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Dec. 27, 2004

Local Students Head To Bowl Game With UI Hawkeye Marching Band

(Name) of (hometown) is going to the CapitalOne Bowl in Orlando, Fla., as a member of the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band. (Name) is a (class standing) at the UI and plays the (instrument) with the band. (Parents' names also available for some students.)

The band will take 250 students to Orlando for the Jan. 1 game between the UI and the Louisiana State University Tigers. Students in the Hawkeye Marching Band hail from 82 communities in Iowa, 38 in Illinois, and seven other states. The band performs under director Kevin Kastens, a member of the UI School of Music faculty.

The band will depart from Cedar Rapids the morning of Dec. 29. The full band will perform for the CapitalOne Bowl halftime show, as well as the Orlando Citrus Parade and the "Hawkeye Huddle" at the Orange County Convention Center on Dec, 30, at Disney World and Universal Studios on Dec. 31, and at the Seller Kuykendall Hospitality Village prior to the game on January 1.

Kastens is associate professor of music and assistant director of bands at the UI. He directs the Hawkeye Marching Band and the Concert Band, teaches band arranging and marching band techniques, and is the director of the All-State Music Camp.

Kastens has presented workshops and clinics on marching band techniques and computer drill design and appeared as guest conductor throughout the Midwest and Canada. He has had numerous articles published on instrumental music education in The Instrumentalist and other professional publications. A leader in the field of computer-assisted marching band drill design, he helped develop "Drill Quest," a drill-writing software program.

The School of Music is part of the Division of Performing Arts in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The Hawkeye Marching Band web site is For information on UI arts events, visit on the World Wide Web.

* * *

NOTE TO EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your community or readership area is traveling to the CapitalOne Bowl as a member of the 2004-2005 UI Hawkeye Marching Band. Students' names are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa hometowns listed first. After each hometown name, the listing provides each student's name, class standing at the UI, and the instrument the student plays in the band. If provided by the student, their parents' names are listed as well. Please note that these listings are based on information provided by the students; some listings may not be complete. Editors are also advised to check the hometown listings of all communities in their region.

AMES: Anastasia Bassis, piccolo, sophomore, Irina & Vladimir; Stacy Evans, mellophone, freshman

ANKENY: Aaron Bonney, baritone, freshman; Heather Lovell, trumpet, freshman

AUDUBON: Jill Hoffman, saxophone, freshman

ATLANTIC: Sydney Everhart, piccolo

BELLEVUE: Derek Monner, piccolo, freshman

BETTENDORF: Jessica Bickford, piccolo, junior, Randy & Maggie; Jaime Ciccotelli, mellophone, senior, Gino & Robin; Kelly Enstrom, piccolo, junior, Ken & Cathy; Mara Gwin, sousaphone, junior, Mark & Lora; Steve Platt, trumpet, sophomore, Bob & Emily; Adam Pohl, saxophone, freshman; Don Reichelt, trumpet, freshman

BURLINGTON: Laura Fraise, trumpet, sophmore, Dennis & Sharon

CAMANCHE: Lindsay Tigh, trumpet, freshman

CARTER LAKE: Nick Heider, sousaphone, sophomore, Rogre & Marilyn; Doug Heider, saxophone, Rogre & Marilyn

CEDAR FALLS: Rob Williams, trumpet, freshman

CEDAR RAPIDS: Kara Christie, piccolo, sophomore, Sharon Rodriguez; Anne Grobstich, piccolo, freshman; Matt Hensch, percussion, sophomre, Dwayne & Julie; Jeff McMahan, saxophone, senior, Bob & Gloria; Ian White, trombone; Craig Wymore, saxophone, freshman; Alex Young, trumpet, freshman

CHARLES CITY: Coleman Boley, saxophone, freshman; Joe Fisher, percussion, junior, Craig & Jeanne; Chris Sande, percussion, freshman

CLEAR LAKE: Wade Jinkinson, saxophone, junior, Bill and Laura

CLINTON: Megan Bubenyak, clarinet, sophomore, Mark & Lisa; Carolyn Hagglund, trombone, sophomore, Pete & Betty; Cindy Overton, trombone, freshman; Megan Owen, trombone, sophomore, Doug & Audrey

CLIVE: Valerie Ames, piccolo, sophomore, Deb & Jeff; Barrett Anderson, saxophone, freshman

COLUMBUS JUNCTION: Jared Hendrickson, sousaphone, sophomore, Michael & Karen

CORALVILLE: Jenny Claeys, clarinet, freshman; Dana Hartman, clarinet, sophomore, Mike & Sue

