb. 24)

UI students in Britain will study royal wedding aftermath, Olympics preparations (Daily Iowan, Feb. 24)

Dubus memoir portrays times after his father's graduation from Writers' Workshop (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 24)

UI alumnus' discovery produces early-diagnosis test for fungal meningitis (Reno Gazette Journal, Feb. 23)

Opinion: It's time to end cuts to Regents universities (Des Moines Register, Feb. 23)

UI will test arsenic in Cerro Gordo Country wells (Health Canal, Feb. 23)

Schlechte contributed to Endocrine Society study of lactation hormone (Health Canal, Feb. 23)

Talman comments on concerns raised by NIH restructure (Chronicle, Feb. 23)

Van Allen mentored UI alumnus who works on first Montana satellite (NBC Montana, Feb. 23)

Art donors are wary after Pollock bill (Daily Iowan, Feb. 23)

UI union supporters gather at capitol (Daily Iowan, Feb. 23)

UIHC patient celebrates 25 active years on dialysis (Daily Iowan, Feb. 23)

Literati in Nigeria anticipate interaction with IWP alumnus (All Africa, Feb. 23)

Famed author Cunningham is a UI alumnus (Lesk, Feb. 23)

Psychologist Spencer writes about preschool benefits (Des Moines Register, Feb. 22)

Jones comments on new credit-card technology (Eastern Iowa Business, Feb. 22)

Robinson research shows no link between vitamin D and diabetes (Reuters, Feb. 22)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Hale is profiled (Boulder Daily Camera, Feb. 22)

UI student will bike across the country to support cancer research (Press-Citizen, Feb. 22)

UI arts community celebrates withdrawal of Pollock bill (Daily Iowan, Feb. 22)

UI, Itoh reach separation agreement (Press-Citizen, Feb. 22)

Podolak recovering after car/pedestrian accident (USA Today, Feb. 22)

UI study shows family-planning investment saves money (Daily Iowan, Feb. 21)

Guggenheim was against the UI selling Pollock 'Mural' (Daily Iowan, Feb. 21)

UI art students will protest possible Pollock sale (Daily Iowan, Feb. 21)

Opinion: Mason's warning on education funding cited (Baltimore Sun, Feb. 21)

UI music alumna Wiebener is profiled (Press-Citizen, Feb. 21)

Gronbeck assesses impact of census number on the Corridor (Press-Citizen, Feb. 21)

Perlmutter writes that politicians should be more like professors (Chronicle, Feb. 20)

Jones saying voting without paper record is vulnerable to manipulation (Seattle Times, Feb. 20)

Gurnett is interviewed about space sounds (NPR, Feb. 20)

Nigerian poet Lola attended the IWP (Daily Independent, Feb. 20)

Shafer describes starting tiny house movement at the UI (, Feb. 20)

UI criminology alumnus is subject of new biography (Sioux City Journal, Feb. 20)

Pappajohn says Pollock sale would be 'disaster' (Des Moines Register, Feb. 19)

Riezman says no Branstad honeymoon reflects citizens' worries (Des Moines Register, Feb. 19)

Bill to force Pollock sale signals danger for other public museums (Lincoln Journal-Star, Feb. 19)

When Guggenheim heard sales rumors, she asked for return of 'Mural' (Globe-Gazette/AP, Feb. 19)

UI study shows genital herpes increases cancer risk (Internal Medicine News, Feb. 18)

UI alumnus Yairi discusses stuttering (Haaretz, Feb. 18)

DI reporter Miller wins Hearst award (Daily Iowan, Feb. 18)

Williams comments on School for the Visual Arts partnership with UAY (Press-Citizen, Feb. 18)

UI alumnus Kryt reports on Campesinos in Honduras (In These Times, Feb. 18)

Class matches artists at UI, UAY (Press-Citizen, Feb. 18)

UI defends capital projects (Quad City Times, Feb. 17)

