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December 2011

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Souaiaia writes about new Tunisian democracy (Open Democracy, Dec. 31)

Arps responds to cut in National Guard tuition funds (KTIV, Dec. 30)

Mason defended Iowa after Atlantic essay (CNN, Dec. 30)

UI alumna Canganelli is 2011 Person of the Year (Press-Citizen, Dec. 30)

Recent grad Rosenberg writes about the importance of equal rights (Next Gen Journal, Dec. 29)

Hagle, one of 'top Iowa political tweeters' (Washington Post, Dec. 29)

Perlmutter comments on 'Iowa ad war' (, Dec. 29)

Hagle says Iowa GOP caucuses are a tough call (Cedar Falls Patch, Dec. 29)

Tolbert says Iowa caucuses encourage grass-roots participation (NY Times, Dec. 28)

Ampuero hopes ambassadorship will make him a better teacher (The Republic, Dec. 27)

Feature portrays holidays at UI Children's Hospital (Gazette, Dec. 25)

UI presses FEMA appeal on art museum (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 23)

UI's Ponseti pioneered club-foot treatment (Inquirer Business, Dec. 23)

Robinson writes about literary influence of the Bible (NY Times, Dec. 22)

UI is the 'Harvard of coaching' (The Atlantic, Dec. 22)

UI grant will help prevent sexual violence (Gazette, Dec. 22)

Hagle comments on racially charged Paul newsletter (West Des Moines Patch, Dec. 22)

Lundell replies to seatbelt-use study (Radio Iowa, Dec. 22)

UI alumna Hansen is profiled (Des Moines Register, Dec. 21)

UI poll found nearly half of GOP voters are unsatisfied with their choices (Boston Globe, Dec. 22)

Covington comments on possibility of 'political party cross-dressing' (Press-Citizen, Dec. 21)

IEM was predecessor to proposed binary election options (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 21)

Jones says web security is getting worse, not better (The Hill, Dec. 21)

Hagle says Paul benefits from strong Iowa organization (USNews, Dec. 20)

UI biomass boiler will keep money and jobs in the state (Biomass, Dec. 20)

Wahls' speech was top political video of the year (USA Today, Dec. 20)

Hagle comments on last-minute attempts to capture Tea Party support (Ames Patch, Dec. 20)

Hillel's Sorokin explains the curious prominence of the minor holiday of Hanukkah (Press-Citizen, Dec. 19)

Hagle responds to Gingrich's tumble (LA Times, Dec. 19)

UI helps Iowa City rank highly on national economic performance list (Press-Citizen, Dec. 19)

Jones comments on hacker threat to GOP caucus vote (Salon/AP, Dec. 19)

J-school faculty address Atlantic article on Iowa (Press-Citizen, Dec. 19)

Atlantic article is example of culture gap (Inside Higher Ed, Dec. 19)

Rietz describes accuracy of Iowa Electronic Markets (Reuters, Dec. 19)

Noiseux comments on shelf-life of joint replacements (Omaha World-Herald, Dec. 19)

UI Police Twitter account ranks high nationally (Press-Citizen, Dec. 18)

Havel intended to be part of IWP residency (Gazette, Dec. 18)

Hancher-premiered Joffrey 'Nutcracker' continues to be holiday tradition (Chicagoist, Dec. 18)

Covington observes that Bachmann support has shifted to Perry (St. Cloud Times, Dec. 18)

UI student Phillips pitched idea for 'Arrested Development' book (Citizens Voice, Dec. 18)

Hagle says Register endorsement could give Romney a boost (USA Today, Dec. 18)

Winn is quoted in feature on Portland Stage artistic director (Portland Press-Herald, Dec. 18)

McLeod continues responses to The Atlantic (Press-Citizen, Dec. 17)

Whiteman says Iowa economic health conflicts with GOP theme (NY Times, Dec. 17)

Perlmutter comments on role of Gingrich documentaries in campaign (Variety, Dec. 17)

Agrawal writes about the value of a great public law school (Gazette, Dec. 17)

Hagle comments on Gingrich's fall, Paul's rise (New York Daily News, Dec. 17)

Solow responds to rise in Iowa poverty (Gazette, Dec. 17)

Hagle comments on possibility of Paul third-party run (Boston Globe, Dec. 16)

