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March 20, 2003

UI Presidential Scholarships Awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 50 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Presidential Scholarship for the 2003-2004 academic year. The award is the most prestigious honor given to entering freshmen. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parents' names).

Recipients were chosen from a field of almost 600 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Presidential Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school rank, grade point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $7,000 per year or $28,000 over four years.

EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Presidential Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter, parents' names.


Ames, Amelia Koford, Ames High School, daughter, Rolf Koford and Bonnie Bowen

Ames, William Shyy, Ames High School, son, Yuh-Yuan and Shu-Fun Shyy

Ames, Brett Taber, Gilbert Community School, son, Henry and Diane Taber

Audubon, Rachel Olson, Audubon High School, daughter, Doug and Julie Olson

Bettendorf, Kaysha Ballentine, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Blaine and Tatiana Ballentine

Bettendorf, Lucy Sun, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Chao Sun and Fang Su

Burlington, Sara Shivapour, Burlington Community High School, daughter, Torage and Barbara Shivapour

Cedar Falls, Mary Gannon, Columbus High School, daughter, Tim and Peg Gannon

Cedar Rapids, Teresa Smith, Thomas Jefferson High School, daughter, David and Rita Smith

Cedar Rapids, Jacob Thomas, George Washington High School, son, Steven and Marilyn Thomas

Cedar Rapids, Nathan Votroubek, Prairie High School, son, Lee and Denise Votroubek

Clive, Zubin Agarwal, Valley High School, son, Ravinder and Geeta Agarwal

Clive, Sarah Wang, Waukee Community High School, daughter, Suming and Guifang Xu Wang

Council Bluffs, Breanne Hedrick, Thomas Jefferson High School, daughter, James and Kristi Hedrick

Des Moines, Austin Baeth, Hoover High School, son, Ken and Sharon Baeth

Des Moines, Chelsea Cunningham, Hoover High School, daughter, Robert and Catherine Cunningham

Des Moines, Melissa Fox, Saydel Senior High School, daughter, Roger and Carol Fox

Des Moines, Suzanne Fox, Saydel Senior High School, daughter, Roger and Carol Fox

Des Moines, Thomas Heggen, Roosevelt High School, son, William and Lynn Heggen

Des Moines, Oliver Roeder, Roosevelt High School, son, Phil Roeder and Mary Tabor

Dubuque, Nicole Heacock, Dubuque Senior High School, daughter, Elmer and Lisa Heacock

Dubuque, Craig Kilburg, Hempstead High School, son, Wayne and Pamela Kilburg

Epworth, Elizabeth Ward, Western Dubuque High School, daughter, Roger and Susan Ward

Harlan, Andrew Petersen, Harlan Community High School, son, Mark and Deb Petersen

Huxley, Karl Friedrichsen, Ballard High School, son, Thomas and Cindy Friedrichsen

Iowa City, Joshua Boehm, City High School, son, Colin and Jane Boehm

Iowa City, Laura Britigan, West High School, daughter, Brad and Denise Britigan

Iowa City, Nicholas Kanellis, West High School, son, Michael and Amelia Kanellis

Iowa City, Jane Shiu, Regina High School, daughter, Elias Shiu and Wai Yin Char

Johnston, Ryan Gourley, Dowling High School, son, Chris and Kathy Gourley

Miles, Molly Robinson, East Central Community Hs, daughter, Randy Robinson and Sarah Hogan

Muscatine, Amanda Dicks, Muscatine High School, daughter, Barry and Lorri Dicks

Newton, Anastasia Bassis, Newton High School, daughter, Irina and Vladimir Bassis

Ottumwa, Adeeb Hakim, Ottumwa High School, son, Mir Hakim and Maleka Ahmed

Pella, Pierce Hibma, Pella Community High School, son, Jim and Marlene Hibma

Postville, Elspeth McMullan, Postville High School, daughter, Thomas and Gloria McMullen

Riverside, Kristin Musser, Highland Community High School, daughter, Steven and Marcia Musser

Sioux Center, Laura Hansen, Sioux Center Community Hs, daughter, John and Linda Hansen

