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May 15, 2003

Students Prepare For South American Course May 16-June 2

The University of Iowa College of Engineering’s IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering will hold its annual “International Perspectives in Water Resources Planning” course from May 16 through June 2 in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The 16 participating students include (name) of (hometown), a student in (subject).

The course, sponsored by IIHR and held in cooperation with the UI Office for Study Abroad, allows students to visit a country or region for intensive study of the historical, cultural, social, economic, ethical, environmental and political conditions that affect that region’s water resources projects. The course is intended for graduate students who wish to become engineers, economists, planners, legal and management specialists, or environmental, social and political scientists.

The Argentina program is being held in collaboration with the National Institute of Water and the Technological Institute of Chascomus, Argentina. The course began with preparatory lectures delivered in March through May at the UI on the history, culture, and water resources projects of Argentina. During the visit abroad, participants will interact with local students and attend seminars on various aspects of water resources projects, as well as visit technical, historical, and cultural sites. At the conclusion of the course, participants will write post-visit reports for course credit.

IIHR staff members Pedro Alvarez, Allen Bradley, Peter Haug, Marian Muste, Thanos Papanicolou, and Larry Weber will accompany the students at various stages during the course.

V. C. Patel, IIHR director, says that the International Perspectives course is just one of many factors that make IIHR a truly international institute for teaching and research. IIHR has alumni in some 49 countries, including Taiwan with 30, India with 19, Korea with 17, Japan and China with 15 each, and Venezuela with 12.

Students may learn more about the course by contacting V. C. Patel, IIHR director (319) 335-5244; the IIHR web site (; or the UI Office for Study Abroad at (319) 335-0353.

EDITOR: Student participants are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa listed first and other states and countries following.


Coralville: Nathan Young, civil engineering

Hudson: Angela Barsic, civil engineering

Iowa City: Nicholas Campney, civil engineering

Iowa City: Miguel Gaddi, architecture/urban and regional planning

Iowa City: Andrew McCoy, civil engineering

Iowa City: Yenory Moralez-Chaves, civil and environmental engineering

Iowa City: Ceyda Polatel, civil engineering

Iowa City: Tim Sexton, urban and regional planning

Iowa City: Leslie Sherburne, environmental engineering

Keokuk: Andrea Rogers, civil and environmental engineering

Martelle: Isaac Willig, civil engineering


Fort Collins: Kathryn Muldoon, civil engineering & hydraulics


Delray Beach: Lucas Rincon, hydraulic engineering


Glencoe: Denise Armbruster, civil engineering.


Hill City: Boe Gregson, watershed development


Nagasaki: Yoshihiro Katsuhama, civil engineering

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