Dear University of Iowa Alumni:

I want to extend heartfelt thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support these past few weeks. The personal notes, calls, emails and contributions have gone a long way toward bolstering our spirits as we begin to reclaim parts of The University of Iowa affected by the recent flooding and prepare with renewed vigor and great enthusiasm for the Fall 2008 semester.

It was certainly difficult to watch as the Iowa River spilled over its banks and damaged portions of our beloved campus. At the same time, I was deeply moved to see countless students, faculty and staff join members of the Iowa City community and Iowa National Guard to fill, tie and place thousands of sandbags around critical buildings and equipment when it became clear the waters weren’t stopping.

The water hasn’t yet receded fully. Buildings are being ventilated, cleaned and assessed for repairs and occupancy, and we’re exploring alternative spaces for classes, research and the other business of a top Big Ten university. But I have every confidence – despite the work remaining – that the University will come back better and stronger than ever.

There are a great many reasons for my optimism. Classes for the Summer Session resumed June 23 and should finish on schedule. Orientation and registration for incoming undergraduate students, delayed by the flood, have been rescheduled. And by August 25, we expect to welcome all our students back for a full complement of classes -- all of this despite the campus enduring a flood that broke every historical record.

Additionally, we have taken a number of steps to help students, faculty and staff personally affected by the flooding with financial assistance, counseling and other services. The UI Flood Relief Fund has raised an estimated $300,000 to date, and we are finalizing a method for getting these generous contributions into the hands of people who need it most.   

So again, thank you for your tremendous support. It’s just one more reason why I’m proud to be a Hawkeye!


Sally Mason
University of Iowa President

P.S. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to donate to the UI Flood Relief Fund and want more information, please visit Alternately, you can contribute via a special link at between now and the end of July and the Big Ten Network will match your donation.