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University of Iowa News Release

Oct. 19, 2005

UI Blank Center Honors Students, Schools

(STUDENT'S NAME) of (HOMETOWN) is among more than 850 students and teachers from Iowa and throughout the nation who were recently honored during the University of Iowa Connie Belin and Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development's annual Recognition Ceremony in Iowa City.

Additionally, recognized students were given the opportunity to honor a teacher they credited for having a profound influence on their lives. [OPTIONAL GRAPH: (STUDENT'S LAST NAME) selected (TEACHER'S NAME) of (HOMETOWN) for this honor.]

[OPTIONAL GRAPH: Also honored at this year's ceremony were the Iowa schools that were ranked among the Top 25 of the Iowa Advanced Placement (AP) Index. The index rating was calculated by dividing the number of AP exams taken by the number of students in the school's graduating class. (SCHOOL) in (TOWN) was among the Top 25 of the Iowa AP Index.]

The ceremony was held Oct. 8 at the Iowa Memorial Union on the UI campus.

Students were invited to be recognized by the center for exceptional performance in Belin-Blank Center student talent search, for receiving scholarships for Belin-Blank Center summer residential programs for gifted students, for being meritorious awardees at the Invent Iowa State Invention Convention or for having been admitted to National Academy of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

Addressing the students, teachers and guests via videotape was U.S. Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), who acknowledged the accomplishments of those being honored. Keynote speakers also included Lisa Bluder, head coach of the UI women's basketball team, and La'Chaira Jackson, a UI senior from Des Moines.

Schools included in the Iowa AP Index's Top 25 list were recognized for doing an exceptional job of giving students opportunities to take AP exams, whose successful completion can markedly improve a student's chances of doing well in college. The index is based on a formula that divides the number of AP exams taken by a school's students (of any grade) by the number of graduating seniors. This first report is based on the AP exams taken in May 2004 and seniors graduating in May or June 2004.

EDITORS: Receipt of this hometown news release indicates that someone from your coverage area was recognized during the Belin-Blank Center ceremony. Information is listed as follows after each state: Student hometown, student first and last name and (only if the student nominated a teacher) teacher first and last name teacher hometown and teacher state. Iowa students are listed first, followed by students from other states. Following that list is the listing of Iowa AP Index schools is provided, including their city and the school's ranking within the top 25.


Adel: John Bernau;

Adel: Sam Cook; Christy McCoy, Adel, IA

Adel: Taylor Gamble;

Adel: Zachary Keyt; Lynne Caltrider, Menlo, IA

Albia: Becca Mason; Suszanne Hollinrake, Albia, IA

Allentown: Chelsy Nekvinda;

Allerton: Melinda Stump;

Altoona: Tyler O'Connor;

Amana: Fritz Burgher; Tom Fuller, Oxford, IA

Ames: Lucas Borg; Ron Heinen, Ames, IA

Ames: Peter Dixon; Lee Roberts, Ames, IA

Ames: Marley Dobyns; Jayne Staniforth, Ames, IA

Ames: James Fang;

Ames: Tobias Gassman; Brigitte Gassman, Ames, IA

Ames: Alex Huang; Patricia Kunz, Ames, IA

Ames: Sandy Huang; Peggy Barbour, Ames, IA

Ames: Sarah Israel; Neil Van Slyke, Ames, IA

Ames: Sarah Loucks; Cappie Dobyns, Ames, IA

Ames: Hunter Peterson; Kirsten Barta, Ames, IA

Ames: Jungdae Suh; Wendy Edelson, Ames, IA

Ames: Nirvan Tyagi; Peggy Lewis, Ames, IA

Ames: Christopher Xin;

Ames: Hongmeng Zhou;

Anita: Cullen Turner; Kay Stork, Atlantic, IA

Ankeny: John Cain; Ray Cervetti, Johnston, IA

Ankeny: Madison Densmore; Ginger Johnson, Huxley, IA

Ankeny: Luke Glassman; Jana Dewhurst, Urbandale, IA

Ankeny: Kathryn Powers; Kristin Luther, Rhodes, IA

Ankeny: Michael Schmidt; Heidi Reichart, Ankeny, IA

Ankeny: Jean Xie;

Ankeny: Alan Zhou; Tera Severseike, Ankeny, IA

Aplington: Shelby Smith; Kristin Shindelar, Eldora, IA

Asbury: Natalie Weires;

