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Release: May 18, 2000

UI's Belin-Blank Center honors outstanding students, teachers

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- (NAME) of (HOMETOWN) was one of 800 outstanding K-12 students and teachers recognized recently for (HIS OR HER) involvement in (NAME OF PROGRAM), one of several programs offered though the Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development in the University of Iowa College of Education.

The students, along with the teachers who inspired them, were honored for their achievements during the Belin-Blank's seventh recognition ceremony, held May 6 at the UI's Hancher Auditorium. The programs in which they were involved include:

Iowa Governor's Institute for the Gifted and Talented (IGI) -- A two-week residential program at The University of Iowa for gifted students who are currently in grades seven and eight. Students were selected for their outstanding ability in business and science and cultivated their talents in this two-week residential summer program, which in 1998 focused on Economics and Business Strategy, and in 1999 focused on the Human Genome Project.

Invent Iowa -- A program designed to foster creativity in children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Students participating in Invent Iowa use a variety of academic skills -- including reading, library research, field research, science, technology, and others -- to identify a practical need or problem and create an invention to address it. A statewide competition is held every year, alternating between the UI and Iowa State University campus.

Iowa Summer Institute for Arts and Sciences (ISI) -- A program designed to expose seventh- and eighth-graders to the type of coursework undertaken by college students. During their two-week stay at the UI, students take courses in one of seven core areas: Advanced Science, Math Problem Solving, Creative Writing, Multimedia & Technology, Social Sciences, The Arts, and Invention and Innovation.

Iowa Talent Project (ITP) -- The ITP works to identify and select minority and economically disadvantaged talented and gifted students from the Des Moines School District. This collaborative program between the Belin-Blank Center and the Des Moines School District focuses on talented and gifted students in the seventh grade who qualify to take upper-level or advanced course offerings at the Des Moines Central Academy.

Belin Elementary Student Talent Search (BESTS) – This large-scale assessment program gives talented elementary students (grades 3-6) the opportunity to take the EXPLORE test, a test developed by ACT for eighth graders. The students recognized at the ceremony scored in the top 1 percent on the exam compared to their academically talented age-mates.

Environmental Health Sciences Institute for Rural Youth (EHSI) -- A one-week residential summer program at The University of Iowa for 15 of rural Iowa's gifted students who are currently in ninth grade. The Institute provides talented students with an intensive and advanced educational experience designed to enhance their intellectual and social growth.

Speaking at the May 6 event were University of Iowa President Mary Sue Coleman; Sandra Damico, dean of the College of Education; Ted Stilwill, director of the Iowa Department of Education; Mark McCormick, chair of the Belin-Blank Center National Advisory Board; Jeff Murray, professor of pediatrics at the University of Iowa; and Lisa Streyfeller, a UI student and former student in Belin-Blank Center programs. More than 2,500 people -- including family, teachers and friends -- attended the recognition.

Begun in 1993, the now biennial program is a unique opportunity to honor the academic and creative abilities of elementary, junior high and high school students in Iowa and across the country. Each student is asked to nominate and invite to the ceremony a teacher who has inspired the student to excel in education.

"The ceremony is our effort to let the students know that the development of their talents and their commitment to education will be rewarded," said Nicholas Colangelo, director of the Belin-Blank Center. "It's also a chance to let teachers know that their dedication is not only vital to the education of students but also has a major impact in the lives of students."

Established in 1988, the Belin-Blank Center specializes in programming and research to meet the educational needs of exceptionally talented children and their teachers. The center conducts an extensive roster of talent searches, pre-college programs, professional development workshops and counseling programs.

The ceremony was sponsored in part by an endowment established by Jocelyn Wallace of Scottsdale, Ariz., and with support from the Belin-Blank Center, the Colleges of Education, Liberal Arts, Public Health and Medicine, the offices of the Provost, the Vice President for Research and of Admissions, the UI Foundation, Men's Athletics and the UI Honors Program.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that someone from your coverage area is listed among the award recipients. Recipients from Iowa are listed first, followed by those from other states and countries.


ACKLEY: Van Hove, Kyle, Invent Iowa.

ACKWORTH: Kaufman, Jesse, IGI

AGENCY: Nichols, Dawn, Invent Iowa

AKRON: Appley, Jaynelle, IGI; Wolff, Matthew, ISI

ALBIA: Pillard, Brittany, Invent Iowa; Moore, Toni, Invent Iowa; Merrick, David, BESTS; Benson, Thomas, Invent Iowa; Delaney, Peter, Invent Iowa; Crall, Trevor, Invent Iowa

