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Release: Jan. 28, 2000

Local students participate in Honors Choir Festival at UI Feb. 6-7

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Students from (hometown) who participate in choral activities led by (teacher) at (school) are among the 200 Iowa high school students from more than 30 different school districts attending the 27th annual Honors Choir Festival at the University of Iowa School of Music on Sunday and Monday, Feb. 6 and 7. The festival will conclude with a free public concert at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 in the UI Hancher Auditorium.

The local students participating in the festival are (names and voices).

During the two-day event, students learn vocal techniques and rehearse music for the concert with Timothy Stalter, UI director of choral activities. Their school choral directors participate in choral seminars and workshops during the festival.

Monday's concert will feature the Honors Choir, made up of students attending the festival; Kantorei, the UI School of Music's premier vocal ensemble; and the UI Chamber Orchestra. Stalter will conduct the concert.

Under Stalter's direction, the Honors Choir will sing music representing a variety of styles and periods: "Salmo 150" by Ernani Aguiar, "O vos omnes" by Pablo Casals, the "Hallelujah" from Beethoven's oratorio "Mount of Olives," "Sam was a man" for women's voices by American Vincent Persichetti, Celtic "Mouth Music" for men's chorus as arranged by Joseph Byrd from a recording by Dolores Keane and John Faulkner, and Alice Parker's arrangement of the spiritual "Hark, I hear the harps eternal."

Kantorei will perform a motet by Johannes Brahms, two selections from the "Flower Songs" of Benjamin Britten and "Mosquitos" from "Due North" by Canadian composer Stephen Chatman.

The concert will close with a performance of Mozart's "Te Deum," featuring the Honors Choir with the UI Chamber Orchestra.

Composed primarily of graduate students in the voice and choral conducting areas, Kantorei performs on the UI campus and tours throughout the Midwest and the world. In past years, the group has made several international tours, including trips in 1996 to participate in an International Choral Competition in Tolosa, Spain, and in 1994 to the World Choral Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Kantorei has also performed for regional and national conventions of the ACDA in 1992, 1993 and 1998.

Stalter joined the UI faculty as director of choral activities in August. He directs Kantorei, the premier choral ensemble of the School of Music, teaches graduate conducting courses and administers the graduate program in choral conducting. An active member of the American Choral

Directors Association, he frequently presents clinics and workshops in choral conducting around the United States.

In addition to conducting and teaching choral music, Stalter is active as a tenor soloist in the United States and abroad. He has appeared as tenor soloist with the Newfoundland Symphony, the North Carolina Symphony, the Robert Shaw Festival Singers in France, the Robert Shaw Chamber Choir in Atlanta, the Classical Music Seminar and Festival in Eisenstadt, Austria, and the Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival. He has recorded as tenor soloist with conductor Robert Shaw on two compact discs released on the Telarc label.

For additional information on the UI School of Music, you may visit the school's web site at of the World Wide Web. For information on UI arts events, visit

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EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that students from your community or readership area are participating in the Honors Choir Festival at the UI School of Music. The students are listed below, arranged alphabetically by town. Each town is followed by school names, the names of students and the voice part that each sings. The teacher's name appears in parenthesis at the end of each school's listing. Please note that the list is based on information provided by the students; we have given you all the information we currently have available. Information is listed by the students' hometowns, rather than the towns where the schools are located, so you should check for listings under all the communities in your readership area. For clarification, or to arrange local photo opportunities, you may contact the students' choral teachers.

Agency: Cardinal High School -- Daniel Goering, tenor; Josh Goering, bass; Becky Lamis, soprano (Connie Keller)

AINSWORTH: Highland Community High School -- Steven Burda, tenor (Jan Tschantz)

BELLE PLAINE: Belle Plaine High School -- Jacob Etheredge, bass; Brooke Schwab, alto; Kim Wedmore, soprano (Dennis Vasconez)

BELLEVUE: Bellevue Community High School -- Josh Ernst, tenor; Aaron Gould, bass; Derek Monner, tenor; Stephanie Mueller, soprano; Cameron Scholtes, soprano (Mary Reed)

Marquette Bellevue High School -- Thaddeus Griebel, bass; Travis Kueter, tenor; Steven Petesch, bass; Joe Roling, bass; Stephanie Theisen, alto (Gloria Petesch)

BETTENDORF: Bettendorf High School -- Brian Collins, bass; Jackee Fall, alto; Robert MacKenzie, bass; Melissa Mooney, soprano; Ash Nayak, tenor; Mitch Petty; tenor; Rachel Smith, alto (Deb Ragan)

BRIGHTON: Washington High School -- Cheyenne Cuddeback, soprano (Robert Youngquist)