Audubon: Matthew Hansen;

Beaman: Sawyer Anderson;

Bettendorf: Kyle Akker;

Bettendorf: Timothy Bawden; Susan Gahagan, Davenport, IA

Bettendorf: Tom Cao; William Grothus, Bettendorf, IA

Bettendorf: Joel Deere; Sharon Dixon, Moline, IL

Bettendorf: Sarah Dooley;

Bettendorf: Angela Edwards;

Bettendorf: Karina Foster-Middleton; Kathy Laffoon, Bettendorf, IA

Bettendorf: Shannon Holmberg;

Bettendorf: Madison Jensen; Mary Beth Kunau, De Witt, IA

Bettendorf: Azeem Khan;

Bettendorf: Samantha Meyer;

Bettendorf: Lauren Negaard; Lorna Sawyer, Princeton, IA

Bettendorf: George Qian;

Bettendorf: Molly Roup; Diane Fight, Bettendorf, IA

Bettendorf: Jason Stewart;

Bettendorf: Stephanie Yang; Jennifer Posey, Bettendorf, IA

Bettendorf: Nicholas Zerbonia; Mark Wilson, Bettendof, IA

Bloomfield: Adam Smith; Michelle Williams, Bloomfield, IA

Blue Grass: Lindsay O'Keefe; Kathryn Carnahan, Bettendorf, IA

Boone: Samantha Seeman; Donna Monson, Boone, IA

Boone: Jacob Venner; Donna Monson, Boone, IA

Bronson: Delaney Cole; Carrie Rice, South Sioux City NE

Burlington: Aakash Dhuna;

Burlington: Jonathan Weinand; Bernardo Thomas, Burlington, IA

Camanche: Stuart McCulloh;

Cedar Falls: Hannah Boelts

Cedar Falls: Jacob Johnson; Jodie Bonwell, Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls: Joseph Kruempel; Jewell Hays, Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls: Kristian Sims

Cedar Falls: Sean Spencer; Lyn Countryman, Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Rapids: Spencer Anderson; Nancy Blocker, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Caitlin Bradford

Cedar Rapids: Keely Burke

Cedar Rapids: Erin Camp

Cedar Rapids: Samantha Clem

Cedar Rapids: Ethan Craig; Barb Rhame, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Stephen Gilliland; Barbara Pestka, Delhi, IA

Cedar Rapids: Teresa Goeddel

Cedar Rapids: Christina Goeddel; Peggy Heysse, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Alex Green

Cedar Rapids: Lauren Hanzelka; Jean Oberbroeckling, Swisher, IA

Cedar Rapids: Adam Houk; Nancy Blocker, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Katharine Hughes; Mary Purdy, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Spencer Hughes; Tony Konrardy, Marion, IA

Cedar Rapids: Sarrah Knause; Mark Dierks, Marion, IA

Cedar Rapids: Adam Koch

Cedar Rapids: Amelia Kundel

Cedar Rapids: Anna Lessman; Nancy Felton, Monticello, IA

Cedar Rapids: Hunter Loushin; Patricia Brunner, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Brooke Martin; Maureen Engle, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Lilly McBride; Casey Prince, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Cheyanne McGrail

Cedar Rapids: Rishabh Nath; Mary Kopecky, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Luke Reynolds; Gary Hatfield, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Cole Rhatigan

Cedar Rapids: William Roberts

Cedar Rapids: Kristi Roehr; Jean Oberbroeckling, Swisher, IA

Cedar Rapids: Phill Roush; Donna Burkle, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids: Carly Ryder; Debra Dralle, Marion, IA

Cedar Rapids: Shannon Schreur; Annette Watermiller, Marion, IA

Cedar Rapids: Katy Shannahan

Cedar Rapids: Matt Thompson; Leon Lueck, Swisher, IA

Cedar Rapids: Katelyn Thompson

Center Point: Kyle Loux; Kathy Geers, Marion, IA

Central City: Jessica Webster

Chariton: James Anderson; Tom Anderson, Chariton, IA

Chariton: Alyssa Beatty; Cynthia Bedford, Russell, IA

Charles City: Emily Johnson; Deanna McNabb, Monticello, IL

Charlotte: Michael Jahn; Ruth Kampe, Fulton, IL

Clear Lake: Kaitlyn Chizek: Michele Penning, Garner, IA

Clive: Jordan Archer; Susan Wouters, Waukee, IA

Clive: Jared Farber; Scott Schoneberg, Des Moines, IA

Clive: Lucy Montgomery;

