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Release: Feb. 16, 2000

UI hosts Iowa Junior Science, Humanities Symposium Feb. 25-26

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- (Student name) of (hometown/high school) will present a paper titled (title of presentation) at the 38th annual Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 25-26 at the University of Iowa and the Iowa City City Plaza Hotel.

The symposium, featuring 16 student research presentations, is being held by the Iowa Secondary Student Training Office for some 200 Iowa high school students and 30 teachers.

Student participants will tour UI science research laboratories where presentations are planned in biomedical engineering, the biological sciences, chemical and biochemical engineering, computer science, dental research, hydraulic engineering, industrial engineering, physics and astronomy and many other areas. The symposium is coordinated by the UI in cooperation with the U.S. Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Academy of Applied Science, Inc.

EDITOR: Student presenters are listed alphabetically by hometown.


ALGONA: Erika Berg, Algona High, Using Alternative Media Globally; Andrew Denner, Algona
High, Oops! Be Careful!; Wade Kent, Algona High School, Fabulous Fertilizer Facts.
ARGYLE: Brian Klemme, Central Lee High, Nitrate Extraction Using Lemna minor.
CEDAR FALLS: Casey Schroeder, Cedar Falls High, On-Line Measures of Processing Load
During Sentence Comprehension: 2 vs. 4 Complement Verb Structure.
CORRECTIONVILLE: Brianne Todd, River Valley High, TNF-A-Mediated Apoptosis on Prostate
Cancer Cells Grown as Spheroids.
DAVENPORT: Rathi Ravikumar, Davenport Central High, Environmental Tobacco Smoke:
Quantification of Chemical Components and Effects on Household Microbes.
DES MOINES: Zhang Feng, Roosevelt High, Functional Analysis of the MMLV GAG Gene
Reveals an Inhibitory Sequence That Can Be Masked to Control Viral Assembly:
Implications for HIV Therapy.
DONNELLSON: Amber Hohl, Central Lee High, The Correlation of Tardigrade Diversity,
Distribution, and Abundance Around a Coal Burning Power Plant; Arie Schiller, Central Lee
High, The Effects of Acidic Environmental Conditions on Ferns.
FORT DODGE: Scott Flaherty, Saint Edmond High, Developing a Sampling Protocol for the
Detection of Methylene Chloride in Water Using a Surface Acoustic Wave Device.
IOWA CITY: Imelda Turner, Iowa City West High, Optimal Orbit Transfer and Attitude Maneuver
for Space Station Docking.
NICHOLS: Arielle Hardre, West Liberty High, Of Mice and Men: A Study of the Effects of
Herbicide Treated Soybeans on Cognitive Functioning.
STUART: John Schwinger, West Central High, Hip Hip Hooray this Concrete is Here to Stay!;
Gretchen Wilson, West Central High, Parasitic Influence on Pregnant Ovines.

Brock Householder, Algona High, The Effects of Various Blades and Pitches on a Wind Turbine.