Sioux Center, Jenna Lassen, Sioux Center Community Hs, daughter, Delwyn and Belinda Lassen

Sioux City, Eric Nelson, North High School, son, Robert and Nancy Nelson

Slater, Benjamin Tweedt, Ballard High School, son, Craig and Joy Tweedt

Urbandale, Brian Haroldson, Johnston High School, son, Keith and Nancy Haroldson

Urbandale, Richard Sucher, Urbandale High School, son, Richard C. and Billie Ruth Sucher

Waukee, Colin Hogan, Dowling High School, son, David and Patricia Hogan

West Des Moines, Gwen Owens, Valley High School, daughter, Fred and Christa Owens

West Des Moines, Shana Zheng, Valley High School, daughter, Naro and Chunning Zheng

West Des Moines, Blake Carpenter, Valley High School, son, Robert and Linda Carpenter

West Des Moines, Kathryn Clark, Valley High School, daughter, Daniel and Kristin Clark

Westside, Jonathan Berg, Kuemper Catholic High School, son, James and Paulette Berg

Woodward, Sarah Weber, Woodward-Granger High School, daughter, Joel and Kelli Weber

* * *


Fayetteville, Stephanie Hinton, Fayetteville Sr High School, daughter, Rebecca Hinton

* * *


Buffalo Grove, Becky Nixon, Adlai E Stevenson High School, daughter, Arthur and Rhonda Nixon

Chicago, Katherine Baumann, Whitney M Young Magnet Hs, daughter, Richard and Mary Baumann

Freeport, Jacqulyn Janecek, Aquin Cntrl Catholic Jr-Sr Hs, daughter, Jeffrey and Teresa Janecek

Gurnee, Elizabeth Fritz, Warren Township High School, daughter, Dennis and Gail Fritz

Itasca, Alexandru Iuga, Lake Park High School 108, son, Mihai and Doina Iuga

Long Grove, Emilie Ridgway, Adlai E Stevenson High School, daughter, Joseph and Valerie Ridgway

Moline, David Krismanits, Moline Senior High School, son, Gene and Sue Krismanits

Mount Carroll, Martha Burch, Mount Carroll High School, daughter, Jim and Anne Burch

Mt Prospect, Nicole Guarino, Prospect High School, daughter, Joseph and Carolyn Guarino

Naperville, Xiaoyang Chen, Naperville Central High School, daughter, Kang Chen and Kangmei Yang

Oak Brook, Emily Simon, Hinsdale Township Hs Central, daughter, Marc and Randice Simon

Orland Park, Maura Steed, Providence Catholic Hs, daughter, John and Kathleen Steed

* * *


Fredonia, Matthew Harsin, Fredonia High School, son, David and Jeannie Harsin

* * *


Midland, Jessica Powell, Midland High School, daughter, David Emerson and Christine Powell

* * *


Saint Joseph, Lisa Raffensperger, Central High School, daughter, Maureen Raffensperger

Saint Louis, Matthew Froeschner, Lutheran High School North, son, Timothy and Alma Froeschner

* * *


Lincoln, Sophia Dahab, Lincoln Southeast High School, daughter, Mohamed and Debra Dahab

Omaha, Christopher Miller, Millard North High School, son, Kent and Shirley Miller

Omaha, Nicholas Schafer, North High School, son, Daniel F. Schafer and Jane Potter

* * *


Carrollton, Sara Simpson, Newman Smith High School, daughter, Mark and Jill Simpson

Houston, Kathryn Kennedy, Home School, daughter, Valerie Lynn West and Tori Gattis

The Woodlands, Amy Little, Oak Ridge High School, daughter, Sheryl Little

* * *


Logan, Erika Neely, Logan High School, daughter, John and Atsuko Neely

* * *


Middleton, Ricky Reusser, Middleton High School, son, Steven and Susan Reusser

Waukesha, Leigh Eichenberger, Kettle Moraine High School, daughter, Jim and Linda Eichenberger

Waukesha, Amanda Zilske, Waukesha West High School, daughter, William and Cynthia Zilske

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