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January, 1998

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THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 30 - An article about what U.S. universities are doing to help Asian students who have been hit hard by their home countries' financial crises noted that the UI is allowing Asian students to apply to have their tuition deferred until later in the semester. GARY ALTHEN, director of the UI OFFICE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS, said that although this poses some risk, it still makes economic sense. "If you don't help anybody and everybody leaves then all that possible tuition is lost and the education of those students is interrupted. We'd rather not see that happen," he said.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 30 - An article about why depression strikes more women than men cited work on post-partum depression by MICHAEL O'HARA, UI professor of psychology, which shows that women of the same age and social situation show similar levels of depression whether or not they have just given birth.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 30 - Students at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA are emailing anonymous "teaching telegrams" to faculty, according to a brief item. The story quoted MEGHAN HENRY, vice president of student government, and TOM ROCKLIN, director of the CENTER FOR TEACHING.

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Jan. 30, - An article about a photography exhibit featuring the work of Ana Mendieta (1948-1985) notes that the prints were made while Mendieta was a graduate student at the UI in 1972 and 1973.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES, Jan. 29 - An article about a contest in which readers were asked to use the Web to track down answers to trivia questions noted that some readers found the answer to the question "Which NCAA member universities spend the largest percentage of their recruiting funds on female athletes" by searching the UI GENDER EQUITY IN SPORTS Web site.

ROCHESTER (N.Y.) DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE, Jan. 29 - A story on Strong Memorial Hospital's asking the state of New York for permission to do heart transplants noted that one of the hospital's cardiothoracic surgeons who could do transplants, Dr. John Snider, trained at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA.

BOSTON GLOBE, Jan. 29 - In an article on relationships in the workplace, the UI was mentioned as one of many schools that have banned or restricted faculty-student relationships.

NASA TODAY @ NASA.GOV, Jan. 28 - JAMES A. VAN ALLEN, UI professor emeritus of physics and astronomy, was quoted and discussed in a feature story on the 40th anniversary of the launch of Explorer 1, the first successful U.S. satellite, and Van Allen's scientific instrument that provided him with data enabling him to discover the Earth's magnetic field, later called the Van Allen radiation belts.

U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, Jan. 26 - In a story on binge drinking on college campuses, the UI INTRAFRATERNITY COUNCIL'S decision to ban alcohol from official Greek parties was included as an example of steps fraternities are taking to address the issue.

THE KANSAS CITY STAR, Jan. 26 - DAN GABLE, UI wrestling coach on leave of absence, was mentioned in a sports brief on the UI wrestling team, the adjustments its athletes are having to make under new coach JIM ZALESKY, and the likelihood Gable won't return to coaching the Hawkeye team.

ORLANDO (Fla.) SENTINEL, Jan. 23 - An article about women who try to continue breast-feeding after they return to work cited JENNIFER GLASS, professor of sociology. "There have been several studies that show employment is the single largest impediment to breast-feeding," she was quoted as saying. "It used to be culture. Circumstances for employed women are not really conducive to breast-feeding."

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 23 - The UI ranked 36th on a list of overhead rates at top 100 universities in Federal Research-and-Development Awards.

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 23 - Lawrence Biemiller's article on contemporary poetry included reference to his discovery of WRITERS' WORKSHOP faculty member JORIE GRAHAM.

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 23 - BOB BOWLSBY, director of UI MEN'S ATHLETICS, was mentioned in an article, in part, dealing with Title IX compliance. He was quoted as saying that a suggestion made by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala's may be familiar to the NCAA, but carries some weight when delivered by her: in particular, her suggestion that some universities falsely cite financial reasons for failure to comply with Title IX.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Jan. 22- MARC LINDER, professor of law, published a letter to the editor correcting the characterization of his book "Void Where Prohibited: Rest Breaks and the Right to Urinate on Company Time" that appeared in the "Work Week" column of the Journal. The book points out that OSHA requirements that employees "provide" toilets makes no sense if workers aren't allowed to use them, and that employers are violating regulations if they don't allow employees time to use the bathroom, Linder said.

SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, Jan. 19 - The discovery that chimpanzees have a brain structure similar to the human "language center" is "an interesting and useful finding," according to Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, UI professor and head of neurology. Damasio -- known for his own research into brain structure and function -- said the discovery adds further proof to the theory that language is governed by a network of brain connections rather than specific brain structures.

USA TODAY, Jan. 19 - An article about a battle to build a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bettendorf, Iowa, quoted UI English instructor CAROL LAUHON saying that not allowing the clinic in the Quad Cities area makes access to abortion a "class issue" because the nearest clinics are 50 miles from there in Iowa City or in Peoria, Ill. "People like me have access to abortions by virtue of education, income, health care," she said. "What about women who don't have any health insurance or don't have a car?"

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, Jan. 19 - Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, Van Allen Professor and head of the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY, was cited in an article on the finding of a language center in the chimp brain that is similar to that found in humans. The article originally appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES.

BOSTON GLOBE, Jan. 19 - A review of STEPHEN KUUSISTO's "Planet of the Blind" included the observation that he gained "admission to the prestigious IOWA WRITERS' WORKSHOP."

THE (Cleveland) PLAIN DEALER, Jan. 18 - "Wet Places at Noon," by Lee K. Abbott, published by the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA PRESS, was reviewed as a "series of tour de force performances whose carnage is as spectacularly accurate as it is memorable."

DETROIT NEWS, Jan. 18 - The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA was cited as a pioneer in developing a "basic skills" test in 1929 in a story on the history of standardized tests for students. The story first appeared in the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

INTELVISION JAPAN CO., LTD., Jan. 18 - A story on the northern lights used a series of satellite photographs of the aurora taken by UI Physics Researchers JOHN CRAVEN and LOUIS FRANK.

AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN, Jan. 17 - An article about possible damage from President Clinton's deposition in the Paula Jones case quoted ARTHUR MILLER, UI professor of political science and director of the Iowa Social Science Institute. Miller noted that polls indicate support for Clinton is still high, despite legal wrangling. "Everything rolls off this guy, as if he's coated with silicone. After a while, the public gets inoculated," Miller said.

HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Jan. 15 - A syndicated columnist cited a study co-written by UI Assistant Professor of Finance TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN that shows Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) since 1970 averaged only a return of 5 percent, compared to an annual return on comparable stocks of 12 percent.

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY, Jan. 14 - An article about GEORGE GALLUP noted that when he was editor of the UI student newspaper as a senior he transformed the paper with better local coverage, which boosted ad sales. The article also mentioned that the UI set up a journalism school and put Gallup on the faculty where he advanced his work in polling.

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY, Jan. 14 - In a business brief, Deere & Co. was cited as sponsoring research on tractors with self-steering mechanisms at the UI.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 13 - Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, Van Allen Professor and head of the University of Iowa department of neurology, was cited in an article showing anatomical evidence that the language area of the brain, once thought to be found only in humans, can be found also in the chimpanzee brain.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION's daily, online service ACADEME TODAY, Jan. 13 1998 - The "Magazines & Journals" section of the daily service noted that JAMES ALAN MCPHERSON writes about his experience as an undergraduate at Morris Brown College in the winter 1998 issue of Duke University's "Double Take" magazine ( McPherson was identified as "a Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction writer who teaches creative writing at the University of Iowa."

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Jan 13 - A new book by MARC LINDER, professor of law, and INGRID NYGAARD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, was mentioned in an item in the "Work Week" column. The item said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) planned to issue an "interpretation" that workers be given "reasonable time" to use the bathroom.

THE (Louisville, Ky.) COURIER-JOURNAL, Jan. 12 - Financial columnist Jim Lawless wrote about the "so-called January effect," an alleged money-making opportunity in stocks. Lawless noted that according to TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN, assistant professor of finance, the January effect simply doesn't work. The column originally appeared in the DES MOINES REGISTER.

