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Release: March 20, 2000

Business and Liberal Arts Placement Office offers eRecruiting for students

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- University of Iowa students are using a web-based eRecruiting system to streamline their job searches through a paperless routine.

Using the eRecruiting web-based software, students enter their profiles and resumes, search for job opportunities, and set up interviews at anytime day or night, from home or on campus.

eRecruiting was developed by Boston-based experience inc., a leading developer and publisher of content, application software and Web-based solutions for the exploding online college recruiting market. More than 125 career centers at universities nationwide have adopted eRecruiting as their technology infrastructure and have helped make it one of the most widely used and fastest growing systems of its kind.

The Business and Liberal Arts Placement Office (BLAPO) at the UI started using eRecruiting last fall, and all of its on-campus recruiting is now coordinated through the system, which is a collaborative effort with UI Engineering and MBA career services.

This past fall, students attended a registration meeting to become familiarized with the system in which they enter personal, academic and work-related information in a personal profile section. Next, job seekers upload their resumes and cover letters into an website, which can be viewed by prospective employers. Users can also apply for jobs and schedule on-campus interviews if the company chooses them as candidates.

The time frame to set up interviews through eRecruiting is almost over, as most recruiters have already set up the times on campus, said BLAPO director Deanna Hurst. Students can still submit their resumes into an electronic resume book accessed by employers throughout the year. This database is viewed by a wider selection of employers who don't recruit on campus, but who can view the resumes to see a job seeker's qualifications and talents.

Students also can review employer profiles, sign-up for on-campus recruiting events, and communicate with recruiters and career center professionals without leaving their computers. Previously, eRecruiting students used a paper system, leaving resumes at a drop box in Phillips Hall and checking bulletin boards to see if they were accepted for interviews.

"Now, all we have to do is click a button and submit resumes to as many companies as we want. Also, it's easier to identify who has accepted us for interviews. The companies that have accepted us show up in our applications folder within the eRecruiting system" said Jennifer Sablas, a senior finance major.

"I was able to send my resume to a wide variety of companies through eRecruiting. I interviewed with consulting firms, an investment bank, and some larger corporations like Sprint and Kraft," Sablas added.

Students can create customized resumes and cover letters and store them online, reducing the time it takes to apply for a broad range of jobs in diverse industries and lending flexibility to job searches. Using Adobe Acrobat software, the online resumes preserve their exact formatting, including special fonts and indenting, which is frequently lost in simple text-based online job applications.

Hurst said that eRecruiting gives BLAPO more control over the process and is more efficient than a paper-based system. With detailed reporting tools, the office can identify who uses the site and how often. It can also track and report on industry hiring trends and compare its placement results with regional or national trends.

eRecruiting allows BLAPO to present the most likely candidates for job openings by searching students' resumes to match an employer's search criteria. They can target extremely specific groups of students with customized, job-specific e-mail message and mail merges, surveys and announcements.

Employers use to search students' entire resumes to identify those with specific skills, yielding potentially strong candidates often overlooked using traditional college recruiting techniques. Employers can now do keyword searches for certain criteria, such as a specific major or graduation date.

Jim Aubry, a functional team leader at the Financial Services Division of Deere and Company in Moline, Ill., finds the web-based system useful when he recruits UI students.

"We like the productivity aspects of this high-tech approach, which guides the student through all aspects of the recruiting process," Aubry said. "It involves less response time between us and students compared to paper methods."

eRecruiting is just one of many tools BLAPO has available to UI students and alumni who take advantage of its counseling services. BLAPO has several job-search resources available, ranging from networking opportunities to industry-specific job links and websites. For more information, call (319) 335-1023.