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March 20, 2003

UI Dean's Scholarships Awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 70 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Dean's Scholarship for the 2003-2004 academic year. The award is given to selected top-ranking finalists in the Presidential Scholarship competition. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parents' names).

Recipients were chosen from a field of 600 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Dean's Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school rank, grade point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $1,000 per year or $4,000 over four years.

EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Dean's Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter, parents' names.


Ackley, Megan O'Hare, Ackley Geneva Wellsbrg Stmboat, daughter, Robert and Pam O'Hare

Adel, Elizabeth Holoubek, Adel Desoto Minburn HS, daughter, Roland and Dyanne Holubeck

Allerton, Bond DeBolt, Wayne Community High School, daughter, William and Linda DeBolt

Ames, Leslie Koppenhaver, Ames High School, daughter, Gary and Kay Koppenhaver

Ames, Mark Norris, Ames High School, son, Tom and Susan Norris

Ames, Blakely Rule, Ames High School, daughter, Jean McBreen

Ames, Evan Sengbusch, Ames High School, son, Craig and Amy Sengbusch

Ankeny, Sara Konopka, Ankeny High School, daughter, Rick and Del Konopka

Bettendorf, Ryan Lewis, Pleasant Valley Cmty HS, son, David and Gail Lewis

Bettendorf, Jason Mueller, Pleasant Valley Cmty HS, son, Ronald and Denise Mueller

Burlington, Laura Maschmann, Burlington Community HS, daughter, Robert and Ellen Maschmann

Carroll, Adam Onken, Carroll High School, son, Roger and Carol Onken

Cedar Falls, Jennifer Good, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Phillip and Rosann Good

Cedar Falls, Lisa Miner, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Gary and Linda Miner

Cedar Rapids, Stephanie Iverson, Thomas Jefferson High School, daughter, Mark and Lisa Iverson

Cedar Rapids, Claire Kendall, Thomas Jefferson High School, daughter, Thomas and Patricia Kendall

Cedar Rapids, Jessica Robinson, Lake Norman High School, daughter, Richard and Vickie Robinson

Cedar Rapids, Audrey Roof, George Washington High School, daughter, John and Beth Roof

Clarinda, Mac Thummel, Clarinda High School, son, Keane and Susan Thummel

Clarion, Matthew Voigts, Clarion Goldfield Cmty HS, son, Bruce and Joan Voigts

Clinton, Lajja Desai, Clinton High School, daughter, Pankaj and Nayana Desai

Clive, Allison McCarthy, Dowling High School, daughter, Paul and Candace McCarthy

Coggon, Amanda Maas, North-Linn High School, daughter, Kurt and Karen Maas

Coralville, Aruna Mittal, West High School, daughter, Prasanna Kumar and Nisha Mittal

Council Blfs, Elizabeth Mawhiney, Thomas Jefferson High School, daughter, Robert and Belinda Mawhiney

Creston, Taften Kuhl, Creston High School, son, Bob and Denise Kuhl

Davenport, Rachael Collins, Central High School, daughter, Gary and Robin Collins

De Witt, Thomas Dohse, Central Clinton High School, son, Kurt and Ruth Ann Dohse

Decorah, Christina Gaard, Decorah High School, daughter, Rich and Carol Gaard

Des Moines, Tyler Abbott, Hoover High School, son, Kevin and Diane Abbott

Des Moines, Raj Borsellino, Roosevelt High School, son, Rob Borsellino and Rekha Basu Borsellino

Des Moines, Ira Delilovic, Hoover High School, daughter, Kemal and Jasmina Delilovic

Des Moines, Adrienne Furstenau, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Robert Furstenau and Stephanie Asklof

Des Moines, Victoria Furstenau, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Robert Furstenau and Stephanie Asklof

Des Moines, Leigh Harmon, Hoover High School, daughter, Dr. Rick and Mrs. Becky Harmon

Des Moines, Andrew Olson, East High School, son, Errol Olson and Maura McNally

Des Moines, Matthew Pokorny, Roosevelt High School, son, Kevin Pokorny and Martha Gelhaus