ALGONA: Courtney, Matthew, BESTS; Haas, Samantha, BESTS

AMES: Peterson, Karl, BESTS; Song, Yaeri, ISI; Dilla, Elizabeth, BESTS; Lee, Yoonhee, BESTS; Erbes, Timothy, BESTS; Howell, Patrick, BESTS; Fang, Penny, BESTS; Bessman, Nicholas, ISI; McKiernan, Elizabeth, BESTS; Gassman, Mattias, BESTS; Mansbach, Rachael, BESTS; Kawaler, Emily, BESTS; Fowler, Andrew, BESTS; Larson, Jonathan, BESTS; Premkumar, Mukund, BESTS; Koford, Amelia, ISI; Simpkins, Scott, BESTS; Lutz, Neil, BESTS; Thompson, Geoff, ISI; Yeung, Amanda, ISI; Ratnasamy, Jacintha, BESTS; Bastiaans, Elizabeth, ISI; Ashlock, Charlotte, BESTS; Myers, Latisha, IGI; Bonett, Gregory, IGI; Wilson, Christine, EHSI

ANKENY: Zach, Chris, NRPHSS; Shannon, Kevin, BESTS; Tarasi, Dennis, BESTS; Sommerlot, Olivia, BESTS; Aronsen, Gavin, BESTS; Hart, Bryan, ISI; McCauley, Ryan, BESTS; Beutke, Cassandra, Invent Iowa; Aronsen, Brent, BESTS

ARCADIA: Schmitz, Cody, IGI

ARMSTRONG: McKean, Meredith, IGI

AUDUBON: Boehm, Kalli, Invent Iowa

BELLEVUE: Ploeger, Crystal, BESTS; Sturm, Brittni, EHSI

BELMOND: Arends, Casey, ISI; Earles, Kaylyn, Invent Iowa; Hansen, Chelsey, Invent Iowa

BENNETT: Stock, Jacob, IGI

BETTENDORF: Tapscott, Sarah, ISI; Steffen, Alexander, BESTS; Finnegan, Danny, BESTS; Blaser, Thomas Michael, Invent Iowa; Cassel, Shannon, ISI; Ash, Christine, ISI; Sun, Lucy, ISI; Goldstein, Samantha, BESTS; Mahadevia, Ravi, BESTS; Lambert, Alex, BESTS; Alden, Emily, IGI; Knutsen, Kelsie, BESTS; Johnson, Kathleen, IGI; Negaard, Lindsey, IGI; Werke, Tyler, BESTS; Lee, Rachel, BESTS; Plamoottil, Sheena, IGI; Pryor, Jessica, ISI; Ash, Christine, IGI; Baumgarten, Alex, ISI; Lambert, Alex, BESTS; Bloom, David, BESTS; Goldstein, Samantha, BESTS; Egbers, Bradley, BESTS

BIRMINGHAM: Sherod, Benjamin, ISI

BLAIRSTOWN: Bolger, Darren, ISI

BOONE: McMahon, Megan, BESTS; Bergman, Kathryn, ISI; Thompson, Anne, ISI

BOONEVILLE: Jeffers, Brian Alan, Invent Iowa

BURLINGTON: Williams, Joshua, IGI; Beckman, Jared, BESTS; Hard, Katherine, IGI; Gerling, Taylor, EHSI; Buckman, Rachel, BESTS; Henry, Jessica, BESTS; Jarvis, Valerie, BESTS; Rider, Zack, BESTS; Wordsworth, Chad, Invent Iowa; McManis, Alex, BESTS

CARROLL: Stork, Rachel, EHSI; Odendahl, Jessica, BESTS; Kerwood, Mark, IGI;
Wonder, Allison, Invent Iowa

CARTER LAKE, Christopher, Mark, BESTS

CEDAR FALLS, Goering, Melanie, ISI; Narayanan, Anupama, IGI; Carlson, Bryce, BESTS;
Simet, Melanie, ISI; Pattee, Sarah, BESTS

CEDAR RAPIDS, Meier, Anne, BESTS; Steiner, Paul, ISI; Butler, Ben, BESTS; Gardner, Amanda, ISI; Barnett, Samuel, BESTS; Dugenske, Amanda, BESTS; Malenfant, Stephanie, BESTS; McConnell, Sarah, ISI; Jennings, Grant, ISI; Valenta, Joey, ISI; Kiekhoefer, Shannon, ISI; Wasik, Scott, ISI; Peterson, Brandon, ISI; Remington, Michael, BESTS; Ostrander, Peter, ISI; Johnson, Lee, ISI; O'Connor, Mackenzie, Invent Iowa; Brewer, Adam, ISI; Collard, Andrew, BESTS; Covington, Zachary, ISI; Spoden, Erika, ISI; Klocke, Abigail, Invent Iowa; Baier, Sam, BESTS; Hoffman, Adam, Invent Iowa; Albrecht, Jaclyn, BESTS; O'Connor, Callie, Invent Iowa; Sladek, Emily, IGI; Sievertsen, Meghan, Invent Iowa; Kapler, Emily, ISI; Hoech, Hannah, BESTS; Barnum, Kathryn, BESTS; Wissenberg, Erik, BESTS; Noreuil, Ashley, IGI; Marzen, Nathan, BESTS; Blair, Richard, BESTS; Sines, Benjamin, Invent Iowa; Pope, Helen, Invent Iowa; Rudd, Travis, BESTS; Curtis, Mike, ISI; Fishburn, Matthew, ISI; Settle, Jake, IGI; Talmage, Edward, BESTS; Hillman, Joshua, BESTS; Plagman, Jenny, Invent Iowa; Garrett, Zachary, ISI; McConnell, Emily, Invent Iowa; Pfeiler, Craig, ISI; Dickey, Glenn, Invent Iowa; Lam, Amalia, BESTS; Feenstra, Jessica, Invent Iowa; Blythe, Grant, ISI; Kaletzky, Marianne, IGI; Polhemus, Aiden, Invent Iowa; Rosenthal, Abby, Invent Iowa


