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Release: Feb. 3, 2003

UI Hosts Iowa Junior Science And Humanities Symposium Feb. 21-22

(Student name) of (hometown/high school) will present a paper titled (title of presentation) at the 41st annual Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 21-22 at the University of Iowa and the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel.

The symposium, featuring 18 student research presentations, is being held by the Opportunity at Iowa Office for approximately 200 Iowa high school students and 25 teachers.

Student participants will tour UI science research laboratories where presentations are planned in biomedical engineering, computer science, dental research, hydraulic engineering, nursing, pathology, psychology, radiology, speech pathology and audiology. Students will also tour the Geological Survey Bureau. The symposium is coordinated by the UI in cooperation with the U.S. Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Academy of Applied Science, Inc.


EDITOR: Student presenters are listed alphabetically by hometown.


ADAIR: Erin Peterson, Adair-Casey High School, "Resisting Resistance: The Correlation between Genders of Amaranthus rudis and Management Practices."

ALGONA: Andrew Denner, Algona High School, "Blacksmithing 102"; Andrew Schlievert, Algona High School, "It's a Wrap"; Rebecca Singer, Algona High School, "Seein' More Red."

BURLINGTON: Rachael Collier, Mediapolis High School, "Comparative Bioassay of Bacillus thuringiensis Zea mays Pollen to non-Bacillus thuringiensis Zea mays Pollen, Rotenone, and Carbaryl on Danaus plexippus Larvae."

CASCADE: Jennifer Woller, Cascade High School, "Biodegredation of Atrazine by Pseudamonas ADP: Substrate Growth and Utilization."

CEDAR RAPIDS: Ashley Noreuil, George Washington High School, "The Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis."

DONNELLSON: Arie Schiller, Central Lee High School, "Investigations of Stages of the Fern Life Cycle and their Implications"; Mauree Gibson, Central Lee High School, "Assorted Studies of Environmental Factors on a Daphid Species."

IOWA CITY: Buu Anh T. To, City High, "Using a Two-Hybrid system for Detecting the Interaction between Mt1 1p and Mt1 2p in Candida albicans."

MEDIAPOLIS: Amy Marquart, Mediapolis High School, "Assessing Variation of Temper on Absorbency and Strength in Pottery."

MENLO: Heather Lefluer, West Central Valley High School, "The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Lactura sativia Phase III."

MONTROSE: Sara Weirather, Central Lee High School, "Growth Regulators of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Phase II."

OSKALOOSA: Erin Schisler, Oskaloosa Senior High, "Dewatering Industrial Fermentation Biomass."

REDFIELD: Adam Forshier, West Central Valley High School, “Wind Energy of the Future."

STUART: Nikki Schneider, West Central Valley High School, "Borer Terminator Phase IV"; McKenzie Wallace, West Central Valley High School, "The Effects of Calcium on the Caloric Absorption of Legumes in Equines."

WAUKEE/DES MOINES: Sarah Wang, Waukee High School/ Central Academy, "pTg-rNIS Fusion Project."

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