Clive: Antonio Montoya; Ann Orsini, West Des Moines, IA

Clive: Alexandra Reynolds;

Columbus Junction: Alexis Carson; Karlen Uhde, West Branch, IA

Columbus Junction: Elyssa McFarland; Karlen Uhde, West Branch, IA

Columbus Junction: Abbey Wilson; Kathy Moore, Columbus Junction, IA

Conesville: Marina Ramirez; Jill Hernandez, Columbus Junction, IA

Conrad: Isaac Novak;

Coralville: Graham Flitz; Patricia Curley, Iowa City, IA

Coralville: Eun-Soo Kim; Andrea Keech, Iowa City, IA

Coralville: Nathan Rehfuss; James Kirpes, Cedar Rapids, IA

Coralville: Jon Stahmer;

Coralville: Matthew Staib; Michael Petersen, Iowa City, IA

Coralville: Katherine Stratton;

Coralville: Lena Ye; Linda Muhly, Iowa City, IA

Coralville: Felice Zhang; Hantao Zhang, Coralville, IA

Corydon: Tate Lietzau-Mourer;

Corydon: Cody Morgan;

Corydon: Valentina Murray; Lorena Blount, Allerton, IA

Corydon: Audrey Selking; Diane Olson, Humeston, IA

Council Bluffs: Angela Brown; Chris Schultz, Council Bluffs, IA

Council Bluffs: Jonathan Gorman; Sheryl Hohensee, Omaha, NE

Council Bluffs: Kathryn Kinley;

Council Bluffs: Cara Lewis; Dirk Waller, Minden, IA

Council Bluffs: Shaina McCullough;

Council Bluffs: Kelsey Moore;

Council Bluffs: Wyatt Seals; Barbara Ryan, Omaha, NE

Council Bluffs: Emily Wahle;

Cresco: Jennifer Joslyn;

Dallas: Andrew Fee; David Knipper, Dallas, IA

Danbury: Justin Buth;

Davenport: Ayla Favati; Lynn Leming, Davenport, IA

Davenport: Irene Herzig; Tracy Paxton, Davenport, IA

Davenport: Amanda Malin; Dana Nichols, Bettendorf, IA

Davenport: Michelle Marsden;

Davenport: Ann McKillip; Lynn Leming, Davenport, IA

Davenport: Benjamin Merrill;

Davenport: Mitchell Miller; Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, IA

Davenport: Jonathon O'Leary; Marilee Thiessen, Davenport, IA

Davenport: Emily Roebuck; Karen Kline-Jerome, Davenport, IA

De Witt: Kate Heetland; Bryce Heathman, De Witt, IA

De Witt: Andrew Laureijs; Julie Doom, Jamestown, ND

De Witt: Rianne Laureijs; Julie Doom, Jamestown, ND

De Witt: Erin McDonnell;

De Witt: Adrienne Zimmer; Kerri Olson, De Witt, IA

Defiance: Catie Coenen; Nancy Kloewer, Defiance, IA

Defiance: Dana McKeever;

Denison: Brian Moran; Kathy Jones, Denison, IA

Des Moines: Christopher Kissel;

Des Moines: Megan Mansfield; Kelly Carpenter, West Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: Sarah Mansfield; Blaine Gillaspey, Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: China Mauck; Michael Logsdon, West Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: Erika Olson; Russell Vanderhoef, Indianola, IA

Des Moines: James Petersen;

Des Moines: William Ramundt; Molly House, Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: Clare Roth; Patricia Hogan, Waukee, IA

Des Moines: Richard Strohman; Thomas Gruis, Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: Clair Suttie; Joni Ibb, Des Moines, IA

Des Moines: Thalia Sutton;

Donnellson: Ryan Bergman;

Dubuque: Michael Bahl;

Dubuque: Abigail Bird;

Dubuque: Marissa Dienst; Patricia Hail, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque: Tyler Engelken;

Dubuque: Emily Lynn; Mary Kay Alexander, Potosi, WI

Dubuque: Melissa Paige; Thomas Witry, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque: Rachel Scott;

Dubuque: Erin Seymour;

Dubuque: Zachary Swanson;