CENTERVILLE: Sharp, Justin, BESTS; Moorman, Creighton, Invent Iowa

CENTRAL CITY: Scott, John, Invent Iowa; Munson, Heath, IGI


CHARTER OAK: Wooster, Meghan, IGI

CHEROKEE: Groves, Jeffrey, IGI


CLARENCE: Richmann, Derrick, IGI and EHSI

CLARINDA: Bryant, Jacob, Invent Iowa

CLARION: Huisinga, Kaitlyn, BESTS

CLARKSVILLE: Schellhorn, Heather, Invent Iowa

CLEAR LAKE: Trembath, Lauren, BESTS; Schnabel, Caeli, BESTS; Roper, Zachary, BESTS

CLINTON: Roling, Josh, BESTS; Roling, Luke, BESTS; Teney, Alex, BESTS; Cunningham, Daniel, ISI; Rasheed, Mahmood, Invent Iowa; Roling, Sean, BESTS; Desai, Lajja, ISI

CLIVE: Wang, Sarah, ISI; DeBo, Maegen, IGI; Anderson, Barrett, BESTS; Paul, J. Andrew, ISI; Wang, Andrew, BESTS; Lyons, Elyse, BESTS; Fackrell, Ross, ISI; Reynolds, Christina, BESTS; Ferrell, Kenneth, BESTS

COLO: Upchurch-Freelove, Tia, Invent Iowa; Cady, Lara, Invent Iowa

COLUMBUS JUNCTION: Huston, Joseph, Invent Iowa; Mendenhall, Eric, Invent Iowa

COON RAPIDS: Schwenk, Brianna, Invent Iowa; Thomas, Nellie, BESTS

CORALVILLE: Parrott, Michael, BESTS; Egerton, Lauren, BESTS; Weiss, Doug, ISI; Hong, Willis, BESTS; Wang, Xiao, BESTS

CORNING: Hinz, Ashley, ISI; Allen, John, IGI

CORYDON: Mason, Andrew, ISI

COUNCIL BLUFFS: Plum, Robert, Invent Iowa; Schierbrock, William, ISI; Anderson, Jenna, ISI; Kendall, Elizabeth, IGI; Hale, Lucas, ISI; Joneson, Jeffrey, BESTS; Moe, Laura, ISI; Kaiser, Scott, Invent Iowa; Boucher, Eric, BESTS; Pfeiffer, Ryan, ISI; McWhorter, Kevin, ISI; Scislowicz, Amber, Invent Iowa; Kalstrup, Amy Joanne, Invent Iowa; Stowe, Teresa, IGI; Bechtold, Tracy, ISI; Stultz, Nicholas, BESTS; Sievers, Jeff, ISI; Shorey, Laura, ISI; Nikkel, Suzanne, ISI

CRAWFORDSVILLE: Temple, Travis, Invent Iowa

CRESCO: Ryan, David, BESTS

DALLAS CENTER: Crawford, Michelle, ISI; Crawford, Michelle, EHSI

DAVENPORT: Schroder, Emma, BESTS; Gorrepati, Ramana, BESTS; Huber, Andrew, BESTS; Harris, Molly, ISI; Congreve, Daniel, BESTS; Higdon, Tyler, BESTS; Wiley, Kate, BESTS; Finnessy, Emily, ISI; Stroh, John, BESTS; Sherman, John, ISI; Mata, Nathan, ISI; Pham, Dominic, BESTS; Shradel, Kyle, ISI; Petersen, Ashley, BESTS; Dusthimer, Brandt, ISI; Wethington, John, IGI; Oleary, Renagh, BESTS; Nahra, Shirley, ISI; Spruill, Annmarie, IGI; Koenig, Emily, BESTS; Gill, Janelle, BESTS; Cunnick, Charles, Invent Iowa

