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December 2010

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Alleman studies 'medical tourism' (Reuters UK, Dec. 31)

Schiltz offers tips for keeping resolution to quit smoking (Press-Citizen, Dec. 31)

Obermann Center's new home offers quiet workspace, enhanced collaborative opportunities (Press-Citizen, Dec. 31)

Lehrer won Capote Award (North County Times, Dec. 30)

UI can claim exemption to new gun law (Press-Ctitzen, Dec. 30)

UI researchers studied woman who has no fear (South Coast Today, Dec. 30)

UI student benefited from 'gap year' (Wall St. Journal, Dec. 29)

Mason: Investing in faculty development pays off (Des Moines Register, Dec. 28)

Bell says survival rate for tiniest babies is rising, still rare (Reuters, Dec. 28)

Benny Barnard is Insight Bowl Kid Captain (Charles City Press, Dec. 28)

Solow comments on job survey (Press-Citizen, Dec. 28)

Writers' Workshop grad writes about MFA myths (Huffington Post, Dec. 27)

UI study confirms amygdala brain structure triggers fear (U.S. News, Dec. 27)

Poole is new UI crime prevention officer (Press-Citizen, Dec. 27)

Photos highlight National Advanced Driving Simulator (Popular Science, Dec. 26)

Philibert says postoperative patient violence is usually manageable (Star-Telegram, Dec. 25)

New state hygienic lab opens after delays (Press-Citizen, Dec. 24)

Blumberg comments on popular vs. scientific understanding of genes (Scienceline, Dec. 24)

Hagle, Covington comment on loss of Congressional seat, redistricting (Press-Citizen, Dec. 22)

UI graduate's company uses poplar trees to help environment (Iowa Independent, Dec. 21)

Porter: Judges no longer assume banks have right to foreclose (USA Today, Dec. 21)

UI international students share holiday traditions (Press-Citizen, Dec. 21)

Rogers comments on European storm's impact on students abroad (Des Moines Register, Dec. 21)

O'Harrow eager for FEMA decision on appeal (Press-Citizen, Dec. 21)

McGraw proposes arts organizations with an 'expiration date' (Press-Citizen, Dec. 20)

Covington comments on redistricting, Iowa Congressional clout (Des Moines Register, Dec. 19)

Tranel discusses research on woman without fear (NPR Science Friday, Dec. 17)

Students reflect on leadership lessons learned from UI president, professor (Des Moines Register, Dec. 17)

Hagle: GOP straw poll a 'good early test' for candidates, (Sioux City Journal, Dec. 17)

UI Spine Center helps veteran manage back pain (KCRG, Dec. 16)

UI research confirms amygdala as fear center in human brain (New York Times, Dec. 16)

Feinstein: woman with no fear may hold clues to treating PTSD (The Telegraph, Dec. 16)

Woman without fear teaches scientists about connections between brain, behavior (Discovery News, Dec. 16)

UI students to benefit from expanded insurance coverage (Daily Iowan, Dec. 16)

UI study: Physicians' fear of litigation out of proportion with actual risk of being sued (Medical News Today, Dec. 16)

McLeod writes on copyright laws stifling effect on creativity (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dec. 16)

Orentlicher: 'little doubt' health care law will be upheld despite judge's decision (Des Moines Register, Dec. 15)

UI Dispatch Center renovations nearing completion (Daily Iowan, Dec. 15)

Pettys: judge retention vote won't discourage applicants to Iowa Supreme Court (Des Moines Register, Dec. 15)

Gantz honored for mentoring (Press-Citizen, Dec. 15)

IWP participant wins Singapore Literature Prize, (Malaysia Star, Dec. 14)

Field calls for further study of relationship between radiation effects on teeth and later cancer (New York Times, Dec. 14)

Warner comments on UI student debt (Press-Citizen, Dec. 14)

Orentlicher writes about health care reform decision (New York Times, Dec. 13)

Justice Stevens cites Baldus study (Press-Citizen, Dec. 13)

Upgrades planned for IMU (Press-Citizen, Dec. 13)

Porter bankruptcy research is profiled (Des Moines Register, Dec. 12)

Study finds handshake is most important part of job interview (Daily Mail, Dec. 12)

UI holds job search seminar for students (Press-Citizen, Dec. 11)

Toys may shape language development (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Dec. 10)

Hines: Career Development Awards essential for teaching, knowledge (Des Moines Register, Dec. 10)

UI to offer MFA in book arts (, Dec. 10)

UI Korean students worry about war threat (Press-Citizen, Dec. 10)

UI Democrat, Republican student leaders work together to fight partisanship (Des Moines Register, Dec. 9)

UI students offer nursing care, writing workshops, counseling at new IC Shelter House (Daily Iowan, Dec. 9)

UI grad student studies effect of surfing on PTSD (US News & World Report, Dec. 8)

Perry: variety helps toddlers learn words faster (Education Week, Dec. 8)

McGraw comments on rise in student interest in sign language (New York Times, Dec. 8)

Domann's research shows effect of free radicals on immune system (New Scientist, Dec. 8)

UI plans to hire administrator to oversee alcohol risk reduction (Daily Iowan, Dec. 8)

Field comments on health risks of radon exposure (New York Times, Dec. 7)

Hoogerwerf: Consider safety when selecting gifts for children (Radio Iowa, Dec. 7)

UI study: Expose toddlers to diverse objects to enhance word learning (Times of India, Dec. 7)

New UI class helps veterans adjust to campus life (Press-Citizen, Dec. 7)

UI helps Van Allen Elementary celebrate International Day (Press-Citizen, Dec. 7)

UI Flood Center model predicts lower river levels after mitigation projects (Press-Citizen, Dec. 7)

Alumna's film tells story of female programmers in WWII (Daily Iowan, Dec. 7)

Perlmutter writes about academic friendships (Chronicle, Dec. 6)

Lawmakers target sabbaticals (MSNBC, Dec. 6)

O'Hara comments on antidepressants, psychotherapy (Businessweek, Dec. 6)

Chang discusses her latest novel (Bookslut, Dec. 6)

Brook develops alternative college football ranking (KOLD TV, Dec. 6)

UI researcher looks at new ways to take notes (Daily Iowan, Dec. 6)

Gilchrist helps homeless develop literacy and writing skills (Des Moines Register, Dec. 6)

Hagle sees competitive 2012 caucus race (Mason City Globe Gazette, Dec. 6)

Elliott studies worms' therapeutic effects (Boston Globe, Dec. 6)

Felon shares how UI's Cohen, community choir changed him (Press-Citizen, Dec. 5)

Rego says restaurants must provide something different to survive (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Dec. 4)

Program makes blankets for hospitalized children (Press-Citizen, Dec. 4)

BONGO provides transportation updates (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 4)

UI to buy property for music school (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 3)

UI, Navy team up to test seaworthiness of ships (Daily Iowan, Dec. 3)

UI facility helps Navy (Press-Citizen, Dec. 3)

Emergency communication cooperation leads to arrest (Press-Citizen, Dec. 3)

IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering unveils $4.9 million wave basin (, Dec. 3)

Weinstock did pioneering research at the UI (ABC, Dec. 2)

UI researchers use moon to detect neutrinos (The Hindu, Dec. 2)

UI unveils robotic teaching lab (Press-Citizen, Dec. 2)

UI students study abroad despite economy (Daily Iowan, Dec. 2)

Huber, UI nursing professor, wins national award (Press-Citizen, Dec. 1)







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