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April 2011

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Lakeside Lab creates innovative program with school district (Spencer Daily Reporter, April 30)

UI neurologist Tranel talks about mind-robbing Alzheimer's disease (Press-Citizen, April 29)

Zavazava hails court ruling on stem-cell research (Capitol News Connection, April 29)

Political scientist Hagle assesses Huntsman candidacy (Deseret News, April 29)

Catton wins First Novel Award (Canadian Press, April 28)

UI Hawkeye Poll sees no momentum in Iowa for Bachmann (Slate, April 28)

UI geology students plant shrubs to offset carbon footprint (Radio Iowa, April 28)

Merrill describes IWP's Nepal exchange (The Himalayan, April 28)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Adrian is interviewed ahead of the Los Angeles Festival of Books (Los Angeles Times, April 28)

UI flood rebuilding costs rise (Press-Citizen, April 28)

UI plastic surgery division looks to expand (Press-Citizen, April 28)

UI students hit homers to fight hunger (Daily Iowan, April 28)

UI alumnus Lambert is interviewed about new album (PopMatters, April 28)

UI students develop health-themed social network (Daily Iowan, April 28)

Volunteer 'humor coordinator' in UI chemotherapy suite is profiled (Fort Madison Daily Democrat, April 27)

UI alumnus Libman launches new ABC sitcom (Redeye Chicago, April 27)

Writing University webmaster Haldeman is profiled (Press-Citizen, April 27)

'Modern Chinese Fiction Month' recalls ties to International Writing Program (China Times, April 27)

UI Hawkeye Poll discovers GOP waiting game (Gazette, April 27)

Graduate student government president comments on rural impact of cuts to higher education (Iowa Independent, April 27)

'Sprie' remembered as one of the UI's finest (Press-Citizen, April 26)

Federal cuts could hit UI research (Press-Citizen, April 26)

UI legal researcher: sex-offender restrictions should be modified before law ruled unconstitutional (WOWT, April 26)

Social worker Sanders writes about Elder Services (Press-Citizen, April 26)

Neuroscientist Koscik offers possible explanation for gender differences in dog behavior (Science News, April 26)

UI journalism alumna Chase promotes appreciation of ranching lifestyle (Belgrade News, April 26)

Hesler comments on professional development requirements (Philadelphia Inquirer, April 26)

Former UI athlete Card wrote and stars in new movie 'Textuality' (Shoreline Beacon, April 26)

Writers' Workshop student Fassler writes about plastic-bottle ship (Atlantic, April 26)

IWP takes four American writers to Nepal (Republica, April 26)

UI studies hospital hand washing (New York Times, April 25)

UI hopes to revive Triangle Club (Press-Citizen, April 25)

Bowlus talks about the value of summer camps (Press-Citizen, April 25)

Hemley leads delegation of writers from 'mother workshop' at UI (Philippines Star, April 25)

Covington is surprised Christie Vilsack chose to challenge incumbent King (Campaigns and Elections, April 25)

UI iScrub tracks hospital hand-washing compliance (American Medical News, April 25)

Opinion: Lewin email deserves measured response (Daily Iowan, April 25)

Wahls' speech has led to many opportunities (Press-Citizen, April 24)

UI center offers support to LGBT students (Press-Citizen, April 24)

Johnson writes about 'TIFs' (Press-Citizen, April 24)

Bonfield comments on governors' executive orders (Sioux City Journal, April 24)

Souaiaia writes about Arab revolutions (Examiner, April 24)

Writes' Workshop grad compares women's freedom in Delhi and Pakistan (Hindustan Times, April 24)

10 reasons why it's great to be a Hawkeye (Sioux City Journal, April 24)

Writers' Workshop alumna Mukherjee recounts living in Montreal (Montreal Gazette, April 23)

Botanist Horton say Rochester Cemetery and prairie still yield surprises (Des Moines Register, April 22)

UI Dance Forum student takes another step toward her dream (Press-Citizen, April 22)

International Writing Program, co-founded by Nieh, has hosted Chinese writers for 45 years (yam news, April 21)

Writers' Workshop poet Gordon has established a career as singer/songwriter (Daily Iowan, April 21)

Mason writes about the need for civility (Press-Citizen, April 21)

Artist Catlett recalls Grant Wood's kindness at the UI (New York Times, April 21)

Connerly comments on renewal of the Drake area in Des Moines (Des Moines Register, April 21)

Gable will be honored at 2011 FRY Fest (Gazette, April 21)

UI study of 'what men want' is cited (Bellingham Herald, April 21)

UI alumni release Cedar River documentary (Gazette, April 21)

UI embraces Earth Week (Daily Iowan, April 21)

Experience in UI Summer Writing Festival is recounted (Boone County Journal, April 21)

Law professor Baldus comments on parole decision (Daily Iowan, April 21)

