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Release: Immediate

Release: 12:01 a.m. Friday, Feb. 20 (Time set by U.S. News & World Report)

UI has top graduate programs in medicine, law, education and health, according to U.S. News

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- The University of Iowa has the nation's best graduate program in audiology, the third (tie) best graduate program in speech pathology, the fourth best physician assistant program and the fourth (tie) best physical therapy program, according to new rankings from the magazine U.S. News & World Report.

The annual rankings, released Friday, Feb. 20, placed several UI graduate programs in medicine, health professions, law and education among the top ten and top 25 in the nation.

"We are pleased that the stellar quality of so many University of Iowa programs once again clearly stood out among their peers across the country, as shown in the magazine's ranking system," said UI President Mary Sue Coleman. "It's a real tribute to the faculty, staff and students of the University, their commitment and their extraordinary work."

Rankings are based on a variety of criteria, including academic reputation of programs as well as data specific to each discipline. In 1997, the magazine altered the way it reports rankings, resulting in more ties between programs receiving similar scores.

The 1998 set of rankings includes new ratings for graduate programs in law, medicine, education, business, engineering, seven health professions, and several programs and specialties in humanities and social sciences.

The rankings will appear in the magazine's March 2 issue which will be on newstands Monday, Feb. 23. They also will be included in the magazine's guidebook, "1998 America's Best Graduate Schools," and on the magazine's website at

The magazine ranks selected educational programs each year to update its annual guidebook. The rankings released Feb. 20 refer to new rankings, conducted specifically for the 1998 guidebook, and don't include previous rankings which were not repeated for this year.

Here is a list of new rankings for UI programs, according to U.S. News & World Report:

EDUCATION: UI tied with two other programs as the 15th best in the country among the nation's 191 graduate programs in the country. UI ranked 14th best last year.

-- UI program in the specialty of counseling is ranked 10th best.

-- UI program in the specialty of educational psychology is ranked 9th.

ENGINEERING: UI tied with two other programs as the 46th best in the country among the nation's 219 accredited engineering program. That's the same rank as last year.

LAW: UI is ranked 24th best in the country among the nation's 174 accredited law schools. That's the same rank as last year.


-- The doctoral program in political science tied for 22nd best.

-- The specialty of social psychology in the category of sociology tied for fifth.

HEALTH DISCIPLINES: (The following are listed as they appear in the magazine, although at the UI some of the programs are based in non-health colleges.)

-- UI program in physical therapy (master's) tied with two others as the fourth best in the country.

-- UI physician assistant program (master's) is ranked fourth.

-- UI nursing program (master's degree) is ranked 11th; UI specialty of nurse practitioner (gerontological/geriatrics) is ranked seventh.

-- UI audiology program (master's/doctoral) is ranked first in the country. (At the UI, audiology is based in the College of Liberal Arts.)

-- UI speech pathology program tied for third. (At the UI, speech pathology is based in the College of Liberal Arts.)

-- UI program in the specialty of rehabilitation counseling (master's) tied for sixth. (At the UI, rehabilitation counseling is based in the College of Education.)

MEDICINE: UI is tied for 11th best in the nation among the 87 programs in the nation that the magazine categorizes as "primary care" medical schools. Those schools have the highest percentage of graduates entering primary care fields between 1990 and 1992. The UI was ranked 8th best in the category last year.

-- UI program in the specialty of family practice is ranked 10th best.

-- UI program in the specialty of rural medicine is ranked ninth.

Here are the rankings for UI programs as they appear in US News & World Report:

AUDIOLOGY (Master's/Ph.D.):

1. University of Iowa

2. Northwestern University

3. University of Washington

3. Vanderbilt University

5 University of Wisconsin-Madison


1. Northwestern University

1. University of Wisconsin-Madison

3. University of Iowa

3. University of Washington

5. Purdue University-West Lafayette

PHYSICAL THERAPY (Master of Physical Therapy):

1. Washington University

2. Duke University

2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

4. Northwestern University

4. University of Iowa

4. University of Miami

7. Emory University


1. Duke University Medical Center

2. Emory University School of Medicine

3. Baylor College of Medicine

4. University of Iowa

5. George Washington University

5. University of Nebraska-Omaha


1. University of Wisconsin-Madison

2. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

3. Boston University

3. Michigan State University

5. Pennsylvania State University-University Park

6 University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

6. University of Iowa

8. George Washington University

NURSING (Master's)