DAYTON: Satre, Hallie, Invent Iowa

DECORAH: Lynch, Joseph, BESTS; Lange, Katie, EHSI


DENVER: Empie, Jonathan, BESTS

DES MOINES: Carter, Julius, ITP; Tran, Tyler, ITP; Hansen, Hillary, BESTS; Wells, Travis, ITP; Maclin, Whitney, ITP; Morrison, Ryan, ITP; Nguyen, Hoa, ITP; Eboh, Collins, ITP; Sandblom, Chris, Invent Iowa; Ly, Chau, ITP; Nail, Matthew, Invent Iowa; Sawyer, Abigail, IGI; Cary, Jessica, BESTS; Cary, Krista, BESTS; Bellville, Gregory, IGI; Nguyen, Kieu, ITP; Acosta, Maria, ITP; Bailey, Chrissy, ITP; Carter, Marquis, ITP; Nguyen, Vuong, ITP; Burney, Emily, BESTS; Solange, ITP; Sanchez, Maria, ITP; Easley, Crystalin, BESTS; Sharp, Evan, ITP; Smith, Sylvia, ITP; Spriggs-Jones, Taurean, ITP; Thomas, Akili, ITP; McCormick, Ryan Mark, BESTS; Wieland, John, BESTS; Roeder, Hannah, BESTS; Colbert, ITP; Glynn, Justin, ITP; Coulter, Colin, BESTS; Wells, Samuel, BESTS; Nelson, Nicole, BESTS; Nordengren, Chase, BESTS; May, Alexandra, BESTS; Tow, Kathleen, BESTS; Schulze, Stephanie, BESTS; Gutfreund, Jeffrey, BESTS

DONNELLSON: Mueller, Jessica, Invent Iowa; Hunold, Breanne, Invent Iowa; Graber, Emily, Invent Iowa; Crowe, Lydia, BESTS; Hunold, Breanne, ISI; Schwartz, Adam, ISI; Schwartz, Emily, ISI; Mueller, Jessica, ISI; Paus, Julie, Invent Iowa

DUBUQUE: Liaboe, Lauren, IGI; Richardson, Matthew, ISI; Thor, Alison, ISI; Kohnen, Daniel, ISI; Waggon, Rachael, BESTS; Sinsky, David, BESTS; Ruhter, Nicholas, BESTS; Johnson, Laila, IGI; Weinhold, Joshua, BESTS; Burney, Kate, ISI; Schattauer, Peter, BESTS; Gavin, Kristina, BESTS; Chaston, Jillaine, BESTS; Kruse, Ryan, BESTS; Mueller, James, BESTS; Becker, Allison, IGI; Pfaff, Lydia, ISI; Ebertz, Joy, ISI; Nieman, Clara, BESTS; Fuller, Matthew, ISI; Munn, Rachael, ISI; Heacock, Nicole, ISI; Mulert, Jordan, Invent Iowa; Klinkhammer, Matthew, BESTS; Heckmann, Christine, IGI; Zmudka, Matthew, BESTS; Romaine, Nicholas, ISI; Lichti, Matthew, ISI; O'Shea, Aaron, ISI; Jewell-Vitale, Riva, ISI

DUNKERTON: Stout, Heather, Invent Iowa

DYERSVILLE: Heacock, Jennifer, ISI

EAGLE GROVE: Korslund, Kevin, BESTS

EARLHAM: Adkins, Katie, BESTS

EDDYVILLE: Voss, Rowdy, Invent Iowa; Swope, Andrew, EHSI

EDGEWOOD, Totman, Stacia, IGI

ELDON: Keasling, Stephen, ISI

ELDORA: Dunn, Elizabeth, BESTS

ELDRIDGE: Leggins, Meaghan, Invent Iowa

ELY: Trpkosh, Jon, IGI


EPWORTH: Bergfeld, Troy, Invent Iowa

FAIRFIELD: Caplan, Noah, BESTS; Roloff, John David, Invent Iowa

FARLEY: Simon, Jill, Invent Iowa

FOREST CITY: Damman, Joel, ISI

FORT ATKINSON: Einck, BreAnne, Invent Iowa; Luzum, Katie, Invent Iowa

FORT DODGE: Kent, Ryan, BESTS; Srinivas, Megan, BESTS; Flattery, Michael, BESTS;
Kersten, Gordon, BESTS; Wilke, Benjamin, BESTS; Rodenborn, Patrick, BESTS;
Flattery, Michael, BESTS

FOSTORIA: Shatto, Sean, ISI

FREMONT: DeBruin, Heather, Invent Iowa

GLENWOOD: Webering, Paul, ISI; Wright, Amanda, BESTS; Basili, Dorothy, ISI


GRIMES: Ofner, Johanna, Invent Iowa

GRINNELL: Molsberry, Kate, Invent Iowa

GRUNDY CENTER: Sents, Cory, BESTS; Stefl, Michael, BESTS

GUTHRIE CENTER: Dentlinger, Sarah, BESTS; Sorensen, Jordan, BESTS

GUTTENBURG: Hoffmann, Alex, Invent Iowa

HAMBURG: Hall, Addie, IGI; Hall, Amanda, EHSI; Hall, Addie, BESTS

HANLONTOWN: Harringa, Laura, ISI; Harringa, Benjamin, ISI

HARDY: Schipull, Doug, Invent Iowa

HARLAN: Petersen, Andrew, ISI

HENDERSON: Knop, Joshua, Invent Iowa

HINTON: Coffman, Bart, EHSI; Coffman, Cheree, BESTS

HOLLAND: Cummings, Cody, Invent Iowa

HOLSTEIN: Christensen, Korey, BESTS

HUMBOLDT: Tinken, Todd, Invent Iowa; Wiener, Kaitlyn, BESTS; Bacon, Amber, Invent Iowa; Dyvig, Hannah, BESTS

