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Release: May 26, 1999

UI incoming freshmen receive Honors Program Dean’s Scholarships

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- (Student name) of (hometown) is one of 70 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive an Honors Program Dean’s Scholarship for the 1999-2000 academic year. The award is given to select top-ranking finalists in the Presidential Scholarship competition. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parents’ names).

Recipients were chosen from a field of almost 600 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Honors Program Dean’s Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school rank, grade point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $1,000 per year or $4,000 over four years.

EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded an Honors Program Dean’s Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. The list includes name, high school, parents or guardians’ names, and intended major.


AMES: Timothy Noxon, Ames High School, son of James & Marcia Noxon, open major

ANKENY: Jared Feuerhelm, Ankeny High School, son of Kathleen Gifford, undeclared engineering

BETTENDORF: Angela Lewis, Pleasant Valley Cmty High School, daughter of David & Gail Lewis, pre-exercise science

BETTENDORF: Dan White, Pleasant Valley Cmty High School, son of Robert & Marsha White, prephysical therapy

BURLINGTON: Andrew Hendrix, Burlington Community High School, son of James & Diane Hendrix, biology; Brian Metzger, Burlington High School, son of David and Inez Metzger, astronomy

CEDAR FALLS: Neekesh Dharia, Cedar Falls High School, son of Vijay & Meena Dharia, biochemistry

CEDAR RAPIDS: Humza Igram, John F Kennedy Senior High School, son of Hassan & Salma Igram, open major; Rachel Jenkins, Xavier High School, daughter of Kevin & Margie Jenkins, biology; Mason Lee, George Washington High School, son of Joe & Patty Lee, prebusiness; Ryan Loukota, John F Kennedy Senior High School, son of Walt & Pat Loukota, prepharmacy; Jennifer McClure, Xavier High School, daughter of Gary & Linda McClure, prepharmacy

CLARKSVILLE: Dana Deuell, Clarksville High School, daughter of Dale Deuell, Deb Lore, prejournalism; Tyler Nixt, Greene Jr-Sr High School, son of George & Susan Nixt, open major

CLIVE: Leslie Anderson, Valley High School, daughter of Fred & Vicki Anderson, premedicine

CORALVILLE: Jason Olmstead-Muhs, West High School, son of LeeAnn Olmstead, mechanical engineering

DAVENPORT: Peter Hansen, North High School, son of Val & Susan Hansen, physics; Katherine Keller, Central High School, daughter of Steven & Suzanne Keller, undeclared engineering; Melissa Kotacka, West High School, daughter of Mary Ann Kotacka, interest/communication studies

DES MOINES: Lisa Hardisty, North High School, daughter of Helen Hardisty, Premedicine; Jacob Ross, Abraham Lincoln High School, son of Thomas & Holly Ross, undeclared engineering

DUBUQUE: Erin King, Hempstead High School, daughter of Joseph & Angela King, French

EARLHAM: Heather Asman, Roosevelt High School, daughter of Russell and Heidi Asman, microbiology

EVANSDALE: Jessie Rolph, Cedar Falls High School, daughter of Jack & Michelle Rolph, English

FAIRFAX: Brooke Suchomel, Prairie High School, daughter of Valerie Suchomel, psychology

FARLEY: Angela Wolfe, Western Dubuque High School, daughter of John & Sharon Wolfe, biomedical engineering

GRUNDY CENTER: Jacob Towley, Grundy Center High School, son of Keith & Darla Wills & Jon Towley, biomedical engineering

HANLONTOWN: Natalie Moretz, North Central High School, daughter of Robyn Carter & Paul Moretz, biology

HARLAN: Adam Pash, Harlan Community High School, son of Randy & Pat Pash, open major

HARTLEY: Rachel Hoftyzer, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn, daughter of Roger & Sandy Hoftyzer, chemical engineering

IOWA CITY: Hank Diggelmann, City High School, son of Henry & Linda Diggelmann, chemistry; Rachael Rogers, City High School, daughter of Thomas & Joyce Rogers, mathematics; Marketa Sonkova, West High School, daughter of Jitka Sonkova, Milan Sonka, prebusiness