Opinion: Don't sell UI's reputation to the highest bidder (Des Moines Register, Feb. 17)

Art critic of L.A. Times is interviewed about proposed Pollock sale (WBUR, Feb. 17)

Officials and students make recommendations to music building design firms (Daily Iowan, Feb. 17)

UI accounting student volunteers provide tax help (Daily Iowan, Feb. 17)

While at the UI, opera star Estes helped build Muscatine's Methodist church (Muscatine Journal, Feb. 17)

UI student Zach Wahls talks about his inspiring speech (The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Feb. 17)

UI exemplifies growth of online learning (U.S.News, Feb. 16)

Singer-songwriter Reeves got his start as UI student (Des Moines Register, Feb. 16)

Pesantubbee descibes the origins of the Ghost Dance (Smoky Mountain News, Feb. 16)

Arts world watches proposed Pollock sale (Eastern Iowa Government, Feb. 16)

Transplant Center's Reed talks about shortage of donor organs (Press-Citizen, Feb. 16)

Legislature may cap UI sabbaticals (Press-Citizen, Feb. 16)

UI's Jesse James is a photographer, not an outlaw (Eastern Iowa Life, Feb. 16)

UI and Regents address legislative committee about Pollock (Press-Citizen, Feb. 15)

Opinion: Short-term thinking about 'Mural' continues culture wars (Big Think, Feb. 15)

O'Harrow comments on Pollock (Inside Higher Ed, Feb. 15)

Flood Center at UI makes real-time information available through website (Eastern Iowa Government, Feb. 15)

Hovenkamp assesses antitrust implications of latest Apple move (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 15)

Historian Kerber writes about 14th Amendment (CNN, Feb. 15)

Perlmutter comments on White House use of social media (ABC, Feb. 15)

Exhibit reflects time when the UI was the 'Berkeley of the Midwest' (Press-Citizen, Feb. 15)

Berkowitz contributes to international project to promote digitally creative industries (Evening Gazette, Feb. 15)

UI law school is noted for public-interest law (Press-Citizen, Feb. 15)

UI assists in developing the 'classroom of the future' (Clinton Herald, Feb. 15)

Web-based monitor assists UI energy efficiency (Daily Iowan, Feb. 15)

Discovery by UI microbiology alumnus led to AIDS/HIV treatment (St. Louis Beacon, Feb. 14)

Opinion: UI must retain 'star' professors (Mason City Globe-Gazette, Feb. 14)

Lovely's book is selected for Linn Area Reads (Eastern Iowa Life, Feb. 14)

UI biomass use is creative solution to emissions (Climate Central, Feb. 14)

Neurologist Talman comments on Obama research budget (Chronicle, Feb. 14)

Pediatrician Scholz comments on Iowa's #1 ranking in child healthcare (Radio Iowa, Feb. 14)

Neurosurgeon Greenlee describes minimally invasive brain procedures (Inquirer Global Nation, Feb. 14)

Regents differ on Pollack bill (Daily Iowan, Feb. 14)

UI students and officials react to Mubarak resignation (Daily Iowan, Feb. 14)

UI student participated in CPAC (Daily Iowan, Feb. 14)

Medical staffs fret over consequences of demands on athletes (Chronicle, Feb. 13)

Summer at the UI almost led famed composer Davis to join the Grateful Dead (San Diego Union-Tribune, Feb. 13)

UI alumna Lemme's legacy lives on (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 13)

UI Center for the Book alumna Munger founds PaperNest (Press-Citizen, Feb. 13)

UI alumna Sullivan will join Volunteer Hall of Fame (Press-Citizen, Feb. 13)

UI alumna Skoglund uses food in her art (San Antonio Express-News, Feb. 13)

Psychiatrist Schultz says dementia statistics are difficult to pin down (Des Moines Register, Feb. 12)

Opinion: 'Legislators make lousy curators' (Quad City Times, Feb. 12)

UI alumnus Roden uses theater games to spur creativity (Princeton News Tribune, Feb. 12)