INDEPENDENCE: Maximovich, David, BESTS; Espe, Robert, BESTS

INDIANOLA: Rizzi, Chris, BESTS; Coleman, Aaron, BESTS; Doering, Jake, Invent Iowa;
Wonder, Erin, BESTS

IOWA CITY: Gussin, Sara, BESTS; Strommer, Shelby, BESTS; Shiu, Philip, BESTS; Cravens, Alexander, BESTS; Bourjaily, Gordon, BESTS; Sackett, John, BESTS; Ingram, Laura, BESTS; Thorne, Alexander, BESTS; Frauenholtz, Michael, BESTS; Kirchner, Timothy, BESTS; Fischer, Daniel, BESTS; Found, Gregory, BESTS; Rocklin, David, BESTS; Gou, Qi Yuan, BESTS; Brennan, Corey, BESTS; Ellsbury, Zachary, BESTS; Liu, Han, BESTS; Wang, Andrew, BESTS; Christensen Szalanski, Solon, BESTS; Oren, Benjamin, BESTS; Makuluni, Edson, BESTS; Russell, Jonathan, BESTS; Pierick, Philip, BESTS; Tonthat, Thaisan, BESTS; Krob, Stephanie, BESTS; Diggelmann, Lindsey, BESTS; Ingram, Laura, BESTS; Britigan, Laura, ISI; Protextor, Adam, IGI; Haugen, Frances, IGI; Wang, Tina, IGI; Nerad, Elizabeth, Invent Iowa; Greazel, Elizabeth, Invent Iowa; McDonald, Brady, Invent Iowa; Haverkamp, Daniel, Invent Iowa; Shiu, Philip, Invent Iowa; Lee, Kristin, IGI; Hegeman, John, ISI; Duffy, Megan, Invent Iowa; Pearson, Aric, ISI; Bendorf, Analiese, ISI; Sonkova, Paulina, ISI; Lee, Kristin, ISI; Dunkhase, Cassandra, ISI; Hegeman, James, NRPHSS; Smirl, Katherine, NRPHSS; Plattner, Aaron, NRPHSS; Smith, Devin, NRPHSS; Curto, Vilsa, ISI

IRWIN: Schwarte, Kole, Invent Iowa

JEFFERSON: Orfield, Kevin, BESTS; Unger, Rex, BESTS

JESUP: Gaffney, Davida, EHSI; Gaffney, Mercedes, IGI

JOHNSTON: Hilby, Timothy, ISI

KALONA: Allen, Ryan, Invent Iowa; Yoder, Nathaniel, Invent Iowa

KELLOGG: Osborn, Melissa, EHSI

KEOKUK: Hecox, Ashley, ISI; Russell, Lindy, ISI

KEOSAUQUA: Schnedler, Christian, IGI; Atwood, Wes, BESTS; Alvis, Bret, EHSI

KIRKMAN: Andersen, Ryan, EHSI; Andersen, Ryan, IGI

KIRON: Worrell, Daniel, EHSI

LE GRAND: Ferneau, Ryan, ISI

LELAND: Johnson, Signe, BESTS

LEMARS: Driscoll, Bonnie, ISI

LITTLE ROCK: Stoel, Lacie, IGI

LOGAN: Tuttle, Micah, BESTS

LONG GROVE: Jansen, Amber, ISI

LOST NATION: Hartley, Cynthia, BESTS

LOWDEN: Kroemer, Chris, Invent Iowa, Scheer, Benjamin, ISI

MADRID: Burke, Jackelyn, EHSI

MALVERN: Twehous, Matthew, Invent Iowa

MANCHESTER: Prins, Lincoln, BESTS; Elledge, Michael, IGI; Montag, Emily, ISI; Nodurft, Kyle, ISI; Soppe, Beth, IGI; Durey, Deborah, ISI; Sadewasser, Kimberly, ISI; Diercksen, Lisa, IGI

MANILLA, Wuestewald, Molly, ISI; Stracke, Megan, ISI; Olson, Natalie, ISI; Fender, Matthew, IGI; Stracke, Megan, EHSI

MANLY: Haacke, Stephanie, Invent Iowa; Northway, Megan, EHSI

MANNING: Dammann, Jacqueline, EHSI; Dammann, Erin, Invent Iowa

MANSON: Folden, Aric, ISI; Horan, Jill, IGI; Swenson, Karl, IGI;

MARATHON: Josephson, Brian, BESTS

MARENGO: Rohrssen, Charles, BESTS; Walton, Rachel, BESTS

MARION: Lee, Jennifer, ISI; Hennessy, David, IGI; Jarmon, Sarah, BESTS; Long, Ben, ISI; Lawson, Kathryn, BESTS; Ard, Miriam, IGI

MARSHALLTOWN: Laws, Nathan, BESTS; Peterson, Randy, BESTS; Fink, Joseph, BESTS;
Ross, Natalie, IGI; Smith, Allison, BESTS; Skaar, Kristin, BESTS; Schrum, Jacob, BESTS; Sawtelle, Kelsey, BESTS; Weber, Rachel, IGI

