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Release: March 20, 2001

Thaw festival brings experimental film to UI March 29-31

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- A festival of experimental films started by University of Iowa graduate students as a local showcase has gained an international following and this year will feature 64 films and videos from around the world. The sixth annual Thaw festival will be held March 29-31 at the UI with all events and screenings free and open to the public.

Jason Livingston, one of the Thaw directors, said more than 1,000 seats were filled during last year's festival screenings, with some people attending the entire festival and others stopping in for a single session. This year organizers say they hope to draw more people from the community to the festival.

"There are few other festivals like this across the country," Livingston said. "We hope high school and college students and other Iowa City residents will take advantage of this unique opportunity to see some of the newest and most innovative work in film, video and digital media."

In an effort to reach out to the larger community, this year Thaw will bring digital art to computers around town. In addition to the Digital Lounge, the hub of Thaw's new media exhibition located in Studio C Becker Communication Studies Building (BCSB), people can view selected works from Thaw at Studiolo and at the UI Museum of Art. A preview to the festival will be held at 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, March 23 at the museum, with several local participants displaying their work.

Another festival preview will be a benefit Tuesday, March 27, at Gabe's in downtown Iowa City. Headlining the benefit will be Competitorr, a band featuring UI alumna and filmmaker Sarah Price, best known for her work as producer of American Movie, an independent hit in 2000. The evening will also include films, videos, and multimedia environments. Doors open at 8 p.m.

One of the highlights of Thaw 2001 will be a performance by two of the festival judges, known as Animal Charm, at 11 p.m. Friday, March 30. They will perform a live video mix, which Livingston describes as similar to the sound mixing done by DJ's in clubs, but with video. The performance will be interactive, as attendees are encouraged to bring their own videos for Animal Charm to work into the mix. The location of this event will be announced during the Friday sessions of the festival.

More information about Thaw is available on the Web at

Following is a schedule of Thaw events:

Thursday, March 29

7 p.m.: Digital Opening, Studio C - Becker Communication Studies Building (BCSB)

Ongoing digital Web, CD-ROM, video and audio through March 31

8-11 p.m.: Competition Show No. 1, Shambaugh Auditorium

Départ (16mm, 6m), Thomas Comerford; Hand to Mouth, Volume 1 (video, 7m), Michael Chavelier; Now Let us Praise American Leftists (video, 2.5m), Paul Chan; el guero (video, 3m), Jim Finn; The Final Touch (video, 2m), Pierre Yves Clouin; Nest of Tens (video, 27m), Miranda July; National Archive V.1 (video, 15m), Travis Wilkerson; Koseh Mush Chal MiKony (Glider) (16mm, 7m), Kaveh Askari PIRATED! (video, 11m), Nguyen Tan Hoang; Screen Test No.1, No.2, No.3 (video, 12m), Irene Gustafson and Julia Zay; Ten Days (video, 8m, 28s), Russ Nordman;
4 Vertigo (video, 4m), Les Le Veque; still/here (16mm, 60m), Christopher Harris

Friday, March 30

3:30-5 p.m.: Juror Show: Animated Films by Jim Trainor, 101 BCSB

7-8:45 p.m.: Competition Show No. 2, Shambaugh Auditorium

The California Dream (video, 15m), Nahyeong Cheon; Shadow Box (video, 1m, 21s), Pierre Yves Clouin; Little Flags (video, 6.5 min.), Jem Cohen; After Celilo Falls (video, 18m, 45s), Michael Annus; Wait (16mm, 8.5 min.), Robert Todd; chests and trunks, the charter (16mm, 10m), Kenneth Eisenstein; Fissures (16mm, 2.5m), Louise Bourque; if only i (video, 35m), Donigan Cumming

9-10:45 p.m.: Competition Show No. 3, Shambaugh Aud.

Shadow in the Room (video, 12m), Ticia Kane; The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (video, 16m), Matt McCormick; On Television (video, 12m, 45s), Zachary Stadel; wavelength (video, 15s), Daniel Martinico; Trans(e) Bleu (video, 22m), Marie-France Giraudon, Emmanuel Avenel; Clip (16mm, 3m, 10s), Robert Todd; Local time + 2 1/2 (16mm, 13m), Klaus W. Eisenlohr; Private Movie (16mm, 6m), Naomi Uman; 100% (video, 4m, 57s), Saori Hoshi; fightloop (video, 2m), Daniel Martinico; Three Legged (video, 3m), Paul Harrison & John Wood; Ken Burns Give You Something (video, 3.5m), Kent Lambert

11 p.m.: Juror Show: Performance/Live Mix by Animal Charm

Location TBD. Bring videos to share!

Saturday, March 31

12:30-2:30 p.m.: Competition Show No. 4, Shambaugh Aud.

Beyond Voluntary Control (16mm, 30m), Cathy Cook; Deadpan (16mm, 6.5m), Rick Raxlen

Akin (video, 5m), Anne E. Olsen; The Fancy (video, 36m), Elisabeth Subrin; Kirby Cannon (film, 10m), Elizabeth Cole; Deer Mouse (video, 55s), Sam Easterson; Final Exit (video, 5m), Joel Gibbons; Won't You Be My Neighbor? (video, 9m), Kembrew McCleod;

3-4:30pm: Juror Show: Old and New Works by Deborah Stratman, 101 Becker Building

5-6 p.m.: Competition Show No. 5. Shambaugh Aud.

Blow-Up (35mm, 1.5m), Siegfried Fruhauf; Sugo (35mm, 3m), Hannes Langeder; Going Back Home (35mm, 20s), Louise Bourque; #11 [Marey<->Moire] (35mm, 20m), Joost Rekveld; HKG (Hong Kong) (35mm, 14m), Gerard Holthius; City at Night (AMS) (35mm, 9.5m), Gerard Holthius

The West (SFO) (35mm, 10m), Gerard Holthius

7:30-8:45 pm: Competition Show No. 6, Shambaugh Aud.

Britney (Morning Show, Rockefeller Center) (video, 3m, 6s), Alexander Kwartler; Santora (video, 4m), Jurgen Moritz, Nerbert Pfaffenbichler; Bit Plane (video, 13m), Bureau of Inverse Technology;

Wind-Up Wolf (video, 4.5m), Tom Sherman; Bohemians (16mm, 21m, 23s), Tod Van Dyk

Daüme (16mm, 7m), Ben Russell; Marnie Revisited (video, 9m), Ip Yuk-Yiu

SHARONY! (video, 10m), Jennet Thomas; I Like Men (video, 40s), Anne McGuire

9-10:30 p.m.: Competition Show No. 7, Shambaugh Auditorium

Prince Albert Hurts (video, 11m), Paul Zinder; rug (video, 18.5m), Sarah Abbott

ssshhs· (video, 1m, 51s), Caz McIntee; Three Kisses (16mm, 7m), Johanna Hibbard

Sincerely Joe P. Bear (16mm, 5m), Matt McCormick; close yr. hearing for the capshuns (video, 32m), Stephanie Gray; small science, percussion for 1 candle (video, 11m, 29s), Timothy Nohe

10:30 p.m.: Performance by Making Hey: The New Band of the Civil War, Shambaugh Aud.

11 p.m.: Awards announced, Shambaugh Auditorium