Dubuque: Sarah Szeibel; Sharon Recker, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque: Scott Trahan; Kris Bankson, Bettendorf, IA

Dubuque: Ariyl True; Lorilee Hamel, Dubuque, IA

Durant: Allison Ralfs; Sandy Trede, Wilton, IA

Eddyville: Robyn Johnson; Donna Bohlmann, Ottumwa, IA

Eldora: Katie Priske;

Eldridge: Madison Temperly;

Elk Run Heights: Dezirae Fontes; Sally Goodenbour, Cedar Falls, IA

Ely: Melissa Szyperski; Craig Aune, Fairfax, IA

Fairfax: Michelle Lecaptain;

Fairfield: Teresa Font; Cory Klehm, Fairfield, IA

Fairfield: Alexander Greiner;

Fairfield: Galen Hawthorne;

Fairfield: Joselyn Heilmann; Rea-Eleene Woolley, Rock Island, IL

Farley: Danny Kramer; Sara Morrison, Farley, IA

Farmington: Jordan Keller; Diane Wilson, Fort Madison, IA

Fort Dodge: Diana Chou; Diane Pratt, Fort Dodge, IA

Fort Dodge: Emily Kendall;

Fort Dodge: Alexandra Rowell;

Fort Dodge: James Wu; Diane Pratt, Fort Dodge, IA

Garner: Joey Awtry;

Garner: Kristi Larson;

Gilbert: Emily Mullaney;

Gilbert: Nathan Ryan;

Glenwood: Garrett Hembry;

Grand Mound: Brady McNeil; Jeanne Rogis, De Witt, IA

Granger: Rosemarie Freymark; Mary Bramer, Clive, IA

Grinnell: Athene Cook;

Hamburg: Esther Wathen;

Hampton: Tanner Brolsma; Sandy Morrison, Hampton, IA

Harlan: Krista Garrett;

Harlan: Lisa Garrett;

Harlan: Ellen Klitgaard; Nancy Ludwig, Harlan, IA

Harlan: Taysha Murtaugh;

Humboldt: Jack Curran;

Humboldt: Samantha Larson;

Humboldt: Ryan Lee;

Humboldt: Cody Weisbrich; Alecia Sleiter, Humboldt, IA

Humeston: Emily Adams; Lorena Blount, Allerton, IA

Huxley: Evan Burger; Ann Lem, Kelley, IA

Huxley: Aaron Burger;

Huxley: Andrew Rietgraf;

Huxley: Annie Spencer; Kris Magel, Ames, IA

Independence: Matt Leisinger; Peggy Magner,, Independence, IA

Indianola: Kelsey Madesen; Melinda Davis, Ackworth, IA

Iowa City: Christina Achrazoglou; Alisa Meggitt, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Alexander Bailey; Sara Scott, West Liberty, IA

Iowa City: Stephen Berg;

Iowa City: Annika Bergstrom; Celeste Shoppa, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Irfon Bhatti; Mark Kluber, Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa City: Alexandra Braverman; Rachael Pisarik, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Harrison Burke; MaryNell Jackson, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Max Caballero; Steve Sproule, North Liberty, IA

Iowa City: Leiden Cervantes; MaryNell Jackson, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Xiang Chen; Wendy Trom, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Stephanie Choi; Mark Norton, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Justin Choi; Todd Simpson, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Laura Cremer; Stephen Merkel-Hess, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Jose Dipaola; Jan Bohnsack, Coralville, IA

Iowa City: Sophie Donta; Vicki Saunders, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Carly Hafner;

Iowa City: Michelle Han; Stacie Smith, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Luan Heywood; Alisa Meggitt, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Katherine Ingram; Jerry Zinn, North Liberty, IA

Iowa City: Josephine Ju; Cynthia Brochu, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Christopher Kambhu;

Iowa City: Joanna Kao; Robert Norton, North Liberty, IA

Iowa City: Audrey Keranen;

Iowa City: Lily Kim; Tom Lindsey, Coralville, IA

Iowa City: Teddy Larew;

Iowa City: David Lash; Anne Stokely, Grinnell, IA

Iowa City: Kelly Markham; Marilyn Marshall, North Liberty, IA

Iowa City: Elizabeth Miller;

Iowa City: Malinda O'Malley;

Iowa City: Abigail Peterson; Diana Lane, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Ruth Riedl; Hikari Nakamura, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Andaman Rosse; Carolyn Loops, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Rebecca Shipan; Skip Gorsch, Oxford, IA

