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March 29, 2004

UI Presidential Scholarships Awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 50 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Presidential Scholarship for the 2004-2005 academic year. The award is the most prestigious honor given to entering freshmen. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parent's name).

Recipients were chosen from a field of almost 606 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Presidential Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school class rank, grade-point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $7,000 per year or $28,000 over four years.

EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Presidential Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter, parents' names.


Ames, Xiang Gu, Gilbert Community School, son, Roy Gu

Bellevue, Alexandra Kieffer, Marquette High School, daughter, Wayne Kieffer and Marian Meyer

Belmond, Kaitlin Pals, Belmond Klemme High School, daughter, Eugene and Teresa Pals

Bettendorf, Jessica Pryor, Pleasant Valley Community High School, daughter, Ron and Joanne Pryor

Bettendorf, Craig Barnes, Pleasant Valley Community High School, son, Jack and Caroline Barnes

Bettendorf, Lindsey Negaard, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Larry and Jacqueline Negaard

Bettendorf, Sheena Plamoottil, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Matthew and Susy Plamoottil

Bettendorf, Amanda Dunlavy, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Tim and Michelle Dunlavy

Bettendorf, Maureen Gordon, Pleasant Valley Community High School, daughter, Colleen Gordon

Burlington, Patrick Bockenstedt, Burlington Community High School, son, Timothy and Kristi Bockenstedt

Cedar Falls, Margaret Poe, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, David and Julie Poe

Clear Lake, Lauren Trembath, Clear Lake Community School, daughter, Stuart and Leigh Trembath

Clive, Barrett Anderson, Valley High School, son, Fred and Vicki Anderson

Coralville, Kevin Kang, West High School, son, Ailian Bai and Yu Ming Kang

Davenport, Diana Mina, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Susan Mina

Des Moines, Alexandra Nielsen, Roosevelt High School, daughter, William and Jeannie Nielsen

Des Moines, Ru-Huey Yen, Abraham Lincoln High School, daughter, Chia-Yueh Yen

Hanlontown, Benjamin Harringa, North Central High School, son, Vicki and Robert Harringa

Hanlontown, Laura Harringa, North Central High School, daughter, Vicki and Robert Harringa

Iowa City, Elizabeth Pusack, City High School, daughter, James P. Pusack and Joanne L. Shaver

Iowa City, Alissa Witzke, City High School, daughter, Brian and Karen Witzke

Iowa City, Sarah Byram, City High School, daughter, Scott and Nancy Byram

Iowa City, Thaisan Tonthat, West High School, son, Tuong and Thaibinh Tonthat

Iowa City, Tyson Wirth, City High School, son, Bill and Cher Wirth

Iowa City, Analisa Russo, West High School, daughter, Ralph and Mary Russo

Iowa City, Katherine Rethwisch, City High School, daughter, David Gerard and Mary Ellen Rethwisch

Johnston, David Blume, Johnston High School, son, James Blume

Johnston, Kyle Mandsager, Johnston High School, son, Neil and Kathryn Mandsager

Marion, Brookie Roundy, Linn-Mar High School, daughter, Brookie Swallow

Marshalltown, Melissa Clement, Marshalltown Sir High School, daughter, Rick and Shirley Clement

Oelwein, Sandra Imoehl, Oelwein High School, daughter, Kevin and Sue Imoehl

Ottumwa, Stephen Wilson, Ottumwa High School, son, Natalie B. and Russell J. Wilson, Sr.

