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Release: Immediate

Faculty and staff win UI research enhancement awards

IOWA CITY, Iowa ­ Some 34 University of Iowa faculty and staff members have won awards from the UI's Central Investment Fund for Research Enhancement (CIFRE). The fund offers assistance to scholars and researchers in developing new initiatives and in facilitating pilot projects that may make their applications for outside research more competitive.

CIFRE provides support of up to $10,000 to tenure-track faculty and to research scientists of any rank in all areas of the University. Some preference may be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers. Some 76 applications were reviewed by advisory committees to the Office of the Vice President for Research in one of four areas: the arts and humanities, the biological sciences, the physical and mathematical sciences, and the social sciences. The final decision on awards is made by David Skorton, vice president for research

Award winners for 1998-99, along with their academic units, the titles of their projects, and the amounts of their awards, are:

* Keith Achepohl, Art and Art History, "Weaving Traditions Among Turkish Nomads," $5,655.

* Celesta Albonetti, Sociology, "Direct and Conditioning Effects of Defendant's Ethnicity on Sentence Severity for Defendants Convicted of Drug Trafficking and Sentenced Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, 1994-1995," $7,424.

* Tom Aprile, Art and Art History, "Production of a Catalog Entitled, Tom Aprile, Drawings and Sculptures, 1995-1999," $9,600.

* George Bergus, Family Medicine, "The Impact of Information Order on Decision Making by Patients," $8,200.

* Debashish Bhattacharya, Biological Sciences, "The Phylogeographic Analysis of Genetic Structure in an Obligate Plant/Pollinator Mutualism," $10,000.

* Howard Butcher, Nursing, "The Meaning of Caring for a Family Member With Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders," $6,200.

* Russell Ciochon, Anthropology, "Geoarchaeological Survey for Early Stone Artifacts in Java, Indonesia," $9,760.

* Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Anthropology, "Expressive Culture, Economic Competition, and Ethnic Revitalization: The Case of Indigenous Painters in the Ecuadorian Andes," $3,493.

* Robin Davisson, Anatomy and Cell Biology, "Brain Site-Selective Gene Deletion as a Tool for Understanding Central Control of Cardiovascular Function," $10,000.

* Joseph Dillon, Internal Medicine, "The Role of Fatty Acid Binding Proteins in Modulating the Effect of Free Fatty Acids on Insulin Secretion," $10,000.

* Robert Franciscus, Anthropology, "The Stanford Human Anatomy Skeletal Research Collection: Phase I: Reboxing, Records Retrieval, and Preliminary Inventory," $9,996.

* Sonya Franklin, Chemistry, "Myelin Basic Protein: Investigation of the Structure and Function of Zinc Binding," $9,960.

* Gerry Funk, Otolaryngology, "Head and Neck Cancer Outcomes Assessment Data Base," $4,358.

* Rebecca Hartley, Anatomy and Cell Biology, "Model System for Cyclin E Degradation," $10,000.

* Anneliese Heiner, Orthopaedic Surgery, "An In-Vitro Model of Morselized Cancellous Bone Reconstitution," $9,080.

* Joseph Hill, Internal Medicine, "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Dissection of Repolarizing Currents," $10,000.

* Geoffrey Hope, French and Italian, "The Violier (1521): A Critical Edition," $4,750.

* Hong Jiang, Geography Environmental Change and Cultural Change in Uxin Banner, Inner Mongolia, China," $8,800.

* Gerald Jogerst, Family Medicine, "Development of a Functional Evaluations Assessment for the Russian Health Care Environment," $6,792.

* Lee Kirsch, Pharmaceutics, "Development of Metered-Dose Inhalation Formulations for the Targeted Respiratory Delivery of a Lipopeptide Antibiotic," $10,000.

* Susan Lutgendorf, Psychology, "Stress-Induced Neuroinflammatory Changes in Interstitial Cystitis Patients," $9,989.

* James Martin, Orthopaedic Surgery, "Effects of Mechanical Stress on Cartilage Metabolism: A Novel in vitro Approach," $8,530.

* Roberta Marvin, Music, "The Music of Emanuele Muzio (Chapter 5 of Verdi the Student-Verdi the Teacher)," $1,731.

* Filippo Menczer, Management Sciences, "Development and On-Line Testing of Distributed Information Agents," $6,660.

* Joyce Moore, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, "An Intelligent Web-Based Environment for Learning About Mathematical Notation," $9,359.

* Horacio Olivo, Medicinal and Natural Products, "Synthesis of a Novel Cytotoxic Marine Macrolide: Callipeltoside-A," $10,000.

* Sharif Rahman, Mechanical Engineering, "A New Meshless Method for Fracture Analysis of Cracks," $9,788.

* Vincent Rodgers, Physics and Astronomy, "Extra-Galactic Structures in Gravity," $5,000.

* Charles Saltzman, Orthopaedic Surgery, "Distraction Measurement in Total Ankle Arthroplasty," $7,300.

* Michelle Scherer, Civil and Environmental Engineering, "Abiotic Redox Transformations in the Presence of Green Rust," $9,878.

* Scott Schnell, Anthropology, "Central Authority, Regional Opposition, and the 'Fictionalized Ethnography' of Ema Shu," $5,940.

* John Solow, Economics, "Community and Gender in Social Dilemma Experiments," $5,475.

* Mary Vaughan, Social Work, "Health and Social Service Questionnaire (HSSQ) Validation," $10,000.

* Mark Weiger, Music, "Romantic and Classical Kleinmeistern for Oboe," $6,000.