Iowa City: Allison Stein; Mary Duffey, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Zachary Swanson; Karyl Zahorik, Ripon, WI

Iowa City: Kui Tang; Stephen Merkel-Hess, Iowa City, IA

Iowa City: Nneka Ukah; Travis Carlson, Coralville, IA

Iowa City: David Zabner; Gwen Ying, Washington, IA

Johnston: Matthew Beary; Daniel Loy, Des Moines, IA

Johnston: Leah Belknap;

Johnston: Abby Bowman;

Johnston: Kathryn Gulleen; Larry Gulleen, Johnston, IA

Johnston: Emma Henry; Daniel Loy, Des Moines, IA

Johnston: Kevin Hu;

Johnston: Jennifer Miao;

Johnston: Yiming Qin; Paula Skinner, Johnston, IA

Johnston: Yonghe Shen;

Johnston: Kevin Shi;

Johnston: Troy Shu;

Johnston: Brigid Strait; Paula Strait, Johnston, IA

Johnston: Megan Vaughan; Debbie Deskin, Urbandale, IA

Johnston: David Zhang; Russell Vanderhoef, Indianola, IA

Kalona: Molly Hussey; Becky Curtis, Iowa City, IA

Kalona: Patrick Hussey; Paul Kissell, Washington, IA

Keokuk: Daniel Lohman;

Keokuk: Natalie O'Shea; Dawn Schmitt, Keokuk, IA

Keokuk: Logan Piper;

Keokuk: Aaron Zetterlund;

Keota: Brandon Lyle; Mike Williams, Keota, IA

Kirkman: Caitlin Andersen;

Lawton: Serena Geisinger;

Lawton: Michael Pearson; Randy Uhl, Lawton, IA

Le Claire: Jeff Ryder; Adrianne Sheybani, Bettendorf, IA

Le Mars: Sadie Arens;

Le Mars: Jessica Kelly;

Le Mars: Anthony Schimek; Jeanne Rust, Le Mars, IA

Le Mars: Amelia Stonesifer;

Linden: Chris Rogers; Marilyn Deardorff`, Yale, IA

Long Grove: David Cell;

Lovilia: Nathan Chamberlain; Donna Bohlmann, Ottumwa, IA

Madrid: Austin Peters; Ron Hamel, Madrid, IA

Manchester: Zachary Chapman; Michelle Heiserman, Manchester, IA

Manchester: Eric Schnieders; Jackie Moorman, Manchester, IA

Manchester: Jacob Thomas; Mary Kelley, Manchester, IA

Manilla: Lynsie Sievertsen; Nancy Stammer, Manning, IA

Manson: Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch; Jo Vetter Manson, IA

Maquoketa: Alexandra Simpson;

Marion: Bryan Bentz; Connie Kordick, Marion, IA

Marion: Andrea Dunn; Barbara Pestka, Delhi, IA

Marion: Rajin Olson; Sherry Alexander, Marion, IA

Marion: Joel Rankin; Barbara Pestka, Delhi, IA

Marion: Alex Starr; Andy Strottman, Marion, IA

Marshalltown: Tyler Kluver; Marcia Plett, Gladbrook, IA

Marshalltown: Willy Tan; Carol Webb, Garwin, IA

Marshalltown: Madison Wynes;

Mason City: Katelyn Ficken;

Mason City: Erin Patchen; Nancy Wiltsie, Mason City, IA

Mediapolis: Crystal Armstrong;

Mediapolis: Jacob Burgus; Nancy Carter, Morning Sun, IA

Melbourne: Claire Runquist; Betsy Buck, State Center, IA

Melbourne: Lucas White; Betsy Buck, State Center,, IA

Milo: Cody Hoover; Kathy Glenn, Des Moines IA

Monona: Rachel Cahoon;

Monticello: Joshua Beal; Mary Melchert, Monticello, IA

Mount Vernon: Jeff St. Clair; DeAnn Scearce, Mount Vernon, IA

Muscatine: Alexandra Schilling;

Muscatine: Kirsten Schneider; Gary Lentz, Muscatine, IA

Muscatine: Kelly Van Acker; Teresa Chavarria, Muscatine, IA

Nevada: Chelsey Book;