FORTUNE, Jan. 12 - The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HARDIN META DIRECTORY was mentioned in an article on medical sites on the Web.

WASHINGTON POST, REUTERS, Dec. 10, 1997 - UI Space Physicist LOUIS FRANK defended his Small Comet theory in articles about a debate that developed between Frank and five groups of skeptics at the American Geophysical Union's December meeting in San Francisco. Frank presented a new study of Polar spacecraft photographs supporting the existence of the 20-to-40-ton snowballs that enter the atmosphere at the rate of about 20 per minute. Critics called the images a result of instrument interference. Stories also appeared in the LOS ANGELES TIMES (Dec. 11), THE (LONDON) DAILY TELEGRAPH (Dec. 17), THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, the DENVER POST, the TORONTO STAR, SPACE NEWS (Dec. 18), (LONDON) FINANCIAL TIMES (Dec. 27), THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION (Dec. 19). An ASSOCIATED PRESS version of the story appeared in THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (Dec. 10), the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (Dec. 10), the ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE (Dec. 10), and the SEATTLE TIMES (Dec. 11).

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 9 - In an article about how the Asian economic crisis is affecting students from those countries who are studying in the United States, GARY ALTHEN, director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, explained that the crisis will affect students in different ways and some will be hit much harder than others. He expressed concern that students who need help might be hesitant to admit it: "In my experience this is not a group that will readily turn to the school for assistance -- they will look first to their compatriots."

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 9 - UI Wrestling Coach DAN GABLE was mentioned in an article on wrestling weight loss as the head of the NCAA-appointed committee to determine whether NCAA rules governing weight loss by wrestlers should be changed in the wake of the recent deaths of three college wrestlers.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 9 - A brief story on web sites that explain copyright law noted that the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA has an index listing sites that are helpful to people creating Internet sites.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Jan. 9 - A roundup of "The Outlook for Higher Education in the 50 State Legislatures This Year" noted that IOWA'S THREE PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES are asking for a 9.5 percent increase in state appropriations.

REUTERS HEALTH INFORMATION SERVICES INC. (on Yahoo), Jan. 8 - Medication used to treat high blood pressure may cause "eye strokes" and vision loss, is the message of a study done by Dr. SOHAN SINGH HAYREH, University of Iowa professor of ophthalmology, the service noted.

USA TODAY, Jan. 8 - A sports brief noted that UI Wrestling Coach DAN GABLE was scheduled Jan. 8 for hip replacement surgery on his right hip, one year after having had surgery on his left hip and during a one-year leave of absence from his coaching duties.

THE CHARLOTTE (N.C.) OBSERVER, Jan. 8 - ENRIQUE CARRASCO, professor of law, published a guest opinion arguing that discussions of the Asian financial crisis are couched in racist rhetoric that portrays "underdeveloped" countries as corrupt and malfeasant. The essay originally appeared in the LOS ANGELES TIMES. It also appeared in the SINGAPORE STRAIT TIMES, the HOUSTON CHRONICLE, SAN JOSE (Calif.) MERCURY NEWS, the SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE, and the ALBANY (N.Y.) TIMES UNION.

OMAHA (Neb.) WORLD-HERALD, Jan. 8 - DAN GABLE, UI wrestling coach was mentioned as being in good condition after hip surgery in a sports brief. The story also appeared in the (New Castle, Del.) NEWS JOURNAL.

THE (Norfolk, Va.) VIRGINIAN-PILOT, Jan. 7 - In a feature article on dealing with binge drinking on college campuses, UI President MARY SUE COLEMAN was mentioned, in her role as a parent, as having allowed her son Jonathan, now 26, to drink at home when he was still underage. She was quoted as saying that she "didn't want him to think alcohol was a totally forbidden substance" and that the family would have a glass of wine or beer with dinner, "always in moderation." The story originally appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES.

NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, Dec. 7, 1997 - The Review's "Noteworthy Collection" of books for the year included volumes by UI ALUMNI, FACULTY AND FORMER FACULTY including Angela Carter, Elizabeth McCracken, Richard Bausch, Robert Olen Butler, Honor Moore, Deborah Eisenberg, Denis Johnson, Tess Gallagher, Robert Stone, Robert Coover, Anthony Burgess, Suzanne Berne, Jorie Graham, Frederick Busch, Chris Offutt, Francine Prose, Bharati Mukherjee, John DuFresne, Allan Gurganus, James Hynes, Michelle Huneven, Robert Hass, Kurt Vonnegut and Amy Hempel -- in addition to the UI PRESS publication "Wet Places at Noon" by Lee Abbott.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Jan. 5 - A story on the controversy inherent in the development of scientific theory referred, as an example, to LOUIS FRANK, UI professor of physics and astronomy, and the on-again, off-again nature of criticism of his Small Comet Theory, with the most recent critics surfacing at the December 1997 American Geophysical Union meeting.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 4 - The quarterly education supplement carried an article on the problem of binge drinking on campuses that quoted UI President MARY SUE COLEMAN, who talked about teaching her own son to drink responsibly. The article mentioned that the UI allows drinking at tailgate parties outside the football stadium but strictly enforces a no-alcohol policy inside the stadium.

OMAHA (Neb.) WORLD-HERALD, Jan. 4 - The "Book Notes" column reported, "JAMES ALAN MCPHERSON, a professor at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA WRITERS' WORKSHOP in Iowa City, has written a memoir, 'Crabcakes,' his first book in 20 years."

THE NEWARK (N.J.) STAR-LEDGER, Jan. 4 - "Within the Lighted City," by Lisa Lenzo, published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as a "mix of the innocent and sinister that hums with life."

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, Jan. 3 - In a column by humorist Dave Barry, a UI pre-med student was taken to task for challenging Barry's comments in a previous column. The column also appeared The ORANGE COUNTY (Calif.) REGISTER and THE PORTLAND OREGONIAN.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, Jan. 1 - TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN, UI assistant professor of finance, was quoted in Jim Lawless' Personal Finance column pooh-poohing the alleged "January effect" as a moneymaking opportunity. "It looks good on paper," Loughran said. But the so-called January effect of getting a bargain price on small-cap stocks disappears once you factor in brokerage commissions and a single market price, he said.

TIME MAGAZINE (special issue on scientific discovery) Jan. 1 - Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, Van Allen Professor and head of the University of Iowa department of neurology, was one of several people who contributed essays to the issue. His piece, titled "A Clear Consciousness," discussed how researchers are slowly uncovering how the brain creates consciousness -- and how consciousness creates itself.

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, Jan. 1 - ENRIQUE CARRASCO, professor of law, published a guest opinion arguing that discussions of the Asian financial crisis are couched in racist rhetoric that portrays "underdeveloped" countries as corrupt and malfeasant. The essay (or a version of it) also appeared in the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS (Jan. 6), the SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE (Jan. 9), and the ALBANY TIMES UNION (Jan. 8).

RICHARD BAUSCH HOMEPAGE, World Wide Web, January - George Washington University page on Writers' Workshop graduate Richard Bausch (identified as 1975 UI GRADUATE) includes links to excerpts from his novels and short-story collections.

CNN INTERNATIONAL, January 1998, - JOEL BARKAN, UI professor of political science, was interviewed about the outcome of elections in Kenya.

FACILITIES, January - The UI's DEL GEHRKE was cited as director of Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

T.H.E. JOURNAL: TECHNICAL HORIZONS IN EDUCATION, January - BOB BOYNTON, UI professor of political science, was named as the grand prize winner of a Microsoft contest for developing outstanding original projects, courses, or programs. Boynton won the award for his CD-ROM "Online at Iowa," a virtual tour of the UI's facilities and resources.

UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE, Winter 1998 -- An article about campuses cracking down on binge drinking and underage drinking in the wake of recent alcohol-related deaths noted that the UI fraternities will be dry by fall 1998. Only three other campuses have had their fraternities make the same pledge, the story noted.






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