COUNCIL BLUFFS: Michael Crowley, saxophone, freshman; Jessica Jensen, piccolo, freshman; Mike Keefer, trumpet freshman; Travis Petersen, trombone, junior, Bruce & Vickie; Trevor Petersen, trombone, sophomore, Bruce & Vickie; Jason Reichart, sousaphone, freshman; Bill Schierbrock, saxophone, junior, Tom & Jeanette; Josh White, sousaphone, sophomore, Brad & Karen

CRESTON: Megan Allen, saxophone, senior, Deborah Shelley & Andrew Allen

DAVENPORT: Lee Burress, trumpet, freshman; Amanda Clark, piccolo, sophomore, Sheryl & Jeff Tutsch; Alissa Coussens, mellophone, freshman; Anthony Frank, trumpet, sophomore, Kim & Donald; Yvonne Heller, saxophone, senior, Sandra & William; Andrew Kopf, clarinet, junior, Brian & Elaine; Melissa Kopf, piccolo, freshman; Keri Lee, saxophone, freshman; Adam Page, trumpet junior, Doug & Sue

DECORAH: Nicole Bohr, mellophone, freshman

DENVER: Andy Harringa, saxophone, senior, Tim & Joan

DES MOINES: Hallee Dunsky, trumpet, freshman; Ben Lozano, saxophone, junior, Gary & Dora; Brody Ross, percussion, sophomore, Bill & Claudia; Brianna Spry, piccolo, freshman

DUBUQUE: Heather Caylor, percussion, sophomore, Duane & Nancy; Ben Einck, trumpet, sophomore, Julie Einck; Lydia Pfaff, trombone, sophomore, Jane Pfaff

DUNLAP: Jason Phillips, trumpet, sophomore, Todd & Linda

DURANGO: Rachel Bussan, saxophone, sophomore, Ron & Michelle

DYERSVILLE: Kearn Kirkwood, sousaphone, graduate, Thomas & Dianna

ELDRIDGE: Ryan Arp, trombone, freshman, Dennis & Mindy; Laura Bader, trumpet, sophomore, Mark & Julie; Katie Leiting, saxophone; Nick Mixdorf, trombone, junior, Jack & Sheila

ELDORA: Matthew Smith, trombone, graduate, Mike & Renee

FAIRFIELD: Patrick Davis, piccolo, senior, Thomas & Jacqueline; Eden Derby, trumpet, freshman

FLOYD: Ashley Marr, clarinet, sophomore

FORT DODGE: Chelsea Doggett, clarinet, freshman

FORT MADISON: Evan Aschbrenner, trombone, sophomore, Rocky & Sherry; Derek Kozlowski, sousaphone, freshman

HALONTON: Ben Harringa, sousaphone, freshman

HAMPTON: Courtney Rodemeyer, trumpet, freshman

HOLSTEIN: Mikel Brandhorst, trumpet, senior, Jan & Patty

HUDSON: Trent Bender, mellophone, sophomore, Brent & Rhonda; David Smith, trombone, sophomore, Tom & Julie

INDIANOLA: Dan Ades, trombone, junior, Kevin & Kay

INDEPENDENCE: Andrea Jentz, trombone, sophomore, Len & Janet; Leah Ledtje, trumpet, junior, Jim Ledtje & Sharla Sherrets

IOWA CITY: Jack Borland, percussion; Clifton Brinkmeyer, percussion, freshman; John Chai, trombone, junior, Sally Chai; Nathan Collins, trumpet, freshman; Andy Dahm, percussion, freshman; Meagan Gugliano, trumpet, sophomore, Patrick & Margaret; Amy Jetter, clarinet, senior, Jim & Diane; Louise Klingelhutz, percussion, freshman; Doug Krupa, mellophone; Dean Lales, trombone, junior; Jerry Lalor, trumpet, sophomore; Chris Lewis, piccolo, graduate, Mary & Mike; Amy Little, clarinet, sophomore, Sheryl Little; Lindsey Loyd, saxophone; Mike Moehlmann, percussion, freshman; Brock Muench, percussion, freshman; Amanda Ross, mellophone, senior, Mary & Bob; Greg Samuels, percussion, freshman; Bill Scheidecker, trombone, freshman; Will Schouten, percussion; Rachel Sisler, clarinet, sophomore, Andrew & Roberta; Beth Skogen, percussion, freshman; Pat Snyder, trombone, junior, Eldon & Mary; Matt Starman, percussion, freshman; DeeDee Suschena, trombone, freshman; Tony Szeszycki, trombone, junior, Donald & Mary Colette;

Ben Terpstra, trombone; Michael Thursby,percussion, sophomore, Mel & Deanna; Eric Weiss, percussion, freshman; Spencer Wilken, percussion, freshman; Will Watkins, piccolo, freshman

