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Release: April 16, 2002

UI Dean's Scholarships awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 70 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Dean’s Scholarship for the 2002-2003 academic year. The award is given to selected top-ranking finalists in the Presidential Scholarship competition. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parent’s name).

Recipients were chosen from a field of 600 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Dean’s Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school rank, grade point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $1,000 per year or $4,000 over four years. EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Dean's Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter and parent(s) name(s).


ADEL: Mary Christensen, Adel Desoto Minburn HS, daughter, Del and Debora Christensen

ALTA: Blake Huseman, Alta Sr High School, son, Dan and Jane Huseman

AMES: Jeffrey Block, Ames High School, son, Charles and Mary Block; Andrew Laczniak, Ames High School, son, Russell and Kathleen Laczniak; Amanda Lorntson, Gilbert Comm School, daughter, Tom and Carol Lorntson; Aaron Myers, Ames High School, son, Ron and Cynthia Myers

BELLEVUE: Stephanie Theisen, Marquette High School, daughter, Joseph and Lisa Theisen

BERNARD: Rachel Jamison, Dubuque Sr High School, daughter, Bill and Alaine Jamison

BETTENDORF: Margaret Bacon, Pleasant Valley Cmty HS, daughter, Richard Bacon and Lynda Kruss; Kristin Brown, Bettendorf High School, daughter, Paul and Kathy Brown; Kevin White, Pleasant Valley Cmty HS, son, Bob and Marsha White

BOONE: Krista Brittain, Boone High School, daughter, Jeffrey and Pauline Brittain; Carissa Bunning, Boone High School, daughter, Jeff and Twyla Wisecup

BURLINGTON: Allison Kaup, Burlington Comm High School, daughter, Stephen and Denise Kaup; Cody Tarbell, Mediapolis Comm High School, son, Ardyce and Nancy Tarbell

CASTANA: Laura Jensen, Maple Valley Anthon Oto HS, daughter, Michael and Debbie Jensen

CEDAR FALLS: Michael Ellerbroek, Northern University HS, son, Jed and Julie Ellerbroek; Carl Henning, Cedar Falls High School, son, John and Maria Henning; Michael Miller, Cedar Falls High School, son, Mark and Nancy Miller; Kirsten Nordstrom, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Paul and Julie Nordstrom; Elizabeth Thompson, Northern University HS, daughter, Andrew and Elizabeth Thompson; Mary Weber, Northern University HS, daughter, Lee and Mary Lou Weber

CEDAR RAPIDS: Rachel Dennis, Geo Washington High School, daughter, Darrell and Lynn Dennis; Abby Heitman, John F Kennedy Sr High School, daughter, Leon and Joni Heitman; Carrie Schuettpelz, Geo Washington High School, daughter, Carl and Dawn Schuettpelz

CLINTON: Bridget Henry, Clinton High School, daughter, Clarence and Margaret Henry; Dawn Leonard, Clinton High School, daughter, Jay and Debra Leonard

CLIVE: Matthew Friedel, Roosevelt High School, son, Michael Friedel

CORALVILLE: Jea Min, West High School, daughter, Byeong Min and Yong Min

COUNCIL BLUFFS: Kayleen Dresen, Lewis Central High School, daughter, David Dresen; Laura Andrie-Grondek, Abraham Lincoln High School, daughter, Richard and Mary Jane Grondek; Nathan Thomas, Lewis Central High School, son, Jon and Linda Thomas

CRESCO: Robyn Bronner, Crestwood High School, daughter, Brent and Patsy Bronner

DAVENPORT: Molly Harris, Assumption High School, daughter, John and Ann Harris

DES MOINES: Hristina Hristova, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Latchezar and Stoyanka Lazaroy; Angela Jones, East High School, daughter, Reggie and Phyllis Crabbs; Anne Pham, Hoover High School, daughter, Bac Pham and Diane Nguyen; Steve Purtle, Dowling High School, son, Mark Purtle and Mary Gutenkauf; Abigail Sawyer, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Melody Nelson and Thomas Sawyer; Ming Wu, Johnston High School, son, Yunsheng Wu and Suling Zhao

DUBUQUE: Matthew Witry, Hempstead High School, son, Thomas and Carol Witry

DYERSVILLE: Joseph Friedman, Beckman High School, son, Jack and Maureen Friedman

EAGLE GROVE: Sarah Thompson, Eagle Grove High School, daughter, Tom and Juanita Thompson

ELDRIDGE: Christine Bartel, North Scott High School, daughter, Robert and Elaine Bartel

FARRAGUT: Rebecca Castle, Farragut Jr-Sr High School, daughter, Terry Castle and Karen Garner

FORT DODGE: Elizabeth Bryant, Fort Dodge High School, daughter, Jon and Bonnie Bryant

GARDEN GROVE: Stacy Bremer, Mormon Trail High School, daughter, Jerry and Debbie Bremer

