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Release: Immediate

30 faculty/staff win up to $10,000 in awards from UI research enhancement fund

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Some 30 University of Iowa faculty and staff members have won awards from the UI's Central Investment Fund for Research Enhancement (CIFRE). The fund offers assistance to scholars and researchers in developing new initiatives and in facilitating pilot projects that may make their applications for outside research grants more competitive.

CIFRE provides support of up to $10,000 to tenure-track faculty and to research scientists of any rank in all areas of the university. Some preference may be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers.

Applications are reviewed by an advisory committee to the Office of the Vice President for Research in one of four areas: the arts and humanities, the biological sciences, the physical and mathematical sciences and the social sciences. The final decision on awards is made by UI Vice President for Research David Skorton.

Award winners for 1997-98, along with the title of their project and the amount of their award, are:

Timothy Barrett, Center for the Book, "An Investigation of the Role of Gelatin in Paper Permanence," $9,195.

Stephen Bloom, journalism and mass communication, "Blood: The Story of Postville, Iowa," $4,955.

Corey Creekmur, English, "Cattle Queens and Lonesome Cowboys: Gender and Sexuality in the Western," $3,110.

Ashley Dawson, English, "Dred Inna Inglan: Nationalism and Diaspora Culture in Thatcher's Britain," $4,800.

Sarah England, physiology and biophysics, "The Role of BKCa Channels in Regulating Basilar Artery Excitability," $10,000.

Ed Folsom, English, "Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive," $6,946.

Lei Geng, chemistry, "Development of Two-Dimensional Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy," $9,780.

Luis Gonzalez, geology, "Seasonal Shifts in the Isotopic Chemistry of Vadose Fluids," $9,792.

John Harty, microbiology, "Accelerated Apoptosis of Mycoplasma Infected Eukaryotic Cells," $9,965.

Stephen Heard, biological sciences, "Spatial Structure and the Dynamics of Plant-Herbivore Interactions," $8,454.

Karen Heimer, sociology, "Riots in Maximum-Security Prisons," $9,157.

David Jepsen, counseling, rehabilitation, and student development, "Occupational Career Development from Adolescence to Adulthood," $5,019.

Zhendong Jin, pharmacy, "Total Synthesis of OSW-1 and its Four Natural Analogs," $10,000.

Grazyna Kochanska, psychology, "Occupational Career Development from Adolescence to Adulthood," $9,975.

Roderic Lakes, biomedical engineering, "Biomedical Engineering Composite Materials with Arbitrarily High Stiffness," $10,000.

Paul Luner, pharmaceutics, "Pharmaceutics Analysis of the Surface Tension of Bile

Salt-Mixed Lipid Micellar Solutions and Their Wetting Effects on Pharmaceutical Surfaces," $10,000.

Rene Martin, psychology, "Predicting Aggression and Daily Conflicts from a Three Component Model of Anger," $4,960.

Michael McCormick, internal medicine, "Eosinophil Peroxidase-Mediated Formation of Tyrosyl Radical," $10,000.

Louis Messerle, chemistry, "Developing a Chemical Model for the Final N-N Bond Cleavage Step in Reduction of Dinitrogen by Nitrogenase," $9,602.

Daniel Moore, Music, "The Percussion Music of Dick Schory," $9,000.

Rochelle Newman, psychology, "Streaming In Infants: The Effect of Similarity Between Voices," $7,318.

Jane Paulsen, psychiatry, "Cognitive Assessment of Early Huntington's Disease in Venezuela," $9,967.

Robert Piper, physiology and biophysics, "In Vitro Reconstitution of Membrane Traffic Out of the Lysosome," $9,585.

John Raeburn, American studies/English, "A Cultural History of Thirties Photography," $2,393.

Anthony Sandler, surgery, "Genetic Manipulation of Islet Cells for Transplantation," $9,800.

Madeline Shea, biochemistry, "Heteronuclear NMR Studies of Calmodulin Mutants," $10,000.

Kathleen Sluka, physical therapy, "Spinal Opioids and TENS," $9,958.

Virend Somers, internal medicine, "Endothelin and Cytokine Responses to Obstructive Sleep Apnea," $10,000.

John Spencer, psychology, "Toward a Dynamic Theory of Spatial Cognition," $6,245.

Jeff Stevens, orthopaedic surgery, "Expression of Human Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein in Rat Chondrocytes," $9,608.