UI leaders feel students are well informed about future health options (Daily Iowan, April 21)

Psychologist Whelan addresses new-student anxieties (Okezone, April 21)

UI is promoted to Chinese students for its literary history (China News, April 21)

UI alumnus promotes awareness of black soldiers' history (Des Moines Register, April 20)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Harding finishes his Pulitzer reign (Press-Citizen, April 20)

Gunderson co-wrote groundbreaking report on senior hunger in America (Huffington Post, April 20)

Opinion lauds UI conference linking medicine and writing (Press-Citizen, April 20)

UI studied fearless woman (Bloomberg, April 20)

Atkins comments on link between TV-watching and heart disease (WebMD, April 20)

Rocklin says UI is investigating racial slurs at dorm (Chicago Tribune, April 20)

Hagle says Iowa redistricting plan is fair (Daily Iowan, April 20)

Covington says Newt Gingrich is at a disadvantage (The Hill, April 20)

Jones says old computers can often still do the job (Gazette, April 20)

Cram studied aftercare trends for hip replacement surgeries (US News, April 19)

Seibert says employee empowerment increases productivity (EHS Today, April 19)

UI student develops machine to break in baseball gloves (Gazette, April 18)

UI research addresses post-surgery 'obesity paradox' (Science Blog, April 18)

UI alumnus Abramson writes about MFA writing programs ( Huffington Post, April 18)

Student leaders focus on UI issues (Press-Citizen, April 18)

80-year-old's horse ride will aid UI Alzheimer's research (Daily Iowan, April 18)

McGehee says in-car cameras protect teens (Manila Bulletin, April 18)

Art student Ho is featured in MFA annual (Huffington Post, April 18)

UI alumnus Soesilo is candidate to head UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (Jakarta Post, April 18)

Mason says 21-only has had positive effect (Press-Citizen, April 17)

Hagle says Cain is taking the political process seriously (IowaWatch, April 17)

MBA students assist in composting project (Press-Citizen, April 17)

Fuller assesses prospects for an Iowa Zephyr (Gazette, April 17)

Tracy, Flaum addresses the challenge of expanding Iowa mental health services (Globe-Gazette, April 17)

UI Center for Human Rights is praised for 'make it better' efforts (Press-Citizen, April 16)

Covington comments on early presidential polls (Fox News, April 16)

UI alumnus photographer is profiled (Carlsbad Current-Argus, April 16)

UI students' film will be featured at Cannes (Press-Citizen, April 15)

Alumnus Kirsner combined studio art and accounting at the UI (Des Moines Register, April 15)

UI hopes to renew Cuba programs (New York Times, April 15)

New UI Stuit Hall is eco-friendly (Daily Iowan, April 15)

Epidemiologist Smith comments on staph in meat (Arizona Republic, April 15)

Dental school performs 'waste audit' (Daily Iowan, April 15)

Historian Poe's communications books is reviewed (Science, April 15)

Hovenkamp says Congress should clarify agency antitrust roles (Bloomberg, April 15)

Murry says green lifestyle can't avoid areas of guilt (Des Moines Register, April 14)

Mason says UI has four provost finalists (Omaha World-Herald, April 14)

Streit comments on Dengue Fever escalation (Modern Medicine, April 14)

Orentlicher writes about Medicare dialogue (Indianapolis Star, April 14)

Plays by Playwrights Workshop alums Huff and Goodwin chosen for National Playwrights Conference (Broadway World, April 14)

Mason: UI must keep up in faculty pay (Daily Iowan, April 14)

Gurnett's space sounds become material for composer (San Francisco Chronicle, April 13)

Mason says future bodes well for the UI (Press-Citizen, April 13)

UI researchers track dengue fever trends (CNN, April 13)

Barron writes about monetary expansion (Market Oracle, April 13)

UI announces Capote Award winner (Washington Post/AP, April 13)

UI develops new survey to track faculty productivity (Daily Iowan, April 13)

Weiner discusses impact of budget uncertainties on cancer research (Lawrence Journal-World, April 13)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Hamod writes on atom-test earthquake theory (Mathaba, April 13)

Kutcher makes surprise UI appearance to talk about life-building (Daily Iowan, April 13)

Perencevich studied infection prevention (JAMA, April 13)

Porter says new mortgage rules are not tough enough (USA Today, April 12)

Throgmorton writes on the 'true cost of energy' (Press-Citizen, April 12)

Transplant surgeon Reed says doctors are opposed to paying for organs (24/7 Wall St., April 12)

UI acting training comes into play for Colts' Clark (USA Today, April 12)

Folsom responds to Whitman discovery (Omaha World-Herald, April 12)

McLeod discusses 'Creative License' book (Atlantic, April 12)

Writers' Workshop celebrates 75th anniversary (Daily Iowan, April 12)

UI urology resident is champ of 'Jeopardy!' (Press-Citizen, April 11)

