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Release: April 16, 2002

UI Presidential Scholarships awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 50 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Presidential Scholarship for the 2002-2003 academic year. The award is the most prestigious honor given to entering freshmen. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parent’s name).

Recipients were chosen from a field of almost 600 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Presidential Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school rank, grade point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $7,000 per year or $28,000 over four years.

EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Presidential Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter and parent(s) name(s).


ALGONA: James Brandenburg, Garrigan High School, son, Alan and Jane Brandenburg

ALTOONA: Jessica Heffernen, Southeast Polk High School, daughter, Daniel and Cheryl Heffernen

AMES: Elizabeth Bastiaans, Ames High School, daughter, Glenn and Mary Jane Bastiaans; Evan Herrnstadt, Ames High School, son, Steven and Mary Herrnstadt; Nevin Sebastian, Ames High School, son, Joseph and Omana Sebastian

ANKENY: Nicole Schmidt, Ankeny High School, daughter, Craig and Jane Schmidt

BELMOND: Joseph Bailey, Belmond Klemme High School, son, Larry and Carol Bailey

CEDAR FALLS: Melanie Simet, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Ira and Nancy Simet

CEDAR RAPIDS: Amanda Crosby, Prairie High School, daughter, Tim and Diane Crosby; Kelly Kennedy, Geo Washington High School, daughter, Tim and Sharon Kennedy

CLEAR LAKE: Courtney Connor, Ventura High School, daughter, Michael and Jane Connor

CLINTON: Stephen Loeffelholz, Clinton High School, son, Alan and Elizabeth Loeffelholz

CORALVILLE: Keith Turner, West High School, son, Lenore Holte and Christopher Turner

CRESCO: Anthony Serfling, Crestwood High School, son, Mark and Sharon Serfling

DAVENPORT, Gavin Ferguson, Assumption High School, son, Douglas and Diane Ferguson; Andrew Kopf, West High School, son, Brian and Elaine Kopf

DES MOINES: Ngoc Dang, Hoover High School, daughter, Chien Dang and Ro Vu; Lauren Daumueller, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Janice Hill and Richard Daumueller; Marie Gernes, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Robert and Marlene Ann Gernes; Hailyn Nielsen, Roosevelt High School, daughter, William and Jeannie Nielsen; Andrew Thomas, Roosevelt High School, son, Mark Thomas

DE WITT: Cara Zimmerman, Central Clinton High School, daughter, Scott and Denise Zimmerman

DUBUQUE: Justin Wilson, Hempstead High School, son, Kevin and Chris Wilson

FORT DODGE: Andrew Chu, Fort Dodge High School, son, Steve and Helen Chu; Yi Li, Fort Dodge High School, daughter, Wumin and Xueyan Li

GILBERT: Chelsea Osenbaugh, Gilbert Community School, daughter, Ed and Karen Osenbaugh

GREENFIELD: Megan Hanson, Nodaway Valley High School, daughter, Glen and Sheryl Hanson

INDIANOLA: Allison Hade, Indianola High School, daughter, Joel and Debra Hade

IOWA CITY: Matthew Brown, West High School, son, David and Cindy Brown; David Buchmiller, City High School, son, Robert and Carole Buchmiller; Nora Doyle, City High School, daughter, Steven Ostrem and Mary Doyle; Alexander Ebinger, City High School, son, Jeffrey and Carol Ebinger; Pavlina Sonkova, West High School, daughter, Milan and Jitka Sonkova

LA PORTE CITY: Alexandra Olson, West High School, daughter, Dean and Marcia Olson

MARION: Stephanie Wagoner, Linn-Mar High School, daughter, Brad and Sue Wagoner

MASON CITY: Emily Silberstein, Mason City High School, daughter, Peter and Michele Silberstein

MITCHELLVILLE: Kendra O'Connor, Southeast Polk High School, daughter, Kevin and Lori O'Connor

MONMOUTH: Evonne Smith, E Central Comm High School, daughter, Lanny and Dianna Smith

MONTROSE: Michael Thompson, Fort Madison Sr High School, son, Danny Thompson

MOVILLE: Andrea Maxwell, Woodbury Central High School, daughter, Dorothy and Stee Maxwell

NORTH LIBERTY: Kristin Wurster, West High School, daughter, Dale and Pamela Wurster

PEOSTA: Amber DeHoff, Western Dubuque High School, daughter, Thomas Dehoff and Valerie DeHoff

SIOUX CITY: Michael Bosmeny, North High School, son, Bruce and Ramona Bosmeny

SPENCER: Jennifer Quinn, Spencer High School, daughter, Jim and Patricia Quinn

SWEA CITY: Kristen Clark, N Kossuth Comm School, daughter, John and Dawn Clark

URBANDALE: Chris Butzke, Urbandale High School, son, Milton and Ann Butzke; Lauren McCarthy, Dowling High School, daughter, Jim and Kathryn Koenig; Nicholas Siefert, Urbandale High School, son, Todd and Peggy Siefert

WATERLOO: Samuel Edsill, West High School, son, Henry and Norma Edsill; Jennifer Goings, West High School, daughter, Linda Goings

WEST DES MOINES: Kimberly Nelson, Valley High School, daughter, Kevin and Sandra Nelson


PARKER: Kathryn Neeper, Chaparral High School, daughter, Kenneth Neeper and Linda Mitchell


BLOOMINGTON: Suneeti Gupta, Normal Comm West High School, daughter, Babu Lal and Jyotsna Gupta

CHAMPAIGN: Emilia Garvey, University High School, daughter, Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey/John Garvey

DES PLAINES: John Krickl, Elk Grove High School, son, John and Nancy Krickl

DOWNERS GROVE: Dianne Harrop, Comm High School Dist 99 S HS, daughter, Blake and Theresa Harrop

MCHENRY: Kelli Walsh, Johnsburg High School, daughter, David and Elaine Walsh

ORLAND PARK: Andrea Barkauski, Carl Sandburg High School, daughter, Ciprion and Andrea Barkauski

RICHTON PARK: Kenneth Bock, Rich South High School, son, Bonnie Bock

STEELEVILLE: Lauren Kiehna, Steeleville Cmty High School, daughter, Marc and Susan Kiehna


LOUISVILLE, Diana Grisanti, Presentation Acad, daughter, Paul and Katherine Grisa


YPSILANTI: Anna McQuere, Ypsilanti High School, daughter, Gordon and Melanie McQuere


BELLEVUE: Anne Sloniker, Bellevue West Sr High School, daughter, Donn and Sheila Sloniker

LINCOLN: Justin Ma, Lincoln Southeast High School, son, Arthur and Theresa Ma

OMAHA: Jennifer Larson, Millard W High School, daughter, Jim and Mary Jo Larson; Eric Thomas, North High School, son, Joan Thomas; Benjamin Vankat, North High School, son, Kenneth and Suzanne Vankat


GLENMOORE: Jessica Bonnem, Downingtown High School, daughter, Jeff and Maureen Bonnem


MADISON: Jenni Staley, West High School, daughter, John and Robin Stale

WATERTOWN: Alysia Moen, Watertown High School, daughter, Richard and Sharon Moen

WAUKESHA: Shaun Cullinane, Cath Memorial High School, son, Patrick Cullinane and Marsha Cullinane