Tolbert writes that Iowa serves the nomination process well (Press-Citizen, Dec. 16)

Hagle says Romney gave 'steady' performance in debate (Des Moines Register, Dec. 16)

Buckwalter responds to study showing injury risk faced by elite athletes (Reuters, Dec. 16)

Hagle says SEC suits provide ammunition against Gingrich (Boston Globe, Dec. 16)

Solow says the national debt outlook depends on Social Security and Medicare (Quad-City Times, Dec. 16)

Hagle notes Santorum's lack of Iowa traction, despite many appearances (Houston Chronicle, Dec. 15)

Faculty member, IWP alumnus Ampuero will be Chilean ambassador to Mexico (Daily Iowan, Dec. 16)

Mason responds to The Atlantic article (Des Moines Register, Dec. 16)

UI poll shows Gingrich support slipping (Washington Post, Dec. Dec. 15)

Murry assesses mood of Iowa holiday shoppers (Des Moines Register, Dec. 15)

Lewis-Beck says Iowa is a natural for first-in-the-nation status (Press-Citizen, Dec. 15)

Baby celebrates first Christmas with UIHC-implanted heart (KCRG, Dec. 15)

UI researchers find sugarcane ethanol causes more pollution (Domestic Fuel, Dec. 15)

Hellstein explains new dental guidelines (Medscape News, Dec. 15)

UI pediatrician weighs in on world's tiniest surviving babies (CBS The Early Show, Dec. 15)

UIHC expert: don't take Adderall lightly (The Daily Iowan, Dec. 15)

More UI IWP authors include digital writing in body of work (Gazette, Dec. 15)

Jensen, Gronbeck comment on candidates and political rhetoric (IPR, Dec. 14)

Couple donates $5 million to UI finance, football (Press-Citizen, Dec. 14)

Hirsch to lead UI Children's Hospital (Press-Citizen, Dec. 14)

Gingrich discusses brain science during UI visit (Washington Post, Dec. 14)

Theater alumna Frederick shares her 2011 'Top 10' list (Monsters & Critics, Dec. 13)

Poll shows Gingrich lead slipping (New York Magazine, Dec. 13)

Horowitz reviews posthumous Winehouse release (Pop Matters, Dec. 13)

Paul wins endorsement of UI Daily Iowan (Kansas City Star, Dec. 12)

Hagle says caucuses give power to the people (Daily Iowan, Dec. 12)

Pettys suggests judges should campaign, or laws should be changed (WOWT, Dec. 12)

Tolbert says turnout of Tea Party could be key to caucus outcome (CNN, Dec. 12)

Hagle stresses importance of organization for caucus turnout (Financial Times, Dec. 12)

Joffrey 'Nutcracker' was Hancher world premiere at the UI (NW Indiana Times, Dec. 12)

Hagle says Santorum is not resonating with voters (Washington Examiner, Dec. 12)

UI biotechnology spinoffs give the region a strong present in industry (Press-Citizen, Dec. 12)

Bell addresses debate about attempts to save the smallest premies (The Blaze, Dec. 12)

Alumnus Smiley says writers need community more than they need solitude (SF Weekly, Dec. 12)

Simmons Short Fiction Award winner, Workshop alumnus Rolnick interviewed (New Jersey Jewish News, Dec. 12)

Gingrich remains on top in UI Hawkeye Poll (CNN, Dec. 12)

Boehmke is interviewed on the Hawkeye poll (CBS radio, Dec. 12)

Hawkeye Poll finds Gingrich in the lead, but his support could be slipping (Reuters, Dec. 12)

Alumna McConnell writes about Vonnegut at the Writers' Workshop (Brooklyn Rail, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012 issue)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres is interviewed (Brooklyn Rail, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012 issue)

Parker announces coaching retirement (Gazette, Dec. 11)

UI cited in story on energy from biomass (Chronicle, Dec. 11)

Hagle says candidates have more to lose than to gain in debates (Ankeny Patch, Dec. 11)

UI researchers were pioneers in 'twitterology' (Dong-a Ilbo, Dec. 10)

Alumna Schapira improves dental care in Afghanistan (Columbia Daily Tribune, Dec. 10)

Receiving UI degree will be 'big day' in the life of legendary NBA coach Nelson (Des Moines Register, Dec. 10)

