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Nov. 8, 2007

'Best Doctors in America' lists 269 UI physicians

The 2007 "Best Doctors in America" database has selected for recognition 269 physicians from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and UI Children's Hospital, an increase of 81 UI doctors over last year's total of 188.

The selected UI physicians come from 37 medical specialties and comprise over half of the 487 individual Iowa physicians on the nationwide database.

Furthermore, of those 487 total Iowa physicians on the "Best Doctors" database, 297 (61 percent) had one or more of their medical education experiences through the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine, according to Roger Tracy, assistant dean and director of the college's Office of Statewide Clinical Education Programs.

"Impressively, this 61 percent of 'Best Doctors' with a UI medical education connection represents an even greater share of the practicing physicians in Iowa who have a medical education connection with us, which is 51 percent," he said.

Of the 269 UI physicians on the database, all are members of University of Iowa Physicians, the faculty group practice of the UI Carver College of Medicine, which provides clinical services at UI Hospitals and Clinics and UI Children's Hospital.

Jean Robillard, M.D., vice president for medical affairs and dean of the UI Carver College of Medicine, said the number of "Best Doctors" in Iowa with a UI connection was impressive and reflects well on the university's impact on health care in the state.

"It certainly reaffirms what we already know about the superior quality of our faculty physicians," he said. "But it is also a true point of pride that so many 'Best Doctors' in Iowa have a medical education connection with us, as well."

Donna Katen-Bahensky, senior associate vice president for medical affairs and CEO of UI Hospitals and Clinics, added that having so many UI physicians listed shows the breadth and depth of expertise at UI Hospitals and Clinics.

"It's another indicator that the quality of patient care available here is very high," she said.

Craig Syrop, M.D., associate vice president for UI Physicians, noted that consumers should probably consider more than one source when assessing a physician's expertise.

"This database is one good way to assess a physician's qualifications but it's not the only way," he said. "There are many very competent doctors who aren't on the database right now, even though they may be highly respected within their fields of specialty."

"Best Doctors" is a Web-based resource that links consumers with expert medical care. The database, which results from peer review surveys undertaken by Best Doctors Inc., includes doctors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

To compile the database, more than 35,000 doctors throughout the United States were asked to rate the clinical abilities of other doctors in their areas of specialization. Only physicians who earned the consensus support of their peers were included. The company checks all doctors for licensing and certification requirements, plus nonqualifying disciplinary measures.

Best Doctors, Inc. uses its database to support services that link individuals with serious illness to expert medical specialists for second opinions or treatment. The company's Web site is

The database includes the following members of UI Physicians (some of whom are listed under more than one specialty, and 79 of whom are also listed in affiliation with UI Children's Hospital):

ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY: Richard Ahrens (also UI Children's Hospital); Zuhair Ballas; Mary Beth Fasano; Marta Little; Miles Weinberger (also UI Children's Hospital)

ANESTHESIA: Timothy Brennan; Javier Campos; Robert Forbes; J. Steven Hata; Bradley Hindman; John Moyers; Richard Rosenquist; Michael Todd

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Mark Anderson; Phillip Horwitz; Richard Kerber; Michael Kienzle; James Martins; Paul Lindower; Brian Olshansky


DERMATOLOGY: Christopher Arpey (also UI Children's Hospital); Janet Fairley; Kathi Madison; Thomas Ray; Mary Stone; Marta Van Beek

EMERGENCY MEDICINE: Charles Jennissen (also UI Children's Hospital); Bobby Peters

ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM: Joseph Dillon; Janet Schlechte, William Sivitz.

FAMILY MEDICINE: Alison Abreu; David Bedell; George Bergus; Richard Dobyns; John Ely; Jill Endres; Mark Graber; Paul James; Barcey Levy; Kelly Skelly; Jason Wilbur; Steven Wolfe

GASTROENTEROLOGY: David Elliott; Jeffrey Field; Frederick Johlin Jr.; Douglas LaBrecque; Bruce Luxon; Satish Rao; William Silverman; Robert Summers

GERIATRIC MEDICINE: Richard Dobyns; Margo Schilling


INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Peter Densen; Daniel Diekema; Charles Helms; Loreen Herwaldt; Jeffrey Meier; Rachel Miller; William Nauseef; Hala Shamsuddin; Jack Stapleton

INTERNAL MEDICINE, GENERAL: Mary Beck; Peter Densen; Christopher Goerdt; Lauris Kaldjian; Richard LeBlond; Paul Mulhausen; Nicole Nisly; Gary Rosenthal; Margo Schilling; Gregory Schmidt; Scott Wilson

MEDICAL ONCOLOGY AND HEMATOLOGY: Daniel Berg; Thomas Carlisle; Gerald Clamon; Roger Gingrich; Raymond Hohl; Steven Lentz; Brian Link; George Weiner

NEPHROLOGY: Bradley Dixon; Joel Gordon; Rebecca Hegeman; Lawrence Hunsicker; John Stokes, Christie Thomas

NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY: Jeremy Greenlee; Patrick Hitchon; Matthew Howard; Arnold Menezes (also UI Children's Hospital); Timothy Ryken; Vincent Traynelis

NEUROLOGY: Harold Adams, Jr.; Patricia Davis; Mark Dyken; Deema Fattal; Lynne Geweke; Mark Granner; Jun Kimura; Enrique Leira; Robert Rodnitzky; Erik St. Louis; William Talman Jr.; Jon Tippin; Ergun Uc; Michael Wall

