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Release:Feb. 11, 2002

UI hosts Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 22-23

(Student name) of (hometown/high school) will present a paper titled (title of presentation) at the 40th annual Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 22-23 at the University of Iowa and the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel.

The symposium, featuring 16 student research presentations, is being held by the Iowa Secondary Student Training Office for some 200 Iowa high school students and 25 teachers.

Student participants will tour UI science research laboratories where presentations are planned in biomedical engineering, the biological sciences, chemical and biochemical engineering, computer science, dental research, hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, nursing, pathology, physics and astronomy, psychology, radiation research, radiology, speech pathology and audiology. Students will also tour the Geological Survey Bureau, and the Museum of Natural History. The symposium is coordinated by the UI in cooperation with the U.S. Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Academy of Applied Science, Inc.

(EDITORS: Student presenters are listed alphabetically by hometown.)

ADAIR: Erin Peterson, Adair-Casey High School, "Resisting Resistance"
BURLINGTON: Rachael Collier, Mediapolis High School, "Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Protein on Daphnia magna"
CEDAR FALLS: Conrad Hutcheson, Cedar Ralls High School, "Design and Implementation of a Medical Image Processing Template for Two- and Three- Dimensional Images in MATLAB"
CEDAR RAPIDS: Ashley Noreuil, George Washington High School, "The Diet of Odocoileus virginianus: A Three Year Study"
DES MOINES: Hailyn Nielsen, Des Moines Central Academy, "Isolation and Identification of Non-Dinitrophenol Degrading Mutants of Rhodococcus opacus sp RB1"
DONNELLSON: Arie Schiller, Central Lee High School, "The Effect of Inclination on Sexual Precedence of Fern Sperm"
FAIRFIELD: Daniel Blum and Jon Czinder, Maharishi School, "'Alberbine': A Clean and Efficient Solution to Alternate Energy"
IOWA CITY: Hee Won Lee, Iowa City West High School, "Studies on the Oligomerization of Bcl-2 Family Proteins in Lipid Vesicles"; Ayesha Zaheer, Iowa City High School, "Opposite Effects of Cis-parinaric acid on JNK and p38 MAPK in malignant rat-astrocytoma cells"
MEDIAPOLIS: Amy Marquardt, Mediapolis High School, "Assessing Variation of Temper on Absorbency and Strength of Pottery Through Experimentation"
MENLO: Chris Nelson, West Central Valley High School, "Gourmet Hay; Nikki Schneider, West Central Valley High School, Borer Terminator Phase III"
MONTROSE: Sara Weirather, Central Lee High School, "Black Rot and Brassica rapa"
NICHOLS: Arielle Hardre, West Liberty High School, "Characterization of Genetic Variations in the HLXB9 Gene Related to Currarino Syndrome"; Mischael Hardre, West Liberty High School, "The Examination of High Frequency Phenotypic Switching in Candida Glabrata"
OSKALOOSA: Meghan Wymore, Oskaloosa High School, "Mutagenicity of Artificial Sweeteners"