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May 3, 2006

UI Education Majors Student-Teach This Spring

(STUDENT NAME) of (HOMETOWN) has been involved in a semester-long assignment as a student teacher of (GRADE/S) in the (NAME OF SCHOOL DISTRICT) as part of (HIS/HER) training to become a teacher through the University of Iowa College of Education. The student's cooperating teacher(s) is/are (TEACHER NAME).

Student teaching is one of several practicum assignments students must complete in order to be licensed as K-12 teachers by the Iowa Department of Education. Students typically complete their student teaching in the last semester of their education at the UI. Students who meet special requirements have the option of completing part of their student teaching assignment abroad.

As student teachers, the students perform many of the duties that will be expected of them as full-time teachers. Under the direction of a cooperating teacher, they lead classroom sessions, create lesson plans and gain practical experience in many of the organizational and management skills needed to be effective teachers.

Founded in 1872, the University of Iowa College of Education was the nation's first permanent college-level department of education. Since then, the college has gained an international reputation of excellence in fields as diverse as rehabilitation counseling, testing and measurement, and language and literacy. It is home to the Iowa Testing Programs, developer of the widely used Iowa Tests of Basic Skills; to the Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development; and to such top-ranked programs as Rehabilitation Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Elementary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education and English Education and Literacy.

EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area is student teaching this semester. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's first and last name, the grade level he or she is teaching, the school district and the name(s) of the cooperating teacher(s) if available.

Altoona: Jessica Rae Heffernen, grades 9-12, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Ben Johnson.

Ames: Andrea Marie Woodward, grades 3-4, Iowa City Community School District, Yukiko Hill.

Ankeny: Kelly Nicole Gunn, grade 5, Des Moines Independent Community School District, Kisha Barnes.

Blue Grass: Brianna K. Billings, grade 3, Davenport Community School District, Lisa Robertson.

Camanche: Adam Nissen, grades 7-8, City of Chicago School District No. 299, Eric Calderon.

Camanche: Aubrey Steines, grade 4, West Liberty School District, Nancy Ekwall.

Cedar Rapids: Amanda Denise Wilson, K-5, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Lynda Black-Smith.

Cedar Rapids: Amanda Crosby, grade 5, Iowa City Community School District, Susy Junge.

Clinton: Megan Vens, grade 2, Waukee Elementary (Urbandale, Ill.), Brandon Schrauth.

Clive: Bridget McIlhon, K-3, Regina (Iowa City), Julie Lacina.

Council Bluffs: Amy Nissen, grades 3-4, Iowa City Community School District, Jessica Gardner.

Council Bluffs: Mariah Wellman, grade 1 (Roosevelt Elementary) and grade 6 (Franklin Elementary) in Council Bluffs, Lisa Swartz (Roosevelt) and Kristin Pigneri (Franklin).

Cresco: Lindsay Ellingson, grade 1, Iowa City Community School District, Annette O'Harra.

Des Moines: Lisa Birocci, grades 7-8, Solon School District, Sue Protheroe.

Des Moines: Katie Olson, grades 3-4, Iowa City Community School District, Christi Johnson.

Des Moines: Whitney Ross, grades 5-6, Iowa City Community School District, Nell Jackson.

Dubuque: Linsey Choun, grades 7-12, Dubuque Community Schools, Julie Scharringhausen.

Dubuque: Shelby Schiffer, grades 3-4 and K-6, Iowa City Community School District, Kami Skay and Frann Ostroff.

Eddyville: Natalie Kaster, grades kindergarten and 2, North School Community School District (Donahue, Iowa), Abby Brown and Jan Goettsch.

Eldridge: Clint R. Heitz, grade 7, Pleasant Valley Community Schools, Connie Nagel.

Fort Dodge: Lianna Powers, kindergarten, Van Alley Elementary in North Liberty, (Iowa City Community School District), Vicki Howsare.

Hamburg: Kara Hodde, grade 9 English, Solon School District, and K-5 ESL, Cedar Rapids School District, Ivy Nielson and Mary McGlashing.

Iowa City: Brian Davidson, junior high, Omaha Public Schools, Tim Krapp.

Iowa City: Kayla Klein, grade 6, Aldine Independent School District (Houston, Texas), Tina Chambers.

Iowa City: Jessica Maassen, grades 9 and 12, Iowa City Community School District, Karen Meyer.

Iowa City: Ben Nickels, grades 5-6, Iowa City Community Schools, Gary Glenn.

Johnston: Katie Petersen, grade 4, Adams County School District (Denver, Colo.), Elaine Haines.

Johnston: Ann Peterson, grade 2, West Des Moines Community School District, Paula Kjetgaard.

Joice: Anna Almelien, grade 4, Clear Lake Community School District, Rebecca Butz, and resource, Mason City Community School District, Sheryl Mariner.

Kalona: Stephanie Beeler, grades 3-4 and special education, Iowa City Community School District, Lance Green and Sheila McCarville.

Keokuk: Angie Derr, grades 1-2, Iowa City Community School District, Monique Moore.

Keota: Jill Bader, K-1, Sigourney Elementary, Diana Kerr and Charlotte Claywell.

McClelland: Joanna L. Stenlund, grade 2, College Community School District, Sue Grabe.

Maquoketa: Kate Bowman, grades 1-2, Iowa City Community School District, Jaimie Caffery.

Marion: Bethanie R. Kern, grades 3-4, Iowa City Community School District, Dawn Herren-Wegman.

Mason City: Andrew Willits, grades 1-6 and 912, Iowa City Community School District, Zach Durlam.