NEUROLOGY, CHILD: Katherine Mathews (also UI Children's Hospital)

NUCLEAR MEDICINE: David Bushnell; Michael Graham; Daniel Kahn; Yusef Menda

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY: Janet Andrews; William Davis; Susan Johnson; Jennifer Niebyl; Craig Syrop; Bradley Van Voorhis; Jerry Yankowitz

OPHTHALMOLOGY: Wallace Alward (also UI Children's Hospital); Hilary Beaver; H. Culver Boldt (also UI Children's Hospital); Keith Carter (also UI Children's Hospital); James Folk; Karen Gehrs; Kenneth Goins; A. Tim Johnson; Randy Kardon; Ronald Keech (also UI Children's Hospital); Young Kwon (also UI Children's Hospital); Andrew Lee (also UI Children's Hospital); Jeffrey Nerad; Stephen Russell; Edwin Stone (also UI Children's Hospital); Thomas A. Weingeist

ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY: Annunziato Amendola; Joseph Buckwalter (also UI Children's Hospital); John Callaghan; Charles Clark; Frederick Dietz (also UI Children's Hospital); John Femino; J. Lawrence Marsh; Todd McKinley; James Nepola; Ignacio V. Ponseti (emeritus/also UI Children's Hospital); Stuart Weinstein (also UI Children's Hospital); Brian Wolf

OTOLARYNGOLOGY: John Canady (also UI Children's Hospital); Gerry Funk; Bruce Gantz (also UI Children's Hospital); Scott Graham; Marlan Hansen (also UI Children's Hospital); Henry Hoffman; Richard J. H. Smith (also UI Children's Hospital)

PATHOLOGY: Jo Ann Benda; Leslie Bruch; Michael Cohen; Barry De Young; Chris Jensen; Frank Mitros; Steven Moore; Robert Robinson; Nancy Rosenthal; Ronald Strauss

PEDIATRICS, GENERAL (all also listed with UI Children's Hospital): Carlyn Christensen-Szalanski; Claibourne Dungy; Lois Dusdieker; Mary Larew; Ellen Link; Vera Loening-Baucke; Jody Murph; Resmiye Oral; Vickie Pyevich; Shannon Sullivan; Jerold Woodhead

PEDIATRIC SPECIALIST (all also listed with UI Children's Hospital): Mutasim Abu-Hasan; Michael Acarregui; Richard Ahrens; Michael Artman; Dianne Atkins; Heather Bartlett; Edward Bell; Warren Bishop; Torah Colaizy; John Dagle; Jorge DiPaola; Patricia Donohoue; Charles Grose; Frederick Goldman; Jonathan Klein; Fred Lamb: Mary Larew; Ian Law; Deborah LinDyken; Larry Mahoney; Paul McCray Jr.; Frank Morriss; Mary J. H. Morriss; Jeffrey Murray; Andrew Norris; Resmiye Oral; Craig Porter; Jean Robillard; Robert Roghair; Thomas Scholz; Jeffrey Segar; Jeffrey Smith; Timothy Starner; Shannon Sullivan; Raymond Tannous; Michael Tansey; Eva Tsalikian; Miles Weinberger; John Widness; Zahi Zeidan; Ekhard Ziegler


PSYCHIATRY: Arnold Andersen (also UI Children's Hospital); Donald Black; Brian Cook; William Coryell; Raymond Crowe; Tracy Gunter; Jerry Lewis; Jill Liesveld; Delwyn Miller; Peggy Nopoulos; Bruce Pfohl; Richard Rinehart; Robert Robinson; Susan Schultz; Robert Smith; Scott Stuart; Debra Suda (also UI Children's Hospital); Michelle Weckmann; Nancy Williams

PULMONARY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE: John Fieselmann; Doug Hornick; Gary Hunninghake; Geoffrey McLennan; Jeffrey Wilson

RADIATION ONCOLOGY: John Buatti (also UI Children's Hospital); Geraldine Jacobsen

RADIOLOGY: Monzer Mohammed Abu Yousef; Thomas Barloon; Bruce Brown; John Chaloupka; George El-Khoury; Laurie Fajardo; Edmund Franken Jr. (also UI Children's Hospital); Minako Hayakawa; David Kuehn; Yutaka Sato (also UI Children''s Hospital); Wendy Smoker; Alan Stolpen

RHEUMATOLOGY: Robert Ashman; John Cowdery Jr.; Elizabeth Field; George Lawry II; Heraldine Stafford; Rebecca Tuetken; Scott Vogelgesang


SURGERY: Kimberly Ephgrave; Jamal Hoballah; Daniel Katz; Gerald Kealey (also UI Children's Hospital); John Lawrence (also UI Children's Hospital); Carol Scott-Conner (also UI Children's Hospital); Siroos Shirazi; William Sharp; Ronald Weigel


THORACIC SURGERY: James Davis (also UI Children's Hospital); Wayne Richenbacher, Timothy Thomsen

UROLOGY: Christopher Cooper (also UI Children's Hospital); Bernard Fallon; Karl Kreder; Richard Williams; Howard Winfield

STORY SOURCE: Joint Office for Marketing and Communications, University of Iowa Health Care, 200 Hawkins Drive, Room E110 GH, Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1009

MEDIA CONTACT: Tom Moore, 319-356-3945,; Writer: Mike Sondergard.