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From: Vice President Jones
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006 1:13 PM
To: All Students
Subject: Tornado Recovery Counseling Support Services

After a long weekend of cleaning up our university and community, the physical process of recovering from the recent tornados has begun.  We can all be proud of the spirit of generosity shown by neighbors and strangers alike who have volunteered time and effort to aid in the storm clean up.  The results of these efforts are already visible in our community and on our campus.

As the physical damage from the storm is addressed and resolved we need also remain aware of the possible psychological aftermath for people who were directly affected, witnessed the storm first hand, and or aided in the clean up.  Unlike the physical damage, which is immediate and readily apparent, the psychological effects might take days or weeks to surface.

If you or someone you know begins to experience anxiety or depression in the coming weeks, or you notice a change in sleeping patterns, appetite, or the ability to concentrate, please be aware that counseling is available to University of Iowa students through the University Counseling Service.  The Counseling Service is located at 3223 Westlawn.  Appointments can be arranged by calling 335-7294.

The Association of Campus Ministers is available for pastoral care and counseling.  Contact information is listed at for those who would like to utilize these services.

Students are encouraged to contact their parents if they have not done so and let parents know their status.  Continue to watch for updates and resource information on the University home page at

Having lived through many and varied emergency situations on this campus during the past three and a half decades, I want to commend you as a student community for the poise you have shown in responding to the weather warnings last Thursday night and your caring and consideration for others in the aftermath of the storm.  As I have frequently said to students try to "obtain, maintain and establish a steady cool."

Phillip Jones
Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students