1. University of Washington

2. University of California-San Francisco

2. University of Pennsylvania

4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

5. Case Western Reserve University

6. Johns Hopkins University

6. Oregon Health Sciences Center

6. University of Illinois-Chicago

6. University of Maryland-Baltimore

6. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

11. University of Iowa

12 Indiana University-Indianapolis

NURSE PRACTITIONER (Gerontological/Geriatrics)

1. University of Pennsylvania

2. University of California-San Francisco

3. University of Washington

4. Case Western Reserve University

5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

6. Oregon Health Sciences Center

7. University of Iowa

8. Duke University

8. University of Maryland-Baltimore

8. University of Rochester


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Stanford University

2. University of California-Berkeley

4. Carnegie Mellon University

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

4. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

8. California Institute of Technology

8. Cornell University

8. Purdue University-West Lafayette

11. University of Texas-Austin

12. University of Wisconsin-Madison

13. Northwestern University

13. Princeton University

13. University of Maryland-College Park

16. University of California-Los Angeles

16 University of Southern California

18. Pennsylvania State University-University Park

18. Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute

18. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

21. Johns Hopkins University

21. Texas A.&M. University-Main Campus

21. University of California-San Diego

24. University of California-Santa Barbara

25. Harvard University

25. Ohio State University

25. Rice University

25 Virginia Tech.

29. Columbia University

30. University of Washington

31. North Carolina State University

32. Duke University

32. University of Florida

32. University of Pennsylvania

35. University of Colorado-Boulder

36. Rutgers State University-New Brunswick

37. Iowa State University

37. University of Virginia

39. Michigan State University

39. Washington University

41. Case Western Reserve University

41. University of California-Davis

43. Lehigh University

43. University of Arizona

45. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

46. University of Delaware

46. University of Iowa

46. University of Utah

49. University of California-Irvine

50 University of Rochester


1. Teachers College, Columbia University

1. University of California-Berkeley

3. Harvard University

4. Stanford University

5. University of California-Los Angeles

6. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

7. Vanderbilt University

8. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

8. University of Wisconsin-Madison

10. University of Pennsylvania

11. Indiana University-Bloomington

11. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

13. Ohio State University-Columbus

13. University of Texas-Austin

15. Northwestern University

15. University of Colorado-Boulder

15. University of Iowa

18. Michigan State University


1. Yale University

2. Harvard University

2. Stanford University

4. Columbia University

4. University of Chicago

6. New York University

7. University of California-Berkeley

8. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

8. University of Pennsylvania

8. University of Virginia

11. Cornell Law School

11. Duke University

11. Georgetown University

11. Northwestern University

15. University of Southern California

16. Vanderbilt University

17. University of California-Los Angeles

17. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

19. Washington and Lee University

20. George Washington University

20. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

22. Boston College

23. University of Washington

24. University of Iowa

25. Brigham Young University


Schools and Colleges emphasizing Primary Care

1. University of Washington

2. Oregon Health Sciences University

3. University of Rochester

4. University of California-San Francisco

4. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

6. University of California-Los Angeles

6. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

8. Dartmouth Medical School

8. University of Massachusetts-Worcester

10. University of New Mexico

11. University of Iowa

11. University of Wisconsin-Madison

13. University of California-Davis

13. Wake Forest University


Family Medicine

1. University of Washington

2. University of Missouri-Columbia

3. University of New Mexico

4. Oregon Health Sciences University

4. University of north Carolina-Chapel Hill

6. University of California-San Francisco

6. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

8. East Carolina University

8. Michigan State University

10. University of Iowa

Rural Medicine

1. University of Washington

2. University of New Mexico

3. University of Minnesota-Duluth

4. University of North Dakota

5. East Carolina State University

6. East Tennessee State University

6. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

8. University of South Dakota

9. University of Iowa

10. University of Vermont


Political Science

1. Harvard University

2. University of California-Berkeley

2. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

4. Stanford University

5. Yale University

6. Princeton University

7. University of Chicago

8. Duke University

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10. University of California-Los Angeles

10. University of California-San Diego

10. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

10. University of Rochester

14. University of Wisconsin-Madison

15. Cornell University

15. Indiana University-Bloomington

15. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

18. Columbia University

18. Ohio State University

20. Northwestern University

20. Washington University

22. Michigan State University

22. University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

22. University of Iowa

25. State University of New York-Stony Brook

25. University of Texas-Austin

Social Psychology

1. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

2. Indiana University-Bloomington

3. Stanford University

4. University of Arizona

5. University of Iowa

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison

7. University of California-Los Angeles