Individuals Awarded One Million Dollars Or More (7/01/2001 through 6/30/2002)
Investigator Total Costs College Department
MURRAY, JEFFREY CLARK $5,678,081 Medicine Pediatrics
LYNCH, CHARLES F $5,295,478 Public Health Epidemiology
GURNETT, DONALD A $4,781,206 Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics and Astronomy
COLANGELO, NICHOLAS $4,025,958 Education Connie Belin-Blank National Center
SOARES, BENTO $3,947,331 Medicine Pediatrics
WELSH, MICHAEL JAMES $3,946,335 Medicine Internal Medicine
LOBAS, JEFFREY $3,933,481 Medicine Pediatrics
ANDREASEN, NANCY C. $3,416,581 Medicine Psychiatry
SHEFFIELD, VAL C $3,358,758 Medicine Pediatrics
ENGELHARDT, JOHN F $3,149,592 Medicine Anatomy and Cell Biology
ABBOUD, FRANCOIS $3,055,043 Medicine Internal Medicine
TODD, MICHAEL M $3,007,709 Medicine Anesthesia
WALLACE, ROBERT B $2,848,148 Public Health Epidemiology
SIGMUND, CURT D $2,712,128 Medicine Internal Medicine
HUNNINGHAKE, GARY $2,702,359 Medicine Internal Medicine
DAMASIO, ANTONIO R $2,412,813 Medicine Neurology
HOFFMAN, ERIC $2,366,237 Medicine Radiology
GREENBERG, EVERETT P $2,245,993 Medicine Microbiology
PAULSEN, JANE S $2,200,832 Medicine Psychiatry
WICHMAN, MICHAEL D $2,120,782 VP Research Hygenic Laboratory
DOERSHUK, JOHN F $2,116,806 VP Research State Archaeologist
LEVY, STEVEN M $2,098,132 Dentistry Preventative and Community Dentistry
GANTZ, BRUCE JAY $2,056,914 Medicine Otolaryngology
OBERLEY, LARRY WAYNE $2,033,420 Medicine Radiation Research Laboratory
WASSON, JEFFREY A $1,975,131 VP Research Hygenic Laboratory
MERRY, CARL A $1,943,690 VP Research State Archaeologist
THORNE, PETER S $1,888,760 Public Health Occupational and Environmental Health
BLANCK, PETER D $1,794,153 Law Law, Health Policy & Disability Center
LAUER, RONALD M $1,668,837 Medicine Pediatrics
TOMBLIN, J BRUCE $1,638,798 Liberal Arts and Sciences Speech Pathology and Audiology
JOHNSON, SUSAN RAE $1,574,332 Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology
FARACI, FRANK M. $1,531,281 Medicine Internal Medicine
PESSIN, JEFFREY E $1,524,134 Medicine Physiology and Biophysics
WEINER, GEORGE J $1,513,592 Medicine Cancer Center
SMITH, RICHARD J $1,504,022 Medicine Otolaryngology
ONEL, YASAR $1,492,345 Liberal Arts and Sciences Physics and Astronomy
STRAUSS, RONALD G $1,449,088 Medicine Pathology
HEISTAD, DONALD $1,447,370 Medicine Internal Medicine
ASHMAN, ROBERT F $1,426,129 Medicine Internal Medicine
APICELLA, MICHAEL A. $1,416,276 Medicine Microbiology
NAUSEEF, WILLIAM M. $1,365,746 Medicine Internal Medicine
HALL, JAMES ALAN $1,327,214 Medicine Pediatrics
REYNOLDS, S. & MERCHANT, J. $1,306,990 Public Health Occupational and Environmental Health
WEFEL, JAMES S $1,303,352 Dentistry Dows Institute for Dental Research
SPECTOR, ARTHUR A $1,302,763 Medicine Biochemistry
GILCHRIST, MARY JOYCE $1,283,884 VP Research Hygenic Laboratory
CLARKE, WILLIAM RADUE $1,275,099 Public Health Biostatistics
STAPLETON, JACK T $1,231,507 Medicine Internal Medicine
SOLL, DAVID R $1,188,224 Liberal Arts and Sciences Biological Sciences
PAPELIS, YIANNIS E $1,185,866 VP Research NADS
ARNONE, ARTHUR $1,164,950 Medicine Biochemistry
LOWE, JOHN $1,159,826 Public Health Community and Behavioral Health
HENDRIX, MARY $1,122,093 Medicine Anatomy and Cell Biology
WATSON, GINGER SHAYE $1,090,757 VP Research NADS
ROSENTHAL, GARY E $1,086,776 Medicine Internal Medicine
O'DORISIO, M SUE $1,085,226 Medicine Pediatrics
HELL, JOHANNES W $1,072,601 Medicine Pharmacology
WESTON, BURNS H $1,050,000 Provost International Programs
ROSAZZA, JOHN P $1,036,208 VP Research Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing
GEYER, PAMELA $1,031,171 Medicine Biochemistry
LINHARDT, ROBERT J $1,026,123 Pharmacy Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
SAFTLAS, AUDREY $1,012,423 Public Health Epidemiology
LILIEN, JACK $1,008,656 Liberal Arts and Sciences Biological Sciences
SCHLUETER, ANNETTE $1,000,000 Medicine Pathology