JOHNSTON: Rick Dawson, mellophone, junior, Fredrick & Debra; Aimee Kempf, clarinet, junior, Kim & Tammy

LADORA: Jessica Cabalka, piccolo, freshman

LOMBARD: Caitlin Kankovsky, trombone, graduate, Wayne & Gayle

MADRID: Dan Terrell, trumpet, junior, Tim & Kathy

MANCHESTER: Zach Spittler, percussion, junior, Gary & Dawn

MARENGO: Adam Carlson, trumpet, graduate, Art & Katie; Alex Prevett, sousaphone, freshman; Sarah Risdon, trumpet, freshman

MARION: Jeff Duda, trombone, sophomore, Dennis & Cynthia; Jessica Scheer, clarinet, junior

MARSHALLTOWN: Amanda Jech, percussion, sophomore

MIDDLETOWN: Brian Smith, trumpet, freshman

MUSCATINE: Ben Bekel, clarinet, sophomore, Anna McCleary; Laura Collier, piccolo, junior, Gordan & Anne; Will Gray, sousaphone, freshman; Jeff Hammer, sousaphone; Tessa Harper, saxophone, freshman; Tom Morrison, sousaphone, sophomore, Bob & Norma; Adam Turner, trombone, graduate, Bill Turner & Mary Maxson

NEVADA: Thomas Niblock, trombone, sophomore, James & Karen

NEWTON: Josh Miller, saxophone, freshman; Steve Weeks, sousaphone, freshman

NORTH LIBERTY: Laura Ludwig, clarinet, sophomore, Gerald & Bonnett; Jordan Metzger, sousaphone, freshman; Nathan Peterson, clarinet, freshman

NORWALK: Diana Reed, Golden Girl, junior, Douglas & Debra; Adam Strong, trumpet, sophomore, Steve & Amy

OAKVILLE: Megan Yotter, saxophone, sophomore, Don & Jo

OELWEIN: Kristopher Rechkemmer, saxophone, junior, Mark & Jenny; Karla Saur, trumpet, junior, Wayne & Cheryl

ORANGE CITY: Paul Connell, percussion, sophomore, Steve & Cindy

OSKALOOSA: Matthew Dean, trombone, senior, Jim & Marilyn; Brad Sandor, trumpet, senior, Donald & Susan

OTTUMWA: Kelsey Clubb, trumpet, freshman, Gregory & Carma

PELLA: Dameon Place, drum major, senior, Rick Place

PEOSTA: Amber DeHoff, piccolo, junior, Tom & Valerie

PERRY: Jessica Sholley, piccolo, freshman

RIVERDALE: Lindsay Diercks, piccolo, sophomore, Allen & Julia

RUDD: Timothy Brandau, saxophone, junior, Susie Brandau

RUTHVAN: Paul Nelson, trumpet, junior, David & Julie; Molly Pettit, trumpet, senior, Bob & Kathy

RYAN: Ryan Gaffney, trumpet freshman, Leo & Lori

SERGEANT BLUFF: Megan Riker, trumpet, junior, John & Lou Ann

SHELDON: Kristin Allen, saxophone, sophomore, Phil & Deb

SHELLSBURG: Tim Davis, saxophone, senior, Scott & Linda Peters

SPRINGVILLE: Nate Munsterman, saxophone, sophomore, Ronn & Roberta

TIPTON: Cheyanne Boddicker, trumpet, freshman; Ryan McBride, saxophone, sophomore, Mike & Julie

TOLEDO: Dave Campbell, percussion, sophomore, Dave & Sharon; Malynda Chizek, piccolo, sophomore, David & Lisa

URBANDALE: Marcy Card, saxophone, senior, Susie & Charlie; Katie Doherty, piccolo, junior, John & Janet; Alyson Girard, clarinet, sophomore, Darlene Ley; Nicole Jensen, saxophone, freshman; Matt Kunze, trumpet, freshman; John Taylor, trombone, freshman

VAN HORNE: Josslyn Cook, saxophone, junior, Larry & Linda

VENTURA: Amy Kaduce, mellophone, junior, Jeff & Dawn

VINTON: Matthew Ternus, saxophone, freshman

WASHINGTON: Braedan Garrett, saxophone, freshman

WATERLOO: Stephen Ryan, saxophone, freshman

WEST BRANCH: Amber Corr, piccolo, sophomore, Andrew Corr

WEST DES MOINES: Scott Anderson, trombone, sophomore, Rich & Rose; Courtney Collis, clarinet, sophomore, Mara Collis; Ryan Dunn, trumpet, junior, Tom & Sheila; Jon Jewell, sousaphone, junior, Teri Jewell; Adam McCleish, trumpet, sophomore, Darwin & Angie; Katie Nash, piccolo, freshman; Beth Peitzman, saxophone, sophomore, Marcia & Dan; Jordan Smith, trumpet, sophomore, James & Cindy; Paul Westfall, saxophone, freshman