GLENWOOD: Dorothy Basili, Glenwood High School, daughter, Rebecca Marlowe

HAMPTON: Sarah Wagner, Hampton Dumont High School, daughter, Eric and Robin Wagner

HUMBOLDT: Ashley Bramble, Humboldt High School, daughter, Annette Johnson and Jeff Bramble

IOWA CITY: J Ashley Calkins, City High School, daughter, Jim Calkins and Jill Smith; Amos Hill, West High School, son, Ingrid Hill; Randall Holmes, Geo Washington High School, son, Tom & Marilyn Holmes, Derek & Janet Hong; Emily Klinefelter, City High School, daughter, Cynthia Parsons and Gary Klinefelter; Erilynn Russo, City High School, daughter, Andrew and Maureen Russo; Scott Spilger, City High School, son, Susan Spilger; Kaveri Thommandru, West High School, daughter, Jessi Thommandru

JOHNSTON: Kevin Bjork, Johnston High School, son, Alan and Louila Bjork; Fredrick Dawson, Johnston High School, son, Frederick and Debra Dawson

KEOKUK: Jacob Nickel, Keokuk High School, son, Clyde and Cynthia Nickel

MARION: William Liechty, Linn-Mar High School, son, Robert and Debora Liechty

MARSHALLTOWN: Laura Ingleby, Marshalltown Sr High School, daughter, Thomas and Diane Ingleby; Joel Lamb, Marshalltown Sr High School, son, Damon and Susan Lamb

MASON CITY: Jack Powell, Mason City High School, son, Jay and Jo Powell; Mohammed Shaikh, Mason City High School, son, Jaffar Shaik and Mahamudha Shaikh

MOUNT VERNON: Jenna Voss, Mount Vernon High School, daughter, Barbara Voss

NORTH LIBERTY: Laura Goddard, West High School, daughter, Bruce and Carolyn Goddard

OTTUMWA: Bradyn Breon-Drish, Ottumwa High School, son, Stanley and Marlys Breon-Drish; Laura Parker, Ottumwa High School, daughter, Paul and Kathy Parker

PLEASANTVILLE: Adam Beier, Pleasantville High School, son, Rod Beier and Penny Heaberlin

SERGEANT BLUFF: Megan Riker, Sergeant Bluff Luton HS, daughter, John and Louann Riker

SHELDON: Aleisa Schat, Sheldon Sr High School, daughter, Bob and Laura Schat

SIOUX CITY: Eric Beaver, Heelan High School, son, Jerry and Kathy Beaver; Erika Burke, North High School, daughter, Paul and Judith Burke; Tanner Fleck, East High School, son, Arnold and Sandy Fleck; Christina Janiczek, Heelan High School, daughter, Lloyd and Diane Janiczek

SLOAN: Rachael Reuss, Westwood High School, daughter, Darrel and Pam Reuss; Scott Schrage, Westwood High School, son, Gary and Janice Schrage

STORM LAKE: John Armstrong, Storm Lake Sr High School, son, Gary and Patricia Armstrong

TRIPOLI: Derek Kerr, Tripoli Jr-Sr High School, son, David and Kathie Kerr

URBANDALE: Grant Brinkmeyer, Urbandale High School, son, Dirk and Diane Brinkmeyer; Allison Rockwell, Johnston High School, daughter, Damon and Renee Rockwell

WEST DES MOINES: Ashley Anderson, Valley High School, daughter, Scott and Debbie Anderson; Ethan Grundberg, Valley High School, son, Floyd and Pamela Gerleman; Shaina Saland, Valley High School, daughter, Paul and Kalli Saland; Christine Suckow, Valley High School, daughter, Thomas and Mary Kay Suckow

WASHBURN: Todd Stanhope, Don Bosco High School, son, Jeff and Jan Stanhope

WATERLOO: Amelia Colwell, West High School, daughter, Patrick and Martha Colwell; Natalie Foreman, Columbus High School, daughter, Ric and Martha Foreman; Tejus Kothari, West High School, son, Jitendra and Harshida Kothari; Arun Reddy, West High School, son, Suresh and Rupa Reddy

WOODWARD: Bradley Hansen, Woodward-Granger High School, son, Mervin and Pamela Hansen


NEW EDINBURG: Amber Davis, Warren High School, daughter, Glenda Davis


TUCSON: Dari Duval, Catalina Foothills High School, daughter, John and Valli Duval


ORMOND BEACH: Lauren Stambaugh, Seabreeze High School, daughter, Jerry Stambaugh and Linda Bertolet


CHAMPAIGN: Anna Hiple, Centennial High School, daughter, Mark and Janet Hiple

CHICAGO: James Edel, Fenwick, son, Thomas and JeaniDixon, Alpheus Appenheimer, Dixon High School, son, Tim and Sharon Appenheimer

DOWNERS GROVE: Michael Johnson, Comm High School Dist 99 S HS, son, Robert and Nancy Johnson

