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Release: Immediate

Local Student Wins Engineering Scholarship

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- (Name) of (Hometown), a student majoring in (Major) engineering in the University of Iowa College of Engineering, has been named the winner of a Junior/Senior Engineering Honors Scholarship for the 1997-98 academic year.

The scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit.

EDITOR: Student scholarship winners from Iowa are listed alphabetically by HOMETOWN. Lists of winners from other states and abroad follow the Iowa list. The student's major follows his/her name.


AINSWORTH: Jason E. Trotter, Biomedical, Alexander

ALDEN: Joe F. Zamora, Mechanical, Caywood

AMANA: Timothy J. Arp, Mechanical, Dimond

AMES: William J. Dunlay, Mechanical, McGrath; David D. Kuhl, Mechanical, Dimond

ANKENY: Matthew S. Spinler, Electrical and Computer, Collins; Christopher J. Swanson, Industrial, Stebler

ARTHUR: Tim L. Irwin, Biomedical, Alexander

BETTENDORF: Gregory A. Hockett, Industrial, Higbee

BROOKLYN: Brandon J. Miller, Civil & Environmental, Caywood

CARROLL: Steven M. Haake, Industrial, Square D

CASCADE: Karmen K. Bries, Civil & Environmental, Alexander

CEDAR FALLS: Daniel M. Crowell, Electrical & Computer, Alcoa; Elizabeth A. Pedersen, Chemical Biochemical, Kehn; Neel Sheth, Electrical & Computer, Stebler

CEDAR RAPIDS: Jason A. Buchholz, Electrical & Biochemical, Plumly; Todd E. Miller, Electrical & Computer, IEEE; Austin H. Pham, Mechanical, ALCOA; Vicky Phan, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA; Matthew C. Vincent, Industrial, Clements

CHARITON: Kenneth J. Kauffman, Chemical & Biochemical, Dimond

CHARLOTTE: Scott A. Skoff, Mechanical, ALCOA

CLINTON: Jason R. Smith, Civil & Environmental, Mascagni

CLIVE: Dale C. Kolstad, Civil & Environmental, Alexander

CORNING: Timothy J. Fees, Electrical & Computer, Ware

COUNCIL BLUFFS: Jonathan Fitch, Civil & Environmental, SCE Iowa Section

DANVILLE: Aaron Guffey, Civil & Environmental, Carter

DAVENPORT: Kelley M. Crome, Biomedical, Alexander; Dennis L. Stacer, Electrical & Computer, Collins

DES MOINES: Daniel J. Hanson, Biomedical, McGrath; Sarah L. Schroeder, Civil & Environmental, Dimond

DEWAR: Kenneth C. Pfiffner, Mechanical, ALCOA

DUBUQUE: Jeffrey G. Brass, Mechanical, ALCOA; James A. Connelly, Biomedical, Clements; Michelle L. Hillary, Chemical & Biochemical, 3M; Jason M. Imhof, Civil & Environmental, McGrath; Grant W. Robbins, Mechanical, ALCOA

DURANT: Shawna M. Fitzer, Mechanical, Higbee

EDGEWOOD: Amy A. Anderegg, Biomedical, Poston

FORT MADISON: Mark Holtkamp, Civil & Environmental, Iowa Eng. Assn.

GRINNELL: James D. Davoux, Chemical & Biochemical, Higbee; Amanda J. Schmitt, Electrical & Computer, Alexander

HARLAN: Jennifer Petsche, Civil & Environmental, Hunt

HONEY CREEK: Sabrina Firmature, Mechanical, Monsanto

INDEPENDENCE: Sanjay B. Dave, Biomedical, Stebler

IOWA CITY: Mohammed A. Asem, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA; Danny L. Bell, Civil & Environmental, Alexander; Jiong Fan, Electrical & Computer, Stebler; Justin J. Paul, Chemical & Biochemical, Caywood; Jefri Subieta, Mechanical, 3M

JOHNSTON: Matthew M. Warren, Chemical & Biochemical, Alexander

KNOXVILLE: Charles B. Gullion, Electrical & Computer, Collins

LEMARS: Jason M. Konz, Mechanical, ALCOA; Martin R. Bohnenkamp, Biomedical, Caywook

MANCHESTER: Michael J. Fiddelke, Industrial, Knowler

MAQUOKETA: Tred L. Schnoor, Civil & Environmental, Alexander

MARSHALLTOWN: Amrut V. Ambardekar, Biomedical, Pierce

MASON CITY: Brent A. Bergan, Electrical & Computer, Caywood

MUSCATINE: Valerie K. McCulley, Industrial, Alexander; Alan L. Miller, Chemical & Biochemical, Lichtenberger; Adrienne M. Radtke, Biomedical, Clements; Timothy A. Schmitt, Mechanical, Alexander