Ottumwa, Grant Gardner, Ottumwa High School, son, Greg and Linda Gardner

Pleasant Hill, Catherine Swoboda, East High School, daughter, Rod and Eileen Swoboda

Sac City, Katharine Nuehring, Sac City High School, daughter, Alan and Isabel Nuehring

Sioux City, Eleanor Frisch, West High School, daughter, Adam Frisch and Jeanne Emmons

Urbandale, Corey Goerdt, Johnston High School, son, John Goerdt and Susan Myers

Walford, Meghann Mahoney, Prairie High School, daughter, Patrick and Sydney Mahoney

Walnut, Thomas Waterbury, Atlantic High School, son, Michael and Deborah Waterbury

Wheatland, Andrew Dehner, Claus-Wheatland High School, son, Michael Dehner and Marilyn Dykema-Dehner


Anchorage, Matthew Everhart, Robert Service High School, son, Douglas and Nancy Everhart


Rancho Santa Fe, Lauren Santore, Torrey Pines High School, daughter, Richard and Kathy Santore


Louisville, Elizabeth O'Brien, Monarch High School, daughter, Mary and Tim O'Brien


Arlington Heights, Katie Smoucha, Prospect High School, daughter, Tom and Linda Smoucha

Clarendon Hills, Christine Hands, Hinsdale Central Township High School, daughter, Cherie and Daniel Hands

Elmwood Park, Rachel Maly, Fenwick High School, daughter, Michael and Mary Beth Maly

Freeport, Benjamin Lischwe, Freeport Senior High School, son, Bernard and Deborah Lischwe

Glenwood, Ashley Virene, Homewood Flossmoor Cmty H S, daughter, Jeffrey M. and Jodie G. Virene

Gurnee, Grant Lack, Warren Township High School, son, Richard and Cynthia Lack

Marengo, Nicole Becklinger, Marengo Community High School, daughter, Mark and Kathie Becklinger

Normal, Ephraim Ben-Abraham, Normal Community High School, son, Ruth Ben-Abraham

Quincy, Brett Clouser, Quincy Senior High School, son, Richard and Jayne Clouser

Tinley Park, Samuel Lin, Chicago Christian High School, son, Jimmy and Doris Lin

Tremont, Ashley Goulden, Tremont High School, daughter, Karen Goulden


Valparaiso, Jaime McCoin, Wheeler High School, daughter, Jeff and Carol McCoin


Lexington, Daniel Cothran, Lafayette Senior High School, son, Marian and Gus Cothran


Golden Valley, Stuart Breczinski, Robbinsdale Cooper High School, son, John and Jill Breczinski

Lakeville, Thomas Gioielli, Lakeville Senior High School, son, Gene and Debbie Gioielli

Minnetonka, Jennifer Werden, Minnetonka High School, daughter, David and Denise Werden

Winona, Jenna Sauers, Rangi Ruru Girls School, daughter, Daniel Sauers and Marie Kovecsi


Columbia, Katie Guckert, Columbia-Rock Bridge Senior High School, daughter, Don and Sylvia Guckert


Omaha, Meghan Mercier, Westside High School, daughter, Susan Mercier

Omaha, Sarah Porter, North High School, daughter, David and Vicky Porter

Omaha, Meghan Gaule, Westside High School, daughter, Michael and Linda Gaule


Corrales, Jamin Rol, Cibola High School, son, Maurice Rol and Bridget Post


West Chester, Matthew Borths, Saint Xavier High School, son, Robert and Julie Borths


Gresham, Matthew Vail, Centennial High School, son, Laurie and Brian Vail


Sioux Falls, Kendra Trites, Washington High School, daughter, Charles and Melanie Trites

Vermillion, Geng Wang, Vermillion High School, son, Xiaotian and Ying Wang


Knoxville, Rachael Dietlin, Karns High School, daughter, Jennifer and Phil Trussell


Plano, Joseph Schulman, Plano West Senior High School, son, Mark and Kristine Schulman


Arlington, Elizabeth Cobble, Yorktown High School, daughter, Steven Cobble and Molly Smith


Eau Claire, Kinzy Janssen, Eau Claire Memo High School, daughter, Thomas and Pamela Janssen


REPUBLIC OF KOREA, Seo-Young Lee, Global Christian School, daughter, Dal-Heui Lee and Moon Young Shin

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