Muscatine: Hilary Warren, grade 2, Muscatine Community Schools, Kelly Sanders.

Mt. Vernon: Amelia M. Carl, grades 6-8, Mid Prairie Middle School (Kalona, Iowa), Wendy Allen.

Mt. Vernon: Diane Miller, high school, Mount Vernon Community Schools, and elementary school, Lisbon Community Schools, Laurie Zaiger and Joyce Trosky.

Nevada: Kim Jordan, grade 1, Cedar Rapids School District, Mary Palmer.

Panora: Ashley Norwood, grade 1, Waukee CSD, Tamara Kaldenberg.

Tipton: Renee Mente, grades 10-12, Davenport North High, Lisa Sarvestaney.

Waukee: Robert Robinson, grade 5, Commerce City School District (Denver, Colo.), Wendy Harkrider.

West Branch: Eric Ewald, grades 3-4, Iowa City Community School District, Pam Kautz.

West Point: Ramona R. Payne, kindergarten and grade 2, Iowa City Community School District and Lone Tree Community Schools, Kathy Saehler and Christa Davidson.


Arlington Heights: Laura Becker, grade 6, District 25 (Arlington Heights), Heather Sattler.

Arlington Heights: Elizabeth Glueckert, grades 1-2, Prospect Heights District 23, Sara Kirchner.

Barrington: Lucy Ann Brignola, grade 3, Kildeer Countryside CCSD No. 96 (Buffalo Grove, Ill.), Amy Gluck.

Barrington: Geneva Hillard, grades 1-2, Barrington Community School District No. 220, Jennifer Burton.

Barrington Hills: Kelsey Potter, grade 2, Palatine CCSD No. 15, Suzette Pereyra.

Batavia: Jennifer Little, grade 4, St. Charles CUST No. 303, Sheila Goodfellow.

Buffalo Grove: Lauren Fishman, grade 2, Iowa City Community School District, Lisa Hammer.

Buffalo Grove: Eleni Kartsimas, high school, District 220 (Barrington), Cindy Marsh.

Buffalo Grove: Hillary Ruben, grade 2, District 299 (Chicago), Jacqueline Neiman and Nicole Diamond.

Carol Stream: Brett Kueker, grades K-5 and 6-8, Community Consolidated School District (Carol Stream, Ill.), Donna Krusenoski and Judith Davenport.

Darien: Amy Wiltjer, grade 4, Iowa City Community School District, Anne Murphy.

Elk Grove Village: Kimberly Heyse, grade 4, District No. 54 (Schaumburg), Marla Garman.

Glen Ellyn: Alexis Tomaras, grade 1, District 80 (Wheaton), Mrs. Boeckel.

Glen Ellyn: Kara Windholm, grade 4, Glen Ellyn Community School District No. 89, Barb Tomasek.

Hillsboro: Beth Cady, grades 10-12, Washington (Iowa) Community Schools, Leonard Kull.

Johnsburg: Laura Kepraun, grade 4, No. 95 (Lake Zurich), Sharon Price.

La Grange: Elizabeth Sauers, grade 2, La Grange School District No. 105, Wendy Carter.

Lake Zurich: Paige Lonis, grade 3 and special education, Aptakisic-Tripp Community School District No. 102 (Tripp Elementary), Jen Pearl and Cara Garland.

Libertyville: Molly O'Brien, grade 2, Iowa City Community School District, Pam Johannes.

Montgomery: Joanna Abbattista, grade 2, Community Consolidated School District 181 (Clarendon Hills), Angela Segovia.

Mt. Prospect: Karen Lucas, grade 1, Iowa City Community School District, Beth Bonner.

Mt. Prospect: Anne Lucas, grades 3-4, Weber Elementary School (Iowa City Community School District), Laurie Martin.

Mt. Prospect: Kristen Maycan, grades 9-12, Solon High School (Solon, Iowa), Jennifer Boldt.

Mt. Prospect: Alyssa Tangney, grades 9-12, Township High School District No. 214 (John Hersey High School), Chris Marks and Kelley Pataky.

Naperville: Kimberly A. Fierce, high school, Indian Prairie School District No. 204 (Waubonsie Valley High School, Aurora, Ill.)

Peoria: Brian Braskich, grade 11, Iowa City Community School District, Stephanie McLaughlin.

Peoria: Michelle Zerbonia, grade 4, Indian Prairie Community School District No. 204 (Naperville), Corey Swift.

Quincy: Hilary Warren, grade 2, Muscatine Community Schools (Iowa), Kelly Sanders.

Schaumburg: Dawn Wessling, Schaumburg Community School District No. 54 (Hoffman Estates), Denise McMahon.

St. Charles: Katie Bullock, grades 5-6, Iowa City Community School District, Faye Marguia.

St. Charles: Laine DeLeo, grade 1, St. Charles CUSD No. 303, Laurelie Willard.

Wheaton: Meghann Melka, grade 4, Highland Community Schools (Ainsworth, Iowa), Don Schantz.

Wheaton: Taylor Ryndak, grade 3, Community Unit School District No. 200 (Wheaton, Ill.), Roseanne Kornak.

Woodstock: Jennifer Prichard, kindergarten, Iowa City Community School District, Mrs. Jensen.


Bowling Green: Cassandre Ruby, grades K-12, Bedford Public Schools (Temperance, Mich.), Jeffrey Thomas.


Wauwatosa: Lindsey McDonald, kindergarten and grade 2, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Nova Kolander and Sue Scott.

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