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July 29, 2004

UI External Support Totals $333.9 Million For 2003-2004

University of Iowa faculty, together with staff and students, generated $333.9 million in grants and contracts for UI research, education and service during fiscal 2004. The total is the third-highest ever recorded by the university. Over the past three years alone, the UI has attracted more than $1 billion in external support.

"Although we were down from last year, our best year ever, the 2004 total follows three consecutive years of very significant growth and continues to represent an impressive accomplishment by University of Iowa faculty, staff and students in writing and winning grants," said Bill Decker, (left) interim vice president for research. "We view the downturn as a temporary plateau and look forward to continued research growth, thanks to the talent and hard work of all UI researchers."

The total for fiscal 2004, the 12-month period ending June 30, 2004, represents a 5.4 percent decrease from 2003, but surpasses the one-third-billion dollar mark for the third consecutive year.

The 2004 fiscal year also marked the 18th consecutive year in which the UI has attracted more than $100 million in external support. Since 1967, when overall records were first kept, the university has attracted $4.78 billion in total external support.

According to the most recently available National Science Foundation (NSF) statistics (2002), the UI ranks 18th among all public universities in federal research-and-development expenditures. In addition, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ranked the UI 11th among all public universities receiving NIH funding for the 2003 fiscal year.

UI President David Skorton said: "This enormous record of continuing to receive high levels of competitive external support is due to the innovative ideas and effective work of our faculty, research staff and students. Thanks to their efforts, the university continues to expand its contributions to the state, the nation, and the world."

Derek H. Willard, special assistant to the president for governmental relations and associate vice president for research, noted that the rate of growth in federal agency support for university-based research nationwide is expected to slow over the next few years. "Congress has been able to increase research support, including a remarkable doubling of the NIH budget, in recent years," Willard said, "but now it will be hard pressed to meet or exceed figures that will keep pace with inflation." He expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Iowa delegation in its support of research and knowledge of its impact as the driver of economic growth and national well-being.

The principal external funding sources for UI research and development during fiscal 2004 (compared to fiscal 2003 amounts) were:

-- Dept. of Health and Human Services (includes NIH): $184.3 million (up by less than 1%)
-- Nat'l Science Foundation: $9.5 million (down 11%)
-- Nat'l Aeronautics & Space Admin.: $5.3 million (down 20%)
-- Dept. of Education: $14.5 million (down 4%)
-- Dept. of Defense: $8.3 million (up 14%)
-- Industry: $30.6 million (down 9%)
-- States: $23.5 million (down 39%)
-- Private Organizations: $30.7 million (up 5%)
-- Other Non-federal: $18.8 million (up 29%)
-- Misc. Fed: $8.4 million (down 37%)

Wendy L. Beaver, interim director of the UI Division of Sponsored Programs, noted that the number of applications (up one percent) and the dollar amount requested (up six percent) rose once again compared to the applications submitted the previous year.

"Faculty, staff and student researchers work hard every year to attract external funds," she said.

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