WILLIAMSBURG: Tracy Chapman, clarinet, freshman; Andrew Folkmann, trombone, sophomore, Greg & Peggy; Allison Folkmann, clarinet, junior

WILTON: Adam Begley, mellophone, sophomore, Paul & Betty; Zachary Begley, sousaphone, senior, Paul & Betty

ENGLEWOOD: Theresa Taylor, clarinet, freshman

ALEDO: Emily Leonard, saxophone, freshman

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS: Tracy Glink, clarinet, freshman

AURORA: Allison Donnell, piccolo, freshman; Nathan Heitz, trumpet, sophomore, Gene & Wanda

BARRINGTON: Matthew Moehlmann, trumpet, freshman

BATAVIA: Scott Doty, trumpet, sophomore

COAL CITY: Drew Morton, mellophone, freshman

ELGIN: Lindsey Ottaviano, trumpet, sophomore, Karen & Gary

ELK GROVE VILLAGE: Erin Feo, piccolo, sophomore, Carol & Dominic; Matt Guttman, trombone, sophomore, Scott & Debra

FLOSSMOOR: Laura Weaver, trombone, junior, Edward & Marilyn

FRANKFORT: Pat Akers, saxophone, sophomore, Daniel & Darr; John Connor, sousaphone, sophomore, Cathy & Andy

GENESEO: Brett Barker, saxophone, junior, Don & Amy

GRAYSLAKE: Sarah Klugiewicz, piccolo, senior, Theresa & Alan

GREEN OAKS: Andrew Gortz, clarinet, freshman

HAZEL CREST: Kamille Bryant, percussion, sophomore, Diane

HOMEWOOD: Justin Kvedaras, saxophone, junior, Catherine & James

LAKE ZURICH: Paige Lonis, mellophone, sophomore, Diane Lonis

LIBERTYVILLE: Annie Deutschmann, saxophone, freshman

LINCOLNWOOD: Lauren Silverman, clarinet, freshman

LINDENHURST: Justin Hasenau, trombone, freshman

MOKINA: Jen Conway, clarinet, freshman

MOLINE: Mitch Monson, trombone, freshman

MONMOUTH: Kate Merchie, piccolo, freshman

MORTON: Erin Collins, piccolo, senior, Ross & Carla

MOUNT PROSPECT: Beth Westlake, saxophone, sophomore, Kate & Ken

NAPERVILLE: Scott Jastrow, saxophone, junior, Bill & Julie; Matt Olson, sousaphone, senior, Steve & Sharon

NEW LENOX: Chas Matesi, trombone, sophomore, Chuck & Nancy

NORTH BARRINGTON: Joe Fraczek, trumpet, freshman

OAK PARK: Paul Chapman, piccolo, sophomore, Peter & Carol

O'FALLON: Jaclyn Schwarz, clarinet, sophomore, John & Candice

PALATINE: Scott Burdsall, saxophone, sophomore, Deb & Rick; Abby Gardner, clarinet, freshman; Jason Hillenbrand, trombone, sophomore, Tom & Sandy; Matt Kemp, saxophone, sophomore, Don and Anne; Agatha Raup, saxophone, freshman; Matt Riley, clarinet, sophomore, Matt & Joan

QUINCY: Michael Wellman, trumpet, sophomore, Steve & Karen

ROLLING MEADOWS: Sara Boucher, saxophone, junior, Scott & Cheryl

SCHAUMBURG: John Atchison, Percussion, sophomore, Allan & Karen

ST. CHARLES: Kim Noble, piccolo, junior, John & Nancy

STREAMWOOD: Matthew Vajgrt, saxophone, sophomore

WHEATON: JimChet Aliga, saxophone, freshman

WHEELING: Jessica Lorenz, saxophone, freshman

WILLOW SPRINGS: Abby Kucharski, clarinet, senior, Ben & Andrea

EAGAN: Grant Gray, saxophone, freshman

EDEN PRAIRIE: Julianna Dapper, clarinet, sophomore, Susanjane & Bob

WOODBURY: Dan Schenck, trombone, freshman

COLUMBIA: Ben Dellsperger, trumpet, freshman

CLIFTON: Tim Reilly, trombone, freshman

HAMILTON: James Zimmerman, saxophone, freshman

CARROLLTOWN: Chelsey Carman, piccolo, sophomore

THE COLONY: Karl Zelle, sousaphone

RICHLAND CENTER: John Meyer, trumpet, freshman

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