MASON CITY: Norris, Paul, Invent Iowa; Silberstein, Julie, Invent Iowa; VanDeBerg, Nicole, ISI

MECHANICSVILLE: Weets, Alan, Invent Iowa

MEDIAPOLIS: Muhlenbruck, Carmen, IGI

MELBOURNE: Spinler, Crystal, ISI; Vogt, Sierra, ISI

MENLO: Riordan, Noah, EHSI

MILES: Smith, Evonne, EHSI

MINDEN: Wellman, Kari, BESTS

MINGO: Veld, Seth, ISI

MONTICELLO: Yeoman, John, BESTS; Johnson, Matthew, BESTS; Johnson, Casey, BESTS

MONTOSE: Weirather, Sara, Invent Iowa

MORNING SUN: Walker, Waylon, Invent Iowa; Carpenter, Kyle, Invent Iowa

MT. PLEASANT: Thornburg, Nick, Invent Iowa

MUSCATINE: McCleary, Shane, Invent Iowa; Rogal, Allison, BESTS; Andaya, Anthony, ISI; Olson, Nathan, ISI; Abbott, Kylie, BESTS; Hagerty, Ryan, ISI; Harvey, Brooke, ISI; Batenhorst, Lindsey, BESTS; Lawrence, Callie, ISI; Martin, Zachary, BESTS

NEOLA: Pettit, Joe, EHSI

NEVADA: Parham, Thomas, IGI; Dawson, William, ISI

NEWTON: Gran, Luke, IGI; Peska, Tara, Invent Iowa; Clausen, Megan, IGI; Hopkins, Stacey, IGI; Bassis, Anastasia, ISI; Edwards, Christopher, ISI; Hoffman, Christopher, IGI; Merkle, Christopher, ISI; Rains, Katherine, ISI; Van Drimmelen, Ross, ISI

NICHOLS: Hardre, Arielle, EHSI

NORTH LIBERTY: Davis, Jeffrey, BESTS; Goddard, Laura, ISI

NORWALK: Pearl, Zachary, ISI

OGDEN: Pierce, Erin, IGI

OKOBOJI: Stockdale, John, ISI

OSCEOLA: Shifflett, Janna, BESTS

OSKALOOSA: Wymore, Mathew, BESTS; Wymore, Meghan, ISI; Wymore, Mathew, BESTS

OSSIAN: Franzen, Susan, BESTS

OTTUMWA: Ashraf, Chucky, ISI; Jay, Melissa, BESTS; Conrad, Erin, BESTS; Staloch, Cathy, ISI; Daily, Brendan, BESTS; Teach, Kyle, BESTS; O Brien, Riley, BESTS; Ryon, Jennifer, ISI; McWhorter, Kathryn, ISI; Carroll, Holly, IGI; Evans, Kellee, ISI; Johnson, Alex, BESTS; Kenning, Sydney, ISI; Massey, Christina, BESTS; Thompson, Michael, ISI; Glenn, Bree, Invent Iowa; Philipsen, Dane, IGI; Evans, Thomas, BESTS; Lloyd, Geoffrey, IGI

OXFORD: Strait, Erin, EHSI; Harney, Megan, ISI; Strait, Erin, ISI; Harney, Megan, EHSI

PACKWOOD: Ries, Amber, ISI

PELLA: Vue, Gaoder, IGI; Jacobs, Clayton, Invent Iowa; Dahlin, Meagan, Invent Iowa; Chenoweth, Adam, ISI; Boswell, Ryan, IGI; Bischel, Casey, Invent Iowa; Plano, Hays, Charles, ISI


POLK CITY: Carroll, Brad, EHSI; Drumm, Neil, ISI; Body, Alex, IGI

PRESTON: Helmle, Tyler, Invent Iowa; Driscoll, Landon, Invent Iowa; Assenmacher, Cody, Invent Iowa

RED OAK: Metz, Victor, BESTS; Ranney, Justin, Invent Iowa

RIVERDALE: Johnson, Elise, BESTS

RIVERSIDE: Musser, Kristin, ISI; Simon, Jaime, BESTS

ROBINS: Hanson, Christopher, BESTS

ROCKFORD: Gruis, Spenser, Invent Iowa

ROCKWELL: Sturges, Dale, Invent Iowa

ROWLEY: Lehman, Hilary, EHSI

RUDD: Schmitt, Renee, Invent Iowa

SABULA: Wells, Lucienne, ISI

SAC CITY: Nuehring, Kate, ISI


SHENANDOAH: Walter, Daniel, BESTS; Witthoft, Rachel, BESTS

SHERILL: Gonzalez, Daniel, IGI

SIDNEY: Lowthorp, Andrew, BESTS; Pierce, Amanda, EHSI

SIGOURNEY: Yates, Isaac, Invent Iowa; Wehr, Neil, Invent Iowa

SIOUX CENTER: Hansen, Laura, ISI

SIOUX CITY: Petersen, Lucas, BESTS; Noble, Michael, BESTS; Gunn, Daron, ISI; Dolphin, Bridget, IGI; Ringgenberg, Kyle, ISI; Miller, Andrew, BESTS; Petrie, Hillary, IGI;
Nelson, Eric, ISI; Gunn, Daron, IGI; Reeder, Harrison, ISI; Flinn, Gina, ISI; Stewart, Kathryn, ISI; Williams, Tyson, BESTS; Kjos, Jeannette, BESTS

