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Release: June 11, 2002

UI plans for power reductions this summer

The University of Iowa will participate in an energy curtailment program again this summer, periodically responding to requests from MidAmerican Energy by reducing power to most buildings on campus.

The UI generates some electrical energy at its own power plant and has a contract with MidAmerican to provide additional electricity to the campus. Part of this contract includes participation in MidAmerican's electrical curtailment program, which limits electrical usage during peak periods. Curtailment -- meaning reduction of electrical power for up to six hours -- can be requested by MidAmerican between June 1 and Sept. 30. The program benefits the university through lower utility costs and a substantial credit. Curtailments typically occur during extremely hot afternoons and early evenings of summer.

A number of strategies will be used to reduce power use in most buildings on campus, UI officials say, including increasing air temperatures, cycling air conditioning systems on and off or even turning them off completely during the curtailment, shutting down ventilation systems, and/or turning off non-essential lighting. In the few buildings where these strategies will not work, either because of their special occupancy needs or for technical reasons, departments will be asked to voluntarily reduce energy use. For more information, see http//