UI collaborates with Fertile's Downtown Cafe in healthy-eating study (Mason City Globe Gazette, Dec. 10)

Bloom writes about Iowa (Atlantic, Dec. 9)

Cox writes in defense of ombudsperson office (Press-Citizen, Dec. 9)

Historian Sessions' book on Algeria is featured (Financial Times, Dec. 9)

Opinion supports McGehee's recommendation of stricter standards for teen drivers (Press-Citizen, Dec. 9)

Tax debates rage, but Hagle points out restricted flexibility in economic affairs (Quad-City Times, Dec. 9)

UI theater student and two alumnae win business development grant (Press-Citizen, Dec. 9)

UI is establishing a Center for Immunology (Press-Citizen, Dec. 9)

Summer has been collecting nativity scenes for nearly 50 years (Press-Citizen, Dec. 8)

UI is a benchmark for China's MFA program in creative writing (China Daily, Dec. 9)

Warner identifies implications of proposed Department of Education elimination (Daily Iowan, Dec. 8)

Stromquist characterizes history professor with whom he studied (New York Times, Dec. 8)

UI political scientists found Iowa, site of first caucuses, is a 'representative' state (U.S.News, Dec. 8)

Holl, architect of UI Art Building West, wins national Gold Medal (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 8)

Kaboli advocates label revisions for new generation of birth control pills (Reuters, Dec. 8)

UI requests FEMA hearing on art museum (Gazette, Dec. 8)

Hagle predicts Iowa's economic boost from gay marriages will not change GOP stance (ABC, Dec. 8)

Collins assesses legal implications of MF Global missing funds (Business Week, Dec. 8)

UIHC emergency room nears its capacity (Press-Citizen, Dec. 8)

Hovenkamp explains the upcoming legal steps in the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger (Business Week, Dec. 8)

Somek says EU trend toward technocrats disregards the will of voters (USA Today, Dec. 8)

English alumna Weir-Jimerson's book of essays on rural living is reviewed (Daily Press, Dec. 8)

Communication-studies major Zaprudsky pursues clowning career (Daily Iowan, Dec. 8)

UI students participate in 'Academic Year in Freiburg' (Badische-Zeitung, Dec. 8)

Is Writers' Workshop alumnus Torres' book the novel of the year? (Huffington Post, Dec. 8)

Somek worries about technocrats leading European Union during debt crisis (USA Today, Dec. 8)

Tippie MBA application Tweet kicked off Twitter scholarship trend (, Dec. 8)

Kiwi model Sauers, a UI English and French literature alumna, writes a blog on the side (The Vine, Dec. 8)

UI officials, student leader comment on surge in Chinese students (Gazette, Dec. 8)

Choi seeks to toughen-up wind turbines (Midwest Energy News, Dec. 7)

Hagle comments on Christie's campaigning for Romney (Star-Ledger, Dec. 7)

River Landing development may highlight Writers' Workshop triumphs (Gazette, Dec. 7)

Scherer explains well construction and arsenic contamination (Iowa Farmer Today, Dec. 7)

UI student Sloane writes about four-year graduation challenge (Next Gen Journal, Dec.7)

Why does the IEM beat the polls? (Money Talks News, Dec. 7)

Weinberger comments on withdrawal of Primatene from the market (Des Moines Register, Dec. 7)

Hagle adresses Perry's 'war on religion' ads (Kansas City Star, Dec. 7)

Durnev counsels against borrowing money to buy Christmas gifts (KCRG, Dec. 7)

Bern-Klug offers advice for holiday nursing-home visits (Press-Citizen, Dec. 6)

Hickerson's letters from Kinnick are discovered (Quad-City Times, Dec. 6)

UI/Toyota collaboration will advance crash-modeling technologies (Torque News, Dec. 6)

Grant will boost UI wind-turbine research (Hispanic Business, Dec. 6)

Hagle comments on Trump 'head fake' (ABC, Dec. 6)

Kroon comments on controversy over 'sex-positive' shop (Press-Citizen, Dec. 6)

UI alumna Diablo Cody is profiled (Scripps News, Dec. 6)

Anonymous donor launches research fund at the UI (Quad-City Times, Dec. 6)

Gogerty's solo play is reviewed (Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dec. 6)

