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Dec. 4, 2007

Engineering names 2007-08 student scholarship winners

(Student name) of (hometown), a (name of major) (year in school) in the University of Iowa College of Engineering, has been named the winner of a (scholarship name) scholarship(s) in the amount of (dollar amount) for the 2007-2008 school year.

The awards are given on the basis of merit.

One of 11 colleges on the University of Iowa campus, the College of Engineering has educational courses that date back more than a century. It teaches disciplines in biomedical, chemical and biochemical, civil and environmental, electrical and computer, and industrial and mechanical engineering.

The college is recognized for its small, personalized size, and focused mission. Its location on a strong liberal arts campus -- with natural strengths in writing and communications, health sciences, business, law, and arts and humanities -- provides highly complementary resources to build the type of broad technological education demanded in a rapidly changing world. It excels internationally in several specialty and interdisciplinary research areas, such as computer-aided design and simulation, human factors, environmental health solutions, biotechnology, medical imaging, hydraulics and water/air resources, and polymerization.

EDITORS: Scholarship winners are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa recipients listed first and those from other states following.


AGENCY: Michael Kelso, Agency, mechanical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

AMES: Michael Schaefer, Ames, civil engineering, senior, engineering, $1,500; Scholz, $2,000.

ANKENY: Matthew Bonney, Ankeny, engineering, freshman, Bogue, $1,000.

BELLEVUE: Lindsey Knake, Bellevue, biomedical engineering, freshman, Johnston, $1,000.

BETTENDORF: Cameron Miller, Bettendorf, electrical engineering, senior, Miller TECP, $500.

CASCADE: Logan Gassmann, Cascade, mechanical engineering, freshman, transfer, $1,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Olga Jennings, Cedar Rapids, chemical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Zachary Labs, Cedar Rapids, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Rachel Levine, Cedar Rapids, chemical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Russell Martin, Cedar Rapids, mechanical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: John Neuhaus, Cedar Rapids, electrical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Ben Peiffer, Cedar Rapids, electrical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $1,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Ryan Stultz, Cedar Rapids, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Dustin Tardiff, Cedar Rapids, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,200.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Leah Zmolek, Cedar Rapids, chemical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CHARLES CITY: Chris Kruthoff, Charles City, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CLARENCE: Aaron Irons, Clarence, chemical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

CLINTON: Pauline Gassman, Clinton, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CORALVILLE: Samuel Claus, Coralville, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,200.

CORALVILLE: Phil Edman, Coralville, mechanical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

CORALVILLE: Richard Teed, Coralville, civil engineering, junior, engineering, $750.

DAVENPORT: Huong Lenguyen, Davenport, chemical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

DUBUQUE: Amanda Arensdorf, Dubuque, mechanical engineering, senior, Sheedy, $1,000.

DUBUQUE: Matthew Kemp, Dubuque, electrical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

DUBUQUE: Erin Taylor, Dubuque, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,200.

ELDRIDGE: John Hennigan, Eldridge, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000,

FAIRFAX: Benjamin Waychoff, Fairfax, mechanical engineering, junior, transfer, $1,000.

FREDERICKSBURG: Joel Neuendorf, Fredericksbrg, electrical engineering, freshman, engineering, $2,000.

HUXLEY: Karen Haman, Huxley, chemical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

IDA GROVE: Jared Bogue, Ida Grove, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

INDEPENDENCE: Brianne O'Loughlin, Independence, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

INDEPENDENCE: Melanie Smith, Independence, biomedical engineering, freshman, Hinton, $500.

IOWA CITY: Brent Amelon, Iowa City, civil engineering, senior, Associated General Contractors, $1,000; engineering, $1,000.

IOWA CITY: Jordan Cannon, Iowa City, industrial engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

IOWA CITY: Brian DellaBetta, Iowa City, electrical engineering, senior, engineering, $500; Gannon Samek, $1,500.

IOWA CITY: Aaron Gwinnup, Iowa City, civil engineering, sophomore, American Society of Civil Engineers, $750, plus 2250 funded by UI; engineering, $2,000.

IOWA CITY: Justan Klaus, Iowa City, electrical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $1,500; Miller TECP, $500.

IOWA CITY: Shawn McDanel, Iowa City, mechanical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000; engineering, $1,000.

IOWA CITY: Lauren Michael, Iowa City, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

IOWA CITY: Nick Muhlenbruch, Iowa City, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000; engineering, $1,000.

IOWA CITY: Matthew Nutter, Iowa City, engineering, freshman, transfer, $1,000.

IOWA CITY: Daniel Wallace, Iowa City, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,200.