SOLON: Wilkinson, Kelley, NRPHSS; Hove, Joshua, BESTS; Hove, Joseph, BESTS

SPENCER: Hodgin, Joseph, BESTS; Jones, Traver, IGI; Druvenga, Joel, BESTS; Miller, Rachel, IGI; Hanson, Bethany, IGI; Schmidt, Allison, IGI; Schreck, Taylor, ISI; Linn, Kristi, IGI; Pruitt, Michael, BESTS; Kehr, Charlie, BESTS; Steffen, Molly, BESTS

SPERRY: Martineau, Martinique, ISI

SPIRIT LAKE: Kalkhoff, Michelle, ISI; Coffee, Devon, ISI; Schrunk, Nicholas, Invent Iowa

SPRINGVILLE: Wittenburg, Zach, BESTS; Withrow, Chris, BESTS

STATE CENTER: Buck, Jennifer, EHSI; Van Mersbergen, Harrison, BESTS

STOCKPORT: Niederhuth, Chad, ISI

STOCKTON: Saunders, Chris, Invent Iowa

SWISHER: Hindman, Jenna, Invent Iowa


UNDERWOOD: Johnson, Michael, Invent Iowa

URBANDALE: Dahlby, Nancy, BESTS; Cordaro, Joseph, IGI; Ritter, Meredith, BESTS; Berrie, Jonathan, BESTS; Whitman, Martin, BESTS; Klein, Kristopher, BESTS

VAN METER: Vaught, Amanda, Invent Iowa


WEST LIBERTY: Morrison, Jason, IGI

WAPELLO: Souer, Willie, IGI; Flake, Brian, Invent Iowa; Furlong, Jessica, ISI; Moser, Lane, BESTS; Ueltschy, Christopher, BESTS; Moser, Lane, Invent Iowa

WASHBURN: Stanhope, Todd, ISI

WASHINGTON: Schantz, Austin, Invent Iowa; Davis, Thomas, BESTS; Widmer, Blaine, BESTS; Widmer, Jason, Invent Iowa; Grubb, Adam, Invent Iowa; Ryan, Tallynna, Invent Iowa

WATERLOO: Mason, Sarah, ISI; Berry, Robert, ISI; Kothari, Tejus, ISI; Sinnott, Melissa, Invent Iowa; Sturch, Samantha, Invent Iowa

WAUKEE: Soda, Mallory, BESTS; Degraaf, Daniel, BESTS; Petersen, Erik, BESTS; Larson, Timothy, BESTS; Soda, Melissa, IGI

WEBSTER CITY: Ryherd, Mark, IGI; Ambrose, Gina, ISI

WELLMAN: Miller, Jessica, Invent Iowa; Arieux, Vicki, Invent Iowa

WEST BEND: Beecher, Adam, IGI

WEST BRANCH: Furchtenicht, Edward, IGI; Fuller, Douglas, IGI; Kober, Ben, ISI

WEST DES MOINES: Nelson, Rachel, IGI; Brown, Vanessa, BESTS; Dezorzi, Joseph, BESTS; Heath, Laura, BESTS; Skoumal, Michael, BESTS; Beno, Kathrine, BESTS; McClairen, Lauren, BESTS; Gongol, William, NRPHSS; Oneal, Ryan, BESTS; Rapp, Megan, ISI; Freese, Matthew, BESTS; Schwarzkopf, Elizabeth, BESTS; Miller, Laura, BESTS; Terndrup, Emily, BESTS; Kirlin, Michael, BESTS; Darrell, Caitlin, BESTS; Harvey, Sean, BESTS; Zilbermints, Regina, BESTS; Solawetz, Kristyna, IGI; Volker, Caitlin, ISI;
Sondag, Laura, BESTS; Klein, Jennifer, BESTS; Westfall, Paul, BESTS; LaToure, Noel, IGI; Logan, Matt, Invent Iowa; Clark, Kathryn, IGI; Bruntz, Laurel, BESTS; Koslow, Scott, BESTS; Coffin, Chris, BESTS

WEST POINT: Montgomery, Jennifer, Invent Iowa


WESTSIDE: Berg, Jonathan, ISI




AURORA: Rosenbaum, Adam, NRPHSS




DELAND: Mitchell, Allison, BESTS; Davis, Matthew, BESTS; Keesecker, Sarah, BESTS;
Maneck, Neil, BESTS


PORT ORANGE: Gnecco, Nicole, BESTS


DOUGLAS: Hilliard, Drew, BESTS


CHILLICOTHE: Kilver, Kenneth, BESTS; Bornsheuer, Cody, BESTS

CRYSTAL LAKE: Oliveri, Anthony, BESTS; Olson, Grace, BESTS; Thompson, Benjamin, BESTS; Lee, Chris, NRPHSS; Slatter, Emily, BESTS; O Reilly, Samuel, BESTS; Mikulka, Michael, BESTS; Moyer, Tiffany, BESTS; O Reilly, Kerida, BESTS; Krantz, Russell, BESTS; Mitra, Rakhee, NRPHSS