CEDAR FALLS: Northern University High School -- Ian Cawley, tenor; Christopher Hardy, bass; Tal Jones, bass; Katy Lyman, alto; Anne Thompson, soprano (Linda Sharp)

CEDAR RAPIDS: Mount Vernon High School -- Amy Friedl, alto (Joleen Nelson)

COLFAX: Colfax-Mingo High School -- Josh Hopkins, tenor (Fran Paterik)

CORALVILLE: Clear Creek-Amana High School -- Nina Daugherty, alto (Cheri Brummer)

Regina High School -- Alicia Gullickson, alto (Denise Martineau)

CRAWFORDSVILLE: WACO High School -- Mindy Davis, soprano; Kandace Hudson, soprano; Emily Lewis, soprano; Michelle Mohon, alto (Millie Youngquist)

DECATUR: Central Decatur High School -- Jill Toney, alto (Linda Bachman)

DEXTER: West Central High School -- Lloyd Schemmel, tenor; Kevin Smith, bass (Debbie Wilson)

DURANT: Durant High School -- Christopher Burton, bass; David Kummerfeldt, bass; Leeanna Smith, alto; Elizabeth Thoma, alto (Tom Lee)

ELDON: Cardinal High School -- Klarissa Brownlee, alto (Connie Keller)

ELDRIDGE: North Scott High School -- Brian Abbott, bass; Katie Clasen, soprano; Mary Dix, alto; Andrea Herron, alto; Adam Moreland, bass; Mark Scheibe, bass (Lori Potts)

ELY: Mount Vernon High School -- Lisa Klinsky, alto (Joleen Nelson)

FORT DODGE: Fort Dodge High School -- Rusty Anderson, bass; Doug Cochrane, bass; Julia Ellerston, soprano; Nate Johnson, bass; Sarah Kahle, soprano; Sigrid Larson, soprano; Jeni Stottrup, soprano;

HOMESTEAD: Clear Creek-Amana High School -- Annie Trumpold, soprano (Cheri Brummer)

IOWA CITY: Regina High School -- Tony Greazel, tenor; Rob Hecht, tenor; Kelli Schott, soprano (Denise Martineau)

JEFFERSON: Jefferson-Scranton High School -- Jim Cory, tenor; Andrew Hoyt, bass; Shelby Sievers, soprano; Bryan Steussy, bass; Sara Von Ahsen, alto (David Heupel)

KALONA: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Tammy Darby, alto; Rebecca Schlabaugh, soprano; Elaine Yoder, soprano (Bradley Kauffman)

Mid-Prairie High School -- Jared Adam, tenor; Amanda Rodgers, soprano; Troy Ruffin, bass; Dawn Swartzendruber, soprano (Louise Frakes)

KEOTA: Keota High School -- Jacob Greiner, tenor; Chris Hahn, tenor; Kyle Sheetz, tenor; Abby Sieren, alto; Eric Westendorf, bass (Jane Edwards)

LEON: Central Decatur High School -- Anna Arnold, soprano; Marci Durell, soprano; Kris Lindsey, bass; Sara Parsons, alto; Kaylyn Probasco, alto; Haylee Roberts, alto; Kelsie Vanderflute, soprano; Nicole Warren, soprano (Linda Bachman)

LISBON: Mount Vernon High School -- Ellen Daly, soprano (Joleen Nelson)

LONG GROVE: North Scott High School -- Kendra Wulf, soprano (Lori Potts)

MANLY: North Central High School -- Jennifer Black, soprano; Sonya Trebil, soprano; Stephen Thomas, bass; Laura Vance, alto (Jeff Wicker)

MARSHALLTOWN: Marshalltown High School -- Amanda Hendricks, alto; Brittany Ruff, alto; Lynn Rutherford, soprano; Nicole Severson, alto (Randy Drake)

West Central High School -- Chris Von Ahnen, bass (Scott Wiederstein)

McINTIRE: St. Ansgar High School -- Heidi Brumm, soprano; Ryan Brumm, bass (Laura Hofer)

MENLO: West Central High School -- Megan Doyle, alto; Chris Nelson, tenor (Debbie Wilson)

MILES: East Central High School -- Nicole Boehde, soprano; Jamie Jacobs, soprano; Daniel Sievers, tenor; Cahleen Smith, alto (Laura Horst)

MINGO: Colfax-Mingo High School -- Julianne Seiberling, alto (Fran Paterik)

MITCHELLVILLE: Colfax-Mingo High School -- Emily Karsjens, soprano (Fran Paterik)