New Virginia: Blake Findley; Janet Walkup, Osceola, IA

Newton: Allen Barr; Melissa Travis, Newton, IA

Newton: Tyler Latcham; Nancy Hemphill, Newton, IA

Newton: Michael Rau;

North Liberty: Thane Somers; Stacie Smith, Iowa City, IA

Norwalk: Samuel Weis;

Norway: Emelia Thompson; Denise Nottger, Vinton, IA

Oskaloosa: Danan Flander; Kathy Christensen, Oskaloosa, IA

Oskaloosa: Timothy Foster;

Oskaloosa: Adam Hammes; Claudia Martin, Oskaloosa, IA

Oskaloosa: Anna Haselhuhn; Crystal Hornback, Sigourney, IA

Oskaloosa: Jessica Kitzman;

Oskaloosa: Natalie Whitis;

Ottosen: Christopher Schmidt; Claudia Koch, Fort Dodge, IA

Ottumwa: Susan Gates; Sheryl Friedman, Blakesburg, IA

Ottumwa: Bryan LaRue; Su Brown, Ottumwa, IA

Oxford: Dakota Prymek; Brad Fox, Amana, IA

Parkersburg: Kaily Studnicka; Pam Trelstad, Cedar Falls, IA

Pella: Ashley Dorman;

Pella: Cameron Van Kooten; Pamela Gallaher, Pella, IA

Perry: Sean Smith; Angie Aldridge, Woodward, IA

Portsmouth: Brittnee Boardman; Debra Brix, Walnut, IA

Portsmouth: Brent Bruck;

Portsmouth: Derek Buman; Nancy Ludwig, Harlan, IA

Postville: Patrick Brackett;

Prole: Mary Lynch; Kari Kaufman, Martensdale, IA

Robins: Jacqueline Belding; Sara Hofer, Cedar Rapids, IA

Robins: Seth Wagner;

Rose Hill: Kristin Anderson;

Rose Hill: Michael Groenenboom; Donna Boots, Pella, IA

Runnells: Torin Dewdney;

Runnells: Alex Pasker;

Runnells: Sam Reeve;

Sabula: Kasandra Stopher; Annie Carpenter, Clinton, IA

Scotch Grove: Angelique Farris;

Shelby: Benjamin Heilig; Rebecca Milliken, Irwin, IA

Shell Rock: Faithe Guyer;

Sidney: Darynn Carlock;

Sigourney: Dalton Webster; Julie Wohler, Sigourney, IA

Silver City: Emily Selander;

Sioux City: Grace Vezeau;

Spencer: Alyssa Carlson; Mary Frank, Spencer, IA

Spencer: Christopher Deffer;

Spencer: Nolan Goeken;

Spencer: Clare Goeken; Nancy Geisinger, Spencer, IA

Spencer: Hailey Jennings;

Spencer: Emily Johnson;

Sperry: Michael Fosdick; Nancy Carter, Morning Sun, IA

Sperry: Stewart Heckenberg; Nancy Carter, Morning Sun, IA

Spirit Lake: Megan Skalbeck;

Spirit Lake: Sarah Webb;

Spragueville: Austin Lane; Lou Behrend, De Witt, IA

St. Charles: Samantha Bitz; Chris Benedict, St. Charles, IA

Stratford: Katelynn McCollough; Elizabeth Foss, Webster City, IA

Swisher: Floyd "Richie" Richardson III; Sue Skala, Solon, IA

Toledo: Kelly Chizek; Nancy Russell, Toledo, IA

Treynor: Madison Clark;

Treynor: Miranda Smith; Gail Hartigan, Treynor, IA

Urbandale: James Boose;

Urbandale: Kelsey Brown; Kate Safris, Johnston, IA

Urbandale: Lucas Evans;

Urbandale: Senuri Jayatilleka;

Urbandale: Brian Kim; Yong Kim, Urbandale, IA

Urbandale: Anthony O'Donnell;

Urbandale: Anne Talbot;

Urbandale: Valerie Wilkinson;

Van Meter: Grant Hibbard; Stacey Irvine, West Des Moines, IA

Walker: Jordan Takes; Lori DeBoer, Waterloo, IA

Wapello: Bailey Doolin; Jane Bostian, Wapello, IA

Wapello: Dakota Hoben;

