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May, 1997

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UTNE Reader, May/June · The Iowa Electronic Markets, an educational stock market run by the UI College of Business Administration, is mentioned in a story on the emerging popularity of cyber "futures" markets.

UTNE Reader, May/June · The Iowa Electronic Markets are mentioned and Robert Forsythe, associate dean at the College of Business Administration, is quoted in a story featuring a new "futures" market run by the Calgary-based Foresight Exchange. The market has similarities to the Iowa Electronic Markets.

UTNE Reader, May-June · In a series of profiles of remarkable communities, UI alumnus Jay Walljasper described Iowa City as "one of America's literary and artistic centers," primarily because of arts programs at the UI.

The New York Times, May 29 · UI space physicist Louis Frank and his small comet theory accounting for Earth's water and perhaps life itself are a page-one story. Frank received extensive national and international coverage, including the following: A Tribune News Service feature picked up by the Chicago Tribune and The Toronto Globe and Mail; a USA TODAY story; The Associated Press' "The Wire" on-line service carried a feature written by AP science writer Paul Recer; a story in Science News; and inclusion in the CNN Interactive on-line "Sci-Tech" section, with color illustrations.

Southern Voice, May 29 · The UI is mentioned as one of dozens of colleges that have extended health benefits to domestic partners of gay employees.

Los Angeles Times, May 29 · H.D. Hoover, UI professor of psychological and quantitative foundations and director of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, was a prominent source for a story on the decline in the spelling ability of elementary students in California and elsewhere. "People can be proud of being bad in math and explain it away. But if you misspell words, people think you're stupid," Hoover said. A version of the story also appeared in the Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune, the (Memphis) Commercial Appeal, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Chicago Tribune, May 26 · In a story on applications for fall 1998 at the University of Illinois at Chicago and comparable institutions, Michael Barron, University of Iowa director of admissions, said applications to the University of Iowa were up 10 percent among high school seniors.

Business Week, May 26 · Ted Waitt, CEO of Gateway 2000 Inc., is profiled in a story that praises his success in the computer industry and mentions him as a two-time college dropout--the University of Colorado and the UI. Waitt was presented the annual Iowa Business Leadership Award by the UI College Of Business Administration at the college's Iowa Business Leadership Banquet.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 23 · A UI undergraduate is cited as the creator of a "fanzine" devoted to Judith Butler, professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California at Berkeley. Butler, a prominent theorist in "literary and cultural studies, feminist and queer theory, law, political and psychoanalytic theory," is not a fan of the fanzine.

USA Today, May 23 · UI professors have new rules to give them more flexibility in choosing whether to devote their time to teaching or research, according to a brief item in the national roundup page.

Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 23 · In an article about the teaching of creative writing, former UI faculty member Frederick Busch wrote that his "Living Writers" class grew out of his experiences at the UI Writers' Workshop.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 23 · The UI was listed in a "Fact File" table on enrollment by race at 3,300 institutions of higher education.

USA Today, May 22 · The UI softball team's third consecutive trip to the softball world series is noted in a feature on pitcher Debbie Bilbao.

Omaha World-Herald, May 22 · In a story about current interest in 1960s and 1970s styles, the mother of a UI law student said she was surprised to see young people wearing clothes inspired by that era.

The Columbus (Ohio) Daily Reporter, May 21, Memphis Commercial Appeal, May 20, and Kansas City (Mo.) Star, May 20 · An Associated Press story about a new hand-washing detection system designed to track employees who work in restaurants mentioned a study conducted by researchers at the UI that found only three of five health care workers in the intensive care unit washed their hands.

The Vancouver (B.C.) Province, May 20 · A UPI story about the increasing number of "superbugs" that are resistant to penicillin was based on a study conducted at the UI and at the State University of New York-Buffalo. It found an alarming increase in the number of pneumonia cases caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae.

USA Today, May 19 · Printed a small article saying University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics (UIHC) won't lay off workers but will increase patient fees by 2.5 percent on July 1.

Chicago Tribune, May 18 · UI Professor of Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies Ben Hunnicutt reviewed the book "The One Best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency" by Robert Kanigel. The book is a biography of the founder of scientific management.

USA Today, May 16 · Published a news brief about the "shortage" of doctors at the Emergency Treatment Center of the University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics (UIHC), citing a story by the Iowa City Press Citizen.

Time, May 12 · Dr. John Wiler, a UI immunologist, discusses the "placebo" effect that suggests a link between the brain and the immune system in a story about how mainstream medicine reacts to controversial Dr. Andrew Weil, an advocate of some alternative medicines.

