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Dec. 18, 2003

169 UI Physicians Listed Among ‘Best Doctors In America’

One hundred sixty-nine University of Iowa Health Care physicians have been selected for inclusion in the 2003 Best Doctors in America database, a leading resource for linking consumers with expert medical care.

The selected physicians, faculty members in the UI Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine who provide clinical services at UI Hospitals and Clinics, represent 34 medical specialties. They comprise more than half of the 320 physicians from Iowa listed in the latest database, which includes physicians from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Best Doctors database results from exhaustive peer review surveys undertaken by Best Doctors Inc., a provider of information about the best medical care available. To compile the current database, more than 35,000 doctors throughout the United States were asked to rate the clinical abilities of other doctors in their areas of specialization. Only physicians who earned the consensus support of their peers were included.

The polling methodology mimics the informal peer-to-peer referral process that doctors themselves use to identify appropriate specialists for their patients.

Best Doctors uses its database to support Web-based services that link individuals with serious illness to expert medical specialists for second opinions or treatment. The database includes detailed physician profiles (special areas of research, diagnoses treated most often, etc.), enhancing its ability to guide patients to the doctors most experienced to advise on and/or treat the illness in question.

In addition, all doctors are checked for licensing and certification requirements and for any disqualifying disciplinary actions.

The company's Web site is

Donna Katen-Bahensky, director and chief executive officer of UI Hospitals and Clinics, said the Best Doctors listings "provide yet another confirmation that our physicians rank among the very best. We believe Iowans are fortunate to have this level of expertise available to them through the University of Iowa."

Jean Robillard, M.D., dean of the UI Carver College of Medicine, said the Best Doctors listings underscore UI's overall commitment to high-quality patient care, research and medical education. "It certainly shows how highly respected our physicians are on a national scale," he said.

UI Health Care physicians listed in the database, by specialty, are:

ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY: Richard C. Ahrens; Zuhair K. Ballas; Marta M. Little; Barbara A. Muller; Miles M. Weinberger

ANESTHESIOLOGY: Timothy J. Brennan; David L. Brown; John S. Hata; Bradley J. Hindman; Tanya Oyos; Michael M. Todd

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Richard E. Kerber; Michael G. Kienzle; Brian Olshansky; James D. Rossen; David J. Skorton


DERMATOLOGY: Kathi C. Madison; Warren W. Piette; Thomas L. Ray; Richard D. Sontheimer; Mary S. Stone; Duane C. Whitaker


FAMILY MEDICINE: George R. Bergus; Richard C. Dobyns; John W. Ely; Paul A. James; Barcey T. Levy

GASTROENTEROLOGY: F. Jeffrey Field; Frederick C. Johlin; Robert W. Summers

HAND SURGERY: Brian Adams; Curtis M. Steyers

INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Charles M. Helms; Loreen A. Herwaldt

INTERNAL MEDICINE, GENERAL: John F. Fieselmann; James R. Flanagan; Christopher Goerdt; Bruce E. Johnson; Richard LeBlond; Paul Mulhausen


NEPHROLOGY: Michael J. Flanigan; Lawrence G. Hunsicker

NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY: Kenneth A. Follett; Patrick W. T. Hitchon; Matthew Howard; Arnold H. Menezes; Timothy Ryken; Vincent C. Traynelis; John C. VanGilder

NEUROLOGY: Harold P. Adams, Jr.; Adel K. Afifi (pediatric); Antonio Damasio; Hanna Damasio; Katherine Mathews (pediatric); Robert L. Rodnitzky; William T. Talman Jr.; Michael Wall

NUCLEAR MEDICINE: David L. Bushnell; Michael M. Graham; Daniel Kahn

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY: Barrie Anderson; William A. Davis; Sanford M. Markham; Jennifer R. Niebyl; Ingrid E. Nygaard; Joel I. Sorosky; Craig Syrop; Bradley Van Voorhis; Jerome Yankowitz; Frank J. Zlatnik

OPHTHALMOLOGY: Wallace L. M. Alward, H. Culver Boldt; Keith D. Carter; Randy H. Kardon; Ronald V. Keech; Andrew G. Lee; Jeffrey A. Nerad; Stephen R. Russell; Edwin M. Stone; John E. Sutphin, Jr.; Thomas A. Weingeist

ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY: Annuziato Amendola; Joseph A. Buckwalter; John J. Callaghan; Charles R. Clark; Frederick R. Dietz; James Nepola; Ignacio V. Ponseti; Charles L. Saltzman; Stuart L. Weinstein

OTOLARYNGOLOGY: John W. Canady; Gerry F. Funk; Bruce J. Gantz; Henry T. Hoffman; Richard J. H. Smith

PATHOLOGY: Jo Ann Benda; James Goeken

PEDIATRICS, GENERAL: Vera Loening-Baucke; Brenda Cruikshank; William R. Daws; Claibourne I. Dungy; Lois Dusdieker; Mary S. Larew; Ellen Link; Jody R. Murph; Jerold Woodhead

PEDIATRIC SPECIALIST: Richard C. Ahrens; Michael J. Acarregui, Dianne L. Atkins, Edward F. Bell; Warren P. Bishop; John Dagle; Patricia A. Donohoue; Thomas E. Fagan; Charles F. Grose; Herman Hein; Jonathan M. Klein; Ian H. Law; Ronald M. Lauer; Larry T. Mahoney; Paul B. McCray Jr.; Mary J. H. Morriss; Jeffrey C. Murray; Craig C. Porter; Jean E. Robillard; Thomas D. Scholz; Jeffrey Segar; Jeffrey Smith; Raymond Tannous; Eva Tsalikian; Miles M. Weinberger; John A. Widness

PLASTIC SURGERY: Al S. Aly; John W. Canady

PSYCHIATRY: Arnold E. Andersen; Donald W. Black; Brian L. Cook; William Coryell; Raymond R. Crowe; Delwyn D. Miller; Bruce M. Pfohl; Robert G. Robinson

PULMONARY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE: John F. Fieselmann; Gary W. Hunninghake; Jeffrey S. Wilson


RADIOLOGY: Bruce P. Brown; John C. Chaloupka, George Y. El-Khoury; E. A. Franken, Jr.; Yutaka Sato; Wendy Smoker; William Stanford

RHEUMATOLOGY: Robert F. Ashman; John S. Cowdery, Jr.; George V. Lawry II


SURGERY: Kimberly S. Ephgrave; Gerald P. Kealey; Stephen C. Rayhill; Anthony D. Sandler; Carol E. H. Scott-Conner; Youmin Wu


THORACIC SURGERY: Douglas M. Behrendt; Wayne E. Richenbacher

UROLOGY: Bernard Fallon; Karl J. Kreder; Richard D. Williams; Howard N. Winfield

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