Des Moines, Ben Swieskowski, Roosevelt High School, son, David and Dianne Swieskowski

Dubuque, Julia Brimeyer, Hempstead High School, daughter, Dennis and Laurinda Brimeyer

Dubuque, Nathan Shaw, Dubuque Senior High School, son, Keith and Gloria Shaw

Ely, Jon Trpkosh, Prairie High School, son, Craig and Christine Trpkosh

Fort Madison, Sara Bindewald, Fort Madison Senior HS, daughter, Fred and Jan Bindewald

Garner, Kelsey Flaten, Garner Hayfield High School, daughter, Wayne and Janet Flaten

Gilbert, Elizabeth Osenbaugh, Gilbert Community School, daughter, Edward and Karen Osenbaugh

Humeston, Jennifer Heston, Wayne Community High School, daughter, Roger and Jean Heston

Huxley, Eric Landuyt, Ballard High School, son, James and Debra Landuyt

Indianola, Megan Fensterman, Indianola High School, daughter, John and Kathy Fensterman

Indianola, Jessica Welborn, Indianola High School, daughter, David and Ellen Welborn

Iowa City, Grace Arnold, West High School, daughter, Leslie Arnold

Iowa City, Tyler Carrington, West High School, son, Dean and Cheryl Carrington

Iowa City, Ryan Grady, City High School, son, Tim and Pat Grady

Iowa City, Christopher Liddell-Westefeld, City High School, son, John Westefeld and Deb Liddell

Iowa City, Christine Mastalio, City High School, daughter, Craig and Florence Mastalio

Iowa City, John Morrison, City High School, son, Mike and Bunny Morrison

Iowa City, Charles Schutte, City High School, son, Brian and Debra Schutte

Iowa City, Ann Seegmiller, City High School, daughter, Dwight and Melinda Seegmiller

Iowa City, Buu Anh To, City High School, daughter, Dai To and Mui Tien Ly

Iowa City, Bob Wang, West High School, son, Degiang and LinFang Wang

Iowa City, Erick Zehr, City High School, son, Eric and Pamela Zehr

Iowa Falls, Quinn Hoversten, Iowa Falls High School, son, Paul and Rita Hoversten

Johnston, Craig Buske, Johnston High School, son, Larry and Kim Buske

Johnston, Min Dong, Johnston High School, daughter, Jian Guo Dong

Kesley, Curtis Kampman, Aplington Parkersburg HS, son, Robert and Dort Kampman

Leland, Peter Johnson, Forest City High School, son, Mark and Connie Johnson

Marion, Drew Nelson, Linn-Mar High School, son, Wes and Beth Nelson

Marion, Lindsey Reighard, Linn-Mar High School, daughter, Ardell and Jana Reighard

Marion, Trisha Terry, Linn-Mar High School, daughter, John and Karla Terry

Marshalltown, Nicole Lukan, Marshalltown Sr High School, daughter, Gerald and Kathleen Luka

Marshalltown, Katherine Pollpeter, Marshalltown Sr High School, daughter, Joseph and Susan Pollpeter

Nemaha, Jennifer Davis, Schaller Crestland High School, daughter, Russ and Liz Davis

Newton, Valerie Lindquist, Newton High School, daughter, Dale Lindquist and Sue Hunter

Oakville, Adam Heiniger, Mediapolis Comm High School, son, Tim and Gena Heiniger

Postville, Erin Sheeley, Postville High School, daughter, Neal and Rhonda Sheeley

Prairie City, Brian Adams, Pcm High School, son, Mike and Jo Adams

Princeton, Sara Boeding, North Scott High School, daughter, Dave and Marcia Boeding

Reinbeck, Madelon Boyer, Gladbrook Reinbeck High School, daughter, Jim and Helen Boyer

Robins, Erin Althoff, John F Kennedy Senior HS, daughter, Fred and Joan Althoff

Rockwell, Kay McGee, Rockwell Swaledale Cmty HS, daughter, Michael and Kathryn McGee