MOUNT VERNON: Mount Vernon High School -- Mark Aronowitz, bass; Jeff Bellows, tenor; Adrian Ross-Boon, bass; Diana Brace, soprano; Dan Campagna, tenor; Jenny Dotson, alto; Nate Freeman, bass; Christy Brown-Kwaiser, alto; Sarah Loan, alto; Rachel Sauter, soprano; Barbara Schettler, soprano; Miles Shultz, tenor (Joleen Nelson)

MT. PLEASANT: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Katie Boshart, alto (Bradley Kauffman)

MUSCATINE: Muscatine High School -- Jason Archer, tenor; Kimberly Dahl, alto; Sean Dodder, bass; Nicole Freitag, soprano; Michelle Knox, alto; Joel Kraushaar, tenor; Rebecca Ann Mills, alto; Kathleen Odell, soprano; Brooke Oehme, alto; Brandon Reimers, tenor; Aaron Ritter, tenor (Bill Niederer)

Wilton High School -- Michelle Norton, soprano (Bev Rueter)

NORTH ENGLISH: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Lori Miller, soprano (Bradley Kauffman)

OXFORD: Clear Creek-Amana High School -- Kelly Willman, soprano (Cheri Brummer)

PLYMOUTH: North Central High School -- Kyle Holloway, bass (Jeff Wicker)

REDFIELD: West Central High School -- Chad Osler, tenor; Jeremy Scott, bass (Debbie Wilson)

RIVERSIDE: Highland Community High School -- Stephanie Mohror, alto; Tanya Rossman, soprano; Jessica Smith, alto; Laura Sorenson, alto; Luke Tschantz, bass; Amanda Yoder, alto (Jan Tschantz)

Mid-Prairie High School -- Brad Kinsinger, tenor (Louise Frakes)

SABULA: East Central High School -- Eric Gendreau, tenor; Adam Marshall, bass (Laura Horst)

SOLON: Solon High School -- Nicki Barta, soprano; Ben Kolbe, bass; John Richards, tenor; Abby Thompson, alto (Jason Rausch)

SOUTH AMANA: Clear Creek-Amana High School -- Greta Ackerman, soprano (Cheri Brummer)

Williamsburg High School -- Nathan Stanerson, bass (Steve Manning)

SPRINGBROOK: Marquette Bellevue High School -- Stephanie Tebbe, soprano (Gloria Petesch)

ST. ANSGAR: St. Ansgar High School -- Robert Beland, tenor; Elizabeth Neerhof, alto (Laura Hofer)

STATE CENTER: West Marshall High School -- Leslee Hilleman, alto; David Maddick, tenor; Danielle Nichols, alto (Scott Wiederstein)

STOCKTON: Durant High School -- Jenny Kuehl, alto (Tom Lee)

STUART: West Central High School -- Leah Grasty, soprano; Adam Horn, tenor; Ben Rezab, tenor; Greg Shepherd, bass; Jane Stalter, alto (Debbie Wilson)

TIFFIN: Regina High School -- Rachel Martz, alto (Denise Martineau)

TRIPOLI: Tripoli Community High School -- Angela Boeckmann, alto; Sara Goudschall, soprano; Dan Liebsch, tenor; Kari Orf, soprano (Amanda Fall)

VINCENT: Fort Dodge High School -- Angela Dencklau, soprano (Gary Rock)

WASHINGTON: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Aaron Lehman, tenor (Bradley Kauffman)

Mid-Prairie High School -- Luke Johnson, tenor; Heidi Miksch, alto (Louise Frakes)

Washington High School -- Emily Jewel, soprano; Ann Newhouse, alto; Megan-Jo Schultz, alto; Amy Smith, soprano; Heather Youngquist, soprano (Robert Youngquist)

WATERLOO: Northern University High School -- Carlin Dorris, tenor (Linda Sharp)

WAYLAND: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Stuart Yoder, tenor (Bradley Kauffman)

WACO High School -- Laurel Mast, alto; Lucas Overton, bass (Millie Youngquist)

WELLMAN: Iowa Mennonite High School -- Chuck Miller, bass (Bradley Kauffman)

Keota High School -- Andrea Bennett, alto; Matt Miller, bass (Jane Edwards)

Mid-Prairie High School -- Alison Kempf, alto (Louise Frakes)

WILLIAMSBURG: Williamsburg High School -- Jackie Clubb, soprano; Nicole Doehrmunn, soprano; Nick Elliot, tenor; Matt Kreun, tenor; Christina Von Ahsen, alto; Lindsay Van Zee, soprano; Kim Zuber, alto (Steve Manning)

WILTON: Wilton High School -- Russell Allen, bass; Robert Dotson, bass; Matt Dusenberry, bass; Joel Rohde, tenor (Bev Rueter)