Wapello: Cody Shafer; Jane Bostian, Wapello, IA

Washington: Justin Hoffman; Jane Flander, Keota, IA

Washington: Kyle Roder; Heather Greiner, Washington, IA

Waterloo: Melissa Palma; Sharon Porter, Waterloo, IA

Waterloo: Sriya Subramani; Jody Stone, Cedar Falls, IA

Waukee: Kaitlyn Burke;

Waukee: Lansing Wei; Tyra Behnkendorf, Urbandale, IA

Waverly: Molly Arns;

Waverly: Chelsey Bliss; Cory McDonald, New Hampton, IA

Waverly: Clare Boerigter;

Waverly: Amanda Johanns; Sally Thorson, Waverly, IA

Waverly: Daniel Rediske;

Waverly: Indigo Scott;

Wayland: Colin Brose;

West Bend: Jack Riesenberg;

West Branch: Abigail Baker;

West Branch: Davis Frederick;

West Des Moines: Emily Adams; Phil Grove, Van Meter, IA

West Des Moines: Allison Apland;

West Des Moines: Joseph Cherny; Orv Spence, Johnston, Iowa

West Des Moines: Justin D'Souza; Stephanie Wilson, Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines: Eric Du; Melissa Horton, Waukee, IA

West Des Moines: Rohit Iragavarapu;

West Des Moines: Ryan Koehler;

West Des Moines: Annie Pigott;

West Des Moines: Tricia Shi; Vicki Coleman, West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines: Abigail Sipfle; Ginger Monson, West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines: Hogan Tilley; Mike Beranek, West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines: Matthew Tough; Mike Macki, Cambridge, IA

West Des Moines: Abhishek Vemuri;

West Des Moines: Julianne Wagoner; David Kobberdahl, West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines: Stephen Wahlig; Nikki Matthias, Ankeny, IA

West Des Moines: Katherine Weldon;

West Des Moines: Peige Zhou;

West Point: Cassandra Peitz; Amanda Schiller, Donnellson, IA

Williamsburg: Sarah Claypool;

Williamsburg: Julia Zalenski;

Williamsburg: Grace Zalenski;

Winterset: Michael Braga;

Winterset: Kara Mohs; Annette Purdy, Winterset, Iowa

Winterset: Kelsey Mohs;

Winterset: Tyler Pauly;

Winterset: Jake Smith; Cindy Watson Pottebaum, Winterset, IA

Winthrop: Brandi Crawford;

Woodbine: Daniel Grothe; Susie Schultz, Woodbine, IA


Altamonte Springs: Rehana Packwood; Susan Altenburg, Casselberry, FL

Boca Raton: Stephanie Heung; Lynore Valenza, Boca Raton, FL

Boca Raton: Christopher Heung;

Boca Raton: Pavitra Jaiswal:

Boca Raton: Austin Powers;

Boca Raton: Mike Qian;

Boca Raton: Ming Da Qu;

Boca Raton: Sabrina Santos;

Boca Raton: Scott Shapiro; Barbara Nestler, Boca Raton, FL

Boynton Beach: Alyssa Elliott;

Coconut Creek: Joshua Rich:

Daytona Beach: Emmet Harrington;

Deland: Kathryn Beckwith:

Deland: Christopher Finkle;

Deland: Blake Teres;

Deland: Haylie Walker;

Delray Beach: Jonathan Elias;

Delray Beach: Peter Gregory; Lynore Valenza, Boca Raton, FL

Delray Beach: Erin Tracy;

Deltona: Nicole Glabinski;

Deltona: Taylor Selbe;

Deltona: Michael Thomas;

Immokalee: Oscar Guzman;

Jupiter: Mason Bogue;

Lake Mary: Mikaela Malanga;

Lake Mary: Hannah Miyanji;

Lake Worth: Prince Ahmed;

Lake Worth: Melissa Nabors;

Lake Worth: Kathryn Richardson; Elissa Levine, Lake Worth, FL

Lakeland: Carter Casey-Rutland;

Longwood: James Litvak:

Longwood: Austin Reed; Ron Bradley, Lake Mary, FL

Longwood: Jacqueline Schneider; Susan Altenburg, Casselberry, FL

Longwood: Bryan Tran;

Longwood: Tindall Williams:

Melbourne: Raven Diaz;

Melbourne: Elizabeth Saam;

Melbourne: Leo Torres:

Melbourne: Denise Yoon; Cindy DeForest, Melbourne, FL

New Smyrna Beach; Phoebe Dowling;