Sidney, Brynn Bateman, Sidney High School, daughter, Denny and Sally Bateman

Sioux City, Michael Washburn, East High School, son, Ron and Brenda Washburn

Tipton, Ryan McBride, Tipton Community High School, son, MICHAEL and JULIE McBride

Urbandale, Rachel Mullen, Johnston High School, daughter, Richard and Lisa Mullen

Urbandale, Patrick Weeg, Urbandale High School, son, Joe and Theresa Weeg

Urbandale, Katie Wetsch, Urbandale High School, daughter, David and Sue Wetsch

Vinton, Jaimie Tucker, Washington HS V-S Csd, daughter, Bill and Linda Tucker

Waterloo, Trucy Phan, West High School, daughter, Sang Phan and Yen Nguyen

West Des Moines, Kiley Anderson, Valley High School, daughter, Scott and Debbie Anderson

West Des Moines, Erin Miksich, Dowling High School, daughter, Greg and Sheila Miksich

West Des Moines, Michelle Christens, Valley High School, daughter, David and Debbie Christens

West Des Moines, Bridget Gongol, Valley High School, daughter, Verne and Mary Gongol

* * *


Cave Creek, Jennifer Anttonen, Foothills Academy, daughter, Eric and Tamara Anttonene

* * *


Petaluma, Daniel Reynolds, Casa Grande High School, son, Jimmie H. and Arlene S. Burney Reynolds

* * *


Honolulu, Kathryn Rian, Mid Pacific Institute, daughter, Robert R. Hamilton and Heidi M. Rian

* * *


Arlington Heights, Lauren Accurso, Prospect High School, daughter, William and Diane Accurso

Aurora, Kathleen Malinowski, Illinois Math & Science Acad, daughter, Anthony and Gladys Malinowski

Barrington, Andrew Jung, Barrington Community HS, son, Michael and Phyllis Jung

Barrington, Thomas Molzahn, Barrington Community HS, son, Robert and Janet Molzahn

Bartlett, Nicholas Dunn, Elgin Academy, son, Ken and Susan Dunn

Batavia, Rishona Frank, Batavia High School, daughter, Martin and Helen Frank

Bloomington, Traci Finch, Normal Community High School, daughter, Tom and Lisa Finch

Bourbonnais, Erin Bryant, Bradley Bourbonnais Cmty HS, daughter, Christopher and Renee Bryant

Byron, Mark Nauman, Byron High School, son, Carol Numan

Clarendon Hills, Jonathan Zeman, Hinsdale Township HS Central, son, John and Bette Zeman

Elgin, Shannon Wapole, Larkin High School, daughter, Roderick and Laura Wapole

Frankfort, Megan Lolli, Lincoln-Way East High School, daughter, Kenneth and Anne Lolli

Hampshire, Kelly Cohn, Hampshire High School, daughter, Linda and Ellis Cohn

Hanover Park, Kristin Whitezell, Glenbard North High School, daughter, Danial and Deborah Whitezell

Itasca, Scott Presslak, Lake Park High School 108, son, Willaim and Susan Presslak

Lake In the Hills, Kathryn Royal, Huntley High School, daughter, Rick and Tamara Wilson

Mundelein, Heather Loeb, Mundelein High School, daughter, Mark and Amy Loeb

Naperville, Jennifer Burns, Naperville Central High School, daughter, John and Susan Burns

Naperville, Christina Rabinak, Naperville Central High School, daughter, Glenn and Barbara Rabinak

Naperville, Ashley Wittenauer, Naperville Central High School, daughter, John and Kathy Wittenauer

New Lenox, Erik Sass, Lincoln-Way Community HS, son, Michael and Pamela Sass

Niles, Emily Nufer, Regina Dominican High School, daughter, Mark and Julie Nufer

Oak Park, Edward Healy, Fenwick High School, son, John and Sheryl Healy

Orland Park, Robyn Marszalek, Carl Sandburg High School, daughter, Joseph and Shelley Marszalek

