News highlights listed under the "current" heading are those most recently captured by UNS. Because UNS gets clips from multiple sources, the dates of current news highlights often differ from the actual current date.
      Each weekday, UNS moves clips captured the previous day from "Current" to "Other Recent National News Highlights" in order of their date of publication or broadcast. At the end of each month, summaries of clips published in a previous (or future) month are moved to those respective months' pages, which are accessible by clicking the archives buttons in the left navigation bar.
      When available, UNS includes Web links to stories summarized in the highlights. While links for stories more than a week or two old may expire and no longer work, links for clips listed under "current" should work. If they don't, please e-mail the UNS Webmaster at
      Internet access to the full text of articles summarized here may require on-line subscriptions to the publication in some instances.