Kumar studied impact of Indian pollution laws (UPI, April 11)

Hagle comments on Romney exploratory move (KSL, April 11)

UI alumnus Estes is a 'state treasure' (Muscatine Journal, April 11)

UI Virtual Soldier gets real Navy contract (Daily Iowan, April 11)

Perlmutter writes about powerful staff members (Chronicle, April 10)

Walz celebrates Bill's birthday (Press-Citizen, April 10)

Schwalm sheds light on little-acknowledged Iowa Civil War history (Des Moines Register, April 10)

UI remembers 2006 tornado (Gazette, April 10)

UI students work on downtown branding campaign (Press-Citizen, April 10)

UI Press books yields nature essay (Spokesman-Review, April 9)

Tong Yao is involved in winning investment strategy (Barron's, April 9)

Alpha Chi Omega is stronger after tornado recovery (Press-Citizen, April 8)

Durham comments on 'Lolita' clothing styles (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 8)

UI study: Antidepressants could aid stroke recovery (Times of India, April 8)

UI students raise farm-bill awareness (Daily Iowan, April 8)

Hovenkamp comments on approaching Google deal (Wall Street Journal, April 8)

Organ donation ceremony celebrates the 'gift of life' (Gazette, April 8)

Bezanson comments on commitment regulations for mental illness (Des Moines Register, April 7)

Iowa Writers' Workshop turns 75 (PBS News Hour, April 7)

UI program gives minorities peek at science careers (Press-Citizen, April 7)

UI pilot project leads toward new library in Fort Madison (Fort Madison Daily Democrat, April 7)

Moore explains travel-cost increases (Daily Iowan, April 7)

Grad student Gupta is 'a rockstar' of neuroscience (Daily Iowan, April 7)

Fisher disputes corporate tax cut claims (CTV, April 7)

Multicultural fashion show celebrates diversity (Daily Iowan, April 7)

Division of Performing Arts director MacVey is interviewed (Daily Iowan, April 7)

Ingram is voice behind new Writing University stream (Press-Citizen, April 6)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Dorst collaborates with 'Lost' creator Abrams (New York Times, April 6)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Abramson writes of Penn States MFA cut (Huffington Post, April 6)

Surgeon Cullen expresses concern about bariatric surgery study (JAMA, April 6)

Maxey responded to online course scorecard proposal (Daily Iowan, April 6)

UI holds Hawkeye Caucus Day (Daily Iowan, April 6)

UI study of smokeless tobacco is cited (Killeen Daily Herald, April 5)

Anthropologist Enloe comments on ancient human-remains discovery (Des Moines Register, April 5)

UI Japanese Outreach Program organizes tsumani relief (Gazette, April 5)

Opera star Estes has fond memories of time at the UI (West Liberty Index, April 5)

UI Playwrights Workshop alumnus Hunter wins new-play prize (Broadway World, April 4)

Psychologist O'Hara comments on possible depression/pop music link (Doctors Lounge Health Day, April 4)

UI tumor samples lead to metastases-prediction advance (MedStream, April 4)

Computer scientist Fries says phone ap improves hand-hygiene compliance (Pediatric Supersite, April 4)

UI Crohn's Disease research is cited (, April 4)

Ophthalmologist Kimberling battles Usher Syndrom (La Canada Flintridge Patch, April 4)

UI lost and found officer is profiled (Daily Iowan, April 4)

UI art students prepare outdoor pianos (Daily Iowan, April 4)

UI student helped African orphans over break (Des Moines Register, April 3)

Writers' Workshop students helped NPR select 3-minute fiction winner (NPR, April 3)

Ganim is motivated by love of language (Press-Citizen, April 3)

Iraqi student adjusts to life in Iowa (Press-Citizen, April 3)

StudyIowa raises awareness of international students (Chronicle, April 3)

York comments on federal commercialization funding (Omaha World-Herald, April 3)

UI Flood Center seeks permanent budget line (Des Moines Register, April 3)

Writers' Workshop alumna Edwards is profiled (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, April 2)

UI flood sensors keep watch on waterways (Gazette, April 2)

Whiteman comments on growth in agricultural economy (Financial Times, April 1)

UI program offers exposure to college life (Press-Citizen, April 1)

UI, Eagles dedicate new diabetes center (Press-Citizen, April 1)

Hovenkamp says Nasdaq may face antitrust obstacles (Bloomberg, April 1)

UI student government seeks reduction of bar fines (Chicago Tribune, April 1)

Opera star Estes tours Iowa to raise funds for education (Daily Iowan, April 1)

Hagle comments of redistricting proposal (Daily Iowan, April 1)

Hovenkamp comments on Google case (Sohu, April 1)

UI writing alumna Tayari Jones is interviewed (Bookslut, April 2011)

UI is profiled among eight 'green' projects (Campus Technology, April 2011)







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