MADRID: Colleen Connolly, Woodward-Granger High School, daughter of Tim & Rose Connolly, psychology; Rebecca Lawrance, Madrid High School, daughter of Gary & Connie Lawrance, prephysical therapy

MARION: Monica Freese, Marion High School, daughter of Roy & Susan Freese, prebusiness

MASON CITY: Paul Vollmers, MAson City High School, son of Lloyd & Jean Vollmers, chemistry

OAKLAND: Lane Freemyer, Riverside High School, son of Wesley & Cynthia Freemyer, open major

PERRY: Jordan Robertson, Perry High School, daughter of Bruce & Teresa Harpster, open major

RIDGEWAY: Joshua Berka, Crestwood High School, son of Donald & Valerie Berka, prejournalism

RYAN: Joelle Cook, West Delaware High School, daughter of Don & Karen Cook, prelaw

SANBORN: Pamela Andersen, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School, daughter of Joanne & Steve Andersen, Biology

SIOUX CITY: Eva Kerr, North High School, daughter of Kevin & Marla Kerr, Open Major Jacqueline Nielsen, East High School, daughter of Sylvia Klave, Wayne Nielsen, prepharmacy

STORM LAKE: Nathan Fulcher, Saint Marys School, son of Gary & Diane Fulcher, open major

TOLEDO: Aaron Kithcart, South Tama County High School, son of Keith & Luann Kithcart, premedicine

TREYNOR: Patrick Vint, Treynor Community High School, son of Tom & Kim Vint, political science

UNION: Tiffany Schoborg, Beaman-Conrad-Liscomb Community High School, daughter of Larry & Teri Schoborg, pre-elementary education

WATERLOO: Nathan Harmon, West High School, son of Jay & Karolyn Harmon, science education

WILLIAMS: Lauren Stephenson, Northeast Hamilton High School, daughter of Edward & Debra Stephenson, prelaw


BENSENVILLE: Laura Fashoda, Addison Trail High School, daughter of Dominick & Maggie Fashoda, prelaw

BLOOMINGTON: Allison Laub, Bloomington High School, daughter of John & Barb Laub, art

DES PLAINES: Kara Thorstenson, Elk Grove High School, daughter of Allen & Sandra Thorstenson, English

EAST DUBUQUE: Stella Schueller, East Dubuque High School, daughter of Allison Gillies, Steven Schueller, premedicine

ELK GROVE VILLAGE: Amy Herrick, Elk Grove High School, daughter of Ray & Jolie Herrick, global studies program

NAPERVILLE: Hannah Cohee, Naperville North High School, daughter of Rod & Celeste Cohee, prebusiness; Patty Fischer, Naperville North High School, daughter of Dennis and Mary Lynn Fischer, prenursing

ROCKFORD: Tracy Szczepaniak, Auburn High School, daughter of Rick & Caroln Szczepaniak, English


OVERLAND PARK: Crystal Edler, Blue Valley High School, daughter of John & Doris Edler, premedicine


EDINA: Mary Kasiske, Edina High School, daughter of Bertram & Jane Kasiske, biology


BRANSON: Andrew Hoover, son of Ronald and Cheryl Hoover, Reeds Spring High School, biomedical engineering

EUREKA: Kristen Lueken, Eureka High School, daughter of Kirk & Marsha Lueken, astronomy


CHARLOTTE: Joseph Paisley, Providence High School, son of Joseph & Carol Paisley, prebusiness


GORDON: Colman McCarthy, Gordon High School, son of Susan Sloan-McCarthy, physics


ALBUQUERQUE: Suzanne Bouchard, Eldorado High School, daughter of Gary & Margo Bouchard, biomedical engineering


ADA: Emily Olson, Ada Senior High School, daughter of Linda Khan, John Olson, Prelaw

STILLWATER: Jennifer Jadlow, Stillwater High School, daughter of Joseph & Janice Jadlow, biomedical engineering


RICHARDSON: Mitchell Coleman, Richardson High School, son of Gary & Patricia Coleman, biomedical engineering


GREENFIELD: Alyson Jahnke, Martin Luther High School, daughter of William & Jane Jahnke, premedicine

RIVER FALLS: Kimberly Viskocil, River Falls Sr High School, daughter of James & Cynthia Viskocil, premedicine