DUNLAP: Mitchell, Sarah, BESTS

GALESBURG: Mathew, Shanti, BESTS; Hall, Steven, BESTS; Parikh, Vishal, BESTS

HUNTLEY: Carter, Jamie, BESTS


LAKE IN THE HILLS: Przybylski, Kaitlyn, BESTS; Housholder, Andrew, BESTS


MACHESNEY PARK: Ziemann, Sara, BESTS; Hargan, Nyomi, BESTS

MCHENRY: Scharf, Mallory, BESTS; Kinder, Joshua, BESTS; Strauss, Daniel. BESTS

MOLINE: Bracke, John, BESTS

PEORIA: Pai, David, BESTS; Chang, Kevin, BESTS; Powers, Jamie, BESTS; Janzen, Adam, BESTS; O Day, Breanna, BESTS; Radosevich, Monica, BESTS; Flanders, William, BESTS; Black, Angela, BESTS; McGarvey, Kelsey, BESTS; Chu, Beverly, BESTS; Eaton, Kylie, BESTS; Heien, Adam, BESTS


ROSCOE: Mcintyre, Caley, NRPHSS; Zoeller, Amy, BESTS; Terry, Shayne, BESTS

STERLING: Marquardt, Stafford, BESTS


WOODSTOCK: Hansing, Nicholas, BESTS


NEW HAVEN: Gregory, Andrew, BESTS


LAWRENCE: Datta, Deepyaman, BESTS


ELLSWORTH: Liu, Stephanie, BESTS


TEWKSBURY: Stawicki, Michael, NRPHSS



FENTON: Delecki, Kevin, NRPHSS



MABEL: Zook, Joel, ISI

NORTHFIELD: Openshaw, Olivia, ISI

WOODBURY: Mcpherson, Andrew, NRPHSS



CHESTERFIELD: Mlynarczyk, Carrie, BESTS

FERGUSON: Norberg, Adam, BESTS


SPRINGFIELD: Anderson, Joseph, BESTS; Cox, Richard, BESTS

ST. LOUIS: Rinehart, Ian, BESTS; Chang, Louis, NRPHSS; Marincel, Joseph, BESTS;
Richardson, Andrew, BESTS; Hmiel, Stephen, BESTS; Joyce, Michael, BESTS;
Behlmann, Matthew, BESTS




ELGIN: Koenig, Nelodie, NRPHSS

GRAND ISLAND: Galbraith, Anna, BESTS; Frandsen, Eric, BESTS; Calhoon, Lindsay, BESTS; Starkey, Nicole, BESTS

KEARNEY: Jensen, Chris, BESTS; Bush, Katherine, BESTS; Saw, Chris, BESTS; Slawski, Benjamin, BESTS; Norwood, Daniel, BESTS; Dobbe, Scott, NRPHSS

LINCOLN: Sitzmann, Peter, BESTS

OGALLALA: Andrews, Georgia, BESTS

OMAHA: Lawver, William, BESTS

SOUTH SIOUX CITY: Winterlin, Jessica, NRPHSS


NEW CITY: Hillson, Sean, NRPHSS





BISMARCK: Rechlin, Frederic, NRPHSS

FARGO: Godon, Brian, NRPHSS


CAMBRIDGE: Chismar, Larissa, NRPHSS


GALENA: Evans, William, NRPHSS

HILLIARD: Lampson, Benjamin, NRPHSS


TOLEDO: Milios, Chad, NRPHSS



EDMOND: Wolfe, Britton, NRPHSS

MCALESTER: Johnston, Garrett, NRPHSS


TULSA: Young, David, NRPHSS


PITTSBURGH: Moeller, Christine, NRPHSS


FRANKLIN: Hardy, Kelsey, BESTS; Brown, Jordan, BESTS; Hardy, Jason, BESTS;
Haskins, Sarah, BESTS; Farber, Brianna, BESTS; Arndt, Stephen, BESTS; Neal, Allison, BESTS; Leonard, Mackenzie, BESTS; Karbaf, Elizabeth, BESTS


ALLEN: Yarborough, Natalie, NRPHSS

COPPELL: Toren, Yuval, BESTS

DALLAS: Rosenberg, Ariela, BESTS

DUNCANVILLE: Osterland, Peter, BESTS; Osterland, Andrew, BESTS

GRAPEVINE: Koranek, Christopher, ISI

PLANO: Liu, Joshua, BESTS; Outhavong, Austin, NRPHSS; Lutan, Diana, NRPHSS


SAN ANTONIO: Johnson, Grant, BESTS


MENASHA: Schlieter, Paul, BESTS

MEQUON: Smith, Grant, BESTS


WISCONSIN RAPIDS: Steepleton, Amanda, ISI


NOVA SCOTIA: Gottumukkala, Sujana, BESTS