GENESEO: Brett Barker, J D Darnall Sr High School, son, Donald and Amy Barker; Nathan Vandike, J D Darnall Sr High School, son, Steve and Vicky Vandike

GRAYSLAKE: Rebecca Olejniczak, Grayslake Comm High School, daughter, Ed and Cathy Olejniczak

HEYWORTH: Adam Cook, Heyworth High School, son, Bill and Heidi Cook

HOFFMAN EST: Becca Young, William Fremd High School, daughter, Geoffrey and Joan Young

LA GRANGE: Paula Banser, Lyons Twnshp High School N, daughter, Frederic and Lois Banser

LIBERTYVILLE: Nora Kunio, Libertyville High School, daughter, Robert and Mona Kunio

LONG GROVE: Kerri Mullen, Adlai E Stevenson High School, daughter, John and Elizabeth Mullen

MINOOKA: Lauren Flannery, Minooka Comm High School, daughter, Tony and Jeannie Flannery

NORMAL: Jessica Tucker, Normal Comm W High School, daughter, Michael and Lisa Tucker

PRINCETON: Jennifer Kinsman, Princeton High School, daughter, Gregory and Michelle Kinsman

ROBINSON: Jaqueline Maddox, Robinson High School, daughter, Scott and Julie Maddox

SPRING GROVE: Marc Wanagas, Marian Central Cath HS, son, Kenneth and Doris Wanagas

WADSWORTH: Alicia Sutton, Warren Twnshp High School, daughter, Marvin and Bonita Sutton

WARRENVILLE: Bret Ulery, Wheaton-Warrenville S HS, son, David and Darlene Ulery

WASHINGTON: Kari Heitzman, Washington Cmty High School, daughter, Robert and Vicki Heitzman

WAYNE: Caitlin Kuyk, St Charles E High School, daughter, Charles and Kimberly Kuyk

WOOD DALE: Rebecca Neumayer, Fenton High School, daughter, Michael and Roberta Neumayer

YORKVILLE: Jason Unterbrunner, Yorkville High School, son, Lynn and Mary Unterbrunner


MADISON: Andrew Holm, Shawe Memorial High School, son, Lloyd and Gretchen Holm


OVERLAND PARK: Alicia Williams, Blue Valley North High School, daughter, Rita Williams


LOUISVILLE: Daniel Znidersic, St Xavier High School, son, Kenneth and Eilene Znide


BATON ROUGE: Michiko Inoue, University Laboratory Sch, daughter, Masamichi and Leila Inou


ROYAL OAK: Sarah Peterson, Kimball High School, daughter, Edward and Kathleen Peterson


PLYMOUTH: Amy Gjoraas, Wayzata High School, daughter, Darold and Debra Gjoraas Willmar, Erica Meium, Willmar Sr High School, daughter, Thomas and Agnes Meium


SAINT CLAIR: Elizabeth Hoeltzle, St Clair High School, daughter, Jana Flanagin


LINCOLN: Joseph David, Lincoln Southeast High School, son, Jeff and Sarah David; Matthew Hibbing, Lincoln NE High School, son, John and Anne Hibbing

OMAHA: Kyle Guenther, Duchesne Acad Sacred Heart, daughter, Joel and Katie Guenther; Andrew Hoffmann, Creighton Prep Sch, son, Daniel and Sheila Hoffmann; Amy Peet, Vj & Angela Skutt Cath HS, daughter, Gary and Judy Peet; Anastassia Persidsky, Brownell-Talbot Sch, daughter, Yuri and Raissa Persidsky

WAKEFIELD: Kathryn Taber, Wayne High School, daughter, Douglass and Linda Taber


NEW PROVIDENCE: Stephen Sherman, New Providence High School, son, Robert and Sondra Sherman


ALBUQUERQUE: Ariel Bleicher, Valley High School, daughter, Caroline Orcutt and Paul Bleicher


GRANTS PASS: Melanie Patterson, Grants Pass High School, daughter, Susan Patterson


PIERRE: Gillian Woodburn, Theodore F Riggs High School, daughter, Ron and Glenda Woodburn


NASHVILLE: Abigail Ashford-Grooms, Hillsboro High School, daughter, Thomas Grooms and Linda Ashford


HOUSTON: Christiana Hanson, Memorial Sr High School, daughter, Steven and Lorna Hanson


ELLENSBURG: Andrea Mynar, Ellensburg High School, daughter, Anthony and Terry Mynar


HARTLAND: Marie Schlafer, Arrowhead High School, daughter, Art and Debbie Schla

MADISON: Andreas Hager, West High School, son, Peggy Hager and Tom Andersen

PLEASANT PRAIRIE: Christy Hutchins, Tremper High School, daughter, Gary and Judy Hutchins

SILVER LAKE: Jennifer Boswell, Wilmot High School, daughter, Joanne Boswell