NASHUA: Ted L. Hansen, Mechanical, Clements

NEWTON: Suzanne R. Combs, Mechanical, Alexander

OTTUMWA: Elizabeth A. Black, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA

PARKERSBURG: Johathan F. Mansheim, Mechanical ALCOA

PRESTON: James M. Frett, Mechanical, Square D

PRINCETON: Ryan J. Blodig, Mechanical, Plumly

RIVERSIDE: Heath A. Thomann, Electrical & Computer, Telecomm

SAC CITY: Scott M. Seieroe, Electrical & Computer, Alexander

SPENCER: Jacob L. Wagner, Biomedical, Alexander

SPRINGVILLE: William D. Bedell, Mechanical, Mascagni

STORM LAKE: Jason M. Dierking, Biomedical, Dimond

TITONKA: Caleb J. Krantz, Mechanical, Deere

URBANDALE: Benhamin J. Hicks, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA; Jeffrey A. Stonehocker, Chemical & Biochemical, Dimond

WATERLOO: Thomas J. Nagle, Civil & Environmental, Poston

WAVERLY: Nicholas J. Taiber, Industrial, Alexander

WEBSTER CITY: Douglas Bottorff, Civil & Environmental, Summers

WEST BRANCH: Michael J. Schnieders, Biomedical, Scholz

WEST DES MOINES: Blake L. Carlson, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA; Robert L. Hofer, Electrical & Computer, Collins; Vuong Q. Nguyen, Mechanical, Stebler; Seth J. Romig, Civil & Environmental, Hydroscience Research (and) James Shive Hydroscience

WEST UNION: Andrew D. Olson, Electrical & Computer, 3M

WINFIELD: Tony Moyers, Electrical & Computer, Alexander


TUCSON: Jennifer, M. McMahon, Civil & Environmental, Dimond


CHICAGO: Steven C. Mitchell, Electrical & Computer, Collins

DUNDEE: Jeanne Y. Peacock, Chemical & Biochemical, Stebler

HANOVER PARK: Brandy L. Biggs, Industrial, Fiskars

MILAN: Debra K. Mathias, Civil & Environmental, Dimond

MORTON: Greg A. Dils, Electrical & Computer, Collins

NAPERVILLE: Rebecca L. Rose, Chemical & Biochemical, Alexander

ROCK ISLAND: Rhonda Burrell, Chemical & Biochemical, Monsanto

ROCKFORD: Andrew H. Berthusen, Biomedical, Caywood; Christopher Burns, Electrical & Computer, Higbee

SYCAMORE: Kurt L. Schlawin, Chemical & Biochemical, Caywood (and) ALCOA

TAYLORVILLE: Amanda E. Ennis, Mechanical, Stebler (and) Deere


EAGAN: Sarah L. Anderson, Biomedical, Alexander

ROCHESTER: Michael W. Larson, Biomedical, Higbee


ST. LOUIS: Katherine L. Redford, Biomedical, Clark


BIG SKY: Kimberly A. Borke, Biomedical, Alexander


RAPID CITY: Melanie S. Howard, Chemical & Biochemical, Clements


COLLIERVILLE: Daniel R. Berger, Electrical & Computer, ALCOA


BROOKFIELD: Kimberley J. Evason, Biomedical, Dimond

CUBA CITY: Christopher D. Wiederholt, Electrical & Computer, Stebler

MADISON: Steven D. Erikson, Biomedical, Dimond

NAPERVILLE: Christopher D. Smyser, Biomedical, Caywood

VERONA: Michael L. Sileo, Electrical & Computer, Collins

WAUWATOSA: Matthew R. Wanat, Chemical & Biochemical, McGrath


BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: Tolstoy M. Patel, Electrical & Computer, Clements

MALAYSIA: Lee-Ling Ang, Chemical & Biochemical, Alexander; Wai S. Leyu, Industrial, Kehn; Seow C. Nah, Biomedical, Alexander; Yuh Wen Seah, Biomedical, McGrath; Mei Mei Toh, Industrial, Dimond

PONCE, PUERTO RICO: Vilmarie Penson, Biomedical, Alexander

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL: Ephrat Most, Biomedical, FA: L. Knowler

TURKEY: Ugur A. Ozturk, Industrial, Clements

ZAMBIA: Tony M. Thampan, Chemical & BiochemIcal, Stebler