Opinion: 'Does the Legislature have it out for UI?' (Press-Citizen, Feb. 12)

UI expertise weighs in on Mubarak's departure (Press-Citizen, Feb. 12)

Physicist/maestro studied with UI's William LaRue Jones (Boulder Weekly, Feb. 11)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Shaffer is interviewed for Valentine's Day (Des Moines Register, Feb. 11)

Souaiaia writes about Egypt's future (Cincinatti Enquirer, Feb. 11)

Speech therapist who studied with UI pioneers lauds 'The King's Speech' (Gresham Outlook, Feb. 11)

Elkadi and Hesli assess developments in Egypt (KCRG, Feb. 11)

Opinion on 'irreplaceable' Pollock: Legislators have spent too much time watching 'Antiques Roadshow' (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 11)

Political scientist Hagle comments on Huntsman presidential aspirations (Scripps News, Feb. 11)

Pollock sale would threaten UI accreditation (Press-Citizen, Feb. 11)

UI driving simulator tests effects of energy drinks (Press-Citizen, Feb. 11)

UI student, back safely from Egypt, describes experiences (Radio Iowa, Feb. 11)

UI student government lobbies for more state funds (Daily Iowan, Feb. 11)

Legal analysis concludes that the Bijou can show controversial film (Daily Iowan, Feb. 11)

Rocklin advocates bars' involvement in countering high-risk drinking (Press-Citizen, Feb. 11)

UI's Horowitz interviews folk-rocker Teddy Thompson (Pop Matters, Feb. 11)

Sidel comments on recent murder of journalist in Vietnam (Asia Times, Feb. 11)

Tab for 2008 flood continues to rise (Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 10)

News of bill to sell Pollock mural draws academic comment (The Chronicle, Feb. 10)

Keokuk firm hopes to test hydroelectric turbine at the UI (Keokuk Gate City, Feb. 10)

Stapleton's team seeks new flu prevention methods (Daily Iowan, Feb. 10)

Cedar Rapids native got her fashion start by discovering Kutcher at the UI (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 10)

UI faculty series promotes 'cultural competency' (Daily Iowan, Feb. 10)

Fisher says strong government services are foundation of state economy (Ames Tribune, Feb. 10)

Nonfiction director Hemley finds joy in the obsolete (Daily Iowan, Feb. 10)

Canady says developing nations need help treating cleft deformities (Press-Citizen, Feb. 10)

Mason says budget cuts harm education (Daily Iowan, Feb. 10)

Workshop alumnus Hale is example of writer with 'slumming' bio, writes alumna Lepucki (The Millions, Feb. 10)

UI student returns from Egypt (KCRG, Feb. 10)

Bill would force UI to sell Pollock masterpiece (USA Today, Feb. 9)

UI alumna hopes to succeed with small bookstore in digital age (USA Today, Feb. 9)

Writers' Workshop student Butler writes about fatherhood (Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 9)

Neurologist Talman hopes Congress realizes impact of research (Chronicle, Feb. 9)

Fisher says UIHC needs to grow to remain viable (Press-Citizen, Feb. 9)

Jazz faculty member Grismore comments on closing of Iowa City's next-to-last record store (Press-Citizen, Feb. 9)

UI adjunct Justis was a Bozo (Daily Iowan, Feb. 9)

UI study on effectiveness of tax incentives is cited (Press & Dakotan, Feb. 9)

Health policy expert Mueller says uninsured are more likely to miss work (Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 9)

Ho's UI team finds brain-volume loss with some schizophrenia drugs (Media Indonesia, Feb. 9)

UI conductor Jones inspires students (Daily Iowan, Feb. 8)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Hale's new novel is reviewed (Washington Post, Feb. 8)

UI endowment tops $1 billion for the first time (Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)

UI grad-student union negotiates with Regents (Chicago Tribune/AP, Feb. 8)