North Palm Beach; Cayman MacDonald; Ruth Dry, North Palm Beach, FL

Orlando: Aaron Kroll;

Ormond Beach: Casandra Kane;

Oviedo: Dylan Belfield; Kevin Belfield, Ovideo, FL

Oviedo: Sam Calcutt;

Oviedo: Taylor Simonds; Taru Joshi, Winter Springs, FL

Palm Bay: Anthony Vigil; Ellen McWilliams, Palm Bay, FL

Palm Coast: Amanda Wilson;

Plantation: Allion Salvador;

Port Orange: Casey Finch;

Port Orange: Jillian Masucci;

Sanford: Tyler Coughlin;

Sanford: William McClory; Deborah Nunamaker, Winter Springs, FL

Sanford: Ashley Poort;

Satellite Beach: Aaron Rotenberg; Mitch Rotenberg, Satellite Beach, FL

Tampa: Simone De Cotret;

Tampa: Emily Sugrue; Carol Schiavone, Tampa, FL

Titusville: Troy Cunio; Marianne Shayka, Titusville, FL

Titusville: Bobby Strange;

Titusville: David Walker;

West Palm Beach: Tucker Elliott;

Winter Springs: Brandon Koller;

Winter Springs: Ryan Mulvaney;


East Dubuque: Jordan Lester; Paula White, Worthington, IA

Glasford: Chris Barger; Aaron Stremmel, Hanna City, IL

McHenry: Juliana Benedetto;

Moline: Souriyo Dishak; Leigh Ann Schroeder, Bettendorf, IA

Nauvoo: Nolan Wilkens; Gail Kunch, Fort Madison, IA

Rock Island: Carl Davis;

Rock Island: Vikas Velagapudi; David Wolfe, Bettendorf, IA

Woodstock: Michael Hansing; Gigi Carlson, Woodstock, IL


Manhattan: Kyle Apley; Richard Bartosh, Nevada, IA

Overland Park: Mackenzie Lunney; Jenifer Huyck, Grimes, IA

Salina: Marisol Sternke; Norah Figg, Salina, KS


Hopkinton: Martin Gallagher; Michelle Conlon, Ames, IA


Fort Gratiot: Amy Finkel;

Gaylord: Kaitlyn Klay;


Florissant: Stephanie Hulsey; Doreen Hulsey, Florissant, MO

Kansas City: Jared Wright; Connie Isbell, Overland Park, KS

Springfield: Karina Bielecki; William Easterday, Hot Springs, AR

Springfield: Elizabeth Kaatz;


Grand Island: Preston Fegley; Jacy Horst, Grand Island, NE

Grand Island: Sarah Kuta;

Omaha: Drew Conley;


Albuquerque: William Pottinger; Mark Robinson, Rio Rancho, NM


Hogansburg: Katsitsahente Charles; Cecelia Sesi King, Hogansburg, NY


Athens: Maxwell Taylor-Milner; Tracey Donovan, Des Moines, IA

Hilliard: Jackson Ramsey;


Sioux Falls: Peter Petrasko; Jeanice Finnegan, Sioux Falls, SD

EDITORS: Following is the listing of Iowa AP Index schools, including their city and the school's ranking within the top 25.

Ames High School, Ames, 7

Ankeny High School, Ankeny, 19

Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf, 17

Kuemper Catholic High School, Carroll, 10

Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, 21

Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, 2

John F. Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, 3

Xavier High School, Cedar Rapids, 24

BCLUW High School, Conrad, 11

Theodore Roosevelt High School, Des Moines, 14

Central Academy*, Des Moines, (see * below)

Hempstead High School, Dubuque, 8

Wahlert High School, Dubuque, 25

Regina Junior-Senior High School, Iowa City, 1

West Senior High School, Iowa City, 4

Johnston Senior High School, Johnston, 23

Lisbon High School, Lisbon, 18

Muscatine High School, Muscatine, 13

Norwalk Community High School, Norwalk, 5

Pleasant Valley Community High School, Riverdale, 16

Sheffield-Chapin High School, Sheffield, 22

Spencer High School, Spencer, 9

Mid-Prairie High School, Wellman, 15

Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines, 12

West Liberty High School, West Liberty, 20

East Buchanan High School, Winthrop, 6

* Central Academy received special recognition, but was not ranked as it is a school specifically for talented and gifted students.

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