UI is lobbying pioneer with Hawkeye Caucus (Daily Iowan, Dec. 6)

'Beardoff' raised funds for UI microloan program (Press-Citizen, Dec. 6)

McGehee says tougher licensing rules would protect young drivers (Des Moines Register, Dec. 5)

Black discusses compulsive spending (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 6)

Candidates woo conservative caucus-goers in Iowa, Hagle says (Concord Monitor, Dec. 6)

UI alummus Miclot becomes pharmacy corporation CEO (PharmaLive, Dec. 5)

Schwartz explains immigration law (Daily Iowan, Dec. 5)

Hagle: Bachmann pins hopes on organizational strength (Minnesota Public Radio, Dec. 5)

UI graduation rate ranks high for bowl-bound schools (Gazette, Dec. 5)

Gonzalez-Alegre wins national dystonia award (Sacramento Bee, Dec. 5)

Nonfiction faculty member D'Agata invited 'Moby-Duck' author to UI (Daily Iowan, Dec. 5)

UI pharmacists study medication therapy management (Drug Store News, Dec. 5)

Media-watchdog site was founded at the UI (Sacramento Bee, Dec. 5)

Scott comments on proposals to bolster sexual-abuse policies (Daily Iowan, Dec. 5)

UI endowment smashes benchmark (Fierce Finance, Dec. 5)

Nonfiction alumna Rainey helps vets find their voices (Daily Iowan, Dec. 5)

UI police observe increase in social-media use in crimes (Press-Citizen, Dec. 5)

1993 UI study was first to link sympathetic nervous system with weight management (Emax Health, Dec. 5)

Hagle says, don't count Perry out (Houston Chronicle, Dec. 4)

Alumnus Fruin, new Iowa City assistant city manager, is profiled (Press-Citizen, Dec. 4)

UI broadcaster Newell is remembered (Radio-Info, Dec. 4)

Just comments on East Chicago dredging project (East Chicago Community, Dec. 4)

Vonnegut biography is featured (Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 4)

Souaiaia writes on Islamist election victories (Examiner, Dec. 4)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Casey responds to Vonnegut biography (, Dec. 4)

Hagle says Gingrich hopes to hang on in Iowa (Omaha World-Herald, Dec. 4)

Alumna McCormick is profiled (Portland Press Herald, Dec. 4)

UI vets convey the realities of war in 'impressive play' (Gazette, Dec. 3)

Alumna Luo assesses the future of China in interview (Star News, Dec. 3)

Hagle says multiple issues sank Cain campaign (Des Moines Register, Dec. 3)

Gurnett comments on terrestrial lightning (Science News, Dec. 3 issue)

Chaudan and Holstein win national hematology awards (Sacramento Bee, Dec. 2)

UI alumnus Wahls becomes social-media star (Time, Dec. 2)

Kaskie says big changes are ahead for aging population (Press-Citizen, Dec. 2)

Lovaglia explains why people hate Mensa (Des Moines Register, Dec. 2)

Warren studies the accuracy of memory (HealthCanal, Dec. 2)

UI study is cited in analysis of job-creation tax credits (BusinessWeek, Dec. 2)

Essay by Writers' Workshop's Robinson is recommended (Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec. 2)

Economist Whiteman sees positive signs for Iowa (Des Moines Register, Dec. 2)

UI alumna Paul is profiled (Estherville Daily News, Dec. 2)

Hagle comments on Gingrich as the 'non-Romney' candidate (Miami Herald, Dec. 1)

Iowa Writers' Workshop was the first academic creative-writing program (BBC 4, Dec. 1)

In rare urban study, UI engineers look for toxins in Cedar Rapids soil (UPI, Dec. 1)

Hagle says GOP voters may doubt Romney's character (Deseret News, Dec. 1)

Brazilian writer Hatoum attended the IWP (Paran@shop, Dec. 1)

Wahls, whose speech went viral, is writing a book (New York Daily News, Dec. 1)

Kaskie addresses senior population boom (Des Moines Register, Dec. 1)

Hagle comments on Perry's 'Texas blitz' (Texas Tribune, Dec. 1)

Character's father in 'Seinfeld' based on Writers' Workshop faculty member Yates (Awl, Dec. 1)

Doctoral student faces HIV challenges (Iowa City Patch, Dec. 1)






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