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March 13, 2008

UI education majors serve as student teachers during spring semester

(STUDENT NAME) of (HOMETOWN) is participating in a semester-long assignment as a student teacher of (GRADE/S) in the (NAME OF SCHOOL DISTRICT) as part of (HIS/HER) training to become a teacher through the University of Iowa College of Education this spring. The student's cooperating teacher(s) is/are (TEACHER NAME).

Student teaching is one of several practicum assignments students must complete in order to be licensed as K-12 teachers by the Iowa Department of Education. Students typically complete their student teaching in the last semester of their education at the UI. Students who meet special requirements have the option of completing part of their student teaching assignment abroad.

As student teachers, the students perform many of the duties that will be expected of them as full-time teachers. Under the direction of a cooperating teacher, they lead classroom sessions, create lesson plans, and gain practical experience in many of the organizational and management skills needed to be effective teachers.

Founded in 1872, the UI College of Education was the nation's first permanent college-level department of education. Since then, the college has gained an international reputation of excellence in programs as diverse as Rehabilitation Counseling, Educational Measurement and Statistics, Counseling Psychology, Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education, and Higher Education Administration. The College of Education is also home to the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. For more information see

EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area is student teaching this semester. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's first and last name, the grade level he or she is teaching, the school district and the name(s) of the cooperating teacher(s) if available.


Bettendorf: Zach Rocker, grades 9-12, Iowa City Community School District, Doug Lestina.

Camanche: Kate Ross, grades 3 and 4, Iowa City Community School District, Yukkiko Hill.

Cedar Rapids: Ashley Weiland, grade 5, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Nancy Zahu.

Cedar Rapids: Stacy Duffy, grades 3 and 4, Iowa City Community School District, Deb Abels.

Clear Lake: Katie Spilman, grade 4, Iowa City Community School District, Jennifer Zimmerman.

Council Bluffs: Jessica Lynn Jensen, grade 6, West Branch Community School District, Carrie Arlen and Stephen Bender.

Council Bluffs: Brianne Gerhardt, grades 2 and 5, Council Bluffs Community School District, Deb Fetch and Eli Schmitz.

Dubuque:  Meghan E. Grogan, grades 1 and 2, Iowa City Community School District, Carolyn White.

Hospers: Andrea Verdoorn, Middle School and High School, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Kristin Beatty and Thad Driskell.

Iowa City: Emily Joynt, grades 11 and 12, Iowa City Community School District, Steve Dodge.

Iowa City: Melia Raitt, grades 9 and 12, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Kara Asmussen.

Iowa City: Tiffany Culp, grade 4, Clear Creek Amana Community School District, Michele Phillips.

Iowa City: Ashton Steckly, grade 3, Regina Elementary School, Mary Duffey.

Le Mars: Krista Stinton, grades 5 and 6, Iowa City Community School District, Faye Murguia.

Monticello: Ashley Olsem, grade 4 and special education, Springville School District, Mark Ball and Ann Nachtman.

Mount Pleasant: Amber Glasgow, grade 1, Mount Pleasant Community School District, Cindy Rausher.

Mount Vernon: Diana Brace, grades 9-12, Iowa City Community School District, Heather Kreinbring and Ginny Ordman.

Urbandale: Jolee Hernandez, grade 12, Washington Community School District, Kerrie Willis.

Wilton: Sarah Stoskopf, grade 2, Muscatine Community School District, Kelli Sanders.


Santa Rosa: Kamie Stack, grades 4 and 5, Amana Elementary School in Middle Amana, Shane Rosenburg.


Bloomingdale: Alison Braun, grade 1, Schaumburg CC School District #54, Teresa Davies.

Crete: Marissa Panega, grade 2, Iowa City Community School District, Sandy Geissel.

Crystal Lake: Jenna Will, grade 5, Johnsburg Community School District 12, Lisa Majercik.

Darien: Kelly Heniff, grade 6, LaGrange Highlands School District #106, Cindy Novotny and Heather Pilch.

Elmhurst: Christine Kotarba, kindergarten and grade 3, Community Unit School District #200 in Wheaton, Ill., Mrs. Feeley.

Evanston: Rachel Dorit Goldberg, grade 8, East Prairie School District # 73, Danielle DeCamp and Suzan Bates.

Freeport: Ben Lischwe, grades 9-12, Iowa City School District, Ms. Walker.

Morris: Bridget Brandt, grade 2, New Lenox School District 122, Mary Zastro.

Naperville: Elizabeth Shabel, grades 5 and 6, Iowa City Community School District, Sabrina Whitlock.

Rockford: Jenna LaBrant, grade 5, Iowa City Community School District, Susy Junge.

Rockford: Brittany Erdmier, grade 2, Cedar Rapids Community Schools, Ann Heubner.

Tinley Park: Bridget Wetzel, grade 1, Highland Community School District, Michelle McCarthy.

Warrenville: Brittani Highland, grades 1 and 2, Iowa City Community School District, Robin Mandel.


Eden Prairie: Christine Hanson, grades 5 and 6, Iowa City Community School District, Mark Benton.

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