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Release: Immediate

UI hosts Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 20-21

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- (Student name) of (hometown/high school) will present a paper titled (title of presentation) at the 36th annual Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Feb. 20-21 at the University of Iowa and the Iowa City Holiday Inn.

The symposium, featuring 16 student research presentations, is being held by the Iowa Secondary Student Training Office for some 250 Iowa high school students and 30 teachers. Symposium keynote speakers will be Jay Holstein, J.J. Mallon Professor of Jewish Studies in the UI School of Religion, who will speak on "The Beginning of Wisdom is Fear of the Lord;" David R. Soll, Carver/Emil Witschi Professor in the Biological Sciences, speaking on "The Motion Analysis of Living Cells in Three Dimensions;" and Paul M. Kodzwa, Jr., UI senior majoring in mechanical engineering, who will address "Making the Most of College."

Student participants will tour UI science research laboratories where presentations are planned in biomedical engineering, the biological sciences, chemical and biochemical engineering, computer science, dental research, hydraulic engineering, physics and astronomy and many other areas. The Symposium is coordinated by the UI in cooperation with the U.S. Army Research Office, the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Academy of Applied Science, Inc.

EDITOR: Student presenters are listed alphabetically by hometown.


ALGONA: Mark Scuffham, Algona High, First Parity: A Reflection of the Future.

BETTENDORF: Connie Kim, Bettendorf High, Synaptogenesis Along Dendritic Filopodia: An Investigation on Synaptic Migration Using Electron Microscopy.

DAVENPORT: Tanya Hunigan, Davenport North, Looking for Sequence Differences in Homeobox Genes in Several Different Primates; Shanea Darnelle Overton, Davenport North, Detection of Sequence Variants in Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1 by PCR/SSCP Techniques.

DONNELLSON: Amber Hohl, Central Lee High, Tardigrades as Bio-Indicators of Environmental Damage; Amanda Schiller, Central Lee High, Environmental Effects of Simulated Crude Oil Spills on Marine Algae Species.

ELGIN: Carol Fassbinder, Valley Community Schools, Effects of Acarapis woodi on Apis mellifera: Do Soybean Oil Patties Really Work.

GLIDDEN: Brooke Wenck, Glidden-Ralston Community Schools, Oil Spill Cleanups: Phase 6.

IOWA CITY: Michael Fuortes, City High, Mapping of Zinc in the Organ of Corti; Samuel C. Gelman, West High, Frequency Compression Algorithm for Speech Processing; Shakir Seals, City High, Measurement of Temperature Inside Aspirating Airbags.

MARSHALLTOWN: Sara Elizabeth Rees, Marshalltown High, The Antibacterial Properties of Lichens on Various Bacteria -- Phase II: Chromatographic Analysis of Three Physcia stellaris Extractions.

MONTROSE: Jason Weirather, Central Lee High, The Effect of Interference on Digital and Analog Signals.

STUART: Brooke Findley, West Central High, Toxic Fish; Anna Wilhelm, West Central High, Bacillus thuringiensis: Comparing Effectiveness of Two Cryl Protein Toxins and Spore-Toxin Combination.

WEST POINT: Katherine Irene Beger, Central Lee High, Nutritional Analysis of Black vs. Yellow Glycine Max.