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Oct. 25, 2005

'Fossil Guy' To Lead 4 Saturday Dinosaur Programs At UI Museum

The University of Iowa's "Fossil Guy," Donald F. Johnson, will transport audiences through the "Twilight of the Dinosaur Age," in four Saturday presentations this fall at the UI Museum of Natural History on the Pentacrest. The series begins Saturday, Oct. 29, with "Experience the Bite of T-Rex," featuring a full-size replica of a T. Rex skull as well as real dinosaur bones with Tyrannosaur chew marks available for visitors to examine.

Additional presentations are scheduled for Nov. 5, Nov. 12 and Nov. 19. Each week, Johnson will give the presentation at 1 p.m. and at 2 p.m. The sessions on Oct. 29, Nov. 5 and Nov. 19 will be held in the Auditorium of Macbride Hall, and the Nov. 12 presentation will be held in the east end of the Hageboeck Hall of Birds.

Upcoming presentations in the series include:

Nov. 5: "Meet 'Laura' the Duck-billed Dinosaur." Participants will be among the first people to view this recently excavated skeleton from Montana, and learn why duckbills were some of the most fascinating and diverse groups of dinosaurs ever to roam the Earth.

Nov. 12: "Not Just Dinosaur Bones" will explore trace fossils and other evidence of dinosaurs, such as footprints, eggs and coprolites (fossilized dung). Learn how dinosaur skin, muscle and other soft tissues can be preserved over time and what we can learn from these fragmentary pieces of evidence.

Nov. 19: "Under the Feet of Triceratops." The three-horned Triceratops was truly a monster in the dinosaur world. Visitors will be able to touch real fossil bones of Triceratops, including a shoulder blade over 3 feet long, and learn about the wide variety of fossils of plants and animals under the feet of Triceratops.

For more information, call the UI Museum of Natural History at 319-335-0480 or see the museum's website at

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