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April 23, 2004

UI Dean's Scholarships Awarded -- Addendum

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of a number of University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Dean's Scholarship for the 2004-2005 academic year. The award is given to selected top-ranking finalists in the Presidential Scholarship competition. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parent's name).

Recipients were chosen from a field of 606 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Dean's Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school class rank, grade-point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $1,000 per year or $4,000 over four years.

EDITORS: This list is in addition to the names sent out in a separate news release on March 29, 2004, accessible online at Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Dean's Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter and parents' name(s).


Altoona, Melissa Heffernen, Southeast Polk High School, daughter, Dan and Cheryl Heffernen

Altoona, Amy Hertz, Southeast Polk High School, daughter, George and Linda Hertz

Altoona, Jered Wells, Southeast Polk High School, son, Jerry and Kimberly Wells

Ames, Alissa Anderson, Ames High School, daughter, Iver and Nancy Anderson

Ames, Claire Miller, Ames High School, daughter, Allen and Elizabeth Miller

Cedar Falls, Jennifer Lee, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Min and Virginia Lee

Cedar Rapids, Jedidiah McClurg, Home School, son, Fred and Martha McClurg

Cedar Rapids, Thomas Sines, George Washington High School, son, James and Sherry Sines

Clive, Ryan Lepic, Valley High School, son, John and Mary Lepic

Clive, Christina Reynolds, Valley High School, daughter, James and Brigitte Reynolds

Des Moines, Rachel Prueitt, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Jaki Samuelson Prueitt

Des Moines, Emma White, Abraham Lincoln High School, daughter, Lisa Hamilton

Dubuque, Dwijavanthi Kumar, Hempstead High School, daughter, Prasanna and Kokila Kumar

Iowa City, Christopher Pretorius, City High School, son, Richard and Debra Pretorius

Johnston, Laura Copeland, Johnston High School, daughter, Philip and Kristin Copeland

Johnston, Ning Lu, Johnston High School, daughter, Guihua Lu and Ghangjiang Li

Marion, Manish Aggarwal, Linn-Mar High School, son, Pushpa and Suresh Aggarwal

Marion, Ashleigh Heinrich, Xavier High School, daughter, Dedina and Richard Heinrich

Red Oak, Mandie Vetter, Griswold High School, daughter, Greg and Lisa Vetter

Sioux City, Maggie Rice, East High School, daughter, Laurinda Finken

Sioux City, Kathryn Stewart, North High School, daughter, Robert and Suzan Stewart

West Des Moines, Lindsay Jones, Valley High School, daughter, Roger and Debbie Jones

Waterloo, Eric Blanshan, West High School, son, Kevin and Dee Blanshan

West Des Moines, Kelly O'Keefe, Valley High School, daughter, William and Jeanne O'Keefe


Little Rock, Zhuo Liu, Little Rock Central High School, son, Junru Wang


Oviedo, Amelia Rommel, Trinity Prep School Of Florida, daughter, Mr. and Mr.s Arthur Rommel, III


Arlington Heights, Keri Massa, Saint Viator High School, daughter, Art and Mary Lynn Massa

Ingleside, Scott Shrake, Grant Comm High School, son, Bruce and Janet Shrake

Morton, Emily Mills, Morton High School, daughter, Dave and Mary Mills


Lakeville, Anthony Giorgi, Lakeville Senior High School, son, Vincent Giorgi and Marcia Appel

Saint Paul, Jacqueline Kelly, Convent Of The Visitation, daughter, Kevin and Mary Kelly

Woodbury, Megan Rooney, Woodbury High School, daughter, Thomas and Susan Rooney


Lincoln, Samuel David, Lincoln Southwest High School, son, Jeff and Sarah David

Lincoln, Neil Rutledge, Lincoln Southeast High School, son, Brad and Susan Rutledge


Great Neck, David Blum, Great Neck South High School, son, Marshall and Shelley Blum


Kingston, Eishita Manjrekar, Wyoming Seminary, daughter, Milind and Sudha Manjrekar


Knoxville, Emily White, Christian Academy Of Knoxville, daughter, Mary Ann B. White


Houston, Brenna Lewis, Foreign High School, daughter, Stephen and Susan Lewis


Middleton, Brady Minter, Middleton High School, son, Scott and Linnea Minter

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