New York Times Magazine, May 11 · A profile of prominent modern-dance choreographer Lar Lubovitch described how he discovered his life's calling at the UI, when he witnessed a performance by the Jose Limon Dance Company at Hancher Auditorium.

NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, May 11 - Feature on choreographer Lar Lubovitch described how he recognized his destiny while viewing a dance performance in HANCHER AUDITORIUM when he was a student at the UI. "I saw what I was meant to do, what was inevitable in my life," Lubovitch said.

The Detroit News, May 9 · Ran a Los Angeles Times story based on a UI study that found parents who frequently talked to their 4-year-olds, using warm and rational tones of voice, encouraged their children to think more rationally, solve problems and use abstract reasoning better than children whose parents talked less.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 9 · Holly Carver, UI Press associate director and editor, is quoted in a story about professors who publish a lot, most of whom tend to be men. "When you're driving across the country and you see a sign for the biggest ball of string in the world, the biggest string of paper clips, it's always men who have created it -- men with dreams," Carver says. "There's a connection there somewhere."

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 9 · UI officials were mentioned as strong opponents to a bill passed by the Iowa General Assembly that would have prohibited free, dial-up access to the Internet through the university's system. Gov. Terry Branstad vetoed the bill.

USA Today, May 9 · In the Across the USA Section: News From Every State, it's reported that a UI professor wants the provost to approve a full-time Sexuality Studies Program for the '98 school year.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 9 · UI Adjunct Professor of Anthropology Larry J. Zimmerman is listed as an editor for the book "Indians and Anthropologists: Vine Deloria, Jr., and the Critique of Anthropology."

Chicago Sun-Times, May 6 · In a listing of how colleges are trying to control costs, the UI is cited for its plan that estimates students can save more than $9,000 by ensuring they graduate in four years.

Newsday, May 6 · An article "The State of the Art," which analyzed the health of classical music, used as an example Hancher Auditorium's innovative strategies for increasing audience experiences at a time when concert attendance is slipping.

Community College Week, May 5 · Howard Ruppel, executive director of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists and a teacher of human sexuality at the UI, is quoted in a story about conservative taxpayers suing New York College over a human sexuality course.

American Dental Association's AMA News, May 5 · Reported the ADA Dental Students Conference on Research was held on the UI campus and hosted by the UI College Of Dentistry.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education, May 2 · The Hot Type section mentions Professor of Economics and History Deirdre McCloskey's latest book and discusses her transition from a man to a woman.

SAE Update, May · UI Engineering Professor Ralph Stephens' annual UI "Fatigue Concepts in Design" course offering Aug. 5-8 at Michigan State University is noted.

American Health For Women, May · A feature article called "The Female Eye" mentioned breakthrough glaucoma research done by UI Drs. Val Sheffield and Ed Stone.

Healthcare Informatics, May · In a story about applying browser technologies to healthcare, James Wagner, UI director of hospital information systems, is quoted and 10 programmers at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) who are developing a browser-based medical record application were cited.

Inside Arts, May · Article on Arts Partners grants reported on Hancher Auditorium's upcoming church and library residency activities with the Colorado Quartet.

Glamour, May · Ran a small article on "Coping with Mastitis," which quoted Dr. Jennifer Niebyl, UI professor and head of obstetrics and gynecology.

Paraplegia News, May · Reported a conference on physician-assisted suicide, "Socially-assisted Dying: Media, Money, & Meaning," was held on the Northwestern University campus and was co-sponsored by the UI.

Ladies Home Journal, May · Its Newsline Report section notes the discovery by UI researchers Drs.Val Sheffield, pediatrics, and Ed Stone, ophthalmology, of the gene that causes glaucoma.

Diagnostic Imaging, May · Drug-free alternatives for alleviating patients' pain and anxiety during minimally invasive procedures were the subject of a story that extensively quoted Dr. Elvira V. Lang, UI director of interventional radiology.

Self and Women's Sports and Fitness, May · Carried stories discussing the work of Dr. Ingrid Nygaard, UI obstetrics and gynecology faculty member, on female incontinence.

American Health For Women, May · Michael O'hara, chair of the UI department of psychology, was quoted in a story about the role of hormones in affecting the emotional state of postpartum and perimenopausal women. "The problem," O'Hara says, "is that once a woman delivers, no one looks at how she's coping emotionally, and women are often ashamed to bring up any problems."

Healthcare Purchasing News, May · Mike Murphy, manager of central sterilizing at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, discussed leadership in a viewpoints article.

Dermatology Times, May · UI dermatologist Dr. Duane Whitaker was extensively quoted in a feature story about the importance of patient education in tumor management.







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