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Release: Immediate


DEALER PRINT SALE SEPT. 29 -- The University of Iowa Museum of Art will host the annual dealer print sale sponsored by the museum's Print and Drawing Study Club, 4-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 29 in the museum. The event, which features high-quality prints ranging from Old Masters to contemporary works, will be open to the public free of charge.

Dealers who will have prints available for purchase include Conrad Graeber of Glyndon, Maryland; Carolyn and James Goodfriend of New York City; Bob Carlson of Prairie Village, Kansas; Richard Reed Armstrong of Chicago; Jeannot Barr of Northport, New York; and Gary Godwin of Saint Louis.

The UI Museum of Art is located on North Riverside Drive in Iowa City. Public metered parking is available in UI parking lots across from the museum on Riverside Drive, and adjacent to the UI Alumni Center, which is just north of the museum.

* * *

IWP AND WRITERS' WORKSHOP READING SERIES SEPT. 28 -- The University of Iowa International Writing Program (IWP) and the Iowa Writers' Workshop will present a joint reading by Kirpal Singh of Singapore and poet Kathy Lederer at 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28, in the Prairie Lights Bookstore at 15 S. Dubuque St. in downtown Iowa City. The reading is free and open to the public.

Born in Singapore, Singh is regarded as a major voice of the Indian diaspora as well as one of the best-known authors of Southeast Asia. A fiction writer, poet and critic, Singh often explores in his work the complexities of cultural interactions. Forthcoming titles include "Catwalking" and "Why Make Love Twice." The author is director of the Division of Literature and Drama at the Singapore National Institute of Education.

Also reading will be Kathy Lederer, a poet and graduate student in the UI Writers' Workshop.

The IWP is a unique residency program, which each fall assembles a community of established writers from all parts of the globe. This fall 31 writers from 25 countries are spending three months at the UI.

(NOTE TO BROADCASTERS: Kirpal Singh is pronounced KEER-pahl/ SEENG.)

* * *

EXHIBITION TOUR OCT. 1 -- Estera Milman and Stephen Perkins will present a gallery tour of the University of Iowa Museum of Art exhibition "Artifacts of the Eternal Network," at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the museum.

Milman is curator of the exhibition and director of the Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art (ATCA). Perkins is assistant curator of the exhibition and an ATCA research assistant.

The tour, part of the museum's weekly "Perspectives" series, will be open to the public free of charge.

Works in the exhibition, selected from the ATCA collection, are examples of correspondence art, meaning they are in some way related to the postal system and other forms of communication. Included are home-made stamps and postcards, as well as items that have been sent through the mail, including not only postcards, envelopes and satirical magazines, but also such items as a sponge and a pair of glasses.

Milman said that "a common feature of correspondence art is that it is designed to critique something and it deals with the way information is disseminated."

The exhibition is the first in a series of four to be sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and designed to showcase the ATCA's post-World War II avant-garde collection of more than 5,000 works.

The UI Museum of Art, located on North Riverside Drive in Iowa City, is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the day of Milman's talk. Admission to the museum is free. Public metered parking is available in UI parking lots across from the museum on Riverside Drive, and adjacent to the UI Alumni Center, which is just north of the museum.

* * *

INTERNATIONAL WRITING PROGRAM PANEL OCT. 1 -- The University of Iowa International Writing Program (IWP) will present "Critical Languages," a free panel discussion at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1, in Room 304 of the UI English-Philosophy Building.

Participating in the discussion will be Arturo Gutierrez of Venezuela, Chang

Ta-chun of Taiwan, Lourdes Espinola of Paraguay and Guillermo Quintero of Mexico.

Although he is only 40, Chang is described by Taiwan critics as the "master of the novel." Several of Chang's works have been translated into English, French and German. He works in a number of genres, spanning humor, historical fiction, science fiction, political satire, horror and fiction for children. He is a lecturer in the Chinese language and literature department of Fu Jen Catholic University, where he also teaches a course on the modern novel.

Espinola has published six collections of poetry. She is the author of numerous works of scholarship on literary subjects, in particular concerning women's literature in Paraguay. A freelance journalist on cultural affairs and a professor at Paraguay's University of the North, Espinola also has made a name for herself as one of her country's leading forces in the study of literature from the United States.

Quintero writes fiction and nonfiction and is a renowned scholar in his country, where he is senior professor of American and English literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As mentor to several generations of students, Quintero has been instrumental in developing many of Mexico's current scholars, authors, translators and researchers of American and British literature. Quintero's novel "Semper Fidelis" is a Mexican novel about Vietnam, in which a Mexican student on scholarship at a U.S. university enlists during the Vietnam war. Quintero also is the author of many scholarly books, including "The English Novel: Four Eighteenth Century Authors" and "The Hero in the American Novel: from Herman Melville to Russell Banks." Currently, Quintero is working on a nonfiction work addressing life in large cities.

A poet, Gutierrez is director general for the highly respected Romulo Gallegos Latin American Studies Center. His publications include the poetry collection

"Al Margen de las Hojas" ("To the Page Margins"), which received numerous awards, and a forthcoming collection, "Common Purpose," which already has won the Third Literary Biennial Mariono Picon Salas prize.

The University of Iowa International Writing Program (IWP) has brought to the campus 31 prominent writers from 25 countries for three-month residencies, which end in November. The writers range in stature from those who are among the most well-known literary figures in their countries to and those with international impact, to promising young writers just emerging into prominence.

NOTE TO BROADCASTERS: Pronunciations are as follows: Lourdes Espinola --

LOOR-des ES-pee-NO-lah; Artuto Gutierrez -- ar-TOO-roh/ goo-TYER-rez; Guillermo Quintero gee-YER-moh/ keen-TEH-ro; Chang Ta-chun is pronounced as spelled.)

* * *

BASS RECITAL OCT. 2 -- Double bass soloist and composer Franz Pillinger, accompanied by pianist Georg Steinschaden, will present a free recital as a guest of the University of Iowa School of Music, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, in Harper Hall in the Voxman Music Building on the UI campus.

Pillinger will perform a series of his own works, including two light-hearted parodies of a song by Mozart and his more serious First and Fourth Sonatas for solo double bass. Pillinger says that the Fourth Sonata, subtitled "New York Lights," is a homage to his "favorite town," incorporating "all means allowed by the acoustic double bass to express sound, noise, energy and pulse -- elements of the metropolis's fascinating stream."

Also included will be an arrangement of Schubert's Sonata written for the arpeggione, an obsolete stringed instrument, performed in honor of the 200th anniversary of the composer's birth.

Pillinger has played principal bass in the Camerata Academica ensemble and toured with his own string bass quartet, for which he has arranged hundreds of pieces. As a composer, he has won major international prizes in Europe. His performances often incorporate film, video dance and lighting, creating multi-arts experiences. American double bass virtuoso Gary Karr has said that Pillinger is "the most creative and talented musician/composer/artist playing the contrabass today."

Steinschaden teaches at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He has performed internationally with the Steinschaden Trio Salzburg and played with other professional chamber ensembles including the Eichendorff Quintet, made up of members of the Vienna Philharmonic, and the Amati Quartet.