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June 6, 2003

Belin-Blank Center Names Meritorious Inventors

(STUDENT'S NAME), a (GRADE)-grader at (SCHOOL) in (HOMETOWN) was selected as a meritorious inventor for his/her invention, (NAME OF INVENTION), which was displayed during the 2003 Invent Iowa state convention on the Iowa State University campus in Ames April 23.

The 70 meritorious inventors were notified by mail and each will receive a $50 U.S. Savings Bond.

Invent Iowa is coordinated by the Connie Belin and Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, which is part of the UI College of Education. The annual convention, which is hosted by the UI and Iowa State University alternating years, brings together students in third-grade through high school to demonstrate inventions that they think will make life easier for people.

Students are encouraged to develop inventions that generally meet the requirements for a patent in the United States: they must be "new, useful and non-obvious." Students are also encouraged to keep journals chronicling their inventions' development from concept to completion.

To reach the state convention, inventions must first qualify at local and regional conventions sponsored by the state's 15 Area Educational Agencies.

EDITORS: Receipt of this hometown news release indicates that someone from your coverage area was recognized as a state meritorious inventor. Information is listed as follows: Student hometown, student name, grade, school and invention. Please note that some inventions had co-inventors. Iowa students are listed first.


Daniel Naberhaus, 5, Gilbert-Home School, Exit Strobe; Joel Naberhaus, 3, Gilbert-Home School, Exit Strobe; Nick Kaizer, 5, Gilbert Elementary School, Fun Flaps; Shelby Smith, 6, Nevada Middle School, Smell-O-Pads

Adam Eilers, 6, St. Patrick School, The Nighthawk; Jordan Fliehler, 6, St. Patrick School, The Nighthawk

Ryan Maxwell, 8, Griswold Community School, Wrapaway

Aaron Peterson, 6, Belmond-Klemme, Blaze Orange Turkey Carryout Backpack; Halie Peterson, 4, Belmond-Klemme, Blaze Orange Turkey Carryout Backpack

Kari Paul, 5, Pleasant View Elementary, Port-a-Bowl

Dawn Gildersleeve, 5, North Polk, Nite Brite Mailbox

Aakash Dhuna, 6, Oak Street Middle School, All in One Dog Coat

Cedar Rapids
Abigail B. Costello, 4, Westfield, Cow Tailcoat; Ellen Hart, 4, Arthur Elementary, The Smart Pack; Jenna Eells, 4, Bowman Woods Elementary, Babysitter Belt; Lauren Sines, 4, Arthur Elementary, The Smart Pack; Leandra Martins, 4, Bowman Woods Elementary, Critter Contraption; Moriah Meyer, 5, Enskine Elementary, Driveway Ball Catcher; Nichole Elsbury, 5, Prairie View School, Trash-Re-Bagger; Patrick Chizek, 4, Bowman Woods School, Instagame

Alex Wallace, 5, BCLUW Middle School, Bicycle Training Assistant

Council Bluffs
Jake Gentile, 4, St. Albert's, Elephant Flush; Nick Taylor, 3, Walnut Grove, Wiz and Learn; Patrick Whitsell, 5, Crescent Elementary, Light Box; Rachel Kreitzinger, 3, Walnut Grove Elementary, Wiz and Learn

Laura Bane, 5, Decorah Middle School, Bow Box; Rebecca Eastwood, 5, Decorah Middle School, Bow Box

Des Moines
Jenny Jensen, 3, Windsor Elementary, Bunkboard; Lindsay N. Richardson, 4, Studebaker, Hall Helper; Sarah Willett, 3, Windsor Elementary, Bunkboard

Marissa Collins, 8, Windsor Elementary, Weigh-and-Throw Scale

Andrew Duncan, 7, Dunkerton, Kitty-to-Vet Assistant (K2V)

Alyx Way, 5, Eldora New Providence, Perfect Pump

Meaghan Leggins, 11, North School High School, Spoon Holder Covers

Matthew Sullivan, 8, Fremont Middle School, ATV Shield

Brittany Weaver, 7, Garner-Hayfield, Velcro Underwear; Kelley Benson, 7, Garner-Hayfield, Velcro Underwear

Baily Wigans, 4, Taft Elementary, Portable Dressing Room

Nathan Merical, 6, Grinnell Middle School, Extend-A-Net

Bryan Stein, 8, Griswold Community Schools, Wrapaway; Mandy Nicklaus, 6, Griswold Community Schools, Doggie Doorbell

Ryan Weber, 5, Sigourney Community Schools, Cordless Tool Caddy

Brittany Ann Wellman, 6, Marquette, Brush-N-Floss

Brittny Kramer, 4, Taft Elementary, Portable Dressing Room;Danielle Berte, 4, Taft Elementary, Baker's Best Peanut Butter Bars; Molly Terwilliger, 4, Taft Elementary, Presto-Change-O Dressing Room

Katelyn Eubank, 6, Indianola Middle School, The Easy Door Assist

Alyssa Lundgren, 7, Southeast Webster, Bleacher Pod II

Lone Tree
Gina Rayner, 7, Lone Tree, Slide Locker

Curtis R. Jorgensen, 4, Indian Creek Elementary, Piano Postureizer; Nathalie Folkerts, 4, Indian Creek Elementary, Fairly Funky Film Drier

Danielle Dolan, 6, Walcott School, Nail Polish Pens by Danielle

Karleigh Gunderson, 4, Odebolt-Arthur Elementary, Tap Helper; Kellyanne Gunderson, 5, Odebolt-Arthur Elementary, Tap Helper

Wegter, 5, Pella Community, Sno-Gear Back Pack

Polk City
Austa Yarrow, 5, North Polk Central Elementary, Nite Brite Mailbox

Jarred Schubert, 6, Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock, Safety Deflector

Matthew Christensen, 7, Jefferson-Scranton Middle School, Sweep Stopper

Kerstie Larson, 3, Tipton Elementary, Double P Pal

Skyler Waddell, 5, Horizon Elementary, Instant Lights

Grant Moser, 7, Wapello Jr./Sr. High, Pick Pocket

Mark Amend, 4, St. Edwards School, Triple XXX

Alex Jagim, 3, Eason Elementary, The Mail Helper

Caleb Brose, 4, WACO, Touch and Flip Book

West Liberty
Allison Arp, 6, West Branch Middle School, Extend-A-Pant

West Point
Josie Dyer, 6, Marquette Elementary, Brush-N-Floss

Elaina C. Loyd, 4, Winfield-Mt. Union, E-Z Master 2000; Megan Escher, 4, Winfield-Mt. Union, E-Z Master 2000


Nauvoo: Tyler Reinhardt, 8, Aquinas Jr./Sr. High, Ultimate Cricket Cage

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