KALONA: Corin Nisly, Kalona, chemical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

LONG GROVE: Rocky Warren, Long Grove, electrical engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

LUXEMBURG: Joseph Steffen, Luxemburg, electrical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

MARION: Benjamin Feltz, Marion, electrical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

MARION: Collette Skoda, Marion, chemical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

MARSHALLTOWN: Melissa Clement, Marshalltow, biomedical engineering, senior, engineering, $1,500; Mielnik, $1,000.

MARSHALLTOWN: Ross DeVolder, Marshalltown, chemical engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

MARSHALLTOWN: Rachel Hawks, Marshalltown, biomedical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

MARSHALLTOWN: Sarah Rinehart, Marshalltown, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

MASON CITY : David Boyle, Mason City, undeclared engineering, first year,
engineering excellence, $1000

MASON CITY: Anne Buchele, Mason City, civil engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

MEDIAPOLIS: Jordan Rappenecker, Mediapolis, mechanical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

MONMOUTH: Katherine Merchie, Monmouth, civil engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

MONTROSE: Michelle Brisby, Montrose, industrial engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

MUSCATINE: David Loos, Muscatine, industrial engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

NORTH LIBERTY: Hannah Fleck, North Liberty, civil engineering, freshman, transfer, $1,000.

NORTH LIBERTY: Taleb Salameh, North Liberty, mechanical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

OTTUMWA: Travis, Lawrence, Ottumwa, electrical engineering, junior, transfer, $1,000.

PEOSTA: Holly Moriarty, Peosta, civil engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

ROBINS: Nick Sitter, Robins, electrical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $1,000.

SIGOURNEY: Jonathan Stichter, Sigourney, mechanical engineering, senior, transfer, $1,000.

SIOUX CITY: Travis DeWitt, Sioux City, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

SIOUX CITY: Kyle Hays, Sioux City, biomedical engineering, senior, Park, $3,000.

SPENCER: Amber Johnson, Spencer, chemical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

SPENCER: Jay Olberding, Spencer, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

SWEDESBURG: John Foster, Swedesburg, engineering, freshman, transfer, $1,000.

URBANDALE: Alexandra Keenan, Urbandale, biomedical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,200.

WATERLOO: Matthew Boss, Waterloo, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

WATERLOO: Daniel Gilles, Waterloo, civil engineering, junior, Iowa Concrete Pipe, $500.

WEST BRANCH: Adam Beranek-Collins, West Branch, chemical engineering, sophomore, transfer, $1,000.

WEST DES MOINES: Ryan Wallace , West Des Moines, civil engineering, senior, American Society of Civil Engineers, $750, plus 2250 funded by UI.

WEST DES MOINES: Catherine Pospisil, West Des Moines, biomedical engineering, freshman, engineering, $2,000.


CHANDLER: Kris Miguel, Cajipe, Chandler, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,500.


PARKER: Jenna Griffith, Parker, industrial engineering, sophomore, Fethke, $2,500.


CHICAGO: Howard Chen, Chicago, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

CRYSTAL LAKE: William Monroe, Crystal Lake, electrical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

DEER PARK: Sarah Arnberger, Deer Park, civil engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

ELK GROVE VILLAGE: Craig Wojcik, Elk Grove Village, civil engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

HICKORY HILLS: Mark Schall, Hickory Hills, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

HOFFMAN ESTATES: Eric DeCristofaro, Hoffman Estates, mechanical engineering, senior, engineering, $1,000.

LIBERTYVILLE: Ryne Gavigan, Libertyville, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $1,000.

MORTON GROVE: Joseph DeMonte, Morton Grove, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

MT. PROSPECT: Jim Guarino, Mt Prospect, civil engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

NAPERVILLE: Tyler Dunham, Naperville, biomedical engineering, junior, Park, $1,885.

PEKIN: Kevin, McWhorter Pekin, chemical & finance, senior, engineering, $2,000.

PEORIA: Allison Bartak, Peoria, mechanical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

SHOREWOOD: Kyle Hudson, Shorewood, civil engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

ST. CHARLES: Michael Magnetta, St Charles, biomedical engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.

WESTCHESTER: Cory Griffith, Westchester, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.


LA CRESCENT: Spencer Schoonover, La Crescent, civil engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

MEDINA: Thomas Metzger, Medina, mechanical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.

NEW HOPE: Erin Badali, New Hope, biomedical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.

WOODBURY: Nicholas Loudas, Woodbury, engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000.


LINCOLN: Kaitlyn Malone, Lincoln, biomedical engineering, junior, engineering, $2,000.


ALBUQUERQUE: Traci Iwamoto, Albuquerque, biomedical engineering, senior, engineering, $2,000.


WVERONA: Brennan Lentz, Verona, mechanical engineering, sophomore, engineering, $2,000

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