Pomona, Michelle Schmidt, Murphysboro High School, daughter, Michael and Catherine Schmidt

Port Byron, Kristen Breaux, Riverdale Senior High School, daughter, Steven and Joann Breaux

Rockford, Philip Torrisi, Guilford High School, son, James and Gracie Torrisi

Roscoe, Robert Sutkay, Hononegah Comm High School, son, David and Alice Sutkay

Saint Charles, Alex Carges, Saint Charles North HS, son, Greg/Wendy Carges

Shorewood, Carisa Jurgens, Minooka Community High School, daughter, Robert and Pamela Jurgens

Sycamore, Courtney Weck, Elgin Academy, daughter, John and Diane Weck

Wheaton, Elizabeth Hanson, Wheaton North High School, daughter, Joseph and Mary Lu Hanson

* * *


Schererville, David Lewandowski, Morgan Park Academy, son, Mark and Deborah Lewandowski

* * *


Shawnee, Scott Pinkelman, Shawnee Mission Northwest HS, son, Anthony and Mary Pinkelman

Wichita, Bruce Tjaden, Independent High School, son, Bruce and Heidi Tjaden

* * *


Austin, Lia Middlebrook, Austin High School, daughter, Rodney and Kay Middlebrook

Edina, Jeffrey McPheeters, Edina High School, son, Bruce and Ann McPheeters

Edina, Teresa Monkkonen, Edina High School, daughter, Peter Monkkonen and Edith Oberle

Minneapolis, Katie Pivec, Southwest High School, daughter, Jay and Mary Pivec

Minnetonka, Jennifer Pozner, Hopkins High School, daughter, Robert and Barbara Pozner

Rochester, Erik Rohde, Century High School, son, Bruce and Nancy Rohde

* * *


Ballwin, Whitney Beck, Marquette High School, daughter, David and Holly Beck

Kahoka, Derek Smith, Clark County R-1 High School, son, Randell and Wendy Smith

Lebanon, Theodore Brigham, Unity Christian High School, son, Earl and Dorothy Brigham

* * *


Bismarck, Ann Sitte, Shiloh Christian School, daughter, David and Margaret Sitte

Fargo, Paul Storm, Shanley High School, son, Waldemar and Paula Storm

* * *


Bellevue, Leslie Price, Bellevue West Sr High School, daughter, Eugene B. and Hilarie M. Price

Columbus, Kathryn Gausman, Columbus Senior High School, daughter, Gary and Vicki Gausman

Elkhorn, Neely Williams, Elkhorn High School, daughter, David and Susan Williams

Fremont, Anne Sorensen, Fremont Senior High School, daughter, Arthur and Vicki Sorensen

Lincoln, Rachel Williams, Lincoln East High School, daughter, John and Kathleen Williams

Omaha, Paul Donahue, Westside High School, son, Patrick and Dede Donahue

Omaha, Allan Provorse, Millard North High School, son, Al and Paula Provorse

Omaha, Duncan Young, Westside High School, son, Duncan and Meredith Young

Papillion, Nina Connell, Papillion-Lavista High School, daughter, Curt and Cecilia Connell

* * *


Hudson, Caitlin Burns, Walsh Jesuit High School, daughter, Michael and Jayne Burns

* * *


Brookfield, Cassandra Bednall, Divine Savior-Holy Angels HS, daughter, Andrew and Laura Bednall

Caledonia, Benjamin Jasperson, Union Grove High School, son, Alan and Paula Jasperson

Dousman, Stefanie Heiden, Wisconsin Lutheran HS, daughter, Daniel and Lydia Heiden

Madison, Katherine Kelly, West High School, daughter, Bill and Elizabeth Kelly

Madison, Zachary Kmiec, Madison East High School, son, Phyllis Noble

Pewaukee, Jennifer Bissell, Pewaukee High School, daughter, Thomas and Kathie Bissel

Waukesha, Allison Schaser, Waukesha South High School, daughter, Andrew and Julie Schaser

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