Baldus of Belin-Blank Center coordinates Invent Iowa (Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)

UI reviews presidential committees (Press-Citizen, Feb. 8)

Some take issue with law symposium speaker's 9/11 stance (Daily Iowan, Feb. 8)

UI research team found loss of brain tissue with antipsychotic drugs (U.S, News, Feb. 7)

Chang gives advice to young writers (Narrative, Feb. 7)

IWP's Merrill writes on poetry in a volatile world (Huffington Post, Feb. 7)

'First Muslim C&W singer' started recording career while in UI law school (NewsOK, Feb. 7)

UI business students rate Super Bowl ads (Radio Iowa, Feb. 7)

Raymond of law college comments on Postville immigrant case (Canadian Business, Feb. 7)

Fiction by Writers' Workshop alumna set in Amana Colonies is 'story of the week' (Narrative, Feb. 7)

Rhabdomyolysis, which hospitalized UI football players, has become increasingly common (LA Times, Feb. 6)

UI student Wright writes about working at the Daily Iowan (USA Today College, Feb. 6)

UI hosts Merce Cunningham farewell tour in which the choreographer 'still seems alive' (New York Times, Feb. 6)

Liu: tough job market can be disheartening (Des Moines Register, Feb. 5)

UI study questions malpractice reform arguments (Des Moines Register, Feb. 5)

Mason comments on tuition and fee proposal (Daily Iowan, Feb. 4)

UI acts on inappropriate access of medical records (Daily Iowan, Feb. 4)

Kurtz comments on inheritance rights of children conceived after father's death (Radio Iowa, Feb. 4)

UI Hospitals corrects software problems revealed in audit (Daily Iowan, Feb. 4)

Political scientist Tolbert writes about 2010 election (Daily Iowan, Feb. 4)

UI art alumnus Orth is profiled (Summit Daily, Feb. 4)

Wahls' speech has become 'most-viewed' news video on YouTube (USA Today, Feb. 4)

Actor Lauria, Broadway's Lombardi, switched from playwriting to coaching at UI (New York Times, Feb. 3)

Minton addresses tech challenges for creative writers (Daily Iowan, Feb. 3)

UI unemployment study is cited in minimum-wage debate (Daily Iowan, Feb. 3)

Prominent Writers' Workshop poetry alumna Harjo wins unusual court case (Chronicle, Feb. 2)

College of law professor Wing writes about Egypt (Des Moines Register, Feb. 2)

UI poll on same-gender marriage is cited (Des Moines Register, Feb. 2)

UI poetry book would be tough to read in one sitting (Washington Post, Feb. 2)

Emergency doctor Miller discusses effect of weather on hospital transfers (MedPage Today, Feb. 2)

UI staff remove snow... by elevator (MSNBC, Feb. 2)

UI alumna describes experiences in Egypt upheaval (Des Moines Register, Feb. 2)

Video of student’s same-gender marriage defense goes viral (AOL News, Feb. 2)

Alumnus Canin quit medicine to teach at Writers' Workshop (National Post, Feb. 2)

Memoirist Henry was mentored by Yates at Writers' Workshop (Boston Globe, Feb. 1)

Hancher and Theatre Arts win two ICKY Awards (Press-Citizen, Feb. 1)

Dr. Alphabet's UI poetry book is 'humongous' (Booktryst, Feb. 1)

UIHC wins efficiency award (Des Moines Register, Feb. 1)

UIHC encourages medical professionals to write (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 1)

UI Library digitizes Civil War documents (Daily Iowan, Feb. 1)

Langenberg sees comeback for the Midwest (Forbes, Feb. 1)

Whiteside helps parents and kids cope with cancer (Daily Iowan, Feb. 1)

Pathologist Firchau hails expansion of medical examiner's office (Daily Iowan, Feb. 1)

UI study: video-gamers have more cavities (Independent, Feb. 1)

UI Crohn's research led to new concept for autism treatment (The Scientist, Feb. 1)







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